June 14, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 25]

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Senan king tells Caesar that won’t it be interesting if he chops Caesar’s head off and send it back to Belquat. Caesar looks at him and says, “-I’m really sorry. But even if my royal father- the Belquat king, sees my head, he won’t be moved at all. *king looks surprised* Because he isn’t like you who loves your own daughter this much. –but..” Just then, Nakaba, together with Lito, suddenly charges inside the throne room and calls out to Caesar. Caesar is surprised to see her then he looks back at the Senan king. He addresses the king then shouts at him as to why he won’t even give a part of that love for his daughter to his own granddaughter, Nakaba. This surprises Nakaba. Caesar continues to say that he imprisoned Nakaba in a tower that she wasn’t able to see the outside world with her own eyes. “Do you even know what Nakaba felt as she passed those days!” Nakaba seems touched by this but she quickly goes in front of Caesar when she seems to notice that her grandfather is looking at Caesar. Senan king looks at them and muses that Nakaba likes the Belquat prince and is also loved by the other party. “I--.. That child.. Stasha is like the sun and I really love her, she is my and my beloved Princess’ child.. *scene of Stasha happily greeting her father* I originally planned to make Satasha inherit the throne one day, then afterwards, make her child inherit the throne but.. *looking at Nakaba* ..let’s not talk about this, Prince.. I didn’t call you to talk about this.” Caesar asks what he meant. The Senan king says that he heard that Prince Cain has passed away, and also, Belquat has found out of a way to make Retina [ore] into a weapon through metallurgy. This surprises the couple as to how he knew. The king calls out to Lito if this is true. They look at flustered Lito. Lito tries to explain but Loki has already entered the room and tells them to let him be the one to explain. Loki tells Nakaba that right now, Lito’s mother, Lina is imprisoned in ‘that tower’. As a condition for Lina’s release, they are to pry and investigate the real reason behind this peace truce. “That is what the Senan king ordered Lito and me to do.” Nakaba is surprised to learn about this. Lito quickly goes to her and hugs her. He apologizes to her for what he did. While holding Lito, Nakaba shouts at her grandfather for taking hold of the mother to make a young child become a spy. “Lito’s mission should already be over! Your Majesty..! Please release, Lina..!”
With no reaction, the Senan king says not yet. Nakaba asks why. He tells them that it is because he wants them to go to Lithvanel [Ahkil’s country; Arabian boy]. While going back to his throne, the king tells them that it has been reported that they and the Lithvanel prince have some sort of friendship. “And, we, Senan, would also want to establish diplomatic ties with Lithvanel..” Loki says that means that Senan also would want to import the Retina and later on, also investigate a way to melt the ore. As the couple looks at Loki, the king tells them, that is their mission and it isn’t something bad. “This is for Belquat not to become a dictator country, I just want to a way to resist it and this is the only way. This and your goal are one and the same.” Caesar says that actually, it is indeed not bad thing. “But, Your Majesty, sooner or later, I will become Belquat’s king. Until that time comes.. I want to forge a real peace between both countries. Until then, I want Senan to promise me that you are not going to use the strength of the Retina to go and intimidate other countries.” Caesar and the king look at each other eye to eye. Then, the king says, “I promise you. Right now, we’ll prepare a ship that will head towards Lithvanel. You’ll depart in a week’s time. In order to avoid Lithvanel’s attention, it will be more convenient to move with few people so you will go as travelers [/just passing by].” Back in their room, Caesar tells the others that even if he isn’t easy about that promise, but right now, they’ll just have to choose to believe him and move on. Belenus says, okay. Nakaba looks at Loki and asks if they will be able to see Ahkil. Loki says, yes. Caesar remembers Ahkil holding to Nakaba and asking her to go to his country. Caesar leans back on the sofa and whines that guy is so annoying. While holding on to Loki’s cape, Lito apologizes to everyone. Loki also apologizes to everyone for he obviously knew that they can be put in danger but he still reported the internal affairs of Belquat to the Senan king. “I’m really sorry, Princess Nakaba..” Nakaba looks at him and becomes sad for she totally didn’t know that Loki has been ordered to do this by the Senan king. She thinks, “He doesn’t have any obligation to tell us, I know that he is in that situation.. but, for Loki to hide something from me.. makes me feel really sad..” Nakaba looks at the window and thinks that Lina is in the tower.
Later on, Nakaba peeks out from a corner and sees a guard standing at the other side of the corridor where she plans to go. While the guard yawns, Nakaba is about to make a dash for it but someone holds her shoulder and pulls her back. Just as Nakaba turns around, Loki tells her to wait. She is about to call his name but he ‘sh-s’ her to not make any loud noise. Loki tells her that if they are to rescue Lina right now.. Nakaba tells him that she knows that doing that kind of thing will put everyone in danger. “I only want to go and see her..” Taking a candle from the candle sconce, Loki tells her to leave it up to him. He throws the candle at the side. The guard hears it that he walks to the other side to check it out. When he passes by the corner where Loki and Nakaba are hiding, Loki gives him a chop on the back of the neck. The guard promptly falls unconscious. Loki tells Nakaba that they go in right now. Loki puts the guard back at the place where he was standing. As they go in, Nakaba asks if that is alright. Loki tells her that he only made the guard fall unconscious and he ought to be awake by morning. “He will think that he had fallen asleep.” Nakaba thanks him then they open the door. As Loki closes the door, Nakaba looks at the other door in front of her. She thinks that damp smell, dust floating around, that stagnant air.. “It has been such a long time.” She opens the door. A woman who is knitting asks who it is. She turns to look and immediately stands up to greet Nakaba. Nakaba quickly goes to her and exclaims, “Lina!” Lina happily hugs Nakaba and asks why she is here for she thought that she won’t be able to see her again. “But then, what’s really important is, you are safe and sound, it’s really great.. *suddenly moving away from Nakaba* Ah, ah, I was too happy that I couldn’t control my emotions.. I’ve hugged you, please forgive my rudeness.. Prin.. Princess Nakaba, that child.. Lito, he..” Nakaba assures Lina that Lito is fine so there is no need to worry. “I’ll definitely rescue you out from this place. Just wait for some time.” Lina looks at Nakaba and comments that it seems that Nakaba has become strong. “..no, you fundamentally are very strong, but.. that’s right, you’ve become somewhat different from before. When the king decided to marry you off to Belquat, I thought, *there is a scene of Nakaba leaving and thanking Lina for taking care of her until then* I don’t know if this child will once again encounter some cruel fate.. But, I really didn’t imagine, ..for it seems that it is a very fortunate path. If one is to use a different way, one can also see the bright future.”
Nakaba looks at her in surprise and thinks, “—then, I have people who support me and also those people who’ll walk with me. *Nakaba, together with Caesar and Loki, walking on a path* I wish, this journey will lead to a bright future--..” Suddenly, Nakaba’s Arcana starts to act up. Nakaba ‘sees’ Loki looking sad and says, “Princess Nakaba, I’m really sorry.” Dream: Nakaba shouts, “What have you done! Loki..!” Loki is standing in front of someone who is lying on the ground. Turning around, slightly bloodied Loki holds a somewhat bloodied sword/knife and tells her, “After all, I’m no more than a beast.” End Dream: As Nakaba bends down and holds her head, Lina asks her if she is alright. Nakaba wonders what that was, just now. Turning to look at somewhat tense Loki, Nakaba wonders, “Afterwards.. is something bad going to happen? Loki--..? You--” Then, Nakaba passes out. Later on, Nakaba wakes up in a room. It seems to be already morning. She quickly sits up. Standing at the side of the bed, Loki asks if she is alright. Nakaba calls his name twice. She is surprised when Loki asks if she used her Arcana to see something. Nakaba looks tense. She tells him that it is really scary. “It seems that you are hiding some things from me.. Do not bear it all by yourself, I hope that you can tell me.. I want to help you..” Loki sadly says, “—I.. I also have secret/s that I cannot tell anyone.” After a pause, Nakaba asks, “Does it include me..?” Loki pauses and says, “Yes, it also includes you, Princess Nakaba.” Nakaba had a pained look that anguished Loki. He quickly bends down and holds her hand. He exclaims, “But, no matter what happens, I will definitely protect you, Princess Nakaba! You are my everything.. Regarding this one thing, I’m really true [/honest]! *Nakaba looks surprised* So please, do not inquire further, before I put it out [/expose it] in the sunlight--”
Scans by xiuxiu for BW.

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