June 14, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 101]

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Cover: “Choose? Choose butler? ..No, it’s choosing the future.” In Mei’s room, someone mutters, “Mei-ojousama..--” A slightly flustered Rihito is about to touch sleeping Mei’s face but he stops and draws away his hand. Just when Rihito is about to leave the room, Mei thinks that someone is calling her, ‘Mei-ojousama’. “It’s such a lonely sound, who is it..?” Mei wakes up to see Rihito going out of the door. Rihito is surprised when Mei calls out to him. Rihito turns around to see Mei sitting up [or rather kneeling on] her bed and looking at him. She asks him where he is going. After a pause, Rihito says that he isn’t going anywhere. Mei looks at him and says that he’s lying. To her surprise, this made Rihito chuckle. Rihito leans near to her and says, “From the very start, apparently, my lies are of no use to you, Mei-ojousama. I’m going to leave for a while. *Mei is surprised* Those two butlers, Xiang and Fei, are not only just Hongo family’s judges [for the fiance duel].. I think that they definitely have some other intention, I’ll temporarily leave here and investigate about this from outside.” Mei asks him when he is going to return. Somewhat sad, Rihito looks at her and says, “..very soon.” Mei looks at him then, to his surprise, Mei grabs his sleeve. Mei tells him, “Let me go [with you]. Please let me go [with you], I want.. to be with you, Rihito-san..” Rihito tells her that he cannot do that. Mei insists that she won’t be a nuisance to him. Rihito tells her that leaving the academy unauthorized is a violation of school’s rules. Mei replies that about that, she’ll just properly explain the reason and clear things up afterwards. Rihito looks at her then leans closer to her ear. He tells her that she is really a kid who doesn’t listen [/disobedient]. “I might, take you away from this place, then never to return [here], you know? Because, just being able to attain you, Mei-ojousama is enough [for me]. The hard work you have done this past four years as well as my career as a butler, it will all for naught. Abandoning one’s responsibilities, commitment, and also, honor, I am a despicable guy who can calmly do all these things. And, you might.. also not be able to see your friends again. *Mei looks surprised* ..Of course, you won’t see Kento again.” After looking surprised, Mei closes her eyes then suddenly hugs surprised Rihito. “Even if that is so.. (right now.. I cannot let him go..) *Rihito hugs her back* Because I feel, if I let go right now, I won’t be able to see Rihito-san ever again..”

Back at the hospital, Kento is looking out the window as he remembers Rihito telling him that he is going to ‘take’ [/have sex] with Mei tonight. “What.. actually, it doesn’t really matter.. anyway, the one Mei likes is Rihito.. For things to reach up to now, what can I do.. *looks at a packed bag* I’m going back tomorrow.. back to Shikoku..--” Kento then looks serious and looks at the door. The door opens and Fei goes in. As he heads towards the bed, Kento quickly puts surprised Fei in a head lock and says, “Suddenly sneaking inside while a guy is sound asleep, that’s not such a bad hobby.” [<-sarcastic] Standing by the door, Xiang says that it is a misunderstanding. “We only thought that we should quickly inform you as soon as possible about Mei-ojousama.” They accompanied him to Mei’s room. Kento shouts to Mei but he only finds an empty room. Fei comments that there are signs of the two of them going outside. Kento just says, “Tsk” then heads to the butler’s room. It is also empty. Then, he notices two butler’s badges on the table. It is his badge as well as Rihito’s S-butler badge. Xiang says that it seems that they had eloped. Kento just looks quietly sad. Xiang says that if they eloped, why is the room very messy. Fei tells Kento that it seems that this is Mei’s clothes. Kento looks surprised and holds Mei’s nightgown/clothes. He thinks that they already did it tonight. Fei tells him that could it be..that Rihito did something offensive deed..towards Mei. Kento just keeps quiet. Xiang then tells Kento that there is something important that he didn’t tell him. “Yesterday, Kintaro-sama asked Mei-ojousama, ‘Do you like Rihito?” She stuttered and wasn’t able to answer.” Kento looks surprised and asks, “What?” Kento becomes even more surprised when Xiang tells him that actually, the one Mei loves is Kento. Fei comments that Rihito forced himself [on Mei].. Xiang laments that if only they became Mei’s butlers sooner. After a pause, Kento says, “..Hey, you two.. [we’re] going to hunt, from today on, together with me, [we’ll] hunt for my brother- Shibata Rihito!” The two butlers slightly bow with hands on chest, say, “As you ordered, Kento-sama.” While Kento continues to stand while holding Mei’s nightgown [and his expression isn’t shown], the two butlers talk to each other. Xiang laughs and says, “See, he’s so frank [straight-forward] that it’s so interesting, right? Even if the plan has undergone a lot of changes.. but it’s alright, it’s enough just to get Mei-ojousama.”
Scans by 17kkmh.com

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