June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 26] + Side Story

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 9, 2011
Cover page: “Sou and Hinata also including Hinata?! Three stars that baffles Anna ★” In the clubroom, Chikai comments that it is quite unexpected that they have a mangaka high schooler. Anna exclaims that it is indeed an interesting theme for their photography but when they asked him if he wants to, he refused. Nanoka explains that Hinata is a gloomy person who hates attracting attention. Putting her head on the table, Anna laments about the possibility of Hinata changing his mind. Nanoka asks Anna why does she feel that Hinata is really a good theme and could it be that she has fallen for him. Anna quickly exclaims it isn’t so for she is only thinking of ‘really want to take his picture’ and that’s all there is to it. Nanoka doesn’t seem too convinced by Anna’s reason. Chikai sheepishly smiles to stop the argument and tells them that tomorrow, there will be a Kyugi Taikai [ball game contest/ like sports day but only ball related games] and it is the photography club is in charge to recording it. “So, how about taking some pictures of that first?” The girls are puzzled about this that Chikai tells them that the pictures will be put in the graduation album and there might be other times/ocassions when they will be asked to take pictures. Anna becomes sad and mutters that it is already Kyugi Taikai tomorrow. Suddenly, Aya opens the door and calls out to the other two girls. She tells them the good news that Hinata has agreed to model for them. Anna exclaims in surprise if it’s true. Nanoka cannot believe it since she thought that Hinata would absolutely not agree to it. Holding up her arms, Anna happily says that it’s great and says her thanks to Hinata. Aya tells her to wait for there is a condition. Anna froze and becomes surprise when Aya tells her that Hinata wants Anna to be his model for his manga. Anna puts down her arms and goes, “Eh?” Aya explains that Hinata is drawing a last minute draft [of his manga] but he doesn’t quite understand a girl’s feelings that he had a writer’s block so he wants to ask Anna about it. “Though, of course, it is no problem if you refuse. So, what do you think?” Aya is shock as she thinks, “What? Huh? I’m going to be a model?!”

At a restaurant, Anna together with Nanoka and friends have all gathered for the ‘interview’. Hinata looks somewhat dumbfound when Anna tells him her biodata-type of introduction. “I’m Koshiro Anna. (15) Birthday is on March 10. Pisces. My family consists of my parents and a squirrel named Coco. My height is 158 cm. Regarding my weight, I’ll just leave it to your imagination. My eye vision is 1.5 on both eyes. My friends would always say and scold me for ‘making people very irritable’!!” Standing up with her arm raised, sparkling Anna says, “I’ll be under your care.” Aya just smiles at Anna while Nanoka comments that Anna is quite highly spirited. Blushing, Anna says that it is because she is really happy to be a model for a manga for the girls in shounen manga are very cute, have a very nice body figure and are very popular. “I unexpectedly can become that kind of girl--” Hinata nervously says that it isn’t definite that he can fully satisfy her expectations. Nanoka comments that Hinata is quite strange for he is planning to also use the name ‘Anna’ for his character. Hinata starts sketching and says that this is how the character looks like. Hinata draws a character that looks like Anna. Anna loves it and comments that Hinata drew it so cutely. Aya asks about the lead characters. Hinata tells her that it is on the other page, one page before that page. Hinata says that the right one, light haired guy is the lead character while the left one, dark haired guy is the love rival. The lead character is Kyouto [叶斗 which can also be Kanato/Kanata but the Japanese words are too small to confirm which is which ^^;], a young boy who is only enthusiastic yet an expert in soccer. The rival is Namikaze [波風 or Hafu] who seems to be able to do everything, the soccer club’s trump card and popular among the girls. Anna is amused upon seeing the two characters because the two are very much like Sou and Hinata.

Anna is surprised when Hinata tells her that just like the model character, they are all childhood friends, too. “It’s because the character is very much like Koshiro-chan that I want to hear out your train of thoughts.” Anna happily says that there’s no problem at all and what kind of story is it. Hinata tells her that generally it is about two guys who dream of going out together to become famous in the whole country. ‘Anna’ happily encourages them to ‘gambatte’/do their best. The three are childhood friends who grew up together but because someone [Namikaze] suddenly confessed [to ‘Anna’], from then on, the three’s relationship has begun to change. Then, to ‘Anna’s horror, Kyouto punches Namikaze and calls him stupid [for destroying everything?]. Kyouto declares that he will go to Tokyo for he wants his own playing technique to become more amazing. “It is a youth story of the times when there is also quarrelling and also chasing one’s dream.” Anna seems to become gloomy and thinks that it is that kind of story. Hinata closes his sketchbook and says that he doesn’t want to dilly-dally so he’ll start to ask the questions. “Koshiro-chan, you like Nagase-kun, right? Why did you dump him? What are you thinking [/feeling] when he confessed to you? Could it be that you don’t feel a little bit happy about it? From today on, what kind of relationship do you plan on dealing with him?” Anna is gloomy and shock by the barrage of questions. While Hinata continues to ask if for instance, Nagase-kun.., Aya quickly shouts for Hinata to stop, then she asks if Anna is alright. Looking somewhat ill, Anna says that she’s fine and it is only that she cannot cope up with Hinata being a tsukkomi* who continuously asked her things while she’s taking it all in. [*tsukkomi is the ‘straight man’ in a manzai play. I think Anna is saying that Hinata is being a tsukkomi who reprimands her as ‘boke’, the stupid one, for her mistakes.] Hinata starts to flip through his sketchbook and asks if there is anywhere where it seems that there is a tsukkomi and is there a contradiction in the story. Anna exclaims that she isn’t referring about a tsukkomi in the story but rather, what he told her is totally the same with her experience. “And, it seems that there is some misunderstanding. The one I like is Hinata.” Hinata blushes and goes ‘!?’. Nanoka looks dubious at Anna and says that in the end, Anna does like Hinata and what’s good about him.

Flustered, Anna corrects it by saying that it isn’t Hinata-kun but her childhood friend, Hinata, and she feels that she had enough with this misunderstanding. Hinata comments that it is really the same for Anna has another childhood friend. Anna says that is right, Hinata went to high school in Tokyo so Hinata only sees her and Sou. “Even if Sou is also important and also my childhood friend, but, because I like Hinata, so Hinata is comparatively more important and it isn’t just a simple thing..” Anna is surprised when Hinata says, “So that’s it.” Hinata starts to mutter to himself that is why there is a dispute because the leading girl, as a childhood friend, views the two guys as very important [to her]. “Even if a goddess-type of heroine likes an inconspicuous kingly [/happy type not easily depressed type] protagonist, a kingly person has his own kingly reasons and no matter what era, one also needs..this and that, that and this..” Nanoka looks aghast as she mutters that otaku/nerd guy is quite scary. Aya tells the others that they should leave since Hinata has gone into his creative mode. While walking together in the streets, Aya says that regarding their photo shoot, it is better for them to do it after Hinata finishes his last minute draft because he looks better in that picture during the original draft. While Aya is telling Nanoka about the other stages of drawing the manga like the drawing and inking, Anna is busy wondering why Hinata would think that she likes Sou and is it because he doesn’t know of Hinata’s existence. Then, Nanoka sighs in relief that Anna fundamentally likes Hinata for she thought that the one Anna likes is Sou. Anna couldn’t believe that Nanoka also thinks that way, too. Pointing at Anna, Nanoka tells her to recall over what she has been doing lately. “Everyday you are saying ‘Sou’ and you would also be angry, happy or cry over ‘Sou’. Like that, Hinata-kun himself would also misunderstand.” Anna recalls what she has been doing: 1. takes a picture of herself and Sou then sends it to Hinata, 2. after being told by Sou of wanting to ‘keep a distance’, she would go sobbing to Hinata, and 3. she snubs Hinata’s birthday but would be overly excited over Sou’s birthday to the point of calling Hinata and telling him that she wants to make Sou happy. Anna looks horrified as she wonders, “Wha..what [air]plane am I on? I couldn’t believe that is how I treated the person I like.” [It is a bit small but it seems Aya is also telling Nanoka to reflect on what she has also been doing lately.] Anna thinks, “Ah, but why would Hinata lately contact me quite eagerly.. During spring break, the times when he would contact me is pretty much zero.. I don’t understand. Geez, I totally do not understand what Hinata is thinking!!!”

In school, during the Kyugi Taikai for the first year, some students are playing volleyball. Scowling Anna is looking at her cellphone. She wonders what to do and regarding this, she ought to ask Hinata himself. “But how am I going to ask it.” Anna imagines herself shyly saying, ‘What do you think, regarding me?’ but thinks that it impossible since she finds it very disgusting [to say it that way]. Then, some girls call out to Anna and ask if she is the one who is going to record the event and how about taking their picture. Anna says okay and takes their picture. Anna laughs over the pose they made. The girls thank her and ask her what she is doing in that corner when she should be taking pictures of the guys who are currently competing. This somewhat made Anna become tense. She looks at the side to see that Sou has scored a goal. The other girls comment that Sou is amazing and he’s in the volleyball club. Still looking at Sou who is congratulated by his teammates, Anna thinks that during the inter-class competition, she can only stay at the corner because the center of attraction in class is Sou. Anna then unconsciously takes Sou’s picture [but she doesn’t seem to be looking in the viewfinder]. Anna freaks out as to what picture she is taking. The three girls exclaim if Anna just took Sou’s picture. They want a copy for each of them after it is developed. Anna is totally shock as they left. She becomes gloomy and wonders what she should do if Sou learns about this and how is he going to scold her. Suddenly, her cellphone is ringing. She wonders if it is text. Anna perks up for it turns out to be a phone call from Hinata. She answers the phone and exclaims, “Hinata!” Standing on the balcony, Hinata greets her a ‘good job’ [for knowing it is him or lasting out another day of school?] Hearing the noise, Hinata asks if she is still in school. Looking for a place to hide, Anna goes into the equipment room and sits down on the floor. She tells him that yes, for there is a Kyugi Taikai in the afternoon and their class is always winning. While Anna looks dreamily, Hinata says is that so, and being in the same class as Sou, they can always get ahead. Anna suddenly imagines Nanoka snorting with contempt that Hinata will also misunderstand. A chibi Nanoka exclaims that she didn’t say it that way. Anna asks Sou why he would bring up Sou. “Please explain yourself clearly, ah, it’s also okay even if you don’t!!”

While Hinata seems to tries to ask if this is about integrity, Anna says, “It seems that you misunderstood so I’ll clearly and plainly tell you.. Right now and also some time before, the one I like is you!!” Hinata looks surprised. Anna freaks out over conveniently confessing to Hinata again and it pains her to hear his silence. When Hinata calls her name, Anna quickly exclaims, “No, I’m not thinking of wanting to hear your answer. I should say that it is enough that you keep what I said in your heart.” Hinata pauses a bit and says, “Anna, during third year junior high, you also said, ‘I already know your answer so there is no need to reply’. *looking serious* Right now, you still won’t let me say it, right?” This surprises Anna. She asks him what he is going to say. Hinata says, “Fufu- Because you’ve said, ‘don’t say it’ then I won’t be saying it.” Anna is aghast as she exclaims that she didn’t say ‘don’t say it’. Hinata says that it means the same about not wanting to change anything. Anna is speechless for she couldn’t answer back. Hinata laughs and tells her to calm down. “I’ll tell you the next time we meet.” Anna asks, “Next time?” Hinata tells her that it is the next time he comes back during summer break. Anna thinks that it is too far away because it is still May now. While Anna is wondering how many months before they’ll see each other, someone says on the other line, “Actually, it is also okay to see each other this coming weekend, right? And, it has also become a relaxing distance wherein one can go back and forth within one day -♥” Anna looks surprised as she wonders whose voice it is. Then, she exclaims, “Mashiro-kun?!” While Hinata is looking speechless since Mashiro has grabbed his cellphone and is now talking with Anna, Mashiro happily says, “That’s- right☆ Right now, Hinata is at my house. *Mashiro just came home from buying something* Ah, right now, I’m going to cook dinner- please wait a moment.” Hinata says that compared to that, how about returning his cellphone to him. Mashiro ignores him and tells Anna that it is better to talk face to face rather than on the phone. “So, how about leaving it up to me the responsibility of taking and bringing you back?” Anna happily asks, “Really?!” Mashiro says that he’s serious and she can stay at his house. Anna happily exclaims if she can and she would want to go. Mashiro sheepishly says that Hinata has to also agree to it. He gives the cellphone back to Hinata. Anna’s eyes widen in surprise when Hinata says, “You can. Then, let’s go on a date. I’ll contact you again. You are still in the Kyugi Taikai, right. Sorry about that.” Anna is thinking, “I’m going on a date with Hinata..” After hanging up, Anna is still stunned over what happened that it took her time to react to Nanoka who is looking for her. Anna then crawls out of her hiding place and calls out to Nanoka. Anna frantically tells her to listen to what she has to say. Nanoka is surprised over it while Anna looks quite excited. They didn’t notice that while everyone are busy chatting and having fun, Sou is sadly looking at Anna’s direction.

I found another short side story which is somewhat like a continuation to the side story in volume 2 wherein Hinata’s mother tends to make cute bento boxes for Hinata and in the end, she bought a cute cat outfit for him which Hinata doesn’t quite like. The author also made a mistake about Hinata’s mother’s age. It is suppose to be 39. Anyway, the author explains that there are a lot of readers asking about how Hinata chooses his clothes and this is a side story that the author thought of. Hinata’s mother is usually the one who buys Hinata’s clothes and she likes cat, cute type of stuff until the time in volume 2, Hinata decides to be the one who’ll buy his own clothes. He would ask his mother for some money and, his mother is somewhat unhappy about it. Since Hinata is the type of guy who isn’t that into clothes, he casually went to the store where Sou usually buys his clothes. While busily chatting with the store manager, Sou didn’t notice that Hinata is buying some clothes. Sou is a guy who likes shopping and is into fashion. Since they are both buying clothes at the same store, this incident happened. Sou is horrified that he and Hinata are wearing the same outfit but it’s in different colors. Sou’s is black while Hinata seems to be light blue. Sou exclaims for Hinata to take off that t-shirt but Hinata doesn’t want to since it is a hassle. Hinata tells him that it also doesn’t matter since they won’t be out together the whole day anyway. Aghast, Sou exclaims that isn’t the issue, but it’s just gross. When Hinata suggests that Sou be the one to change his t-shirt, Sou stubbornly refuses to do so. Hinata tells him that he’ll just go ahead and leave first. Sou angrily shouts for Hinata not to snub him. While brushing her teeth, Anna thinks that those two are quite noisy so early in the morning. So, in the end, that day, they ended up wearing the same outfit. =P I’m still waiting to find a Chinese scan of Mashiro’s side story. There is also a shorter one regarding Beni and Sou's same cellphone strap.

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