June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 79]

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Kyouta is twitching in pain all over his body. While grimacing over the pain, Kyouta wakes up and sees Tsubaki, sitting on a chair, sound asleep beside him. It seems he has forgotten his aching body. He reaches out to her and pats her head. This awakens Tsubaki. She freaks out over falling asleep that she quickly stands up. She ends up kicking the folding chair behind. While shouting in pain, Tsubaki quickly grabs the chair as it falls on the floor. Looking really tense, Tsubaki mutters about causing a lot of noise. She then hears some muffled laugh. Kyouta tells her not to make him laugh because his injuries will hurt a lot. Tsubaki quickly goes to him and asks if he is okay and does it hurt. She is surprised when Kyouta holds her hand and asks if she stayed with him the whole night. He asks her if she informed her family about it and is it okay for her to stay there. Somewhat touching her cellphone in her pocket, Tsubaki nervously tells him that she did. Kyouta smiles and says, “Thank you.. I’m really happy~~” Tsubaki blushes over this yet she’s somewhat apprehensive since she still thinks that it is because of her that Kyouta got such grave injuries. They were interrupted when the curtain door opens. It is Kyouta’s father. He remembers Tsubaki and says that she, Miss Hibino, is the one came to their house before. He thanks Tsubaki for looking after his son the whole night and apologizes for the trouble. Tsubaki bows and says that it is nothing and it isn’t trouble at all. Kyouta tells Tsubaki to go home. Tsubaki is a bit reluctant after witnessing how violent Kyouta’s father can be. Kyouta puts on a smile and tells her that there might still be questions on the hospital expenses [<- not too sure, probably about who’ll pay for the bills since it is an accident] and his father is already there. Tsubaki finally relents and says that she’ll definitely visit him again tomorrow. She takes her bag and bows to Kyouta’s father to say that she is going ahead. After Tsubaki left the room, Kyouta’s father reprimands Kyouta for saying it that way as if he wanted Tsubaki to be always at his side. Looking irritated at glum-looking Kyouta, his father says, “You’re really such a troublesome kid.”

Tsubaki is hiding behind the post while looking at her house. She thinks that even if it is a big thing, she cannot just go back to the house without a cause or a reason. She wonders how she is going to explain this to her parents and how about asking Kyouta to help her explain. [Not too sure on this but it seems that she is wondering if they won’t reprimand her that much in front of a strange [Kyouta] to them.] In the end, Tsubaki decides against it since for the meantime, it might be better for her not to mention about Kyouta to her family. She happily holds her cellphone tight and remembers Kyouta expressing his happiness that she stayed with him the whole night. “I don’t regret it one bit. Staying beside Tsubaki-kun like that..” Suddenly, someone calls out to her. Tsubaki is startled to see her mother appearing behind her. Her mother asks where the hell she went, all of a sudden. Tsubaki is freaking out since she is going to have a dressing down out in public and she isn’t prepared for that. Her mother grabs Tsubaki’s shoulders and shouts for her to explain things clearly to her. To Tsubaki’s surprise, her mother suddenly bends down to the ground and cry that it’s great that she is alright. While Tsubaki tries to ask her mother what happened, she notices that her mother’s hand, that is holding her hand, is trembling. Suddenly, Sakura appears from the corner and exclaims that Tsubaki has finally come home safely. Sakura quickly gets her cellphone to call their father that Tsubaki has finally come home. Sakura exclaims in shock that their father is already in some faraway park while looking for Tsubaki. Tsubaki begins to realize that everyone is outside looking for her. Touching her mother’s shoulder, Tsubaki notices that it is cold so they must have been long for her for such a long time. Tsubaki blames herself for not calling and she never thought that they would be this worried about her. Tsubaki bends down to her mother and apologizes. She gulps then finally confesses that it is because she wanted to be always with the person she liked. Tsubaki thinks that it seems that it won’t do if she didn’t say the truth.

At home, everyone is quietly sitting on the living room while Tsubaki braces herself for some scolding. Sakura breaks the ice by saying that Tsubaki has already apologized a lot and it is only because her boyfriend got into an accident. She tells Tsubaki not to say things that could make others misunderstand her. Tsubaki tells her parents that what happened to him [Kyouta] is her fault so from today on, she has to start visiting him and she will be going home late. Tsubaki’s mother starts to ask her as to which hospital and room number, the guy she likes, is admitted in. Tsubaki didn’t answer the latter question because she wants to know why her mother wants to know. Her mother tells her that she wants to talk to that guy and tell him not to meddle too much on Tsubaki’s business. Her mother admits that there is something that makes her always uneasy over Tsubaki’s life in that school and it turns out to be because of some worthless bad kid and Tsubaki definitely got their bad influences. Tsubaki wonders why her mother is thinking that way. Sakura helps her sister by telling their mother that Kyouta is someone who is always number one in the grades ranking and he’s a super good looking guy. Tsubaki’s mother exclaims that wasn’t a kid named Kyouta, called Tsubaki out before in the middle of the night. Her mother laments that Tsubaki wasn’t like this before, wherein she’ll stay out all night without even calling home, and returning home in the morning. She exclaims that in the end, it is the influence of that bad kid. Sakura laments that even if the grades are good but if the behavior is bad, it still won’t do. Tsubaki wonders what she should do because Kyouta is gradually portrayed as a real bad kid yet she couldn’t say that her mother is wrong because it is her fault for not contacting her family.

Tsubaki is surprised when her mother asks her back the cellphone that she gave her. Her mother tells her that it was given to her in order for this kind of incident not to happen yet in the end, it is useless. “It isn’t necessary for you to use it anymore since you fundamentally won’t use it to call home.” Sakura comments that she shouldn’t go as far as confiscating it. Tsubaki is quiet then she hands over her cellphone. She apologizes to her mother and says that she should have always maintained communication with her family. While Sakura is freaking out and asking Tsubaki if that is alright, Tsubaki’s mother is really happy for Tsubaki always understands her [mother] pains [/troubles] and this will also put her at ease. “Essentially, it isn’t necessary for you to visit him. That accident happened because he didn’t obey traffic regulations. That child reaped what he sowed! You’ll be in third year soon and this is a very crucial time so you shouldn’t concern yourself with any troublesome things!” To the mother’s surprise, Tsubaki declares, “From today on, I’ll assure you that I’ll maintain communication with you [/home]! No matter if it is visiting [him] or going some place with someone else.. I’ll report everything with you! Regarding studies, I will put more effort on it! I will definitely get a top university’s quota recommendation! [<- get high grades in the exams to get a recommendation] All of this- will come out perfectly. I’ll do it and show you all! This way, I ought to be able to stay by his side..” At the hospital, after some time, Kyouta looks as if he is getting well. Holding an answer sheet, Kyouta praises Tsubaki that she is amazing for all of it is correct. Kyouta comments that she knows the scope of the term exam. He sighs in relief for he was worried that she didn’t know. Tsubaki is shock to hear this. Kyouta says that it is because she takes time to visit him everyday that he fears of what will happen in case a problem, regarding her studies, arises. “So you weren’t prepared to tell me.. [<- not sure what he is referring to; maybe something awful happened yet she isn’t telling him.] Thinking of this makes me unhappy~~ I’m afraid that you won’t come and see me again!”

Tsubaki blushes over this. She assures him that she will definitely do her best in this upcoming term exam, she will attain a top university’s quota recommendation and.. She happily says, “And, this time for once in every ten thousand years, I will be able to get two quota recommendations! This is a really big opportunity~~~ *looking at irritated Kyouta* Thanks you, thanks to you!” Kyouta can only angrily mutter, “Why you~” The other recommendation is suppose to be Kyouta’s since he is always number one in the exams but since he is in the hospital, he won’t get it. Noticing that it is 10 minutes past five o’clock, Tsubaki says that his clothes ought to have been laundered so she’ll help him get it. Kyouta sits up and tells her that there is no need for her to do things thoroughly. Tsubaki tells him to get better until he can use a wheelchair and get it himself. Kyouta asks what she is saying. Tsubaki smiles and tells him that right now, it feels as if they are recently married newly weds. She becomes embarrassed by what she said that she quickly leaves, leaving Kyouta surprised and blushing. So, Tsubaki gets his clothes from the washing machine, calls home on the pay phone, rides the train back and studies at home. Narration: “It is obviously a very simple thing.. I just ought to properly do the things that I should do.. Then, mama won’t have any complaints~~ So regarding going steady with Tsubaki-kun, I’ll also be able to get [her] approval..” At home, Tsubaki’s mother is surprised that Tsubaki is already heading out to school when it is still 7am. While wearing her shoes, Tsubaki tells her that she wants to go early in order to review a bit. Her mother worriedly asks if she is alright. Holding a batch of English sentence review cards, Tsubaki smiles and tells her mother that she will attain the highest grade [ever gotten] until now so her mother should anticipate it. Her mother can only look on anxiously as Tsubaki leaves the house. At school, a couple of male students come in and complains about not prepared for the English exam. They were shock to see unconscious Tsubaki on the floor near the shoe lockers. Her English review cards show, ‘Do more harm than good’. Narration: “If I put in more, and a lot of effort [into it], then everything would come out smoothly, right..”

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