June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 56-60]

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While walking home, Towako worriedly asks Yuuga if everything is okay with Saho since she is absent from school for three days already. When she and Reimi emailed her, Saho would only reply ‘I’m okay’. Yuuga says that even if Saho seems to have a lot of things that she is busy with, but since she said ‘I’m okay’ then Towako shouldn’t meddle too much into it. Yuuga also says that Saho is the type of person who doesn’t talk much about herself. Towako jealously complains that Yuuga seems to really know Saho. Yuuga asks her what’s with that tone. Towako hmphs and asks isn’t that so, for their relationship is quite deep that he had consulted with Saho regarding breaking up with her. Towako is surprised when Yuuga is puzzled over what she is saying and denies that such a thing happened. Since Yuuga keeps on saying that such a thing didn’t happen, Towako borrows Yuuga’s cellphone to look for that message but she couldn’t find it. Yuuga’s sent messages are all for Yasumochi. Towako accuses him of erasing it but Yuuga says that he wouldn’t do such a thing and does she doubt him. Blushing a bit, Yuuga looks away and says, “Speaking of that, I fundamentally haven’t thought of breaking up with you.” Towako blushes and says, really. She returns Yuuga’s cellphone to him. Towako wonders about that email and she has definitely seen it. Yuuga goes in a store and calls Towako inside. In the store of costumes/disguises, Yuuga puts on a samurai’s top knot/chonmage on Towako’s head and laughs that it suits her in a way. Towako removes it and angrily exclaims what’s with that. While Yuuga is choosing what else to try, Towako thinks that he is so cunning that she couldn’t say anything but still, in front of her, is Yuuga’s precious smile which is sparkling. Yuuga happily asks about trying a glasses-mustache disguise. Towako thinks that after seeing that email before, her mind went blank and those expressions of Yuuga asking if she doesn’t trust him and not having confidence to stay by her side.. “I wish that I won’t make him show those kinds of expression again.” Yuuga is surprised when Towako suddenly goes near him. He is surprised when Towako puts ‘cats ears’ on him. Looking at the mirror, Yuuga exclaims what this is. Towako happily says that it looks cute and it suits him. Yuuga angrily removes it and exclaims that it doesn’t suit him. Towako looks at him and thinks, “I will treasure it since that expression and that smiling face is shown, only to me.. *smiles and touches Yuuga’s face* These [expressions] are for me to protect.” Yuuga blushes and puts her hand away. He tells her not to be like that since they are outside. He then puts his hand on her head and pulls her to him.

At home, Sawatari the monkey is rolling over the carpet back and forth. It complains that it isn’t soft. Tsubaki holds it up and tells it to stop doing that else its fur would stick on it. While Sawatari tries to protest, Towako and Yuuga have arrived home. Towako happily calls out to Sawatari and says that they bought something nice for it. It is a small bed. Sawatari is delighted over it. Towako tells it that it is actually for a cat or dog but Yuuga said that it’s not bad at all so they chose something soft and bought it. Sawatari happily jumps into the bed. Towako is happy since Sawatari seems to really like it. Yuuga is going ‘Oh yes’ because Sawatari is always interrupting them every night. Just when Yuuga is about to go lovey-dovey with Towako, Sawatari would come out of Towako’s chest. It has already been three days since Yuuga has to stop midway before sex. Yuuga is surprised when Towako tells Sawatari to thank Yuuga for it is he who said that ‘it is absolutely necessary’ that is why they bought it. Yuuga felt pangs of guilt when twinkling eyes Sawatari ‘says’, “Thank you, Yuuga. I never thought that you are such a good person.” Towako is puzzled when Yuuga leaves while trying to psyche himself that he didn’t do anything wrong. While carrying some things, Tsubaki asks Utsugi if Setsuna is okay. Utsugi says that even if Setsuna is very depressed but compared before, he is much better now. Utsugi smiles at Tsubaki and says that even if he still couldn’t do anything but right now, he is quite optimistic and it is thanks to Tsubaki. Tsubaki turns away to hide that she’s blushing and tells Utsugi that his stupid smile isn’t bad at all. Utsugi exclaims that she’s so mean. Then, he takes out his notebook computer and tells Tsubaki that there is something that has been bothering him. They look at the stock market’s graphs. Utsugi says that before Gokurakuin’s stocks would maintain a relatively stable price/value but lately, an extraordinary company has started to stir things up and its performance is substantially growing fast. Utsugi tells Tsubaki that he has investigated this unknown company a bit. He asks her what her opinion about it. Tsubaki looks at the stocks and says that they cannot base anything just from this [/not enough data] but they should be more vigilant. Utsugi agrees with her and there will be no problem if it doesn’t affect the Gokurakuin family.

After the couple took a bath, Towako happily tells Yuuga to quickly look, Sawatari is already sleeping and they should have bought it earlier. Still feeling a bit guilty, Yuuga just mutters yes. Putting away those feelings, Yuuga tells her not to mind that and they should go to their bedroom. Yuuga is already carrying her away. To Yuuga’s surprise, Towako says that he’s acting strange lately since he is that cautious and he was indifferent before. Yuuga asks her if she doesn’t like it. Towako smiles and says, “Nope.” They hug and kiss. Towako thinks that it is quite bewildering for from the very start, her love for him isn’t quite the same as compared now which has become deeper and she come to understand the depths of love. The two freaks out when Tsubaki interrupts them by saying that they have a visitor. The blushing couple is flustered and asks if there is, at this time. Tsubaki says yes, and it is Kaoru. Kaoru apologizes for visiting them late. Yuuga is really angry [for the interruption] that he thinks that Kaoru really ought to apologize. Towako asks what happened for this is so sudden and he is also absent from school. Towako notices that Kaoru looks distressed and this is the first time she saw him like that. Kaoru says that he would want to ask a favor. “Towako..can you live with me for a week?” The couple is totally shock by this request. Yuuga angrily stands up and exclaims if Kaoru is joking around for how he could agree to that. Yuuga angrily points out that Kaoru has lead them in circles before yet today, he dares say that kind of thing. Towako tries to calm Yuuga down and tells him that they should let Kaoru finish what he is saying. Towako thinks that Kaoru must have run into some trouble. Kaoru slightly bows his head and says that he wants to inherit the Renjou [family/school]. Yuuga says that he already said before that no matter what, he doesn’t want to be the heir. Towako says that is right and according to his family rule, he should inherit the family business on his 23rd birthday and that day has already passed.

Kaoru admits that is true if that unexpected thing didn’t happen. He actually should have inherited it last month but there are people who stood against him. Flashback: Kaoru and his father were surprised when someone objected and said that Kaoru isn’t suitable to be the heir because before this, he would just travel around, then, on his own initiative, he became a teacher, and the most important of all, Kaoru disregarded the Renjou way of flower arrangement. The others voice out that they cannot follow Kaoru and if he becomes the head, they will break away from Renjou family/school and will just establish a new school. They suggest that if Kaoru’s father has decided on making Kaoru as the heir, Kaoru should get the top prize of the Lotus [Ren] Exhibit [/Show] and only then, they will recognize Kaoru. End flashback. Kaoru explains that the Lotus Exhibit is a show for Renjou’s [style of flower arrangement] disciples/students to show off their works and afterwards, there will be a competition in choosing the best works. Towako says that from the looks of it, this is very serious. Yuuga angrily asks what that has to do with Towako. Kaoru says that as a participant of the Lotus Exhibit, it is necessary to have a partner and the condition for it, is to eat and stay together with that person for a week, someone of opposite sex who is worthy of trust. Looking at Towako, Kaoru says, “The only one I thought of you is you.. can you be my partner?” While Towako blushes and looks a bit tense, Yuuga is totally irritated. He tells Kaoru to wait a minute, for all of it is just Kaoru reaping what he sowed, and he shouldn’t say those self-centered words. Yuuga sweatdrops because Kaoru didn’t answer back.

Looking a bit sad, Kaoru admits that Yuuga is right and he also felt that he is quite willful and impulsive, and actually before, he always thought that the family business is no big deal and he still thinks the same but his father is very depressed since he painstakingly care for the Renjou school and it wasn’t just ordinary people because he was betrayed by his disciples. “And, that is because of me, so I should do something a bit about it, right? *bowing* I know this is very selfish but I would still ask! Please help me!” Yuuga couldn’t answer back but he isn’t too happy either. To both the guys’ surprise, Towako says, “—okay. Since it is like that, if I can, I’m willing to help!” Yuuga is aghast as he asks her if she really wants to do that. Towako says yes, because Kaoru seems to look quite distressed, they were also taken care of grandpa Renjou before [<- I think I had skipped the chapter on this because I don’t recall it] and she also has some knowledge on flower arrangement. To Yuuga’s shock, Kaoru happily holds Towako’s hand and says, “Really? Thank you- I never thought that you would agree to help, then enough with the talking, quickly go to my house, as in we’ll go right now! Okay!” While Towako tries to say that going right now is.., Kaoru is already pulling her out and happily says that it is alright for his house has all the necessary things so she doesn’t need to prepare anything. While Towako is still speechless over the turn of events, Kaoru happily tells Tsubaki that he will be lending their ojousama for a while. Then, before Towako knew it, she is already inside Kaoru’s sports car. Towako exclaims that Kaoru is still the same for he’s still quite overbearing. Kaoru happily says that it’s good. While Towako frantically tries to call Yuuga for he would definitely be angry, Kaoru stops at the stoplight and tells her that he is quite anxious and also earlier, he wanted to be alone with her for a while. Towako looks tense. Kaoru looks at the front and says that half of what he just said is a joke. Towako is aghast as she thinks that if half of it is a joke, what about the other half of it but then, it is useless to think of it now. Kaoru tells Towako that he really doesn’t have much time. He also tells her that what he said about helping his father and he felt sorry for inconveniencing her is true. He is really sorry for involving her in this. Towako thinks that he is dishonest for even if he is saying that it is a joke, his expression shows that he is serious that she cannot just let him be [without a care].

Towako is surprised when Kaoru says that they have arrived. Kaoru tells her that they are at a mountain manor used for the Lotus Exhibit wherein the participant would stay together alone with one’s partner. When he mentioned alone, Towako asks if he plans on staying alone with her in this place for a week. Kaoru smiles and gives her a thumbs up sign. “That’s correct ☆ By the way, there is also no signal [for cellphones] here either.” Towako is totally shock. She exclaims that she thought she is going to stay with his family. She asks him if there is any other mountain manor nearby. To her shock again, he tells her that there are none if one is to go by foot. Towako starts to freak out as to what she ought to do because she is a wife yet she is going to stay alone with some other guy for a week. Kaoru tells her that regarding the other participant, there is something important that he ought to have told her. Towako exclaims if there is any more irritating stuff to come. Kaoru pauses for a while and says that the other participant is someone who is very troublesome and they both know that person. Back at the house, Yuuga kept on trying to contact Towako to no avail. Yuuga is getting irritated that he exclaims out loud as to where those two have went. He hastily writes an email reprimanding Towako for quickly leaving without talking things through and she should come back right away. After a pause, Yuuga deletes the email and just writes, ‘Do not overly do things’. [/or it could mean not to do things one will regret.] While Yuuga is groaning [and I’m not sure if he sent the message], Tsubaki opens the door and tells Yuuga that he has a visitor. Yuuga looks surprised to see that it is Saho. He welcomes her in and asks what it is for it is quite late already. Saho apologizes for coming so suddenly. Yuuga looks away and says that if she is looking for Towako, she is currently not at home or rather, she won’t be at home for a while. Yuuga is surprised when Saho tells him she came to ask a favor from him. Saho is blushing and asks surprised Yuuga, “About that.. I hope that you can live with me for a week..” [I think Yuuga’s surprised look is quite amusing. =P]

Towako surprised that their rival is Saho. She asks why this happened. Already inside the house, Kaoru tells her that Saho is a disciple of Renjou School and she received training under his father when she was young so her skills is quite good. Towako realizes that ‘practice’ that Saho is always mentioning meant flower arranging. Towako tells him that she doesn’t think that Saho is the type of person who would participate in a competition. “She is always quite calm and if I can say, she is the type who’ll reconcile between two parties [<- mediator]..” Kaoru looks surprised at her and asks, “Calm? That girl?” Towako seems tense since Kaoru didn’t know. Kaoru looks away and says that girl has her own discontentment [<- as to why they challenge Kaoru being the heir?] and that is how things are. It would perhaps be a bit awkward but still, he asks this favor from Towako. Towako cannot believe that she will be competing against Saho since they are in good terms but she already feels sleepy. Kaoru catches her before she falls down. Kaoru realizes that Towako has fallen asleep and he remembers the rule of the Gokurakuin about sleeping at exactly 21 o’clock. He feels sorry for Yuuga. He looks at Towako then starts to disrobe her multi-layer kimono. He is surprised when Sawatari suddenly comes out of Towako’s chest. Sawatari happily jumps around and asks if it is Kaoru who gave it a snack before and it wants more. Kaoru holds Sawatari on his hand and smiles. He asks it if it is guarding Towako. Kaoru tells it that he isn’t going to do anything and he thinks that Towako might felt uncomfortable that he is removing her outer garment. A note says that the inner garment of the kimono can be used as nightgown. Sawatari happily ‘says’ not to say a lot of things and just give him a snack. Blushing a bit, Kaoru says, “But, it’s a great help that you are here, to tell you the truth, just now is actually far from good.” [<- he’s really tempted] While Kaoru tucks Towako in, Towako thinks that she doesn’t want to compete against Saho but then, who is Saho’s partner..” Back at her house, Yuuga nervously asks, “Why me?” Saho nervously bows to him and asks him please, because she thought he is familiar about the Renjou situation and she trusts him so she hopes that he would help her. Yuuga asks if she is also opposing in making Kaoru into the heir.

To Yuuga’s surprise, Saho timidly says that is just an alibi and actually all of the disciples think that it is for the best that Kaoru becomes the heir. It is all because Kaoru isn’t always at home and just do whatever he pleases. Even if others criticize/reprimand him, Kaoru will just ignore them. They fear that if that kind of person will inherit the family business and he would suddenly want to give up on the Renjou School, it will be quite troublesome. So this time around, this is all just a set-up of the disciples in order for Kaoru to seriously think about the Renjou School. Yuuga angrily exclaims that since it is like that, it isn’t fundamentally necessary for Towako to help. He tells Saho that there is no need for her to join the competition. Saho blushes and says that she wants to use this occasion for Kaoru to acknowledge her. Saho explains that ever since before, her family and Kaoru’s family had a relation with each other [/go to each other’s houses]. From the time she started studying flower arrangement, she sees Kaoru who isn’t bounded by his family and can do whatever he wants. She thinks that he is amazing to do that and this is perhaps attributed to her way of thinking, and among other reasons that she is inferior because she cannot do that kind of thing. She tells Yuuga that she one-sidedly felt petty and low to the point of becoming impatient and uneasy that she couldn’t bring herself to be honest with Kaoru. “So, I thought that if I won against him even once, I might be able to get back my self-confidence..” Looking at blushing Saho, Yuuga comes to realize that Saho has feelings for Kaoru and the person Saho was talking before at the mountain trip is Kaoru. To Saho’s surprise, Yuuga finally agrees to help her even though he couldn’t guarantee that she will win. Saho happily thanks him. Yuuga happily says that if things go smoothly for her and Kaoru then, it is also for his advantage. Yuuga finds it amusing when Saho blushes and tries to say ‘not really’ kind of things. [Okay, it’s too blurry and small to read clearly ^^;] Yuuga and everyone else look on as Saho happily thanks Yuuga and says that she will go home first. She tells him that there will be a preliminary meeting for Lotus Exhibit tomorrow and until then, she’ll tell him the details about the situation. She also asks him not to inform the other participants. Yuuga remembers Towako and Kaoru. He has a premonition that things will become quite troublesome.

At the preliminary meeting, Towako is totally shock to see that Yuuga will be Saho’s partner. Yuuga tensely says that there are some reasons to it. Flustered and angry, Towako grabs Yuuga and whispers that like this, they will be rivals. She tells him that Kaoru has asked her about this as if his life depended on it so why is he Saho’s partner. Yuuga just tells her that is why he said that there are reasons to it. Towako insists that he tells her the reason but to her shock, Yuuga won’t tell her. Towako cannot believe this because he is being secretive and it is something about Saho. Saho apologizes to Towako and says that there is no other person she can ask. Towako cries that she doesn’t want this for she doesn’t want Yuuga to live all alone with Saho for one whole week. Aghast, Yuuga exclaims that he hasn’t heard anything about this. [<- living ALL ALONE together.] Saho apologizes and says that she plans to tell him today. Towako sweatdrops when Yuuga angrily shouts that it means Towako will also be living alone together for a week with Kaoru. To Yuuga’s shock, Kaoru tells him that it is a place where there is no signal. Thinking that Saho likes Yuuga, Towako exclaims that her and his situation isn’t the same. Thinking that Kaoru still has intention towards Towako, Yuuga exclaims that is right, it isn’t the same and he knows it. He angrily says that she obviously knew and yet she isn’t going to let this go. Towako angrily says that for him, even if this is the situation, he would still participate. Kaoru comments that this is an unexpected twist. While Saho tries to pacify the two, the couple calls out their respective partners and tells them to definitely win this. While the two are angrily looking at each other, Kaoru comments that it seems those two are already quite enthusiastic about this. Kaoru tells Saho that he wants to remind her to properly be aware that even if his opponent is ‘the ojousama of the Mizuno family’, he won’t go easy on her. Flustered, Saho tells him that it’s the same with him and she absolutely won’t lose to him. Yuuga then calls out to Saho and goes to her. He tells her not to have that kind of attitude [towards Kaoru]. While everyone is with their respective partners, Ritsuki is hiding by the pillar and is talking with someone on the phone. Looking at Saho, Ritsuki says, “-hello, Kyou? Very smoothly, everything is going as planned.. Saho is really doing her best (laugh) It is definitely very painful for the guy she likes to choose some other girl. It won’t be long now.. that girl will be dominated by jealousy.” Dark-looking Saho looks back to see Kaoru with Towako.

Kaoru goes to Towako and tells her not to display that kind of expression since it will scare people. Still angry, Towako tries to protest. She thinks that even if she is someone else’s partner in this contest but Yuuga will also be with some other girl and that girl is Saho who likes Yuuga and Yuuga still wanted to do it even if he knew about it [<- misunderstanding]. Kaoru says that it seems that there are a lot of trouble between her and Yuuga but right now, what’s really important is she is helping him so she ought to smile first. Towako asks him what kind of request is that. From the side, Saho looks longingly at Kaoru who is smiling gently at Towako. She snaps out of it when Ritsuki calls out to her. He asks if he can come out now for it will be troublesome if Yuuga sees him. Saho says yes for Yuuga went to the toilet. Ritsuki asks what’s troubling Saho. Saho asks if what she is doing is right, rivaling Kaoru, that it got Towako and others involved that the two are now in a fight. Ritsuki says that he knows that she wants to cower away from this but she has already decided in wanting to get Kaoru’s acknowledgement and overcome her self-inferiority so she shouldn’t mind the other things. Ritsuki takes out a small vial of liquid and tells Saho that there is no alternative but to do a little sacrifice. Saho exclaims what that medicine is. Ritsuki says that it is alright for it won’t kill someone, won’t harm the body and the residue won’t stay within the body. “It will just make one lose one’s sight.” Saho is shock and asks him why he has that medicine. Ritsuki tells her that along the way, he got someone’s help to make it. It will paralyze the optical nerve so that the person will experience pain and one will just have to wait for the poison to run its course and then, it will naturally heal by itself so there is nothing to worry about. Saho nervously says that if what he said is true then she won’t use it. Ritsuki tells him that Saho will just have to decide it by herself whether to use it or not but she ought to have it. “If there is any method that you can use, you should use it to get the thing that you want.” Ritsuki puts the vial in Saho’s hand and tells her that she is right [in doing this]. “No matter what happens, I will protect her. I stand at your side.”

At the stage, Kaoru’s father officially opens the Lotus Exhibit. The judges include the teachers within the school who possess the proof of being [/certified] qualified [to be judges] and participating this time are ten young people. In contrast to the previous years, there is a new system in place this year. There will be two ways of judging. The first one [/competition] is judging the prettiest and perfect flower arrangement being made onstage and how the flower geisha [<- ah, the name for the assistant wherein they imagined as some flower headed-mascot in a kimono] acted as the assistant. The way the second competition will be judged will be mentioned on the day itself. While Yuuga is wondering if he can do that, Kaoru’s father calls on Kaoru to go onstage to demonstrate how the first competition is done. Towako is surprised for it is so sudden and Kaoru calls out to her to come with him. Backstage, Kaoru tells Towako to bring out the flowers and the flower container to him after he finished talking. She is to hand him the flowers. Towako is shock for the container looks huge and she is to choose the flowers. Kaoru comments that it seems that this is to analyze on how well the person and one’s assistant know/sensitive to each other. [<- kind of being telepathically knows what the other wants]. Towako is still freaking out since this will be done onstage. Kaoru happily tells her that it will be alright for whatever flower she hands to him, he will definitely make it beautiful. Before leaving, Kaoru says that he’ll leave it to her. Towako tells herself to be attentive else she’ll really be unreliable and no matter how she thinks of it, it is inevitable. She decides to check out which flowers should go first. While looking at the flowers, a woman passes by and bumps into the other table causing the flower container to fall down and break in half. The woman apologizes to Towako. Then, Saho arrives and asks what happened. Towako asks why she is there for she should be with the audience but Saho tells her that there is just something she has to attend to but before that, isn’t that container what Kaoru going to use for the flower arrangement. She asks another woman if there is any other container to be used to replace it. The woman says that Kaoru wanted to do a big flower arrangement so he particularly chose that huge container. The ones remaining are smaller ones. Some people comment that if during Kaoru’s presentation, it is shown that Kaoru is in a chaotic state, it will give a bad impression of Kaoru on the judges. Towako remembers Kaoru telling her that he wants to be the heir. Saho says that it cannot be helped and they should just find some other substitute and Kaoru would definitely be able to think of a way for it.

Towako says that she is right. To Saho’s surprise, Towako suddenly removes her obi [/belt] on her kimono. Towako says that this is being impulsive but then, it cannot be helped for Kaoru would definitely do not want to use some small container. Kaoru has finished his speech. Kaoru thinks that Towako is so slow when he already said a long speech and what are those strange noises he heard. Soon, Towako brings out the container made from an obi and other flower arrangement utensils. Everyone is surprised by it including Yuuga who is watching from the audience. Kaoru is wondering about the container when Towako whispers that his container cannot be used and won’t this do. Kaoru smiles and says that it is lucky that she thought of this. Kaoru apologizes for making the audience wait and this time, he will show them a new theme so the obi is used as a flower container. The audience comments that Kaoru is really different from ordinary people. Kaoru tells the audience to watch. While Kaoru and Towako are busy doing their flower arrangement, Yuuga thinks that obi is Towako’s then he becomes irritated that he bows down which made his seatmate wonder what’s up with him. From backstage, Saho watches them and remembers her times of being with Kaoru, then afterwards, she ends up just watching him from the side. Saho’s expression becomes twisted with jealousy. After the two finishes their flower arrangement and was applauded by the audience, Saho goes back in and puts some water on two glasses. She opens the vial that Ritsuki gave her and drops its contents in one of the glasses. Ritsuki is standing by the door with a smile on his face. Back at the stage, Towako is delighted that things turned out well. They go backstage and Kaoru happily praise her for thinking of this idea. He admits being shock to see her replacing the broken container with her obi. Towako apologizes for that obi is from his family and she went out without an obi. Kaoru tells her that it is okay for that kimono already belongs to her and since she is wearing a coat, it isn’t noticeable that she isn’t wearing an obi. Towako comments that he is amazing because even if the container has been replaced, he is still able to improvise. Kaoru smiles and tells her that he told her that he can think of a way to make it beautiful. “But in the end, if you weren’t my partner, I definitely won’t be able to do it that well. It’s really great that I’ve chosen you.”

While the others are saying ‘good work’ to Kaoru, Towako thinks that she starts to understand a bit why Kaoru is popular among the girls. It’s because he’s mature, calm and collected and he can do whatever it is. Kaoru’s father goes to Kaoru and happily tells him that he’s amazing. Kaoru smiles and looks happy. Towako thinks that even so, she feels that it is a treasure to occasionally peek into what Kaoru is really thinking. She smiles and thinks that it made her happy to be dependent on by Kaoru but of course, this is only when she’s conveniently thinks of it. Someone tells Kaoru that the one who broke the container isn’t Towako but someone else. Kaoru tells Towako that she should have told him that. They begin to wonder where that woman is and they haven’t seen that woman before. Somewhere else, that woman apologizes to Ritsuki for she didn’t expect them to suddenly overcome that hard theme and it wasn’t easy to do it according to Ritsuki’s instructions of breaking the flower container. Ritsuki smiles and says that it is alright for he had anticipated that Towako will think of a way to fix it and in the end, the outcome is quite good. Ritsuki puts his arm around the woman and says that she’s very nice and such a good child that he’ll reward her. “The rest will be up to Saho--” Saho goes to Towako and the others. She tells them ‘good work’ and offers them some water to drink. Saho gives the glass to Towako. Thinking that Saho is really nice even if she didn’t treated her that nice, Towako takes the glass and thanks her. Towako and Kaoru drink their respective water. Holding the glass, Towako happily says that it is delicious, thank you. Saho’s expression isn’t shown. Kaoru casually puts the glass on Saho’s tray and says thanks. Kaoru tells Towako to find another obi. Towako says that he is right for she should return the coat. Saho then looks downwards and becomes very flustered. At the dressing room, Towako is putting on another new obi that was given to her. Towako is surprised when someone pulls her obi backwards. She looks back and sees that it is Yuuga. Towako angrily asks why he did that for her obi has loosened up again. Yuuga asks if that flower container is her obi. Towako asks what of it for it has nothing to do with him and they are rivals. “I’m still angry! You get out..”

Towako is surprised when Yuuga suddenly pushes her down on the dressing table. Yuuga tells her that he is also angry. He starts to ‘attack’ her while Towako tries to tell him to stop. Soon, she is aroused and mutters why. She wonders why he is being passionate now, just like that night. Yuuga kisses her and asks if she remembers. “You..belong to me right?” Flustered, Towako tries to sit up and says, “Wha- what.. of course, I am even if you don’t do this kind of thing..” Yuuga blushes and tells her to say it. Towako replies, “Ye..yes. It is so.” He hugs her and tells her to remember this well within the week. Towako hugs him back and thinks that he obviously is angry yet he planned to accept everything. “Even if what he did is quite rough, Yuuga always trust me..” Towako realizes something and pushes him away. She tells him that he is quite cunning for she is the only one who is given restrictions. “Even if I also trust you, but I’m still very uneasy.” Yuuga angrily tells her to think of something [to resolve it]. To his shock, Towako removes her wedding ring. Yuuga exclaims that didn’t she say he trust him, so why did she remove it and there’s no need to do something drastic. Towako asks him to lend his hand to her. Putting the ring in his little finger, she tells him, “Yuuga, wear my wedding ring. *pointing to her thumb with a ring* I’ll wear Yuuga’s wedding ring! *intertwining her hands with his* Like this, every time we see the ring, we will think of each other. If you remove it or lose it, I won’t forgive you!” Yuuga smiles and kisses her. He tells her, “The same with you.” Towako hugs him and kisses him. Towako thinks that actually, she hates to be apart from Yuuga for a week but even if they are separated, they can still think and remember each other.. After finishing their kiss, Towako tells Yuuga that they should go out. Yuuga says yes. While Towako is telling him that someone might come in, she sudden felt a sharp pain that she holds her head. Yuuga asks her what happened. Towako thinks that it felt her eyes are burning. Yuuga asks if her head hurts and does she want him to get her some medicine. Towako tells him yes then she becomes shock because something is wrong with her eyes.

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