June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Side Story]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 14, 2010

Narration: “Summer has passed. Autumn has passed. Cleo-chan, His Sama-ness. [<-invented word; like His Highness but instead it is ‘sama’.] I’m currently in the process of introspection.” In Chikai’s bedroom, together with the dogs, Chikai is sitting on the carpeted floor. Chikai looks at the side and says, “Hanakou!” Flustered and looking down Hanabi exclaims, “Yes!” Chikai tells her that is the floor. Hanabi is sitting near the corner of the bed which isn’t carpeted. Chikai looks down and says that she obviously wasn’t like that when they are outside. Blushing Hanabi laughs it off and says that it seems that she is still not accustomed in the bedroom. “Then..I’m intru..intruding in..” [<- being polite usually said when going in someone else house.] Chikai looks at her and notices that she has come closer since she is now sitting at the edge of the carpet. Chikai looks away again and sighs. He tells her to forget it and there’s no need for her to come closer. Hanabi still looks flustered. Chikai looks at her and suggests that they watch DVD. He stops midway when he notices that Hanabi is already an arm’s length away from him. Chikai decides to look away again then look at her. Hanabi is now sitting beside him. While Chikai is looking at her, Hanabi profusely exclaims that there is no different meaning to it. “It is..because of the tv! Aren’t we going to watch a DVD?! From this position, I would be able to see more clear..ly..” Hanabi becomes tense since Chikai kept on looking at her that she ends up back to her original place of sitting on the floor at the corner of the bed.

Hanabi still looks down. Chikai looks at her. The two dogs look at them. Narration: “Cleo-chan, I understand your feelings, ‘waiting’ is really hard [/painful].” Hanabi is surprised when Chikai tells her that right now, he is waiting and while doing that, he wonders if one has already reach one’s limit soon. “You should know, right? If you feel that you can’t, then don’t come near. And even if you do come near, you should be aware of it.” Hanabi blushes in shock over this. Looking at her, Chikai says, “I’m currently waiting for you.” Blushing, Hanabi shouts, “--then! Be good and just wait there!” Chikai angrily shouts, “Ha!?” Hanabi exclaims, “Don’t pretend that you don’t know that I’m very nervous! I..” Chikai is surprised when Hanabi pulls his shirt and gives him a kiss on the lips. The dogs look at them. Blushing while covering her lips, Hanabi says, “..I was thinking, that perhaps there’s no problem anymore..today, I should more or less..[before] coming here.” Hanabi blushes really red. Chikai looks at her and blushes a bit. Narration: “The feeling of ‘accomplished’ really feels good.” Then, Hanabi exclaims in disgust that Chikai is surprised as he angrily asks if it still won’t do. The two dogs look at them along with their cute two puppies. =P