June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 23]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on November 12, 2010

Cover page: “Anna’s special gift! What’s inside?!” Narration: “Question: Speaking of birthdays, what would you like to get as a gift that will make you happy?” Nanoka says that right now, she really likes clothes but if she didn’t get what she liked, she would be very perplexed. Aya smiles and says that if it is her, she will already be very happy if someone remembered her birthday. “Regarding gifts, I will be even happier if I receive something self-made.” Chikai, their photography club adviser, says that is wrong for as an adult, how can one be satisfied with that. “Even if love cannot be estimated based on money but based on that...—let me say, *freaking out* Right now we are in the middle of club activity! I am your club adviser!” Holding a small notebook to take notes, Anna tensely apologizes to her and says that it is because a friend’s birthday is coming up soon. Chikai tells her that there is no problem about the birthday but during GW [Golden Week], they should still seriously do their club activities. Aya asks if they are going to use their cellphones to take pictures again. Chikai winks and says that this time they are going to use SLR camera. “It’s so much fun~ a SLR camera♪” [Info: A Single-lens reflex camera is a camera that typically uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system that permits the photographer to see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system. (Source: wiki)] While walking home, Anna tells the other two that she usually hears about the SLR camera but what’s the difference between it and an ordinary camera. Nanoka says that she doesn’t know but she thinks that perhaps because the lens is bigger so it should make the pictures look better. Aya asks Anna if the birthday she is talking about earlier is Sou’s birthday. Anna happily says that it is, on April 29th. Nanoka stares at Aya and asks if until now, she still remembers Sou’s birthday. Aya sweatdrops and says that there’s no special meaning to it. Anna happily exclaims, “I really want to hype up the celebration and Hinata is also coming!!” Thinking of sleeping Hinata just like Anna did before, Nanoka looks surprised and asks, “Hinata?” Holding up her hand, Anna corrects her and says that it isn’t Hinata-classmate but the one from their side, Tokura Hinata. Nanoka remembers and says that it is the one who moved to Tokyo to study. Aya comments that it amazing.

Thinking, Anna says out loud that she has already used up all the conventional ways to celebrate a birthday and an ordinary gift is too ‘old’. Nanoka happily suggests about trying this idea. “Outside, it looks like an ordinary gift, but when he opens it~ Kaboom!” It is an explosion that makes Sou get an afro hair. While Nanoka giggles over this, Aya thinks that Nanoka has totally not reflected on what she did before. Nanoka is surprised when Anna says that’s it. The scene shifts to Hinata who asks on the phone, “‘Surprise birthday’?” Anna happily says that is right. “It’s called ‘He thought that it is another conventional way of celebrating a birthday but in the end, he is gravely mistaken since we made him think that we won’t celebrate this year but actually, a really good birthday celebration has already been intentionally prepared!! He’ll be extremely surprised’” Hinata says that it is such a long name. Anna exclaims if he wants her to tell him about it in detail. Hinata says that there is no need because he understands it based on what she just said. While he seems to be walking in the streets, Hinata says that there is no need to intentionally surprise Sou. Hinata is surprised when Anna interrupts him by exclaiming that no, she wants this year’s celebration to be livelier than before. She thinks that she had thought it over about that Nanoka incident and she realized that she always made Sou angry and unhappy but he would forgive her every time so.. Anna seriously tells Hinata that in the end, this is Sou’s birthday so she wants him to be happy. Hinata says, “So that’s it..I understand.” Anna is delighted over this as she says, “Realy?! Hinata♡♡” Hinata tells her that there’s no problem on his side but Anna shouldn’t let Sou notice this plan. Anna happily says yes then she goes into shock for she had already mentioned to Sou about his birthday. She thinks of a way to salvage the situation. She emails Sou a message, “Speaking of April 29th..It’s *sparkles* Showa Day *sparkles* >_< It’s a national holiday (*∙ワ∙*)/” ← Anna’s [lame] attempt to tell Sou that she has forgotten about his birthday. Sou just looks puzzled and wonders what is the meaning of that message.

The school bell rings. Looking at some freshly baked cookies on a baking tray, Anna and Nanoka happily exclaim that it looks delicious. Nanoka happily hugs Aya and says that it’s no wonder that Aya is an expert in cooking that she’ll also bake things perfectly. “Marry me--♡♡” While Anna is still drooling over the cookies, Aya just tells Nanoka, okay, okay and thanks her for the comment. Aya tells Anna that it will be perfect after she packages and gives it as a gift to Sou. Anna says okay and thanks Aya for coming to help her. She tells them that she failed in making a cake last year. Before they parted, Anna happily waves and thanks Aya again. Aya looks a bit worriedly at Anna as she leaves. Nanoka asks Aya what it is. Aya says that it is nothing but how are Anna and Sou in class lately. Puzzled, Nanoka says that they are the same as before. “They still go to school together and lending notes. I would say that the feeling between them is pretty good.” Sighing in relief, Aya says, “Is that so. If it’s that how it is, then it’s good..” Anna happily skips on her way home. She sings that when she gets home, she’ll pack the cookies. She is surprised when Sou suddenly comes from behind her and says that she smells of something sweet. Shocked Anna quickly backs away and exclaims when he arrived there. Sou asks if she has something that he can eat. “Give it to me. I’m quite hungry.” A bit flustered and nervous, Anna asks what he is saying as she denies that she has anything and there is no such scent. Anna happily tries to endure not giving it to him right away. “I should act as if nothing had happened.” Anna then notices that Sou is reading a magazine about part-time jobs. Anna asks if he is looking for a job and has he found one already. Sou says that there are some vacancies but it hasn’t been decided yet since the requirement is for someone who is at least 16 years old. “In brief, I will have an interview tomorrow.” Anna looks stunned. Sou is surprised when Anna shouts, “Wha?! Tomorrow?! Why is it unexpectedly tomorrow?!” Sou asks, “What? It’s alright if it’s tomorrow.” Anna shouts, “It’s not good at all! Because tomorrow is-- (Tomorrow is--) *looks dark* Showa Day ♥” Sou tells her that he knows. Anna’s smile froze as she thinks, “Wah—(cry)!!” At her room, crying Anna quickly calls Hinata to tell him that Sou said that he has a job interview tomorrow. Hinata says ah, and that’s probably because Sou will be 16 years old tomorrow. Anna worriedly asks if Sou will not be at home the whole day and will it finish early. Hinata then says, “Ya-- What now~~ Speaking of coming back..” Tearful Anna asks, “What?” Hinata says, “Sorry. I cannot come tomorrow. A lot of GW assignments came out today so I have no time to go there. *Anna looks stunned* Just greet Sou a happy birthday for me.”

The next day, Anna’s father is puzzled that Anna is home alone since this rarely happens because every year, she’ll be at Sou’s place to celebrate his birthday. While vacuuming the floor, Anna’s mother says that Hinata isn’t around and right now, the time has finally arrived wherein they are in the age when they are busy in their respective lives. In her room, sulking Anna is sitting on the floor by her bed while looking at the package bag which contains the cookies. She mutters that it is rare for her to bake it well. To ease her frustration, Anna recklessly starts eating the cookies while shouting, “Forget it, I’ll just eat all of it!! *munch munch*” She stops and thinks, “Why is it that I’m all alone right now. I do not need to think of any strange things [<- surprise birthday?] and it will be okay to just say it to Sou. Together with Hinata, I’ll give a gift to Sou which will surprise him. I want to tell him, ‘Happy Birthday’.” She is surprised to hear her cellphone ringing. It is the ringtone she used for Sou. She quickly answers it and shouts, “Sou?!” Sou asks her if she is at home. Anna says that she is at home and is his interview over. Sou replies, “Compared to that, you still haven’t returned the biology notebook that I lend you. Mid-terms is coming soon so give it back to me. Right now, as in give it back to me within 20 seconds.” Sou hangs up on her as Anna has a frozen smile that is about to explode in anger. “That brat~~~♥” Carrying the notebook, Anna rings the doorbell at Sou’s apartment. Anna angrily thinks that Sou wants to get the notebook immediately yet he won’t come out to meet her. She twists the doorknob and notices that it is open. She angrily stomps to Sou’s room and shouts, “*pop vein* Hey, Sou?!” When she opens the door, party poppers explode. She is surprised to see flowers, birthday cake, and champagne bottle with three fluted glasses. Her childhood friends happily say, “Happy- Birthday-” Anna is speechless as she tensely asks, “Huh?” The two smiling guys say, “Long time no see.” Looking aghast, Anna points to them and asks what are they doing. “Let me say, Hinata?! Didn’t you say that you won’t come over?!” Holding up his hand, Hinata bluntly tells her that it’s a lie. The two guys toast each other’s glasses and simultaneously say, “The plan of ‘She thought that it is another conventional way of celebrating a birthday but in the end, she is gravely mistaken since we make her think that we won’t celebrate this year ☆ but actually, a really good birthday celebration is already been deliberately prepared!! She’ll be pleasantly surprised ☆’ is a success-- *ka-ching* Toast ☆”

Anna is totally shock and aghast with open mouth upon learning this. Waving as she points at the two, Anna shouts, “What is that! What is that! I cannot accept- this!! Hinata, you traitor-!! What’s the reason for doing this to me?! Isn’t today Sou’s birthday!!” Hinata says, “It’s because of Sou’s suggestion. ‘Because Hinata and Anna fought during their birthdays, so today will become our (the three of us) birthday.” Anna looks at Sou. Sou says that it’s for convenience. Anna says, “..what. Then, it is okay to just make it Sou and Hinata’s birthday. I’ve already received your gifts..” Hinata puts a carnation flower on Anna’s ear and says, “But, I haven’t personally told you. I wish you a happy birthday, Anna.” Teary-eyed Anna thinks that they are so cunning that only, she alone-- Holding another carnation flower, Hinata also greets Sou a happy birthday. “Let me help you wear this.” Sou tells him that he doesn’t want to wear it. While Hinata looks somewhat depressed over the limp flower and muttering that he specially bought it, Anna happily exclaims that she baked some cookies. While she is telling them that she is going to bring it over, the guys are puzzled when she stops talking midway. Anna just remembered that she had recklessly eaten the cookies. While frantically running out, Anna shouts, “No, there might be some leftover!!” While the two guys look at the closed door, Sou comments that she vanished quite fast. They are surprised when gloomy Anna opens the door again. Crying and aghast, Anna holds a cookie and says, “Only one piece is left..” The guys look at her speechlessly. Still crying ala waterfalls, Anna says, “I’m sorry, it would have been good if two are left..” Hinata says that Sou should have it since it is his birthday. Sou calls him stupid. “It’s very simple to make one cookie into two.” Sou takes the cookie from Anna and bites off one half. He gives the other half to Hinata. Hinata thanks him. Sou eats his half and says that it is quite good. Anna is delighted to hear that. Hinata munches over the cookie and says that it is a good 7 out of 10. Anna happily explains, “Actually, I’ve made stars, hearts, and other different shaped cookies. But, isn’t it amazing?! It’s a miracle that the only one left is unexpectedly the Pikachu-shaped cookie!!” The two guys look speechless at her or rather, Hinata just looks weird-out while Sou looks totally shock. They couldn’t believe that weird creature-shaped cookie is actually Pikachu. Anna happily says that it is fate because that is Sou’s favorite Pokemon creature.

Aghast, Sou says, “Take back what you said, that is Ditto right..ah, but then, I’m the only one who knows Pokemon really well..” [Since I researched it, Ditto is called Metamon in Japanese. I found it thanks to the raws =P Ditto has the form of an amorphous blob with a simplistic face. (Source: wikipedia) According to Pokedex, it has the ability to reconstitute its entire cellular structure to transform into whatever it sees.] While Sou is talking, the other two are already looking at the cake. Anna asks if they bought the cake. Hinata says yes. Anna happily says, “Then~ let’s start to eat it. This is a rare occasion ♪” On top of the strawberry cake, there is a heart shape chocolate wherein it is written, ‘Happy Birthday Sou Hinata Anna 2010.4.29’ Anna happily says, “Let’s have a toast. Toast ♪ Is this wine?” Someone says that it’s champagne for kids. Anna says, okay, let’s have a toast. Then someone starts saying/singing happy birthday. Afterwards, Hinata’s mother is crying as she asks if Hinata is already going to leave. “We only seen each other after being separated for a long time..I’m very lonely if I cannot see Hinata-chan?!” Hinata says that even if she says that, he still has classes tomorrow. “Sorry.” Sou comments what kind of talk is that between a mother and a son. Anna sighs and says that it would be nice if it is still vacation on GW’s 30th. Hinata smiles and says that it is really true that he has a lot of assignments during GW so he won’t be able to come on GW break again. “But on summer vacation, [I/we] can have fun as much as we want.” He waves back at them and bids them goodbye. Happy Anna and serious Sou wave back. As they head back to their apartments, Anna happily tells Sou that it is such a short ‘meeting each other again’. Sou agrees with her and says that it is really good that it seems that Hinata is doing well and is very happy. Anna happily says yes. Then, a somewhat serious Sou says, “This way, I can be decided on this resolve.” Anna innocently asks, “Resolve?” To Anna’s surprise, Sou tells her, “Anna, starting tomorrow, I’ll be going to school alone. Also, in class, I won’t talk with you. *looks really serious* So, Anna, you also shouldn’t talk to me again.”

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