June 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 9 - 11]

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Chapter 9: In Hakuyou Country, at the very quiet palace where you can hear a pin drop, the ministers were paying their respects [/wish good health] to their king. They are very prudent in order not to incur the anger of the king. An old minister nervously bows to stern-looking Reishou and says that he brought today their province/prefecture’s produce. After pausing, he says, “And these others [= boxes], we hope that the Princess would like them.” There are a lot of luxurious-looking boxes at the side. At the harem, Yuulin looks at the boxes and asks if all of those are for her as the Princess. Jun says that she is right so why don’t she look over them first. Yuulin thinks that she doesn’t know why but it seems that lately, there are a lot of gifts for her. Looking at the huge pile of boxes, Yuulin wonders out loud as to what is going on because before they would send gifts as a way to assassinate her. Someone comes in and says, “They started to think that compared to getting you out of the way, it is a much better plan to try to get on your good side.” Reishou hugs blushing-surprised Yuulin from behind and asks, “Is there anything [among the gifts] you like, Yuulin?” Frantically backs away from him, Yuulin shouts for him to please stop acting like that since there isn’t anyone there right now. A bit dejected, Reishou just laughs it off and apologizes to her. Keeping his smile, Reishou just changes the topic by asking what she thinks of the gifts, and are there anything that interests her. Yuulin sweatdrops and says that it doesn’t matter [if she likes anything] because everything will be returned [to them] anyways, so it’s useless even if she likes something. Yuulin opens a box and takes out a roll of cloth. Spreading it out, Yuulin says that it is very beautiful. Jun tells her that is a brocade [richly decorative shuttle-woven fabric] offered by the Han family. “It has been reported that this rare and special commodity has been ordered from the neighboring country. ..After all, gifts given by a prestigious house aren’t the same [as the others].” Yuulin drools over it and thinks that she can definitely pay off her debt with it. Much to her dismay, Jun immediately takes away the cloth. While holding the cloth, he says, “The head of the Han family proposed to change the day of visit, so I’ll leave the rest up to the two of you.” Surprised Yuulin says, “Eh?” Reishou says, “Ha?” Yuulin turns to face bored-unhappy Reishou and wonders why he said, ‘ha?’ Jun seriously exclaims at Reishou that it is part of the king’s job to entertain the guests. Reishou just whines, ‘eh-’ Jun says that speaking of the Han family, after Reishou declined about the marriage, they sent someone who almost framed Yuulin into losing her position so it is really suspicious. [That is in the real chapter 2.] Sparkling, Jun continues to happily say that afterwards, there are no suspicious activities but only giving Yuulin a lot of gifts. “From that viewpoint, they could have given up on that [= getting rid of Yuulin] and they had changed their way of doing things. No matter what, publicly establishing good bilateral relationship as friends is for the best because, they are from a prestigious family.” Yuulin looks at Jun in horror. [I cannot quite read what she muttered but it seems that Jun changed his stance because of that cloth and they are rich.] Reishou just looks quiet and bored.

Reishou sighs and says that he is really afraid of dealing with Minister Han that he doesn’t want to be near the minister. Yuulin looks at him. She is surprised when Reishou exclaims to her, “Yuulin, you also shouldn’t be careless! Because that person is incomprehensible!” Yuulin thinks that it is seldom for him to say those kinds of things so she could say that Han person is a considerably dangerous person. All fired up, Yuulin exclaims, “Understood..! I’ll do my best and I’ll keep on being vigilant at all times!” Reishou happily says, “Okay! That’s the spirit. Be like that.” At the side, Jun tries to remind them that he just said to they should establish good relationships. Still fired up, Yuulin thinks that she fundamentally doesn’t like those people who would suddenly change their attitude and use material things to entice others because she would want to covet those things. Still at the side, Jun mutters so that’s her reason. On the day of the visit, a female attendant tells Yuulin that His Majesty has something urgent to attend to. “He said that he would be coming back late.” Yuulin gloomily wonders why it became like that. She wonders if Reishou ran away but she dismisses that thought by assuming that he’s really a busy man. After a pause, Yuulin tells the attendant okay and she’ll be the only one who’ll greet Minister Han. She thinks that if there is a plot, she’ll expose him since after all, she does have a bit of boldness [<- won’t easily cower down to others]. Yuulin is taken a back to see that her visitor is a friendly-looking middle aged man who greets her. He professes his happiness over meeting her. He introduces himself as Han Shisei. While thinking that she thought it would be a more serious/sober type of older man since they said he’s a minister, Yuulin tries to recover from her surprise by thanking him for the gifts that he has sent her. “It is also the first time I have seen such a beautiful brocade. Shisei warmly smiles back at her, and tells her that it’s really great that she liked it. “For this reason, it seems that it is well-worth it for me to rack my brains hard.” Yuulin is puzzled. After tea is served, the two are sitting down and talking. Shisei says that he is actually ashamed because he doesn’t know what young girls tend to like so he asked his daughter to teach him. Looking gloomy, Shisei tells Yuulin that he had already chosen some things earlier but his daughter told him that those things he chose are old, stiff and not fashionable, and in the end, she pretty much criticized everything. “Being inept won’t do for it will only waste a huge amount of time.” Yuulin tries to cheer him up by saying that it is alright for the gifts were quite refined. Shisei smiles and thanks her. He says that Her Highness is really fair and considerate. Thinking that it seems that he doesn’t have any evil intention, Yuulin tensely smiles back.

Shisei tells her that if she is happy, then His Majesty’s mood would also become equally good. “We are quite pleased that we were able to at least do some things for His Majesty. --Because no matter what, His Majesty won’t open his heart to the ministers.” Yuulin quietly listen. Shisei continues to say that it’s really embarrassing because even if he said about wanting to share some of the responsibility with His Majesty but His Majesty hardly pays attention since he would refuse whenever they urged him to at least take some Princesses into the harem. Yuulin nervously sweatdrops over this. Shisei tells her that because His Majesty has a Princess like Yuulin by his side, His Majesty can also be at ease. “From within my heart, I wanted to tell that to Your Highness--” Later on, in the middle of opening her gift boxes at the harem, Yuulin darkly scowls at Reishou who came to apologize regarding today because in the end, he wasn’t able to go. He asks her what she thinks of Minister Han. While grinding her teeth, Yuulin tells him that Shisei gave her a good feeling that she felt like apologizing to him since she was suspicious of him. Reishou looks a bit nervous then says that it’s because of his external appearance. Yuulin tells him not to say that since Shisei is really worried about him. Yuulin thinks that her heart hurts because Reishou’s acting has created a feeling of distance [with other people]. Reishou asks her, “Yuulin, did he use gifts and ‘pleasant to hear’ words to win you over?” Yuulin seriously looks at him and asks what he meant by that. Reishou says that he did tell her not to be careless. “The friendliness in the court cannot be relied on. No matter how many beautiful gift boxes are, but what’s inside is disguised as a request.. it has some other meaning to it.” Yuulin is surprised by what he said. She stands up and exclaims if he is suspicious of things, no matter what it is. “Inside might be something filled of good faith!” Puzzled Reishou asks flustered Yuulin as to why she is taking the side of someone else. Yuulin denies that she is taking sides. Yuulin is thinking that if he said it like that, then that means that he-- [<- doesn’t trust anyone?]. To Yuulin’s anger, Reishou tells her that fundamentally, she isn’t taking enough precautions. Furious Yuulin shouts what he just said. “What are you saying! I’ve always been serious about this! This and that are fundamentally two different things--” [<- always being tricked?] Yuulin is surprised when Reishou leans closer to her and somewhat pins her on the table/where the boxes are. He asks, “..Really? *wolf mode* But I feel that you trust other people too easily.” Yuulin’s heart beats loudly. Lowering her head, she says, “I only-- trust in myself and want to trust others, that’s all there is to it.” Reishou smiles and walks away. Before leaving, he tells her that is her strong point. “But, do not excessively trust your point of view.” He left Yuulin flustered and speechless. Yuulin angrily thinks, “What! What! What the, he’s implying that how I evaluate people is very bad!”

At the government affairs building where Reishou is holding court, Yuulin is still furious over what Reishou said. When Reishou turns to look at her, she will immediately look away. Houen is puzzled as to what happened. Reishou turns back to Jun and he seems to mutter that he made Yuulin snub him. [<- not sure, too small to see.] Jun seems to be unhappy about something. Yuulin continues to think, “His Majesty, you idiot! Not wanting to trust anyone!” Later on, Shisei passes by and thanks Yuulin for letting him take her precious time in seeing him yesterday. Yuulin greets him and asks if he came to see His Majesty. Shisei says that he is, though he heard that His Majesty is currently discussing some other matters. Yuulin gloomily thinks that Shisei still seems like a kind-hearted person to her but then, Reishou said it so seriously, that she wonders if there is any problem [with Shisei] at all. Then, a man interrupts them and brings a gift box in the room. Shisei asks Yuulin if the gift boxes are also brought to the government affairs building. Yuulin says yes and there are times when it is brought there. Shisei looks quiet and thoughtful. Yuulin remembers Reishou telling her that inside the beautiful boxes, it is perhaps disguised as a request or a motive. Yuulin looks at the newly brought-in box and notices that it is open. She reaches out to it when a snake comes out. While shouting danger, Shisei immediately pushes her away to safety. The snake bites Shisei’s hand and slips away from the room. Yuulin worriedly calls out to him. Shisei shouts for her to get back. He starts shouting for someone to quickly grab that man who brought the box for surely, he hasn’t gone far. Everyone is in a ruckus. Reishou is the one who manages to catch the culprit. As Jun holds the culprit, Reishou goes to the room where Yuulin is and asks what happened. Teary-eyed Yuulin exclaims to him that while protecting her, Shisei has been bitten by a snake. Reishou bends down to Shisei and asks if it is a poisonous snake. Holding his bitten hand, Shisei says that he doesn’t know, maybe it is. Reishou tells the other not to move Shisei and to quickly call Gen. Yuulin is still shaking in fear over the incident. Jun says that they should bind it with a rope in order for the poison not to spread. Shisei says that he is moved with gratitude over the concern that His Majesty is giving him. He smiles and says that it is really great that Her Highness is safe and sound. Yuulin just looks speechlessly worried over him. Later on, Jun reports that luckily, Minister Han’s injury isn’t deep and his life isn’t in no danger. “But, I heard that he still has to stay in bed for a few days.”

At the harem, feeling guilty Yuulin cries to Reishou and says that she shouldn’t have been suspicious of Shisei. She calls Reishou an idiot. Sweatdropping Reishou apologizes to her. Jun muses that it seems that those ministers who thinks Her Highness is a hindrance it isn’t over yet since that thing in the box is aimed at her. Yuulin darkly thinks that she doesn’t want to see any gift boxes for the time being. Reishou pats Yuulin’s head and tells her that he’ll think of giving a reward to Shisei and he’ll console him after Shisei gets well. He smiles at her and says that it’s great that she is safe. Yuulin looks at him and remembers Shisei telling her that if she is made happy, His Majesty will also be in a good mood. She wonders, “—Could it be that this person [Reishou] can no longer trust others who treated him with good faith and kindness? Does it include the things that I’ve said?” [<- don’t trust her?] Reishou is surprised when Yuulin holds on to his arm. A bit flustered, Yuulin tells him that the feeling he [Reishou] and Shisei gives her is a bit the same. “So, for a little bit..I’ve relaxed and lowered my guard. But, that isn’t like, I’m taking his side..” Yuulin thinks that the next she thought of is for him not to be suspicious/doubt [over what she said?]. Reishou looks at her and smiles. He says, “Really.” While waving her hands around excitedly, she tells him not to just say that and to really ponder on it. Reishou just laughs. He thinks, “—ah ah, I still, totally cannot trust, ..that person.” At the Han resident, in the bedroom, Shisei groans and says that he really got poisoned. “Even if we’ve prepared the antidote, it is still quite scary.” Holding some bottles, the poison lady [from the real chapter 2] happily says, “But, with this, the suspicion towards master [Shisei] is definitely removed. Those who had caught the culprit didn’t know that master is the one who incited that man to do it. So, you weren’t exposed because you were the one who directed and acted it!” Shisei sighs and says that it is because she failed in trying to make Her Highness lose her position so in the end, he even has to attain an expensive thing [the brocade]. Poison girl’s smile froze as she lamely laughs. Looking somewhat serious, Shisei says that the ‘Wolf King’s vigilance is actually very strong. “—But, because of this, all the more that I want to tame him.” At the harem, Reishou is thinking that ‘because there is that same scent on Shisei, so he cannot trust him’. “This is something that cannot be explained.” In puppy mode, Reishou tells Yuulin to still maintain her true self. Puzzled, Yuulin asks him what he meant by that.

Chapter 10: Narration: “At the harem, beautiful flowers are starting to open.” At the Han residence, Shisei looks at a young girl who asks if she is going to be Her Highness’ chatting companion. Shisei smiles and says yes. He reminds her not to make any mistakes regarding this matter. The girl smiles and says, “—Yes, please leave this up to me, father--..” At the Hakuyou Country’s harem, Reishou asks Yuulin as to how come it ended up with her agreeing to meet with Shisei’s daughter. Yuulin timidly says that she was casually talking with Shisei who told her that his daughter is pretty much at the same age as Yuulin, so they should be able to talk/get along with each other. Yuulin tells Reishou that a few days ago, a snake attacked her and thanks to Shisei, he protected her with his life so it is hard for her to refuse him. Reishou sighs and comments that it seems that Reishou has that skill [/edge]. Feeling that it seems that Reishou is angry, Yuulin tensely asks if it is really a bad thing. Noticing her reaction, Reishou smiles and tells her that it isn’t really a bad thing to that degree but he just thinks that this matter would make her [mentally] tired. Pushing up his glasses, Jun says that speaking of Minister Han’s daughter, Han Kouju, is regarded as the first candidate to the palace of the empress among the people. Yuulin is shock to hear this. Jun continues to tell her that even if His Majesty has refused the proposal numerous times but if he had a change of heart just once then, in the end, it will turn into something that isn’t good to talk about. [<- if they agreed once, many will want to do it, too = headache for them.] He sighs and says, “Minister Han wants to pass through you..[for Koju] to enter the harem. Geez~~ it’s another troublesome thing...” Yuulin nervously tells him that cannot be true and isn’t he thinking too much. Jun snaps at her to shut up and just work. Yuulin timidly says yes. Jun shouts his orders to her that in this current situation, she is not to let the officials [/subjects] to know of His Majesty’s ‘true nature’ [<- puppy mode], thus, His Majesty still cannot have any other imperial concubines. “But, you are also to refrain from worsening the relationship with the Han family! Understand? As His Majesty’s one and only imperial concubine, you are not to expose your lack of finance[/backing]. You are not to let them get a hold on you but you would also have to pay attention to them! You are to establish favorable social relationship with them!” Yuulin looks shock as if struck by a thunderbolt. She thinks, “It’s very..high standard!”

Later on, Yuulin looks stunned as Kouju introduces herself and tells her Yuulin to just call her Kouju. Blushing, Yuulin thinks that Kouju is a bishoujo [beautiful girl] for she’s so petit and so cute. “Are we of the same creature? Minister Han is amazing.” With polite manners, Kouju shyly tells Yuulin that she is truly honored to be appointed for this really important task. She smiles and says, “Please, get along really well with this young maiden, Your Highness.” Continuing to blush over Kouju, Yuulin thinks that Kouju’s smile is like a blossoming flower. “I cannot do it, Li Jun-kun, I don’t think that I can win against her! *waving hands up and down/excited* How can there be such a cute living thing--” A small Jun mutters that no one is telling her to win against Kouju. At the harem’s courtyard garden, Kouju comments that it is very beautiful. Yuulin says that it’s quite regretful that the season, when the flowers bloom, is over. Kouju tells her that she had participated before in the peony flower festival held at the temporary imperial residence. Since Yuulin didn’t know about this, Kouju tells her that it was when His Majesty has just ascended to the throne. “It is said that the banquet is held in order to choose the imperial concubine. Donning splendid clothes, the maidens are of varying beauty...as if they are the garden’s fairies..” Yuulin asks her about Reishou. Kouju tells her that His Majesty never showed up until the end. “It seems that banquet at that time is prepared by the officials on their own initiative so it had angered His Majesty. I fear that everyone would have been truly honored even if His Majesty just showed up once..but, it’s truly regretful..and until now, I had never seen His Majesty, not even once.. *smiles* But today, I was able to visit and see Her Highness, it already made this humble maiden feel intensely satisfied.” That night, Yuulin tensely apologizes and tells Reishou that she was in a daze while she’s with Kouju, that she had unwittingly agreed to meet with her again. Reishou is speechless over this. Thinking that it’s some hidden talent of the Han family, Reishou just lamely says that it is quite alright if it makes her happy. Flustered, Yuulin exclaims that it is because Kouju is so cute and what’s up with that expression of his [<- of Yuulin is hopeless]. Reishou just casually says, ‘ah--’ Yuulin shouts that it’s true yet he doesn’t believe her. She sighs and says, “Really-- if you seen her once, you’ll know. You’ll definitely be infatuated with her! Speaking of that, His Majesty would even go as far as to not participate at the peony flower festival. It’s such a loss. I heard that it’s practically like fairies in a garden.”

Reishou looks at her quietly as if not too happy over what she said. To her surprise, Reishou holds her hand and pulls her to him. In wolf mode, Reishou says, “It is enough that I have, only you. Do not mention other girls to me.” This made Yuulin blush that she screams and quickly hides behind the wall divider. Reishou goes back to his smiling face and says, “..‘His Majesty Wolf King, only have feelings for the current Princess’, so there is no need for others.” Still blushing, Yuulin says, “I..I know that, I know that between us is that kind of set-up! *furious* Can you please way that in a normal way!” Reishou just laughs over it. Yuulin turns around to leave as she angrily says, “Geez-- I really cannot talk with you normally!” Reishou just quietly smiles then looks thoughtful-sad. The next day[?], while a female attendant is fixing Yuulin’s hair, Yuulin thinks, “That person, geez, actually, he hadn’t had a Princess before, so where did he learn that kind of acting... Darn~~ But, if he wants, he can absolutely choose others.. *thinking of Reishou with a couple of girls* Ah, such a troublesome imagination.. *remembering that those girls were like fairies in a garden* ‘I have only you’ ..he would even say that, within that circumstance. * a bit sad* How could a person like me even enter his line of sight [/prospects].” The attendant is surprised when Yuulin starts to slap her face. Yuulin thinks, “He’s definitely just acting! I’ve been tricked by him many times already. It’s absolutely because he thinks that it’s fun.” Meanwhile, holding some documents, Jun is telling Reishou that he had the compilation of the full account of the military headquarters’ suggestions/objections. Jun is puzzled when Reishou sighs and mutters that being admonished by the Princess to choose some other [elegant] ladies really makes him feel down. He then asks Jun to give him the documents. Jun did as ordered. Reishou continues to wonder out loud, “Could it be that I’m not in her line of sight [/prospects]?” [Hehe, they think the same =P] Jun thinks that it is such an idiotic question but then, this way is fine. Jun reminds him that they are a ‘temporary married couple’ so Reishou ought to know this clearly. Thinking that Reishou just couldn’t totally accept it and he is just reaping what he sowed, Jun tells gloomy-grumpy Reishou, “Regarding your worries, please think about it again when you have taken a wife for real.” While looking at the documents, Reishou frowns and thinks that it makes him really troubled just thinking of struggle in the harem.

At the harem, Kouju is playing what seems to be a guqin [a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family (Source: wiki)]. Yuulin is mesmerized by how well Kouju played. After she played, Kouju timidly says that it’s really embarrassing since she plays it clumsily. Yuulin tells her that no, it is really amazingly beautiful. Yuulin remembers what Jun told her before that a Princess should be well-versed with poetry, knows how to play an instrument and knows all about etiquette. Flashback: Jun told her that it’s pretty much like everything is perfect. Yuulin exclaimed in disbelief that kind of person doesn’t exist. Jun shouted back that person exists. End flashback. Yuulin thinks that it is really amazing that the model Princess whom Jun is talking about is currently there [in front of her]. Yuulin makes a casual remark about Yuulin’s dress being so cute. Kouju happily thanks her for the comment. She tells her that it is what’s fashionable in the country of Soutama* that she had implored her father to get it for her no matter what. [* It’s an invented name based on the kanji. It literally means ‘blue jewel/ball’. By the way, Reishou’s country, Hakuyou literally means ‘white sun’ so the other countries might have colored based names.] Her father had one specially made for her especially since her father cannot refuse her. Kouju happily urges Yuulin to ask for one from His Majesty and she would have looked beautiful in that dress. After looking surprised, Yuulin smiles and says that there’s no need for that. “For the country and for the people, His Majesty is living an austere life [<- control his lavish living], so of course, I cannot just uninhibitedly ask for that. Economizing is a priority.” Yuulin thinks that even if she said about finance problem but that dress is really attractive and the harem is really economizing too much. Kouju looks at Yuulin in surprise. She then comments that Yuulin is really such a strange person. Yuulin is shock by this, that she asks what. Kouju happily tells her that a man actually likes to spoil the woman he likes. “How about trying it next time with His Majesty?” Flustered, Yuulin just says is that so. She thinks that Kouju is really amazing and she [Yuulin] got taught by someone younger than her. Yuulin imagines about asking something from Reishou but she just looks tense and flustered and thinks that she absolutely cannot do it. The ladies were surprised when Reishou calls out to Yuulin. He tells her that he has to handle some government affairs that he would casually check on it on his way there but he will quickly come back. Reishou then turns to Kouju and asks if she is Han Kouju. Kouju says that she is. Reishou smiles and says that he heard her play the instrument on his way there and she played quite well. “Accompany the Princess well in order to make her happy.” Blushing Kouju holds up her hands and says, yes, she will to her utmost ability. Yuulin looks quietly at the two together.

Soon, Reishou leaves with his two attendants. Kouju feels a bit weak that Yuulin asks her what the matter is. Flustered Kouju tells her that she never thought of seeing His Majestly up close. “Do I look strange at all?” Thinking what could be strange about Kouju for she is perfect to a fault, Yuulin just says none, none at all. Later on, Yuulin is back in her cleaning job. Yuulin sighs and thinks that upon seeing those two standing together, it is obvious that they really match up naturally. Someone then mutters, “Why are you sighing so deeply..no matter what era it is..a harem is but a gathering of beautiful people..” Gen comes out of one of the jars and shouts, “Set on flame by jealousy as those poisonous flowers seek to be the only beloved and to be the one to step on the red lotus road!” [<- I think it is like being the favored one or as queen.] Yuulin gloomily asks what Gen is doing. Showing a thumbs up, Gen asks that isn’t it like this wherein she is staging a dazzling love-hate drama/play with His Majesty. He winks and urges her to do so. Yuulin says she won’t and could he please stop playing in the jars. Gen shouts, “Why! Don’t you want to fight for love?! Then, His Majesty will be stolen away by that Han girl, right? This old man knows everything!” Yuulin sighs and says that fundamentally, she is just working and this had made her realize even more how incompatible she is for him. Gen angrily shouts why she is thinking too much on this. “That king who hates the harem has made you stay by his side. It definitely means he has an intention for you!” Gen tearfully cries about how scary and angry Reishou was when provoked because he held a banquet and called up some beautiful girls. Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks that banquet turned out to be Gen’s doing. While walking at the outside corridors, Yuulin thinks that even if Gen said that, but Jun had also said in order to ensure the stability of Reishou’s position, Reishou should marry a really valuable Princess. Yuulin sadly thinks, “So, if he is to marry, it would definitely be a girl like her [Kouju].” Meanwhile, also walking at the corridors, Kouju looks up and sees that Reishou, together with his two attendants, are returning[?/ just walking]. Blushing, Kouju greets him. Reishou asks if she is going to where Yuulin is. While walking towards him, Kouju says yes. She didn’t notice the small steps down that she trips but Reishou catches her. Flustered Kouju apologizes. Reishou tells her not to be that flustered. “Can you stand?” Kouju holds on to him and says, “Your Majesty..” Then, they look at the side to see Yuulin looking shock upon seeing them holding on to each other. Reishou is about to call her name but Yuulin looks blank as she just apologizes for interrupting them. Yuulin quickly turns around and runs off. Reishou calls out to her but she won’t listen. Soon, Reishou leaves Kouju and starts running after Yuulin. While running, Yuulin thinks that she should accept it. “Even if I’m treated special.. (being told by Reishou that it is enough to have only her)..but that is just an act. One day, this position will belong to someone else. I absolutely know this.”

Reishou sees that Yuulin is already running down the stairs. This made him climb over the railing and jumps down in front of her. This surprises flustered Yuulin. Yuulin tries to run away but Reishou has already grabbed her hand. He tells her that she has misunderstood and Kouju had just tripped. Yuulin exclaims that no..no matter what it is, it has nothing to do with her. “There’s no need for you to explain anything! (I should quickly run away) *looking at him* I..what I said is right, yes? If you look closely at her, she’s really cute, right? If I’m a guy, I’ll definitely not let her go. Yes. (If I don’t do this quickly, I’ll..be given a fantasy [/delusion] by this person and be hurt by it.)” Holding her face, scowling-serious Reishou says, “You are my Princess.” Yuulin looks shock that her knees suddenly weaken that she almost falls down if it weren’t for surprised Reishou who quickly holds her up. Later on, Reishou carries Yuulin ala princess carry back inside. Embarrassed Yuulin keeps on apologizing to him. Reishou says no, it is his fault for shocking her. He sweatdrops that Yuulin suddenly went limp upon startling her. A note says that they had already sent Kouju back home. Yuulin is still quite embarrassed over what happened. Reishou looks at her then he smiles. Blushing a bit, Reishou says, “As expected, I still cannot leisurely get married to other Princesses. I’m at my happiest when I’m with you.” Blushing over this, Yuulin wonders if Reishou is sincere when he said that ‘he only want [her]’ when he can get, no matter how many, other beautiful flowers. She tells him, “Com..compared to some really valuable Princess, you unexpectedly feel that a fake one is much better, ...Your Majesty is also such a strange king..” Reishou asks, “Huh?” Still blushing, Yuulin thinks, “If it’s like this, then we..perhaps still have a teeny tiny bit of..similarity.” At the Han residence, Kouju couldn’t sleep. She says that it is quite vexing for it seems that she has gotten some sort of awful ailment wherein she wanted to definitely have it. Sitting in bed with a couple of stuffed toys, Kouju says, “-- What should I do in order for me to become the Wolf King’s bride?”

Chapter 11: In the Han residence, while holding a tray of tea, poison girl looks around and asks if Kouju went to the palace again. Shisei laughs and tells her that Kouju has seen the king a few days ago and apparently, it has a fairly ‘pleasing’ outcome. Poison girl happily says that everything went according to his plan so what will happen afterwards.. Shisei says, “..Good looks, proper upbringing and family background..I hope that His Majesty would be aware that there is no other girl who would be more superior [than Kouju] in those requirements..” Walking at the courtyard, Kouju happily calls out to Yuulin to go to that place. Yuulin says okay and they can rest at the pavilion ahead. At the pavilion, Yuulin says that it turns out that walking in the courtyard can actually be a fun thing and if she is alone, she would absolutely not have gone too far. Kouju happily tells her that if she is given that honor then she would gladly to accompany Her Highness any time. Yuulin blushes over Kouju as imaginary flowers blooms around her. She happily thinks that Kouju is so cute. Kouju says that she is really happy that she is summoned again by Her Highness because a few days ago, she wasn’t cautious that she caused some trouble to Her Highness. Embarrassed Yuulin remembers how shock she was upon seeing Kouju with Reishou before. Yuulin tries to say that it’s nothing, she.. She then blushes really red as she remembers Reishou running after her and telling her that she is his Princess. Kouju is puzzled over Yuulin’s reaction. Yuulin tensely wipes her forehead and tells herself to calm down for he is just saying that to her as someone acting as a Princess so there is no other deep meaning to it. Flashback: After what happened, thinking that he failed, Reishou had sheepishly apologize for surprising her and it was all due to his anxiousness and at a loss as to what to do [that he said that]. End flashback. Yuulin thinks that at that time, she wasn’t afraid of him. Her thoughts are interrupted when Kouju asks her if His Majesty will come to the harem. Yuulin tells Kouju that His Majesty told her that he is busy with work today. Kouju becomes a bit depressed over that. Somewhat puzzled, Yuulin asks her if she is looking for him and is there anything the matter. Blushing Kouju says that it is nothing but rather, she would want the three of them to chat together. Yuulin looks surprised and thinks, “What--?” At the government affairs room, Yuulin looks aghast as she thinks that afterwards whenever she meets with Kouju, the only things that they talk about is ‘His Majesty’ and the ‘harem’. Kouju would ask her what Reishou is like while in the harem, what is the life in the harem like, etc. Yuulin thinks that in this situation, Kouju is becoming more and more, cuter. She is surprised when Reishou calls out to her and asks what’s up with her since she looks absentminded. He smiles and asks, “Do you have any trouble? My Princess.” This made Yuulin blush. She tensely says, “Nothing, Your Majesty..you..that..” Reishou leans closer to her and asks, “..what about me?” This freaks Yuulin out that she quickly turns to the side and shouts that there’s no problem at all. “Ah, it seems that there is someone looking for His Majesty.” She is referring to Houen, who is at the door, staring at them. Puzzled, Reishou goes to talk with Houen. Yuulin glares at Reishou and thinks, “Darn-- that Wolf King..*furious* at one side, he looks cold-hearted with no emotion then at one side, he would even shameless play around with a cute girl! [<- not sure if she meant her or Kouju or maybe both^^;] I’ve obviously had seen both sides, it’s really such a grave crime!” [I cannot read what Reishou and Houen are talking about.]

While dusting some shelves, Yuulin is thinking that Reishou is making Kouju feel/act strange [<- make her fall for him], yet he didn’t feel in a tiny bit that she [Yuulin] is a hindrance. She then calls out to Gen who is reading a scroll at the side of the room. Gen asks her what it is. Yuulin asks him that in the harem, there is only one guy with many girls. “Can they live harmoniously and get along with each other?” To her shock, Gen laughs and says, “Of course, that’s impossible. A so-called harem’s appears to be grand and beautiful but essentially, it’s brimming of a bloodbath history! Those girls would fight just to be doted on by His Majesty..! If you don’t become strong, you won’t be able to survive! Gambatte [/do your best], cleaning lady!” Yuulin gloomily thinks that she doesn’t want to do her best regarding that. Going back to his reading, Gen laughs and muses that he finds this ‘play/drama’ to be really worth-seeing. “..forget it, you just do things in accordance to your nature.” Puzzled Yuulin looks at him. Yuulin then tells him that didn’t he said before that a harem can heal the king. Gen laughs and says that is so, for the king. Yuulin is puzzled over what her nature that Gen is talking about. While having tea with Yuulin again at the harem, Kouju laments that ever since that time, she wasn’t able to see His Majesty again. Thinking that such a cute girl looking quite pitiful, Yuulin tells her that it is because His Majesty is always busy. Yuulin becomes shock-aghast when Kouju starts crying and says that she is hated by Reishou. Yuulin tries to tell her that it isn’t so. Teary-eyed Kouju asks Yuulin as to when did she displeased His Majesty. “What should I do..*cries*” Feeling a stab of pain, Yuulin thinks that she couldn’t win against this. In order to comfort her, Yuulin timidly tells Kouju that next time, she’ll bring this up to His Majesty. Kouju asks if it is true. Yuulin mentally laments that it is all because of Reishou.. At the harem that night, Reishou stares at Yuulin and asks, “Yuulin..do you know what your job is suppose to be?” Yuulin goes into shock that she became the ‘bride’ in order to keep away other girls from Reishou. Yuulin timidly protests to him that Kouju, just simply seem to admire him and she doesn’t want him to repress his feelings [for Kouju] because of her, who is just working. Reishou looks at flustered Yuulin and asks if Kouju admires him by merely seeing both sides of the ‘Wolf King’. [<- I think it is because he isn’t that scary when he’s with her before.] Reishou smiles and says that it is nonsense. “At her age, she would just be wasting time [/wild goose chase] and this is also understandable.” Yuulin opens her eyes in shock as to what Reishou is saying. Reishou continues to casually say, “—but, there is a possibility that it is because of her father’s instructions, thus she cannot return empty-handed. No matter what the situation is..” He stops talking as he looks surprised over aghast Yuulin who is freaking out. Yuulin thinks, “This man-- what do you think of a girl’s thoughts [/feelings]--! This is really unbelievable!”

Yuulin starts shouting at aghast-puzzled Reishou. “How could you say such things to such a cute, elegant, [and] with a warm personality girl who likes you! You’re so cold-blooded! Idiot! Playboy! *pop vein* I totally know that you don’t have that desire [to see her]. I still feel that she is really pitiful for wanting to see a person like you! Good night!” Aghast Reishou tries to call her name to calm her down but it was to no avail and she has already left. In bed, flustered Yuulin angrily thinks that he was the one who first acted as ‘Wolf King’ in order to fool others and yet, what is that ‘nonsense’ he is talking about. She thinks, “From this, what is that ‘only you is enough’, what is that ‘you are my Princess’, then that means that I’m the only one who is being agitated [/excited] over it..for His Majesty, it fundamentally has no meaning to him..! *flustered and shaking in anger* How disappointing..! In any event, this is all just a wild goose chase!” The next day[?], at his office/room, Reishou comments out loud that it is really hard to guess through Yuulin for how could it be that what he said had something to do with her [to make her that angry]. Just as Jun enters the room, Reishou looks at the side and laments, “This is how it is to have one Princess. I don’t feel that it is enough for me alone to handle a harem..” Jun tells him not to consider Yuulin using the normal criteria. Reishou sighs and says that Yuulin is too friendly with others and she easily trusts people. “She is obviously afraid of the ‘Wolf King’ even if this is the case, she would still stay at the harem. *scowling* ..I hope that she won’t be hurt by some nonsense dispute..” [This is a bit small but it seems that] Jun says that it is no big deal but Reishou says that he doesn’t think so. Back at the harem, Yuulin is in her cleaning job. Walking ahead of Yuulin who is carrying a pail of water, Gen happily says that they had a quarrel and he thinks that it is good thing. Yuulin angrily asks what’s good about it. “Geez! What does that man think of a girl’s good intention! At least pay a bit of attention in rejecting..” Gen laughs and tells Yuulin that whether it is of good or bad intention, being in Reishou’s position, it is all the same. “Because the king posses everything, so anyone have a request[/demand from him]. With so many people and there’s a constant intriguing [/fighting against each other], he cannot take to heart each and every one of them.” Yuulin looks quietly at Gen over what he said. Gen tells her that it is such a rare sight to see someone daring to quarrel with His Majesty. “Because just contradicting him, there is a possibility that person will be immediately be obliterated..” Yuulin sadly thinks that Reishou is like that normally..will give up on everything. [<- I think give up on believing in people.]

Walking at the courtyard’s bridge, Yuulin apologizes to Kouju that His Majesty cannot find the time to see her. Flustered Kouju says is that so, then how about changing the day to meet. Feeling pained, Yuulin tells Kouju that no, for she thinks that afterwards, it ought to be also very hard.. Yuulin thinks that even if her heart hurts, but since there is no possibility [of Reishou meeting her] then this way, Kouju won’t be hurt that deeply. Yuulin is at a loss upon seeing Kouju crying again. Kouju asks if no matter what, it won’t do. Flustered Yuulin can only apologize to her. While Yuulin begins to wonder if she should let Kouju see His Majesty even if she knew that this will only hurt Kouju, Kouju mutters that Yuulin is cruel. “So cruel..Her Highness thinks that His Majesty and the harem can all be monopolized by one person, right?” Yuulin is surprised by that remark. Backing away, Kouju exclaims that she can definitely harmoniously get along with Her Highness but why cannot Her Highness accommodate her. Yuulin tells her to calm down a bit. Kouju cries, “--even if it’s a little bit, why won’t you share some to me!” Kouju continues to walk backwards nearing the edge of the bridge that has no railing. Yuulin shouts at her that there’s danger behind her. Yuulin quickly pulls Kouju to safety but she loses her balance and falls into the water. Kouju looks aghast as she looks down the water where Yuulin fell. She calls out to her then shouts for help. She is surprised when someone suddenly runs and jumps into the water. Meanwhile in the water, Yuulin cannot breathe as she sinks down. She berates herself that things ended up badly. “‘Monopolize by one person’? ‘Share’? His Majesty, huh? --Everyone is fighting over the king, but this thing..” She then felt someone grabs her hand. Soon, Yuulin is out of the waters, saved by dripping wet Reishou. Reishou worriedly asks Yuulin if she is alright. Coughing, Yuulin asks why he is there. In angry wolf mode, Reishou shouts at Kouju, “--Han Kouju! What is the meaning of this? Clearly explain yourself!”

Kouju looks really frightened. Yuulin shouts that it isn’t what he thinks. “It’s because I wasn’t careful that my foot slipped! Please don’t be angry, it’s too scary!” Reishou still looks angry but Yuulin tearfully shouts, “I’m alright!” After a pause, Reishou looks as if he is trying not to be angry. He tells her that it is because he felt uneasy so he went to see what the situation is but he never thought.. He hugs surprised Yuulin and mutters as to how she has been tormenting his heart [/driving him crazy]. Later on, crying Kouju holds on to Yuulin and says that she didn’t think of harming her. Yuulin says that she is alright so Kouju shouldn’t cry anymore. Seeing that Kouju is still crying, Yuulin holds Kouju’s face up and tells her, “--Kouju, if you really want His Majesty, I want you to have the feeling of ‘I want this person to be happy’, then come and snatch him away. If it isn’t that way, then I cannot give him to you.” Yuulin wipes Kouju’s tears away and thinks that it shouldn’t be ‘want’ but rather, a deeper feeling. At the Han residence, Kouju tearfully cries to her father that she doesn’t have confidence anymore. “Because things totally didn’t progress in accordance to what I had anticipated, and I’ve made the Wolf King angry, it’s truly very terrifying..” Shisei comforts his daughter by saying that she only has to wait for some time and definitely, there won’t be any problem. “..there is no one, aside from you, who is suitable to become Princess.” He is surprised when Kouju says, “You’re wrong, father. *flushing and moved with emotion* Her Highness who covered up for me in front of His Majesty..[she’s] really, really amazing..” His father goes, “..eh?” At the harem, Yuulin angrily tells timid Reishou, “In short, please do not casually deceive girls, --so first endure a bit for having only me as the Princess.” [I think she made a side comment that will decrease the damage Reishou would cause.] Reishou blushes in surprise over what she said. He smiles and says, “--Yes.” Puzzled, Yuulin asks why he answered so bluntly. Reishou just smiles at her. Narration: “Right now, I am your bride. Annoying me alone, by this no future [prospect] throbbing [heartbeat], is enough.”

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