June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 74]

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At a chocolate store, Sakura squeals in delight over the cute looking chocolates that look so delicious that she would want to eat them herself. Sakura tells her sister that this year’s Valentine’s Day is on Saturday so it’s great since she can save on giving out tomo-choco [chocolate for friends]. Noticing that Tsubaki isn’t answering, Sakura calls out her name and to her shock, Tsubaki looks gloomy and listless. Sakura exclaims what’s with the expression. Tsubaki changes the subject by asking Sakura what she plans to do in the future. Sakura is puzzled by that question that she asks her why she is asking that all of a sudden. Tsubaki exclaims that it is okay if she hasn’t decided on it yet. Sakura tells her that she likes fashion so she’ll go work at her favorite brand clothes store. “I’ll go to college at one side while on the other side, I’ll be working. I’ll also be looking for right connections in the profession.” [<- I’m not sure on the last sentence. It’s either that or looking for a proper career.] Tsubaki tensely holds the paper bag she got from the display and thinks that Sakura who is a year younger than her has a plan and has already thought about the future. “In contrast to me..” Tsubaki puts back the paper bag in the display and says that she won’t make homemade chocolate this year. Tsubaki thinks that she will be a third year student soon yet she hasn’t determined yet about her future outlook so this isn’t the time to be enchanted with Valentine’s Day. Tsubaki complains that the packaging is too expensive and it’s a waste of time and effort. “Buying store-made chocolates are not only convenient but also taste good...” Sakura exclaims to her not to be like that for if she is half-hearted over this big event, then it is quite tragic. Sakura reminds her that even if she has been going out with Kyouta for two years already and it cannot be avoided not to think that this holiday is troublesome but she must seriously take this holiday to heart! “Didn’t you always want to be with Kyouta?!” Flustered Tsubaki is touched by what Sakura said. That is short-lived since Sakura’s ulterior motive is exposed when she tells Tsubaki to also conveniently make her share at the same time for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

At the cram school, the teacher has just finished the lesson. Youko, who is sitting beside Tsubaki, stands up and looks at her cellphone. She exclaims that she cannot believe that it dragged for 40 more minutes and it is already pass 10 o’clock at night. She turns to see that Tsubaki has already spaced out while holding her mechanical pencil. Youko waves her hand in front of Tsubaki while calling her name. Tsubaki snaps out of it and exclaims that the class is over. Youko says that she is like that when classes start and lately, she is absent minded. “Are you okay? Oh ya, tonight, my brother is going to drive the car to fetch me! Come along with us! It’s already late and it’s a bit dangerous to go home alone. We’ll drive you home!” Tsubaki thanks Youko for the offer but she tells him that Kyouta will be fetching her after he finished his work so there’s no need to worry. Youko sighs and says that Kyouta is so nice that he waited for Tsubaki for 40 minutes. Outside, Kyouta is furious. He tells Tsubaki that if her class will be late, could she at least send a message to him so that he can find a place to pass the time. Tsubaki timidly apologizes to him. Tsubaki tells him that next time, if such an incident happens again, it is okay for him not to wait for her. Kyouta calls her an idiot for how can he be at ease and just go home when she would be walking home alone at night. Tsubaki blushes over this. Kyouta says, “Let’s go!” Tsubaki says ya. Before they can go, they were interrupted when Youko bends her head in between the two and thanks Kyouta for that time at Kyoto before. Kyouta looks surprised and says, “Ah? Thank you..you’re saying..” Youko introduces herself again to Kyouta and asks him why he never contacted her. “It is rare for me to get some good information regarding space stuff. I wanted to tell you to go to! How should I know how to contact you.” Tsubaki realizes that Kyouta never contacted Youko after she gave him Youko’s contact information.

Youko continues to say that it is good that she met him today. She asks him if he knows about that research meeting to be done by the research team of Todai [Tokyo University] Graduate School’s space and aeronautics class. Kyou tells her that it wasn’t going to be shown to outsiders. Youko tells him that her brother is part of that team so she can have special access to join in. “Do you also want to go, Tsubaki-kun?” Blushing in delight like a kid who got a candy, Kyouta exclaims if it’s for real and he’ll definitely go. “Thank you, Kikuduki!” Blushing Youko smiles over this. While Tsubaki looks depressed as if she is a third wheel, Youko tells Kyouta that she heard that people from JAXA [Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency] would also be coming. Kyouta is delighted to hear this. Youko waves goodbye and says that they’ll meet at Todai’s gate tomorrow at 10 o’clock. The two Tsubaki-s exclaim in shock, “Tomorrow?!” Youko looks a bit surprised and asks them what it is, do they have some other thing to do. Tsubaki thinks that she can only say that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and they’ve decided to watch a movie. She wonders what to do since Kyouta looks really delighted a while ago but if he is going to be with Youko... While Tsubaki is closing her eyes and pondering on this, Kyouta tells Youko that Tsubaki had an appointment with him first. “Sorry, but I cannot go.” Youko exclaims in shock, “With Hibino?! Is it such an important appointment?!” Tsubaki timidly says that they are going to watch a movie. Youko exclaims that they can do that whenever they want. Kyouta smiles and says that this time, it is Tsubaki who had an appointment with him first and there aren’t a lot of opportunities like that. Tsubaki looks flustered and about to cry. She thinks, “Thank you, Tsubaki-kun! I’m sorry for actually, you really wanted to go!” The next day, Tsubaki wakes up early. She prepares the ingredients and follows the cookbook to make that strawberry [probably chocolate] shortcake. While she is icing and decorating the cake, Sakura has waked up. Soon, Sakura put in her messily decorated cake in the box. Tsubaki happily ties the ribbon neatly on her cake box. They put the finished boxes in their respective paper bags. Sakura’s ribbon is messily done but of course, Tsubaki’s is perfectly done. “It’s finished ~~♡”

Later on, Sakura hastily dresses up and puts on her boots as she complains that she is late for the date. Tsubaki warns her not to be overly frantic else, she might overturn the cake. Sakura asks her if she isn’t going out yet and weren’t she and Kyouta supposed to watch a movie together. Tsubaki just happily smiles and says that Kyouta has something urgent to do but after that thing is finished, she can just give the chocolate to him. Sakura exclaims, “What? That is too much! For a girl, this is a first class important thing!” Tsubaki just counters that by saying that Sakura actually overslept. [<- so it isn’t exactly that important to Sakura.] Sakura then says that she’s going. Remembering Kyouta declining Youko’s offer, Tsubaki thinks, “..but..I’m already very satisfied that he thought like that. At that time, he would prioritize me as first place!” Flashback: Tsubaki happily told surprised Kyouta that they can watch the movie anytime and why don’t he go to that research meeting. “But, after it is finished, contact me, okay? I have something to give you!” End flashback. In her room, Tsubaki is doing her schoolwork as well as answering the questions in a book from her cram school. She remembers Kyouta asking her what she wants to do after she went to college. She thinks that ever since before, she never thought of this question. When she was a child, she would show her mother her perfect score. Her mother is very delighted over it as she exclaimed that Tsubaki will definitely get into college and Tsubaki is her pride. Because her mother looked specially happy, Tsubaki decided to always do her best in studying things even those that she isn’t good at. She had mistakenly made ‘going to college’ as her life’s goal. End flashback. Tsubaki drops her mechanical pencil and feels really ashamed of herself. She notices the bracelet that Kyouta gave her on her wrist. She wonders if a person like her is suitable to stand beside Kyouta. The scene changes to the boxed cake in a paper bag by the window. Tsubaki has fallen asleep. She wakes up when her mother calls out to her and asks if she can help her with dinner. Wondering when she has fallen asleep, Tsubaki shouts back okay. She then thinks, “Di..dinner?” She looks at the clock and it is already 6:08pm. She wonders what’s up for the research meeting is supposed to be over at 5 o’ clock. She writes a message to Kyouta asking if the meeting is going to take a longer time and could he confirm to her the time that they are going to meet.

Tsubaki helps prepare dinner. It is already 7:32 pm. She looks at her cellphone and there’s no message or calls. It is already 9:55 pm. She calls Kyouta on his phone but she is only told by a voice to call again later because her call temporarily cannot reach/get through the other person. Tsubaki’s imagination starts to go wild. She wonders if those two are getting along with each other really well just like during that time before when they were happily chatting about their favorite book. Imagined scenario: Kyouta is holding Youko into his arm. He touches her face and says, “Compared to Tsubaki-chan, it is much fun to chat with you, Youko.” Youko says, “I also want to go steady with you, Kyouta. Break up with Tsubaki-chan.” Kyouta bends to kiss her. End imagined scenario. Tsubaki looks really tense and aghast when her phone rings. She quickly looks at it and sees that it is Kyouta who is calling. She answers it and asks him what happened since it is already 10pm. Kyouta apologizes to her that he didn’t know that there is a ‘fraternity meet’ [or get together/party?] after the research meeting. Then, when he remembered to contact her, his cellphone suddenly went dead. “Just now, I just bought a battery charger at a supermarket.” Tsubaki says is that so and that’s good. Kyouta is surprised by that reaction so Tsubaki explains that she thought that something happened to him. She asks him if he is near her house since she has something to give him even if it is already late. To Tsubaki’s shock, Kyouta timidly tells her that regarding that, can she give it to him tomorrow at school. Tsubaki asks why. Kyouta says that Youko’s brother said that they go watch a meteor shower and right now, they all went to the mountain side. A guy calls out to Kyouta to hurry up since they are leaving. Kyouta shouts back, “Okay! *talking again to Tsubaki* So that’s how it is for now, we’re going. Oh right, what do you want to give me?” Tsubaki holds the bag containing the boxed cake and wonders if Kyouta didn’t notice that today is Valentine’s Day. She really wanted to shout, “It has no meaning if I didn’t give you the chocolate today so come back here right now!!” but, she couldn’t say it. Flustered, Tsubaki forced herself to smile and say, “It’s not something important. Don’t mind it.. ..” She closes her flip phone then faces the window. While her face isn’t shown, Tsubaki says, “Ah.. .. If I knew this would happen earlier then it would have been okay if I just bought a ready-made chocolate..I should go back to my studies..This whole day has been a waste..Oh..*looking at her hands that are covered with icing* ..before that, I should first wash my hands.” She heads out of the room and closes the door. In the last scene, the boxed cake had been royally thrashed by Tsubaki.

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