June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 20]

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Cover narration: “Even if we are far apart, our thoughts for each other won’t lose [unrivaled]!” With hands together as if asking a favor and a smile plastered on her face, Anna winks and says, “I’m sorry, Nanoka but I think I’m still sleepy, okay-? Somehow I feel that I’ve heard you wrong so could you please say it once again??” Smiling Nanoka says, “Nagase-kun’s ex-girlfriend is Aya-chan and right now, she still likes Nagase-kun. I hope that the two of them would be re-united. Anna, can you lend me a helping hand?” Pause. Anna looks dark as she says, “It seems that I heard it right..if that is how it is, I refuse.” Anna turns around to leave. Nanoka exclaims, “Why--?!” Anna tensely replies back, “Don’t ask why!! I cannot say the specifics but I...” Nanoka then exclaims, “Ah-- I know!! Weren’t you thinking of, ‘Because I’m the one whom Sou likes so how can I help them reunite’?” Anna blushes really red in surprise as she wonders, “How could..!!” Nanoka sighs and says that the whole class already knows about it because after all, they were holding hands then. “If you are going to say that you guys aren’t going steady..then that means Sou just have a one-side love [towards you].. That is already so obvious. Anna, do you know why Sou likes you?” While not knowing how to react, flustered Anna cannot answer. Nanoka claims that it is because Anna has long hair and Sou has a long hair fetish. “The one who made him develop that long hair fetish is Aya-chan!!” Anna sweatdrops and wonders if that is how it is. Nanoka tells Anna that Aya-chan and Nagase-kun met during cram school, fell in love and later on, break up. “But actually, they really do not want to break up!” Anna asks then why did they do so. Nanoka says, “I only learned of it afterwards. It is because they are actually blood related twins.” Cue in the twins’ scenario: Aya, together with Sou confronts her/their parents. Aya exclaims that she never heard anything about a brother who has separated from her after so many years. The mother is crying while the father tells them that he never imagined that this kind of situation would happen. “I won’t allow you two to see each other again!!” Teary-eyed Aya tells Sou that they should elope for there is no way for her to forget about him. Sou asks her if she wants to abandon their parents and he is still in junior high so there is no way for him to provide for her. “You also understand that, right? Let’s break up, Ayane. I won’t see you ever again. Let’s wait for the next life- I believe that during that time, we can become ordinary lovers..” End scenario.

Nanoka continues, “Later on, even if Nagase-kun has started to find new love in order to forget [Aya], he would unconsciously overlap any other long haired girl with Aya-chan...” Anna looks tense-sad. She then asks, “You’re lying, right?” Nanoka accuses Anna of being cruel for saying that. “Do I look like a person who’ll tell a lie?! *She falls on the floor and starts crying out loud* It’s because it’s you that is why I told you~~~” Embarrassed by the racket that Nanoka is making, Anna apologizes and exclaims that it is because it is too sudden. “I believe!! I believe!! So, stop crying!” Anna begins to wonder out loud that Sou and Aya does seem to have a bit of resemblance and before, she saw a long haired girl in Sou’s room. “Also, if Sou have always liked me then it is also quite strange for him to go steady with some other girls.” Anna thinks that everything seems to have a connection now and even if it is unbelievable but there is a possibility that Sou really had this kind of difficult love affair [with Aya]. “That is quite tragic--(cry)” Holding Nanoka’s hands, Anna exclaims that she will help her. Nanoka asks if that is true, then she’s delighted to hear that. Anna exclaims, “If there is anything that I can help, do not hesitate to ask!! We should give our support to those two who have suffered a lot over this forbidden love!!” The school bell is already ringing so Nanoka tells Aya that they discuss the battle plan after school dismissal at the clubroom. Anna says okay then she walks away to prepare for class. Looking a bit surprised, Nanoka looks at Anna then, she giggles. At the clubroom, Nanoka is talking with Anna. Standing by the window, Rui asks Princess what those two are up to. Princess says that she heard them just now about saying, ‘lost twin’, ‘forbidden love’ and ‘Sou and Ayane’ so basically, it is a thorny subject. Nanoka tells Anna that she thinks that Nagase-kun has not noticed his feelings and he had unconsciously overlapped Anna with Aya-chan. Anna agree that it is definitely that. Nanoka exclaims, “So the first mission is ‘make Sou become conscious that the person he likes is Aya-chan’!! This is a mission that no other person but Anna can accomplish!!” Anna exclaims, “Okay-gambatte!!” Rui darkly says that she cannot take it anymore because she cannot discern which one is the tsukkomi [The "straight" or deliberately unfunny partner in a two-man manzai comedy routine. Also, the verbal or physical reprimand he administers to his partner, the boke, the stupid/deliberately ignorant one. Source: ANN] She tells Princess that they should go home and that also seems to be quite troublesome. Princess agrees with her.

Aya suddenly arrives in the clubroom and greets everyone a good afternoon. Nanoka happily greets Aya back. Aya asks if Rui and Princess are going home. Rui says that they are because they originally aren’t that enthusiastic [about the club]. After they bid goodbye and left, Aya comments that Anna is staying. Raising up her arm, Anna happily says that she’s quite enthusiastic (different meaning) [= not the club]. Aya happily says that the truth is yesterday, she isn’t that enthusiastic either but after listening to what the adviser said, she started to find the club a bit interesting and afterwards, she finds it really interesting. Blushing a bit, Anna just says yes. Anna thinks that Aya is really such a beautiful girl and she is such a nice person for befriending and talking someone like her [Anna] who rarely get to stay close with a beautiful person [ah, girls, I presume because she has good looking guys =P ] but why did God gave her [Aya] such an awful fate. Aya then asks why Anna is teary-eyed. Chiaki-sensei arrives and happily greets everyone. She then wonders why there are only three people. Nanoka tells her that two members decided to become ghost members. Chiaki is shock to hear that but she says that it cannot be helped if there are only three people. [= being positive] She asks them to take out their cellphones. Anna is in deep thought on how to make Sou realize his true feelings and what she should say. Aya asks Chiaki if it is okay to bring out their cellphones while in school. Chiaki says that it is only this one time and everyone’s cellphones ought to have a camera feature. She believes that beginners ought to learn from the camera that they have closest to them. While they are busy checking their ellphones, Anna shouts, “Ayane! Look here!!” Ayane turns around and Anna takes her picture on her cellphone. Aya and Nanoka asks what’s she is doing. Anna just says that even in the picture, Aya looks good. Later that night, ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong..the doorbell rings at Sou’s place. Anna calls out to Sou. Sou opens the door and tells her not to ring the bell again since it is too noisy. Anna happily says, “I’m sharing to you some appetizers for dinner ♪ Sorry~for~intruding.” Sou is puzzled and asks if she wants to come in. Anna happily says yes because there is something she wants to ask him. With folded arms, Sou suspiciously asks what it is and what is she planning. Anna angrily asks what’s with that question for it makes her angry. Anna thinks that if Sou really likes her, he should act a bit more tense/nervous. At the dining table, Sou prepares to eat the food that Anna brought. Anna sits on the chair across him. Anna informs him that she got in the photography club. Sou just says, ‘hm’ as he eats. Anna tells him that afterwards, they started taking pictures today. “Come and look ♪” Anna shows him a picture of Aya on her cellphone. While he is saying about how could the photography club use a cellphone to take pictures, Sou tries to look at the picture [his eyesight is slightly bad so it’s taking time] and stops what he is saying. Anna happily says, “Let me hear your thoughts ♥” Sou asks, “Are you trying to make me angry?”

Surprised, Anna nervously says that isn’t what she meant. Aghast Sou shouts, “Then, why is it that you are doing such a bewildering thing! Don’t do this kind of thing that could make the appetizer hard to eat! You really don’t know what it means to be shy.” Anna thinks that he is so angry and perhaps, she is too naive for Sou doesn’t want to touch that forbidden topic about Ayane. She had thought that she can bring up the topic by showing the picture to him. Somewhat sad, Anna apologizes and says that she doesn’t want to make him angry. This surprises Sou. Looking at the side, he scowls and looks tense [for making Anna sad]. Sou sighs and tells Anna to forget about that. “What? From whom did you hear about Ayane? Don’t mind it. Anyway, it’s all in the past. It is only coincidentally that we study in the same school. There’s already nothing that ought to be talked about.” Anna exclaims, “How can that be..do you think that this is alright?!” Surprised, Sou asks what. Anna shouts that he obviously likes long haired [girls] like her. Sou is weird out over what Anna is talking about. Anna sadly says, “If I cut my hair short, Sou’s feelings for me will definitely turn cold. Sou should clearly understand this, right?” Sou says, “No~~it doesn’t matter if it’s only the hairstyle..” Holding her hair, Anna shouts, “Then, it is alright if I cut my hair short?!” Sou looks stunned then scowling, he says if she can, please keep her hair long. Anna looks shock and thinks, “As expected!” Sou asks that from what they were talking from the start, how come the hair got involved in the topic although he feels that Anna doesn’t seem to really want to talk about hair. Anna shouts at Sou, “Sou, it is better for you to be more honest with yourself! Falling in love with someone is something that one cannot do anything about! I’ll stand by your side!! That’s it, goodbye!!” As Anna leaves, Sou asks out loud why she came there for and what the heck she is talking about. At the school’s roof, Anna goes to report to Nanoka that she feels Sou knows about the fact that ‘he likes Ayane’. Nanoka is surprised and asks if that’s true. Anna adds, but she thinks that Sou won’t honestly admit it and he even told her he won’t talk about Ayane ever again. Anna sadly says, “As expected, if she is his younger sister then..” Anna stops when she hears some sound. She looks up and sees Nanoka on all fours on the floor. Anna asks why Nanoka is laughing. Nanoka immediately put on her worried face and apologizes. She tells Anna to continue. Anna says that she thinks that the two of them [Sou and Ayane] should meet and talk. “Seeing each other will definitely make Sou not repress his feelings. He’ll definitely become more honest!! Because their feelings are mutual.” Nanoka winks and happily says that is right and that is what she is thinking. “Then, it’s decided. The next mission is to ‘get the two to go out on a date’.” Anna approves of the idea. Nanoka says the problem is Nagase-kun. She says that if she asks Aya about it, Aya will definitely say, ‘I’ll go’ but Nagase-kun will refuse. He easily falls in love and out of it by just saying ‘let’s break up’. Anna is speechless and in her want to help, Anna exclaims for Nanoka to relax and she’ll go convince Sou. Nanoka delightedly calls out to Anna that is what she’s waiting for Anna to say. Anna shouts, “Leave it up to me.” Nanoka exclaims, “Thank you very much!! But, there is something that I would want you to pay attention to!!” Surprised Anna asks, “What?!” Smiling darkly and her finger on her lips [=secret], Nanoka says, “You should absolutely not mention about this ‘lost twin’ thing to Nagase-kun. ♥”

After school dismissal, Anna is alone in the classroom. She remembers Nanoka reminding her that when the two of them [Anna and Sou] are alone, ‘twins’ are forbidden words!! Holding her bag, Anna thinks that of course, that is something someone else [= not involved] shouldn’t mention. Sou enters the classroom. He is surprised to see her that he asks if she hasn’t gone home yet. Anna calls out to him and asks what’s up with him. Sou angrily says that it is because he has been forcibly dragged away by the basketball team when he obviously said that he doesn’t want to join for he is already in the Go [board game] club. Anna is surprised to hear this. Sou complains that if it isn’t a school compulsory, he won’t even join and what’s with clubs anyway. Anna decides to take this opportunity to talk with Sou. While Sou is wearing his coat, Anna asks if he is free this Sunday. Puzzled, Sou says that he doesn’t have any special plans. Sou is surprised when Anna asks, “Do you want to go on a date?” Sou asks, “With..whom.” Opening her flip cellphone, Anna says, “Who? *Sou looks eager* Of course, Sou and--” Holding her cellphone up to Sou, Anna happily says, “Ayane ♥” A long pause. Poor Sou. He looks really dark and angry. He shouts, “..‘Ayane’, ‘Ayane’, ‘Ayane’, what the heck is going on? Are you looking for a quarrel these few days?!” Shock, Anna says, “No, I’m serious. Ayane still likes you~~ *Sou looks surprised* I and Ayane are in the photography club so I heard about that thing between you and Ayane. If you go this Sunday, Ayane will surely be happy. Go see her! I’ll support you two. *Sou looks sad* Even if the two of you are blood related twin siblings!!” From sad to surprise, Sou asks, “Ha?” Anna covers her mouth for she shouldn’t have said that. Sou asks, “What did you say? Is there something wrong with your brain?” Anna is puzzled over Sou’s reaction then she bends down [sitting] on the floor in fear. Sou angrily asks, “Who and who are twins siblings~~~?” Shock and aghast, Anna asks, “Eh..not true? But Nanoka said..the two of you have a forbidden love and since that cannot be helped, you guys broke up!! Then, in the next life, you’ll be ordinary lovers.” Resting his head on his hand while sitting on the desk, Sou says, “What do you mean by lost twin that has already been pulled apart, what’s really hard to believe is that someone actually believed that.” Anna exclaims out loud in disbelief as to how can that be. Sou calls out to her. While her heart is beating loudly, nervous Anna turns to look at him and says, yes. Sou smiles at her and says, “You! Do you know this feeling of a guy after being told, by the girl he likes, to go and date some other girl?” Anna looks surprised. Sou takes his bag and prepares to go out the room. Without looking at her, Sou says, “I really cannot do anything about you.” [Ah, it can also mean like I cannot refuse you. It is like, Anna being like that/hopeless yet Sou cannot help but do what she wants.] Anna turns to face him and calls out, “Sou. Sou..I’m sor..” While trying to go after him, Sou continues to say, “Then, would actually believe such an idiotic lie as the truth. Ah, even if it’s impossible that we were twins.” Anna looks sad-guilty and embarrassed. Sou turns around to her. Looking angry, Sou says, “I’ll go this Sunday. Tell that to Ayane!” Sou left Anna standing by the classroom door.

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