June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapter 62-63]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 18, 2010

Nanpa narrates, “Look Hanabi, I’m thinking that this thing called ‘[romantic] love’ is perhaps composed of sadness and pain!” Holding a blanket, Hanabi worriedly looks at examination room 1. Hanabi mutters, “Nanpa..why..” Back to the ex-couple, Yukine looks at Chikai in surprise as Chikai’s words of ‘I already liked you’ echoes in her head. Pulling her hand back, Yukine says, “..you used the past tense..you obviously allowed Hanabi to intervene..but you are not allowing me to intervene? *Tear falling down and her head is down* Chikai, even if it is like that, why are you still nice to me? *looks up to Chikai* Otherwise, I won’t be saying these things! Because mom is hospitalized, I’m really helpless. I’m really happy that during this time, you treat me nicely. Sure enough, I still like you! ..Won’t it do even if I’ve become this honest? Won’t it also do that I like only you? Even if I obviously understand you more..I unquestionably understand you more compared to Hanabi!” To Yukine’s surprise, Chikai looks away and says, “Maybe. But that girl also really understands me— [she’s] obviously a girl who makes one annoyed [/irritated] *a bit flustered* Really makes one annoyed. *looking sad, Chikai looks at Yukine* ..I’m sorry. This kind of Yukine is what I’ve previously wanted to see.” Chikai then walks away. At the veterinarian’s clinic, Hanabi says that Nanpa just ate a piece of wood so she thinks that he should be okay. “Isn’t it a bit too exaggerated for us to bring him to the clinic over a small thing? Weren’t there also dog toys that are made of wood?” Someone probably her mother says that they don’t know if the material of that toy is safe because they totally didn’t know that Nanpa eats wood and since Nanpa ate it whole, of course, they should go to the clinic. Her mother also reprimands her for not being careful and placing that thing where Nanpa can reach it. Minato says that Hanabi put it there [within reach] earlier on. Anzu says that Nanpa is stupid and so is Hanabi. Hanabi becomes quiet as she looks sad-guiltly. Then, her phone starts ringing. She looks at it and it is Chikai who is calling. Hanabi looks flustered and wonders why he is calling. Minato tells her to go out and answer it. Hanabi remembers Chikai not answering his cellphone before. Just then, a woman comes out of the examination room and calls out the Marui family. Hanabi exclaims, okay and quickly pushes the ‘hang up’ button. Chikai looks dark and angry when he got the busy signal. In the examination room, the vet says that there are no injures on the throat and the esophagus. “It’s only a short time wherein dogs don’t feel good [=not in a good mood] and listless. But it’s alright! Soon, he’ll have it! Ha ha ha” The Marui family looks puzzled as they wonder, ‘have’, have what?, energy?

At home, someone shouts that it is really lucky [that Nanpa is alright]. Hanabi’s mother tells Hanabi that she will bear the responsibility tonight so Hanabi will sleep together with Nanpa. “If there is anything that happens, you should quickly wake me up.” Sitting on her futon, Hanabi says okay. Hanabi tells Nanpa that he is very lucky. “Sorry, you weren’t feeling well then, right?” Nanpa ‘says’ that thing is quite hard. Hanabi asks, “..you ate that thing, is it because you saw me crying over Uno Chikai? Is it because that it is given to me by Uno Chikai?” Nanpa happily looks at Hanabi. Hanabi then laughs in disbelief that it is impossible and how could Nanpa understand about that thing. She then remembers that dog wood thing that Chikai gave her including his/her reactions at that time. Teary-eyed and flustered, Hanabi tells surprised Nanpa that she is going to criticize him this once so forgive her. “Stupid Nanpa!” Nanpa narrates: “Why? Isn’t it better if that thing is gone? Weren’t you very sad then? Weren’t you very hurt then?” Hanabi looks at her cellphone. She wonders why Chikai called, what he will think since she didn’t answer it and he’ll definitely misunderstand. “Should I call back? Send him an email? No! No no! If he knew, that he was the one who made that toy, he might feel that he is to blame. And, if there is something that he would want to say, isn’t it better for him to just call me again! I won’t take the initiative..don’t think that because I’m Hanakou, that I’ll like to go one-sidedly chase after you--!” Hanabi shouts, good night and promptly pulls the blanket over her head. Nanpa looks at her and narrates, “It was only later on when I find out. I ate that wood thing in order to remove Hanabi’s pain but it caused an uproar and at the same time, it also hindered her and Chikai-kun’s happiness.” Nanpa whimpers and thinks, geez. Hanabi’s narration: “On the second day, and the second day of the second day, all that time, I wasn’t able receive any contact from Uno Chikai.” At the park, Atsumi apologizes to Sasa for calling him out to meet her. All prettily dressed up, Atsumi holds a small bag to Sasa and greets him a happy birthday. “Also, ‘I wish on Sasa-kun’s 16th birthday that you’ll only be filled with happy’. [That is not a typo, the ‘happy’ is wrote in English] Sasa looks surprised. After giving the gift, Atsumi bids him goodbye. This puzzles Sasa that he asks if she is already leaving. Atsumi exclaims that it is because right now, she still cannot stand beside him. Inside the bag, it seems like a dessert with a heart shape thing and words ‘Happy 16’ on top. Narration: “Spring. There are already flowers blooming and also flowers that are not blooming. Everyday, as I check my cellphone numerous times, but there is no slight amount of Uno Chikai’s breath. This had made me realize that if I do not work hard, nothing will blossom.”

In school, Hanabi gloomily mutters, “Spring..but [we are] already preparing for autumn’s Nanayo festival, then winter is also not far off..” A girl says that it is still spring so what is Hanabi talking about. Atsumi tells the girl that Hanabi has always been like that lately. She asks Hanabi that won’t it be okay for her to just email [Chikai]. Hanabi gloomily says that she’s always thinking what if Chikai has changed his email address. Surprised, Atsumi says that is impossible then how about calling him on his phone. Hanabi gloomily says that she is always thinking what if he refuses to answer her phone call. Atsumi remarks that Hanabi really doesn’t have any self-confidence. Hanabi exclaims that she really doesn’t have. This somewhat surprises Atsumi. Hanabi sadly says, “I don’t have.” Hanabi is puzzled when Atsumi also says that she doesn’t have it either. Kareshi says that she also doesn’t have confidence about the future. Mii says, “I have confidence. I believe that I’ll forever won’t feel that glasses [= Shinichi] is handsome.” The others just laugh. Narration: “Even if it is this way, I’m still..pray that the flowers can bloom. I know that one must pour water on the flowers for them to bloom. If one only just opens one’s eyes and look, then the flowers won’t open.” Walking at the hallway, Hanabi sees Chikai walking towards her. Chikai just looks at her. Hanabi closes her eyes and looks away. She then slowly opens her eyes again. Chikai is surprised when flustered Hanabi looks determined as she faces him. Hanabi walks toward him and when she passes by Chikai, Chikai says, “Hanabi...” This made Hanabi stop and turn around to face Chikai. [Reminder: ‘Hanabi’ means fireworks in Japanese.] Chikai continues, “..display’s season will soon be here.” Hanabi exclaims that isn’t true for it is still too early for summer. “..you said! Name..” Hanabi blushes even redder as she thinks, “He called out Hanabi..” She suddenly freaks out when she bumps into a guy who says that it hurts. Hanabi shouts her apology. Chikai suddenly put his arm around her head and turns to the other guy to say, “Sorry, sempai ♡” Hanabi wonders, “Was he calling me?” While Chikai is pulling her away backwards, Hanabi exclaims, “Let me go! I’m going to bite you!” Chikai asks her why she hung up his phone call. Surprised, Hanabi exclaims that it is because she is busy looking after Nanpa. Chikai asks what happened to Nanpa. Remembering the wooden dog toy, Hanabi looks tense as she says, “-I..” She immediately frees herself from Chikai and shouts, “I don’t have any obligation to tell you!” Hanabi becomes tenser as she thinks that she went over the top by saying that. She tells him, “Because..you guys have started seeing each other again, right? *closes her eyes* You have chosen ‘Yukine’, right?” Chikai replies, “Wrong.” Hanabi opens her eyes and looks at Chikai. Chikai continues to say, “Didn’t meet. It’s not Yukine.” Hanabi looks at him in surprise as the school bell rings. She looks away as Chikai walks away. Hanabi wonders, “What does he mean..”

While washing plates, Gen asks Ami what she will do if she has a love rival. Gen is speechless when she says, “Knock [the rival] down.” She looks at him and asks, “..Do I have one? Love rival.” Gen looks back at her and then says, “So-called having a love rival is the other person whom one is fighting against, not knowing whom one will belong to, there is this uncertainty. That is what’s called as having a love rival.” Ami says that it seems to be just a small annoyance. Ami asks, “Speaking of that, you didn’t falter, right?” Gen smiles and says that he doesn’t have charm, he has self-knowledge. Ami says, “How can that be. But, as an adult, having peace of mind is where happiness lies. ..if there is really no possibility of faltering, then you should properly face that person and make that person thoroughly give up.” Gen looks at her then hugs her head tight. He happily says, “I will make that person give up! Ami!” At Kareshi’s house, Kareshi’s siblings have taken Masato’s eyeglasses and one of them wears it. Masato shouts for them to quickly give his glasses back for that is his treasure. After Masato got it back, Kareshi’s younger brother tells his sister Rino that Masato’s glasses doesn’t suit his face. Kareshi calls out to Masato. She is holding a box that is on the table and says, “This is..” Masato apologizes and says that is a present his mother made him bring. Kareshi’s mother thanks him for he always bringing something and it has been a big help to them. Masato says that it is nothing for they have a lot of excess things since his family is small. The kids approach Kareshi and asks what it is, can it be eaten. The box contains some containers of cooking oil. Masato just laughs when Kareshi asks, wasn’t it too heavy since he brought it from school. Kareshi’s siblings laments how boring since it isn’t a snack. Kareshi tells them not to say that because with that oil, they can make deep-fried prawns.

Kareshi’s mother smiles and says that this is truly embarrassing that because of their family’s situation, they would always receive things from him. Masato protests that it isn’t so and actually, he always received happiness from everyone and from Kareshi. Masato bends on his knees and says, “..Kareshi..before I proposed to you, and you said I’m naive, perhaps that is true in a way, because marriage isn’t just our [the two of us] problem. Then, even if it is like that, if it’s a marriage wherein [my] family and [your] family are combined, then will you still say that I’m naive? We can mutually use each other’s strengths to make up for the other’s weakness.” Kareshi answers, “..let me, think about it a bit.” Masato says, “Ah? Doesn’t it feel like deja vu?” Narration: “What does it mean? ‘Wrong. Didn’t meet. It’s not Yukine’ No, I know the meaning.” At school, Atsumi tells Hanabi that she is going to finish what she’s doing before going home. Hanabi wishes her gambatte and says that she’s going ahead. Walking at the small forested path, Hanabi thinks, “I know the meaning of the words..but Uno Chikai’s heart..” Hanabi sees Chikai sitting down at the side of the path. He angrily complains why she is so late. Hanabi blushes and says that she is doing some school work. “Speaking of that, we also didn’t have any agreement [to meet]. ..We obviously have no agreement, why did you wait for a long time.” Chikai looks at her then he stands up. He says, “If the dog is missing, then one will wait for it to come back.” Hanabi shouts, “You should go look for it!” Hanabi thinks, “What’s up, really cunning, it’s bewildering.” While Chikai is walking ahead, Hanabi asks, “..if it isn’t ‘Yukine’ then who else is it? Who is it? Who?” Without looking back, Chikai says, “[The one] I chose is I-sama.” [Ah, it is like ‘me’ then suffix –sama; as expected of a guy with a huge ego/narcissist tendencies =P ] Hanabi just thinks, “That’s also true.” Looking away, flustered Hanabi exclaims, “Forget it! What the..” She is surprised when Chikai continues to say, “..but I-sama, has chosen you.”

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