June 13, 2011

Chitose Etc [Chapter 16]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on August 14, 2010

Teary eyed Saaya hugs expressionless Shun tightly. Then, Shun pushes her away and tells her not to be like that. “I’ve obviously been doing my best [as if my life depended on it] to forget about you. Do not make me remember the past. You really infuriate me.” Flustered Saaya tells him that she also wanted to forget but regarding Yuki, it seems that in the end, it is still-- Shun angrily shouts for her not to say it anymore. “Since you don’t plan on breaking up with Yuki, then don’t say these kind of things ever again.” Flustered Saaya is taken aback by that. Shun then asks her why they cannot break up for she never explained it to him and he always wasn’t able to understand it. “But, the relationship between the two of you has already surpassed love, since it is more like the two of you mutually needed each other. During the time you collapsed, I finally came to understand this a bit. So, I won’t ever say anything again about the two of you breaking up. Only, allow the other party to occasionally handle it playfully. [= not too sure but I guess for them not don’t meddle too much] Even if it nothing to you guys, but [it] can hurt other people, please remember that a bit.” Flustered-sad Saaya apologizes. Shun says, “I had really planned on becoming serious about going steady with Kaneshiro, and about the thing between us, I’ll treat it as if it never happened. [Ouch]” Saaya is flustered and teary-eyed again. Shun tells her to return to the clubroom since everyone is worried. Saaya says no because in this situation, she cannot go back. She tells him that she’ll go wash her face first and after some time, she’ll head back alone. She asks him to help give some alibi [why she didn’t go back]. Shun agrees and shouts for her to quickly come back. Shun just looks at Saaya as she walks away.

On the day of the party, Midoriko announces at the PA system that after the closing ceremony [before winter break] the highly anticipated Christmas party will start. They are going to carry out the exchange gift at the gym. The activity will start before 15 minutes before the party and it will end 2 hours and 45 minutes afterwards. The special guest will perform around 5 o’clock. She ends it with a wish that everyone enjoy and have a good time. Inside, the students talk about what gift they’ll get, what gift they prepared and heading home for a change clothes. At the Christmas party, everyone is all dressed up with guys in suits and girls in party dresses. The club members have set up a place where the guests can claim their gifts. Kanata takes two numbers from two girls and tells Shun that it is numbers 84 and 122. Shun goes in a room to get the gifts. Yuki then arrives and apologizes for being late. He says that he’ll replace Shun. Kanata says that he is definitely held up by some girls. Yuki smiles and says yes. [I cannot find the word meaning but I guessing that they are asking him some things.] In Santa girl dresses, Saaya and Midoriko arrive to give them some cake. Kanata thanks them and exclaims how cute the cake is with a Santa and Snowman on top. Midoriko agrees with him. While Kanata is happily eating, Shun comments to Midoriko that he thinks her Christmas outfit is cute. Midoriko happily thanks him. Looking sideways, Shun mutters but the one on that side. In a reindeer suit, Chitose who is eating a cake looks at Shun and asks, “Hm?” Shun asks her why she isn’t wearing a Christmas dress [= Santa girl outfit]. Chitose exclaims that it is too cold and she won’t be able to take it. Shun shouts back that it is impossible since the heater is on and there is also the warmth from everyone there. Chitose blush a bit and scowls. Shun laments that Chitose’s sex appeal is zero. Yuki laughs and says but it suits Chitose very much. Holding a box, Kanata asks Chitose if she hasn’t gotten her gift yet. Chitose says no. He tells her to get it now because there will be a lot of people at the end of the party. Kanata tells Yuki that it is number 37. Yuki goes to get it. Midoriko asks what Chitose’s gift is. Chitose says that it is Tadashi’s Demon god series collection novel. She tells Midoriko that her brother kept on pestering her to choose that. There is a scene of Tadashi who is glad that the budget is 500 yen. Midoriko says that’s nice and she would want it, too. To Midoriko’s delight, Chitose tells her that she’ll get her brother to give one to her. Yuki comes back with a gift. With anticipation, Chitose opens the gift. She gasps in delight since it is a mechanical pencil with words ‘Merry Christmas’ and a snow globe of a snowman on top. Midoriko comments that it is cute. Blushing, Chitose calls out to Yuki. Yuki asks what it is. Chitose asks him if it is from him. Yuki says that it isn’t. Chitose is puzzled that it isn’t because there is a snow globe and this is too much of a coincidence. Yuki tells her that it isn’t bad and with that, she’ll surely be happy that she can look at snow whenever she wants. Chitose happily says yes and She goes to show it off to Saaya. While Chitose is happily looking at the snow globe, Yuuki smiles and looks at her.

Soon, Honey Bee is performing. Shun goes to the clubroom and finds Chitose in the middle of changing clothes. Well, she is in the middle of wearing her sweater on top of her uniform. Chitose blushes and exclaims that she is changing clothes. Shun apologizes and says that it isn’t intentional. “You have pretty much done changing so it’s alright. Speaking of that, why didn’t you lock the door? Why aren’t you wearing the reindeer suit anymore?” Blushing and smiling, Chitose says that it will be hot when she goes dancing. He then tells her to change to a Santa dress instead. Chitose just asks him if he also came to change his clothes. Shun says, “Ah, no, there’s something I forgot to give you.” He takes something from his locker and tosses a small envelope to Chitose that she catches. “That’s for you.” Chitose asks if it is a Christmas gift and can she open it. Shun says that it’s nothing much, just a cheap trinket. Chitose takes out a necklace with a small butterfly pendant. Chitose exclaims that it is very cute. “Thank you!” Giving her another small package, Shun says, “Other than that, I’ll also give you the present I drew [from the exchange gift].” Chitose happily receives it. Blushing, Chitose says, “Sorry, I didn’t prepare anything... Although I thought about it a lot, in the end, I don’t know what to give to a guy. If it’s a girl then there are a lot more to choose from. Do you have anything that you want?” Shun says, “What I want...*touches her face* Of course, it is that thing.” Blushing again, Chitose pushes him away and asks if there is anything else besides that. Shun says, “None.” Chitose is speechless. Shun smiles and says, “A kiss will also do. Christmas kiss ♡” This made Chitose blush even more. She exclaims what about their agreement. Shun says that rationally, he wanted to comply with the agreement but then, his instinct is.. Blushing, Chitose says that she knows already but, she’ll be the one who’ll do it. Shun is delighted to hear this. Chitose tells him to sit on the chair and close his eyes. Shun obediently did as told. Chitose blushes as she looks at her hands. She then holds his shoulders and gives him a quick kiss [= light peck] on the lips. Shun looks bored upon opening his eyes. He touches his lips and asks what just touched his lips so gently. “Is it a mosquito?” Flustered Chitose exclaims that she has definitely touched his lips and that is the outmost limit [to her kiss].

Shun sighs. To Chitose’s surprise, Shun goes to her and gives her a hug. Chitose exclaims his name [to let go/what is he doing]. A little flustered, Shun sadly says, “Quickly become mine. I also want to thoroughly sever..” This surprises Chitose. She pulls away from him and looks at him. She asks, “Akaishi-kun, you also have someone whom you want to...forget?” After a pause, Shun admits it is true. Chitose says, “Really, then we are in the same position. Who do you want to forget..” Shun says that he cannot say. Sweatdrops, Chitose says that isn’t unfair because he knew about her situation. Closing his eyes, Shun replies, “Because I don’t want to remember it, it is all in the past now.” Chitose looks at him then asks, “Then, when you said that you wanted to go steady with me, it isn’t because you wanted me to be your girlfriend...” Shun denies it by saying, “No, wanting you as my girlfriend is part of the reason, only..the huge part of the reason is the same as yours.. *Shun looks at her* But, I’ve already had a lot of new feelings towards you, but for you, it seems that you still need some time.” Chitose says, yes and apologizes. Shun mutters that it is because of Yuki. Sitting beside him, Chitose says, “But, thanks to Akaishi-kun, it is definite that you made me distracted [from Yuki], I’ve also have new feelings toward you. So, please wait a bit for me.” After a pause, Shun smiles and says, “..okay.” Chitose smiles back. Outside the clubroom door, eavesdropping Yuki looks sad. After the party, Chitose walks home with Yuki. Chitose says that she had fun and what did Yuki got. Yuki says that it seems like a cake and he gave it to Kanata to eat. Chitose laughs over it. Yuki asks if she didn’t go watch Honey Bee. Chitose exclaims in surprise that he is right. “I was in the clubroom then, in the end, I totally forgot about it. Such a waste- [I didn’t get to see it.]” Yuki tells her that he went to call her. Chitose is surprised to hear about this. She tells him that she didn’t see him come. To her surprise and embarrassment, Yuki tells her that it is because she is with Shun so he didn’t make any sound. “Christmas gift, I also want it.” Yuki holds Chitose’s head and tells surprised Chitose, “Can I receive it, too? A gift just like Shun’s.”


  1. OHeeeem! @///.///@ where did you read that manga? x( I wanna see the illustrations, too. Huhu.

    BTW, great summarization. :) I really understood it even without pictures :)

    1. You can read it here: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/17712.htm Nanami.

      It's in Chinese though. Thanks for the comment ^-^