June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 19]

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Putting on a smile-somewhat embarrassed expression, Anna holds the necklace and says, “I’m really thankful for this birthday gift that you gave me several days ago but then, in my opinion, I truly cannot accept such an awesome necklace. Attaining your thoughts [for the gift] would suffice so please, take this back.” Irritated Sou looks at her and replies, “So, I’ve already told you. If you don’t want it then throw it away.” There is a long pause between the two. They are about to go to school from their apartment. Still plastering a smiling face, Anna angrily says, “I obviously planned of a nice way of dealing with this..*blows top* How can I just simply throw away something that someone has given me just because [you] said to throw it? What the- Then, you tell me what I should do! What should I do to satisfy you? If you want me to wear this necklace, you’ll get angry again!!” Sou angrily shouts back, “I’m not angry because you wore that necklace- That isn’t the problem here. I’m angry at--” While covering her ears, Anna turns around from Sou and shouts, “Ah Ah Ah You don’t have to say it--!!” Sou is really angry at how Anna is acting. Anna thinks, “I haven’t thought of it before. I just accepted what Sou gave me on my birthday because every year, I just took his gift [without no other thoughts about it]. I only happily wear it just like [the other stuff he gave] before because it is such a cute necklace. It is quite new that I want to quickly wear it. I didn’t even think what Sou’s feelings are.” There is a flashback of Sou holding the necklace and telling Anna that since she is wearing the necklace he gave her, it makes him angry when she is getting too friendly with other guys. After a pause, Anna says, “...I’m sorry for returning it when it is rare for you to me a gift..but within this gift..if it exceeds the meaning that I imagined, then I..” She turns around to face Sou but it turns out that Sou has already left. Beni then comes out of the apartment and asks what she is doing, standing all alone there. Anna looks at Beni in aghast when Beni starts saying that Anna is really scary for it seems that she is talking to herself. Anna angrily thinks, “I cannot believe it...he suddenly went on ahead?! Not saying even a word?! I’m obviously still talking to him, that idiot~~~~~*pop vein* This is really unbelievable!!! I really want to break off ties with that kind of person-!!!”

Anna angrily arrives in the classroom. She angrily glares at Sou who is minding his own business. She mentally curses that he arrived first but then, that is inevitable since he left first. Nanoka happily asks Anna what she is angry about so early in the morning. Anna looks surprised and greets Nanoka a good morning. Nanoka continues to say, “Could it be that you quarreled with Nagase Sou whom everyone is talking about? I have heard of it-- Anna's childhood friend is Nagase-kun. Since this morning, it is being talked about that yesterday, the two of you held hands while walking home. Could it be that the two of you are going steady..” Looking down, Anna says, “It is a total misunderstanding. *saying out loud for Sou to hear* Nagase Sou is just my childhood friend. Other than that, there is nothing between us. Much less, how can I be with that guy who has the mentality of a kid. I really have no way of communicating with that guy and to always go to school with him is really tiring. What are you talking about going steady, that’s totally impossible!!” While everyone are gossiping, Sou angrily looks at Anna and thinks, “That girl..” Nanoka looks surprised over this. She then looks really happy as she holds Anna’s hands. She happily says, “As expected, from what I heard, it feels that I can really get along with you ♥” Anna looks surprised as she thanks Nanoka. Anna wonders from what she said that made Nanoka say that. Nanoka tells her that she believes that it isn’t necessary that one would have to always get along with an irritating person just because s/he is a childhood friend. “If that is how it is, one won’t be able to enjoy one’s high school life ♪” Anna somewhat agrees with this. She thinks, “This is after all, a rare high school life. If I will be all agitated over that thing, then it would be like I have wasteful squander it!! I won’t care about that guy who won’t listen to what one is saying. I’ll just let him be!!” Soon, classes start. Bespectacled Sou answers the question correctly on the board. The teacher praises him for it and says that it seems that he really prepared for the lesson. Anna is speechless-irritated while the other girls are saying that they couldn’t answer that question and Sou with glasses look cool. Anna is speechless-surprise when the teacher Sou is really good after he is able to read the book in fluent English. During a basketball PE game, Sou manages to shoot a basket. Anna thinks, “While being in the same class as Sou, for the first time I have this genuine feeling that Sou..Sou..he..he really, can do anything..but I!! don’t mind him anymore!!”

The school bell rings. Anna is walking with Nanoka at the hallway. Anna sadly says that the Classics [literature] subject is next and it will be her turn [to recite] next. Nanoka asks if she still hasn’t interpreted the given assignment. Anna says that she did though she isn’t confident about it. Just then, a couple of their classmates call out to Anna. They ask if they can bother her for a moment since there is something they want to ask her. “You and Nagase-kun weren’t going steady, right?!” Anna looks bored as she thinks that it is that usual question. Anna tells them that they haven’t gone steady and they are only childhood friends. One of their classmates exclaims, “Then, what about before?! Have you two gone steady before?! We heard from the rumors that Nagase-kun’s ex-girlfriend is in our school.” While the two classmates giggling say that there is a possibility that the one mentioned is Anna, Nanoka is quiet-thoughtful. Anna wonders, “Am I Sou’s ex-girlfriend? I did go steady with Sou but we quickly broke up. No, if I mention that here, it will..” The two classmates ask Anna who confessed first, how long did they went steady and why they broke up. Anna sheepishly say that no, it isn’t even something that can called as going steady. The classmates wonder out loud as to who it could be. Anna blushes-surprised when they told her that according to the rumors, it is a super beautiful and cute girl and it is like a ‘smart-beautiful’ type of girl who suits Sou. “Skin so white~ Hair is soft and shiny~ Right, and I heard that her voice is also really cute!! *Anna blushes and mentally denies it* Her legs are long and slender as if she is a model~ No wonder she is Nagase’s ex-girlfriend.” Anna looks speechless-surprise. She wonders if she is like a model. Anna becomes really surprised when the classmate says that what’s really shocking is that in the end, that kind of person is suddenly dumped [by Sou]. Anna sweatdrops and mentally asks if that is how it is and it was Sou who wanted to break up so she should have been dumped. The two classmates start saying that it is really awful to be in the same school as the one who was dumped [by someone] during junior high. “Moreover, there is also this gossip [spreading around]” “Ya, it is really pitiful-” Nanoka tells the two girls that they are like idiots for weren’t they the ones spreading the rumors. “If you feel that person is pitiful then you shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing, right?” Anna and the other classmates are surprised-scared by what Nanoka said. The classmates mutter that she is right and sorry about that. They quickly walk away. Nanoka apologizes to Anna for ruining the mood for she thought that Anna hates that kind of people. Anna just nervously laughs about it and says, no [, she doesn’t] but then, what Nanoka said isn’t wrong either. This brightens up Nanoka that she asks Anna if she has decided on the club she’ll enter. Anna says that she haven’t for she and her friends decided on temporarily joining a seemingly relaxing club <- enthusiasm = zero. Nanoka happily says if that is so then, how about joining a club with her.

Walking at the hallway with Princess and Rui, Anna tells them that she heard that the members of the photography club have all graduated and so now, they are all new members. Every year, the club members are ghost members and the adviser would write ‘No Touch’ outside the door of the photography club. Rui says that it is like a non-existent club. Princess says that it is really great so they should join this photography club. Someone says about not caring about youth having to perspire for they/she doesn’t want to perspire. [= enjoy high school and not do much club activities.] They then mention that Kurumi [Mochiduki’s name] is quite enthusiastic and satisfied with joining the art club. They arrive at the room and Anna overhears Nanoka happily talking. Anna peaks in and says that she’s coming in. Anna looks surprise upon seeing a beautiful long haired girl with Nanoka. Anna wonders who she is for she is really beautiful. Nanoka calls out to Anna if she got her friends with her. Still recovering from her shock upon seeing a beautiful girl, Anna introduces her junior high friends Princess and Rui. Anna asks if that beautiful person beside Nanoka is.. Nanoka happily clings on to the girl’s arm and exclaims, “That’s right!! This is Nanoka’s childhood friend – Aso Ayane. Yup- [she’s] super beautiful and very cute ♥♥” Anna and friends look stupefied as Nanoka kept on raving about Aya not as not only beautiful but also nice, intelligent that she is good at sports and cooking. Aya tells Nanoka not to say that anymore for it is embarrassing her. Aya apologizes to Anna and others that they have seen something funny. Nanoka still clings on to Aya’s arm and happily says that it is all true. Anna says her greeting ‘under your care’. Aya smiles and says that it must be hard for Anna to always be with Nanoka. Pouting, Nanoka says that Aya is cruel for she is implying that she [Nanoka] is childish. Aya says that Nanoka has a tendency to suddenly talk a lot. Anna thinks that no wonder they are childhood friends, they know each other a lot. Just then, a woman enters the room and asks if they are the ones who wanted to join the club. She is really happy that there are quite more members than she anticipated. She then asks if she can get their club application cards. The woman then introduces herself as the photography club’s adviser, Nakasawa Chiaki. “Until last year, the photography club wasn’t able to make any eye-catching activity but this year, I and everyone else will do our best. I’ll be under your care!! *Anna and the others look stunned* Today, we are going to discuss as to what kind of activities we would do!! Ah, everyone is beginners in photography. Okay- it’s alright, it’s alright!!” Rui comments that this isn’t a non-existent club.

In Anna’s room, her mother asks if she is already awake for it is already 7:30. Anna shouts back that she is awake. She gets ready to wear her sweater. While gloomily wearing it, Anna thinks that she has a premonition that club she joined will unexpectedly turn into a tiring club. Then, the necklace that Sou gave her fell on the floor. Anna picks it up and mentally thought that ever since that day, she had actually put it in her PE uniform. “A few days had already passed since that day when I have nothing to do with Sou and just go to school on my own. Before, when we have a quarrel, there is always Hinata who’ll mediate between us. Hinata. Hinata.” Anna gets her cellphone and starts calling Hinata but to her dismay, she only got a busy signal. She tearfully goes out of the apartment while mentally calling Hinata stupid [for talking with someone]. She is surprised to see Sou waiting for her. Sou apologizes regarding what happened a few days earlier. “I only got jealous on my own. Just think of that necklace as birthday gift that your childhood friend gave you. Please accept it. Whether you want to wear it or not, you decide-” Anna says, “About that..” Sou looks at her and asks if she is still angry. Anna blankly says, “..I’m not angry.” Sou then shouts, “So, that’s regarded as we’ve reconciled!! Let’s go to school!!” Anna looks surprise as she wonders if that was an apology. Sou takes his bag and stands up. He then says out loud, “Geez- Hinata just called and got angry with me. He’s saying that we should properly get along with each other.” Anna looks surprised by this, then to Sou’s surprise, Anna starts laughing. Anna goes beside Sou while still laughing. Sou asks what it is. Anna says, “Nothing- I’m just thinking that deep down in his heart, Hinata loves the two of us.” Sou exclaims, “Ha ah? Don’t say such disgusting words.” Anna looks at Sou and happily says, “Sou, thank you for your gift.” Sou looks touched by what she said. Sou tells Anna that he’ll anticipate three times the amount for his birthday. Anna says, “Then- on your birthday, I’ll give you a three layer cake!!” Sou whispers that it is alright as long as it isn’t a hard sponge cake. Anna angrily shouts at him to quit whispering and he should say it out loud. In school, Nanoka looks shock upon seeing Anna and Sou together at the shoe lockers. Anna greets Nanoka. Sou then tells Anna that he’ll go ahead. After Sou left, Nanoka shock-disappointed asks why, for didn’t Anna say that she won’t go to school with Sou again. Anna tells her that they already made up. Nanoka exclaims, “Is that alright? Won’t the same thing definitely happen again?! Weren’t it you who said ‘his mentality is like a kid’s’!!” Anna nervously smiles and says that even if it is like that, but perhaps, one should say that they are like Tweedledum and Tweeldedee [always fighting and friends again/bumbling idiots?]. “Sorry for making you worry!! From today on, we’ll do our best not to quarrel again.” Nanoka looks as if she is going to cry. She whispers, “No..that won’t do..” Anna is puzzled as she asks what did Nanoka said. Looking serious, Nanoka says, “Regarding this important thing, I hope you’ll keep it a secret..regarding the rumor that our classmates were talking about. Nagase-kun’s ex-girlfriend who was talked about is Aya-chan. *Anna goes into shock* She’s beautiful and cute and like a model, right.” Anna blushes in shock as she mentally wonders if that is true and Sou had actually go steady with that beautiful girl. “So, the one they are talking about isn’t me..(disappointed)” Nagase looks somewhat sad, “Afterwards, in reality, Aya-chan, she still likes Nagase-kun. So, I also wanted to help them to go back to how they were once were. But then, it isn’t enough to just depend on my own strength...*happily pleading* So, how about Anna, will you help out, too? As a childhood friend ♥” Anna looks surprised and tense.

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