June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 60-61]

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Narration: “That non-stop ringing cellphone... Uno Chikai won’t answer it... Uno Chika is not moving a muscle..” Flustered Hanabi asks, “Yukine..is it her..?” Hanabi can only think ‘why’ while the cellphone continuously rings on. [I’m not sure what Hanabi tries to do but it seems that she is hitting her lips.] Chikai calls out to her and holds her hand for her to stop. Chikai looks surprised upon seeing Hanabi crying. Hanabi thinks that this time she cannot see Chikai because of her tears. Looking away, Hanabi asks, “..why?” While thoughts of the times she is with Chikai from the time he broke up with Yukine to the time she got her kiss from him, Hanabi thinks, “From the time, I heard that Chikai ended that love affair by the river side, and then later on, irrationally, struggling, struggling, struggling until the ‘Yukine’ from his email address disappear. Kiss...” Still crying and looking away, Hanabi says, “..why..is it ‘Yukine’ again..” Chikai let go of her hand as she continues to cry. Chikai just look at her quietly. Hanabi suddenly stands up and shouts, “At least give me an explanation..idiot!” Hanabi rushes out the room as Chikai calls for her to wait. Hanabi shouts back that she won’t. Chikai is surprised when his phone starts ringing again. Chikai looks at the direction where Hanabi left then he answers his phone. “Hello, what is it?” Yukine apologizes and asks if she is disturbing him. “It’s no big deal, it is just that my mother is discharged from the hospital. I’m been calling numerous times yet no one is answering... It made me think that something had happened, sorry...Chikai?” Chikai is now bending down to the ground. Meanwhile, Hanabi is walking Nanpa away at the streets. She thinks, “Idiot Uno Chikai! What does he meant by saying ‘for you, I’m still only a guy’! That’s right, that’s right! Uno Chikai is super real~~~~~~~~’guy’! Kiss. Even if it is a bit disgusting but I still anticipated it, and feeling happy about it, is also for real! But, suddenly, there is ‘Yukine’ again! Ah-that’s right! ‘Yukine’, she’s beautiful so kissing should be no problem at all! From the looks of things, of course, ‘Yukine’ is much better! But what about me? Speaking of ‘Yukine’, [she] is also for real, always getting entangled endlessly...besides, it’s ‘Yukine’s fault..it’s Uno Chikai’s fault..it’s also my fault.” Nanpa thinks that Hanabi isn’t walking fast enough that he turns around to see what is holding her up. He sees Hanabi crying. Hanabi thinks, “If..I can be a bit more outstanding..” A passerby then says that it seems there is only one dog [referring to Cleo] now at the house.

At the Alon store, Hanabi tells Gen that she suffered a crushing defeat in battle. Gen asks if she wasn’t able to overcome it. Holding [imaginary?] mini flags of herself and Chikai, Hanabi says, “Not only that, there’s already a break off in the diplomatic relations. ..perhaps..” [She is thinking of herself and Chikai as two countries.] Gen asks if it is true and is it because of what he suggested. Hanabi says no, it is because of some other thing and she is to blame. “It is all my fault. *Hanabi looks dark* But, I still think that he also has a fault in it. Then, what happens afterwards? How can things end up this way?” Hanabi thinks that since that time, Chikai didn’t contact her during spring break. They were interrupted when Sasa comes in while holding a postcard. After the usual greetings, Sasa says that he is going to use the birthday discount postcard he got. Hanabi smiles and decides to leave the first ‘happy birthday’ greeting up to Atsumi. Looking around, Sasa asks if there is any cushion that isn’t just for girls. Gen suggests that he choose something that won’t be given to him [Sasa] as a gift. “Because Sasa-kun is basically also quite popular.” Sasa says that he isn’t that popular. Gen puts on Sasa’s head a furry cushion and laughingly says that Sasa is also basically modest. Sasa exclaims what he is doing and what’s with that ‘basically’ stuff he’s saying. Gen says that it is because the difference in the degree/level is still very far apart. “Right now, you are just starting, and there are still a lot of happy things that are waiting for you like having a romance with a cute girl..right.” Sasa and Hanabi look surprise. Sasa mutters, “Could it be..that those words..are uttered on the basis of what you know?” Meanwhile, Yukine is leading Chikai to her house. She apologizes for the rude request but she told her mother while she [mother] is still in the hospital that Chikai helped her [Yukine] bring those groceries home. In return, Yukine’s mother told her to invite Chikai to their house for her to thank him. Yukine says that her mother really wanted to see him especially since she thought of Chikai as her own child. At the door, Yukine smiles and says, “I feel that this is like forcing you, but I’m really happy that you were able to come.” Chikai just looks at her. He notices that she is blushing while looking at him. The door opens then closes. Yukine’s mother greets Chikai that it has been a long time. She tells Chikai to quickly come in. She tells Yukine to get the slippers at that side. Yukine asks if this is it [slippers] and did she [mother] specially prepare new ones for Chikai.

Back at the store, Hanabi wonders if Gen knew of Sasa’s feelings. Sasa asked if Gen said those words based on the things he know. Sasa is flustered when Gen smiles and says, “Of course, I know. Do not belittle adults! I am after all someone who had gone through and experienced all that ♥ When I was in love, I have encountered totally happy things!” Hanabi realizes that is what Gen is referring to. A female customer calls out that Hanabi goes to assist her. Just when Hanabi is going, Sasa shouts, “Choosing only happy things, I cannot do it! I’ll be the one who’ll decide as to what to choose! Since the very start, I knew that kind of thing will hurt me!” Hanabi looks surprised at Sasa who looks flustered and angry. Gen unwaveringly just look at Sasa. Sasa quickly runs out of the store. Hanabi wants to chase after him but she has a customer to attend to. Hanabi thinks about what Sasa said that he knew from the start that kind of thing will be painful. At the fastfood store, Atsumi looks surprised when Sasa slightly smiles at her. Sasa orders one beef stew soup. Atsumi says okay and welcomes him to the store. Noticing that Sasa is looking really down, Atsumi says, “...Right now..you look like you are not in the mood to drink some beef soup..Sasa-kun? What happened..?” Later on, Gen is closing his store. Atsumi goes to see him. She asks him what he told Sasa. Gen asks what Sasa said. Atsumi says that Sasa didn’t say anything for he won’t tell her. Atsumi remembers flustered Sasa looking away and said, “That person..he became aware of my feelings.” Flustered Atsumi tells Gen, “It’s just..his eyes are filled with..pain..” Without looking at Atsumi, Gen replies, “...really..it seems..perhaps I should have hurt him a bit more deeper.” Atsumi looks surprise. Gen continues to say, “I really should have hurt him a bit deeper earlier on.”

Narration: “Already knew that I will be hurt..even if I knew, I still chose that. Because this feeling of love kept on growing non-stop. Until now, I still cannot totally resist..” Hanabi puts all her things that remind/given by Chikai to her on the bed. Looking at the things, Hanabi says, “But, apparently, I’m already extremely tired..” Nanpa looks at the things and barks – what are those things. Hanabi mutters that they are Chikai’s items. “..I thought I’m doing my best to struggle, even if I only posses these things, I also feel that I’m quite lucky.” She thinks that she’s always loving that it really hurts, yet Sasa and Atsumi are quite strong and perhaps she [Hanabi] doesn’t possess that. She starts crying again about how love can be so tiring. Nanpa thinks that she’s crying again. He licks her tears as he wonders with him by her side, what he can do for her and what is that only thing that he can do for her. Still crying, Hanabi laughs and says that it is salty. Nanpa then looks at the small wooden dog craft that Chikai made for Hanabi before. Soon, it is night. Chikai apologizes to Yukine’s mother for intruding. [<- being polite]. Yukine’s mother asks him to come over again and she’ll be waiting. Yukine tells her mother not to be like that, saying things to force Chikai to do so. [<- cannot say no] Outside the house, blushing Yukine apologizes and tells Chikai not to mind what her mother said. “..Thank you for today, it feels as if I have returned to the past.” She looks longing for Chikai. “..Chikai, I want to return to the past...but I know that is impossible, because there is Hanabi, so at least, please allow me to like you. Can I?” She reaches out and holds his sleeve. While looking down, Yukine says, “Like when you obviously have me..the same as Hanabi who hasn’t given up on you.” Chikai pulls her hand off him and says, “..Yukine, I already..liked you..” Yukine looks surprised. Nanpa narrates that even if Chikai made Hanabi cry, he couldn’t hate nor detest Chikai for it. Coming out from the bathroom, Hanabi asks her sister where Nanpa is. Minato says that he is either at the second floor or in her room. Looking for Nanpa, Hanabi goes upstairs and hear some growling sound. Nanpa narrates that he cannot say anything nor is he clever because after all, he is only a dog. “For the person whom I like the most, I can only do [this] up to this degree. Please let me carry a bit of Hanabi’s pain..” Hanabi is shock to see Nanpa biting into pieces or he just ate the small wooden dog craft because all is left is just that ‘collar’ of the wooden dog. [Edit: I think Nanpa is choking on that thing. Hanabi is worriedly calling out to him.]

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