June 13, 2011

Chitose Etc. [Chapters 14-15]

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Chitose is all dressed up to go to school. Her brother enters her room and asks if she can go to school now. Chitose says that she is okay now. She comments that he woke up quite early. Tadashi says that he didn’t slept all night because he had a lot of work. He plans to drink some tea before going to sleep. In the kitchen, Tadashi wonders what kind of tea he’ll drink. He then notices that Chitose is looking towards him that he asks what it is. Chitose tells him that when she went out yesterday, she met Yuki then they played in the snow. She also tells him that Yuki suddenly hugged her from behind and told her not to go steady with Shun. Chitose says that Yuki would later on tell her to forget about it. She asks her brother what is the meaning of what Yuki did. While thinking that is the reason why she had a fever, Tadashi laughs it off and says that it is inevitable. Tadashi explains that guys are selfish because guys would really be happy if someone, no matter who they are, confesses their love. “Guys would want that person to always like them even if one already has a girlfriend and even if one doesn’t have plans to go steady with the girl who confessed. Yuki-kun should feel better to see that you already have a boyfriend and yet, he might also feel a bit lost. Therefore, he unconsciously said those things. I think that there shouldn’t be any deep meaning in it. Do not mind it.” Chitose says, really. While he is about to drink his hot tea, Tadashi says, “But, it could also be that Yuki-kun likes you more than he likes his own girlfriend..” He looks at the side and notices that Chitose has already left. Walking out of the house, Chitose thinks that her brother is right because Yuki cannot like her even if she cannot help but be very happy over him hugging her, holding her hands and giving her that snow globe. She shouldn’t take it seriously. She also thinks that going steady with Shun is unexpectedly fun, too, even if he is lewd that it can be quite troublesome for her. She also thinks that her brain is in disarray just dealing with things concerning Yuki.

When she goes out of the building, she is surprised to see Shun waiting for her. She asks if he came to fetch her. Shun smiles and says yes because there is still time [before the school bell]. He asks if she is now okay. She says yes. Chitose is surprised when Shun says that Yuki is also coming out. Yuki comes out of the building and then, they all exchange greetings with each other. Yuki comments that he didn’t expect Shun to be this serious that he is fetching Chitose. Shun says that is good, right. Chitose cannot help but feel uneasy. While walking to school, Chitose thanks Yuki for yesterday. Yuki says okay. Shun asks if Yuki also came to visit. Chitose says he didn’t but rather, he gave her a gift courtesy of her brother. Chitose then says that she now realize that Shun came to visit without bringing her anything. [Bringing a gift when visiting is a common courtesy] Shun happily says, “If you are talking about a gift, didn’t I give it to you already? My lips ♡” That made Chitose blush and exclaim in surprise. Shun says that it is also thanks. Shun continues to say that he didn’t got infected by her cold and he planned that if he got infected, he’ll infect her back but perhaps there is an incubation period. Embarrassed Chitose kept on telling stupid Shun to stop saying those stuff. Yuki looks ill and angry that he declares that he is going ahead because he feels like a third wheel. This surprised the two as they look on while Yuki walks ahead. Shun then twist Chitose’s head towards him and tells her not to look that way at Yuki for she is his girlfriend. After looking surprised, Chitose blushes and apologizes. Shun looks at her then says, “In the end, shouldn’t we have H? That way, you can speedily convey those feelings to my body.” Chitose sweatdrops and calls out his name for him to quit talking that way. She angrily mutters for him to not look serious while saying that stuff.

At the clubroom, Kanata has finished writing three sets of numbers until number 585 in a piece of paper. He happily says that is all of the students in school. Holding the paper, Chitose asks what it is for. Kanata says that it is used for the exchange gift that will be done on the day of the party. Gifts that are under their care will have a number. Another same number is put in the box. The third same number will be given to a student. The number that is drawn from the box will receive the corresponding gift. [It is basically Kris Kringle or Secret Santa] Chitose asks if they can join. Kanata says of course. Chitose happily wonders what kind of gift to prepare. Kanata says that it is supposed to be within 500 yen so last year, there are a lot of snacks or stationary type of items [like eraser, pencil, etc.] Shun says that it is too tiring to take care of the gifts of the whole student body and one has to also be quick in getting gift and giving it to the one who drew the number of the gift. Yuki says that one has to move and think fast. Kanata says that there is no untoward incident last year and the reviews are good so they should also do their best this year. Saaya then enters the room to tell everyone that Honey Bee has agreed to perform. Midoriko is delighted over this since the special guest has been decided. She praised Saaya for being great to pull this off. Chitose asks if Honey Bee is that popular band group. Kanata happily says that their lead singer and bassist graduated from their school. Saaya says that they belong to the same [showbiz] company as hers so she just asked the president [of the company] about this. Midoriko is super excited over this. She looks over her list and says that the preparation for the Christmas tree and costumes are already set up. The DJ will be done by the light music club. Food and cakes will be done by the cooking club and those who like sweets. The art club will help them in fixing up the venue. Midoriko asks about the leftover decorations from last year. Kanata holds a box and says that is all. Everyone is delighted when Midoriko says that they will now go shopping for more decorations.

As they went out of the building, Shun asks Chitose where her coat is. Chitose goes into shock that she forgot it and now that he mentioned it, it is cold. Chitose starts shivering. Shun thinks that she’s an idiot. He tells her that she is obviously scared of the cold yet she forgot about it. Chitose says that it is because one doesn’t need to wear a coat when going out in Okinawa so she isn’t used to it that she careless forgot about it. She apologizes and says that she’ll go and get it. Shun tells her to forget about it and he’ll lend her his jacket. He takes off his jacket and hands it to her. Holding the jacket, Chitose objects that he will get cold. Shun says that it is alright since he is wearing a lot of wool garments inside today. Chitose decides not to protest anymore. Upon wearing it, Chitose happily says that it is very light-weight and very warm. With lots of hearts, Chitose exclaims that the truth is this is the first time she wore a down jacket and she always wanted to try. “I’m so happy!” Shun looks surprised and asks if they don’t wear down jackets in Okinawa. Chitose says that there is no need to wear them though there are some who feel that they need to wear it for fashion. Chitose tells Shun that in Okinawa, one has to commute from home to the place of destination so basically, they don’t walk around outside. It is very warm inside the car/vehicle and buildings so one would have to take off the down jacket that one is wearing. [In short, it is an inconvenience.] Shun starts laughing over this. While Yuki and Saaya just glance at the two, Midoriko and Kanata happily says that those two are lovey-dovey that they are envious of them. Shun smiles at Chitose who happily says, ‘Down jacket’. An older woman is watching them from behind. She looks displeased as she bites her lip. At the department store where party supplies are being sold, Chitose happily looks around and says that there are a lot of interesting things. Shun tells her not to go around carelessly else she’ll get lost. Saaya says that she wants to get more balloons. Midoriko says that it is okay as long as it is within the budget. While Kanata is looking at something, the older woman earlier passes by him. He tells Saaya and Midoriko that it seems that woman is dangerous for her face is filled with hate that she looks scary. Saaya asks which one. Kanata points to Saaya the woman who is approaching Chitose. Saaya notices that woman is holding something on her hand. Saaya and Midoriko become frantic upon realizing that it is a boxcutter knife with the blade exposed. Saaya shouts Chitose’s name. The two guys look at Chitose’s direction. Chitose turns around to see the woman holding up the knife to slash Chitose. She slashes but Yuki uses his body to cover and protect Chitose. Chitose still looks surprised. Yuki’s hand is wounded as a bit of blood drips on the floor. The others quickly go to them. The woman is shaking that she drops the knife and tries to leave. Kanata shouts that woman is escaping. This made Shun grab the woman’s arm and exclaim who she is.

Just when Shun is saying that he is going to report her to the police, he is surprised and says, “..Nami?” Everyone is surprised that Shun knows the woman. Shun asks what Nami just did and what she is thinking. Nami is flustered and starts crying. Some staff members go to them to ask what the trouble is. Yuki and Kanata say that it is nothing, they are just playing around and sorry that it is too loud. Saaya grabs Kanata’s arm and whispers, why. Kanata says that it is because Shun knows the woman so they shouldn’t report it to the police. Shun apologizes to the others and says that he’ll talk with Nami for a while. He apologizes again and says that they should go ahead. After Shun and Nami went away, Kanata asks if they should head back to the club first. Midoriko says that they haven’t bought everything yet. Yuki looks at his injured hand when Chitose exclaims that he’s bleeding. Yuki smiles and says that it is no big deal and the skin is just broken. Saaya tells him to protect it first by covering with a handkerchief and they should quickly go to a drugstore nearby. Midoriko says that it isn’t good to leave the box cutter knife on the floor so Kanata decides to take it with them. Chitose then thanks Yuki for blocking the woman. Yuki smiles and says that it is good that she is alright. Chitose blushes and thinks that Yuki saved her again. She wonders why during those times [harassed by talent agent and those trespassers during school festival], it is always Yuki who comes to save her. She thinks that it is because of all that, it is natural for his existence in her life to continuously become big and he makes her feel that he is someone special. “Removing Yuki-kun from my heart is really difficult.” While they are all walking back to school, they begin to wonder what that woman’s relationship with Shun is. Midoriko says that woman is obviously older but maybe she is a relative because he addressed her more familiarly. Kanata says that for her to attack Chitose, it should be because of jealousy. He wonders out loud if it is an ex-girlfriend. Midoriko says that Shun says that he didn’t have one before. Kanata asks Chitose if she has any clues. Chitose sweatdrops and says yes. She wonders if she should tell them and since it is Shun, he probably doesn’t mind. Chitose says, “I think, it is his..sex partner.” Everyone goes into shock and exclaims, “Sex partner!” Embarrassed, Chitose tells them that they are out in the streets.

At the second floor lounge area of the department store, Shun asks Nami if she has already calmed down. Nami says yes. Shun tells her to please explain what is going on and if it is just a coincidence that she is there. Nami shakes her head and says that she followed them from school. Shun asks why she did that. Nami says that there are times when she goes there, near the gate. Still puzzled, Shun asks why. Nami exclaims, “Because, I wanted to see you!” Shun looks surprised then says that they aren’t lovers and she is the one who said that they should break up their relationship because she has a boyfriend. Nami admits that is true and at first, it is only just playing around and Shun is younger by four years but she doesn’t know when, she suddenly became serious about it. Nami says that it hurts more because Shun doesn’t think that way and she had decided to end it with him when she finds herself a boyfriend. She originally planned to thoroughly break it off but at that time, she saw him with that girl [Chitose] at the train station. She realized that he already has a girlfriend, an innocent and ‘not well-versed about the world’ type of girl. She got angry upon seeing his happy expression that he never once had shown her. Then, her feelings for him had intensely revived but since things had already reached that point, she cannot just get in touch with him again. With hopes that they can bump into each other by chance, she has been passing his house and school many times. And, today, she sees him with that girl again and upon seeing that girl looking happy while wearing Shun’s down jacket, she suddenly felt hatred that she wanted to slash that down jacket. She doesn’t plan on harming the girl but then, that other guy suddenly jumped in front. It is only now when Nami wonders if that guy is alright. Shun says that guy [Yuki] said that it isn’t a big deal. Nami apologizes to Shun and asks him to apologize to that guy for her. Shun apologizes to her because he doesn’t have any misgivings when he is in front of her and he had always told her that the thing between them is just something like friendship. Even if they had tryst, he still wasn’t able to think of her as a lover. “I’m sorry.” Nami sadly says she knows and this is her ‘reaping what she sowed’. Nami then asks if she can ask Shun another thing. “Before, you told me that you like some girl and she isn’t your current girlfriend, right? It is because it feels different from the time you told me about it. Didn’t things progress smoothly between you and that girl?” Shun looks at her and then says, ya, it wasn’t successful.

At the clubroom, Kanata is saying out loud that before while chatting with Shun, it does feel that Shun already has experience that he thought Shun already has a girlfriend but it turns out to be a sex partner. Chitose sweatdrops and begins to wonder that maybe she shouldn’t have told them about it. Midoriko is furious as she thinks that Shun is quite frivolous[/a womanizer]. Kanata says that it cannot be helped because he is a guy. Midoriko angrily shouts for him to shut up for that is just a guy’s alibi and how could Kanata say that. Kanata timidly tries to remind her that he is a guy. Midoriko angrily says that it is really unbelievable of Shun to take the initiative to tell his girlfriend Chitose that he had a sex partner. Chitose tries to correct her by saying that he didn’t take the initiative to tell her but rather, she asked him about it. When Midoriko asks about this, Chitose explains that it is because she felt that Shun is very experienced so she asked him if he did or did he not have a girlfriend before and that is when he told her that he didn’t have a girlfriend but rather, he had a sex partner. Kanata asks what she meant by experienced. This made Chitose blush really red. Kanata and Midoriko ask if she and Shun already did it and it’s quite fast. Chitose nervously tells them that it isn’t so. The two then say that if it isn’t so, up to what part did they do it. Noticing that Chitose’s face is really red, they press Chitose up as to what part did they progress. Yuki looks irritated and angry over this. Saaya looks surprised then it seems that something snapped within her. Then, Shun arrives. Midoriko and Kanata asks what happened and was that his sex partner. Shun looks at Chitose to ask if she told them though she is right. Chitose just apologize. Shun tells them that she used to be his sex partner and it seems that she became serious about it. “Because she is jealous of Kaneshiro, she wanted to slash the down jacket that I lend to her. I’m sorry for giving you trouble. I already talked with her and she won’t do that kind of thing again. Sorry, Yuki and Kaneshiro.”

Chitose happily says that it is alright. Waving his bandaged hand, Yuki says that it is just a scratch. Midoriko says that even if it is a shock, but thankfully, things didn’t progress into a bigger incident and it is quite interesting. Kanata and Midoriko start asking Shun to tell them more about this sex partner stuff. Shun tells them to forget about that thing. Shun notices that Saaya has stood up and is approaching him. To everyone’s shock, Saaya slaps Shun really hard on the face. Saaya turns around and slams the door as she went out. Holding his face, Shun shouts to Midoriko that it hurts and what is that about when he obviously apologized. “There’s also no need for her to be that vicious!” Midoriko sweatdrops and says, ya but Yuki is injured, they weren’t able to buy the materials that they have to do that again so Saaya might not have forgiven him. Midoriko suggests to Shun that he apologize sincerely to Saaya and bring her back to the club since they won’t dare go [get her]. Irritated, Shun did as told. Chitose wonders if things are okay and she hopes that they won’t hit each other. “I’m quite shock since Saaya’s reaction is quite intense..” Outside, [seems to be still in the school grounds] Shun calls out to Saaya who is walking away. Shun apologizes again about what happened today and he also didn’t thought that such a thing would happen. He is surprised when Saaya says that she never heard that Shun had a sex partner. Shun says that he has no obligation to tell her. Saaya shouts when it started and when it ended. Somewhat irritated, Shun asks if this is the reason why she is angry. Saaya shouts that she’s jealous. Shun tells her to quit joking because things have reached that point and now, she is saying this kind of stuff. “The one who didn’t choose me and chose Yuki instead is you--” Flustered Saaya shouts, “That’s right! But I don’t want, I cannot endure it, just thinking of you and that girl..and also doing all sorts of stuff with Chitose--” Teary-eyed Saaya hugs a surprised Shun.

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