June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 15]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on May 1, 2010

Flashback: Hinata told Anna before, “Do you mean that if you can kiss me, it is also possible that you’ll also like me? Wrong, you’re really an idiot, Anna.” Mari smiles and says, “Have you cheered up?” Hinata looks blank-sad. Then, they look at the door since they heard something dropped and probably sounds of people running off. Only a bento box is left by the door on the floor. Mari says that someone was there and were they seen. Hinata says he doesn’t know. Just then a man comes in and calls out to Hinata. He apologizes for making Hinata wait and they can start now. The man then says that Mari also came. Mari says yes, she only showed up [?]. [I’m not sure where Hinata is looking if it is Mari and the man or at the door.] Then, he puts the back of his hand on his lips. [Is it to wipe the kiss off?]

In the streets, Sou and Anna stop as they are breathing hard from running. Thoughts are racing through Anna’s mind. “What was that? Just now.. Why is sensei there? They kissed right? Why? Hinata obviously said that he isn’t a prospective lover of the one he likes. And also, sensei is obviously supporting Mochiduki-classmate’s love [for Hinata]. I totally don’t understand, WHY..” Teary-eyed, Anna mutters, “Are Hinata and sensei going steady..” Irritated Sou asks, “Ha?” This surprises Anna. Sou continues, “You are really amazing. Your brain is really empty* Isn’t it developed yet?” [*idiom for vast flat land] Anna angrily shouts then what does he think of it. [Can’t quite read but it is something about grades so probably since Sou’s grades are good, maybe he has a better explanation] Sou tells her that Mari seems like she is around 24-25 years old. “A woman at that age, even if money isn’t considered, won’t be serious with some brat who doesn’t know anything about marriage.” [Cannot make sense of the other thing that Sou mentioned about how it could be possible if it’s guy-girl something.] After a pause, Anna then asks, why [would Mari do that]. Sou says that he doesn’t know and it shouldn’t have any special meaning to it. “But then, what Hinata thinks of that woman is all together another matter.” Anna starts walking back. Sou asks where she is going. Anna shouts back that she is going to see Mari. “I cannot go back like this!” Later on, Mari is walking at the streets. Her phone rings. She happily talks on the phone about it has been a long time, she is currently in Tokyo and she’ll return tomorrow. “Yes, I’m still working, after all, I’m a teacher (laugh). Let me say, if you have time..” She is surprised when someone grabs her and pulls her to an alley. She is surprised to see scowling Sou and Anna. Mari asks why they are there and are they on a trip [= sight-seeing]. Sou asks, “Do we look like we are on a trip? At this alley?” Mari giggles and says that is true, it doesn’t seem like it. Sou angrily thinks what’s so funny. Anna says that they were waiting for her. Mari looks surprised when Anna asks, “What is your relationship with Hinata? We saw that, a while ago..you and Hinata kissed.” Sou and Anna are surprised when Mari starts laughing and exclaims, “What! So, those people a while ago were you guys! It isn’t about having a relationship or not, that is just a ‘cheering up spell’ because it seems that Tokura-kun is really distressed. Regarding students, no matter who it is, I can do that, even if it is Koshiro or even Nagase-kun ♥” Anna looks surprised as she thinks, “What? This person..‘spell’? What does she mean that she can do that to any student, as if it is nothing?” Mari happily says, “Do you understand? So, it doesn’t mean that only Tokura-kun is special. Even if I’m saying it like this, I feel apologetic towards Tokura-kun.” Anna looks at her in disbelief while Sou somewhat lowers his head. Anna asks, “What did you mean by that?” Mari looks somewhat surprised as Anna thinks, “Could it, Could it be that this person..”

Mari replies, “Didn’t I mention it before? My sense for these kinds of things is very sharp.” To Mari’s surprise, this made Anna blow her top off. “This is too bewildering! Do you even know what you are saying?! Even if you already know Hinata’s feelings, yet you still did that?! And didn’t you even encourage Mochiduki-classmate to confess? Even if you already know that she will be rejected, you still encouraged her?!” After recovering from the surprise of Anna’s outburst, Mari smiles and tells Anna to calm down. Holding Anna’s arms, Mari says, “Regarding Mochiduki, I think that it is a waste for her to be always be secretly in love. Anna, you guys, perhaps might not still understand but to be rejected isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if at that time, it is very painful but it can become a very good experience. It might even make one stronger. So..” With her head down, Anna thinks, “Don’t say anymore. I don’t want to hear about it.” Someone says, “Quit talking about that personal theory of yours, old hag.” Anna and Mari look at Sou who continues to say, “I feel like puking.” Shocked, Mari exclaims, “Ah, Nagase-kun! Unexpectedly calling a teacher an old hag..” Sou says, “Ah ah, sorry, fundamentally, you are a teacher, Right, sensei~~~” Then, Sou kicks the wall and somewhat corners Mari. He continues, “If you want to play with a younger guy, I can keep you company~~~ Can you please not seduce Hinata again? *putting on his best fake smile* Or else, I’ll beat you up even if you are an old hag.” Holding his hand to Anna, Sou says, “Okay, that’s all.” Mari tries to call Anna to wait. Anna holds Sou’s hand and looks angry at Mari before they walk away. Later on, at Mashiro’s place, Mashiro tells Hinata to give him the bento box so that he can wash it. Hinata is clueless about what bento box he is referring to. Mashiro says that he asked Anna and Sou to bring it to him. “Could it be that you didn’t get it?!” Hinata says, yeah. While continuing to wash the dishes, Mashiro complains what’s with those two and, weren’t they able to find the place. He says that it isn’t easy to copy Hinata’s mother’s super cute bento box [Not too sure about that line ^^;]. Hinata thinks out loud, “Speaking of that, the cram school teacher seems to say about not knowing as to who drop a bento box by the corridor..” He then realizes who it was. Riding at the Shinkansen, Sou seems to be resting-sleeping while Anna is just looking out the window. Anna then says out loud that Hinata will be in Tokyo throughout summer. “This year, the three of us cannot go together and watch the fireworks display...” Remembering Mashiro telling her about Hinata planning to go to an art high school in Tokyo, she thinks, “‘This year’, it won’t be limited to this year only.”

The scene changes to Anna’s mother who looks irritated. In Anna’s room, she tells Anna that she is a bit happy that Anna has been studying always ever since the start of the summer vacation. “But, you should study more cheerfully!” Looking somewhat depressed, Anna asks why it should matter for isn’t she studying. Her mother shouts that this isn’t about ‘just doing it and it’s fine’. “Basically, after summer training is over, you’re always cooped up in the house! At least go out and breathe some fresh air, right?! If this keeps up, your body won’t be strong until the exams!” Anna thinks as to who is the one who made her to keep on studying. Her mother exclaims if she will be going to the fireworks display today. Anna says that it isn’t definite that she will be going. Her mother sighs and tells Anna that she had prepared her yukata and she will be putting it on the bed. Anna is surprised that her mother isn’t listening to her. She looks at the yukata where Coco is sitting nearby. She thinks that fireworks display is.. Ding dong. She is surprised to see Sou and Hinata coming to get her. Sou says that Anna is too slow and hasn’t she dressed up yet. Coco happily jumps to Hinata. At some fenced place, they watch the fireworks. Anna mentions that Hinata came. Hinata says that he just arrived and there are classes again [school opening] on the day after tomorrow. Anna says, really. Hinata looks at the fireworks and says, and, he wants to see the fireworks today. Anna looks surprised at him. Sou complains that it is hot and he would want to drink something. They played jakenpon as to who will buy the drinks. Paper-paper-stone and Sou lost. Anna happily says that she wants water while Hinata says that he wants tea. After Sou left, Anna laughs and says that Sou is so stupid because until now, Sou still couldn’t change that habit of his of always start with a ‘stone’ during the game. Hinata smiles at her then asks about the progress of her studies. Anna is aghast by that question. She tells him that she really did her best to the point that her mother is bothered that she is always staying at home. Hinata laughs and asks if that is true. Anna sighs and says, ya that no matter what she does, her mother is still angry. She then asks Hinata about his art cram studies. Hinata laughs and says that it is really fun and everyone is really good that he feels that he is the most inferior of them all. Anna couldn’t believe it. Hinata says that even if he is frustrated, he is still happy since he is always trying to find ways on how to draw better. Anna looks surprised-sad when Hinata somewhat happily says that for the first time, he thinks that sleep is a waste [of time] even if he is really tired. Anna just lamely says, really. Hinata looks at her and says, “Anna, the day when you return here, did you go to the [art] cram school?” Anna looks shocked. Then, she says if he is talking about that bringing bento box to him which Mashiro asked them to. “But because Hinata and Kobayashi-sensei..in the classroom..did you and sensei arranged to meet each other?” Hinata looks down which somewhat flustered Anna. She wonders why he is silent about this. Anna says, “...about that thing..let it be..that person originally doesn’t even like you! That person said that the kiss she gave you is just a spell. If it is a student, no matter who it is, she can do it. Isn’t that really weird?! That person is just playing around with your feelings! Do you really like that person? Why don’t you wake yourself up!” More fireworks light up the sky. After some silence, Hinata says, “Ya..I think you are right. But, I’m..always been awake. I didn’t arrange to meet with that person, she only came to see her boyfriend. Perhaps that lecturer at the cram class is her boyfriend. Seeing me is just for her convenience.” Anna looks surprised as she thinks, “During this short period of not seeing you, you had grown taller [/grew up] again. It is as if you are not like the Hinata that I used to know.” Hinata tells her, “Because I’m kissed, that person will also like me. I do not have such a wild wish [like that]. You are really an idiot, Anna.” Afterwards, Sou returned and asks where Anna is. While his face isn’t shown, Hinata says that Anna left. Sou asks why and how Hinata could let her go by herself since it is dangerous. Face still not shown, Hinata just says, “Ya..I’m sorry..” Anna is walking away alone, crying. Narration: “The summer break when I was 14 years old, during the traditional fireworks display..this is the last time I ever talked with Hinata during my junior high.”

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