June 13, 2011

Chitose Etc. [Chapters 7-8]

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[I’ve realized that I made a lot of mistakes with the names before when I found a site which reviews the first volume. It seems that the names cannot be just based on the kanji. Thank God that there is a Jap wiki for this series so I can correct them. Sorry for the trouble ^^; Hehe, I only got the dead person’s name and the sister’s name fully correct ^^;; Here are the correct names:
Kaneshiro Chitose not Kinjou Chitose [lead girl]
Furuya Yukito not Furuya Koushou [blond guy] so the nickname is Yuki
Akaishi Shun not Akashi Shun [black haired guy]
Aihara Saaya not Aihara Seirin [black haired girl]
Ichii Kanata not Shisei Sota [other insignificant guy]
Fujiie Midoriko not Fujika Midoriko [head of club]
Kaneshiro Tadashi not Kinjou Yui [Chitose’s brother]

Chitose looks at Shun in surprise by what Shun said, “Do you want to go steady with me.” She wonders if he meant about accompanying her to some place. [Note said that in Japanese ‘accompany to’ and ‘go steady’ sounds the same] But then, it seems that isn’t what he meant. Shun just tells her to think about it and they should go. Chitose says, okay. She starts to somewhat jog else she cannot catch up with Shun. Looking at Shun’s back, she wonders if he is joking. At school, in the clubroom, Chitose, Yuki, Saaya and Kanata are all listless-bored. Midoriko reprimands them not to be like that. She knows that after the festival, they would want to relax a bit but still, they have to make a summary report for next year. The others just lamely says, ya. Midoriko mentions about what to do with the money that they earned from that extra activity [selling biscuits] before. Will they use it for the next activity? Chitose looks at the money from an envelope and mutters that it is around 20,000 yen. Saaya suggests that they go out and celebrate since that money isn’t supposed to be internal revenue [income] for the club. Yuki agrees with the idea. Someone asks where they would go. Someone else says that they go karaoke. Another one exclaims that s/he wants to eat self-service [make your own] crepe. Just then, Shun comes in and asks why they are all excited. He is drinking juice from a tetra pack. Yuki tells him that is a school festival celebration and they are talking about how they are going to spend the money to celebrate. Before sitting beside Chitose, Shun puts an apple juice pack in front of Chitose. Chitose asks what it is for. Shun says that he’s giving it to her. Kanata asks why it is that only Chitose has it. Shun casually says why he is asking why when it just means that she is ‘special’ [favoring her]. Chitose, Kanata and Midoriko are surprised. Shun and Saaya look stunned-not happy. Shun asks Chitose if she had thought about it. This surprises Chitose that she stutters and asks if he was serious about it. Shun says, yes. Yuki says that he doesn’t totally understand what they are talking about, so what’s going on. Shun tells him that he had asked Chitose to go steady with him. While Shun is drinking his juice, everyone is collectively in surprise. Chitose thinks that it isn’t that polite and at that time, he used an ordering tone. Blushing, Midoriko exclaims that this is really shocking for he actually likes Chitose. She asks when did Shun start to like her. Kanata says that Shun always doesn’t have a girlfriend. Shun says that he indeed never had a girlfriend. Midoriko is surprised again and finds it really unexpected while Kanata finds it really suspicious. Shun casually says that it is because he always hasn’t been interested in that kind of thing but, he is a young man right now so he should more or less have a girlfriend. Midoriko happily asks if he decided on to Chitose.

Thumbing towards Chitose, Shun smiles and says yes, and weren’t they supposed to find a boyfriend for Chitose so he is suitable. Midoriko squeals that it’s great if it’s Shun and Chitose. Kanata comments that Midoriko is too excited over it. Shun asks Yuki what he thinks about it. “It won’t be a problem if Kaneshiro’s partner will be me, right?” Yuki looks surprised then says, “Ya, that is..if it’s Shun, then there’s totally no problem at all.” Chitose looks a bit flustered. Yuki adds, “But, it seems you are only looking for a girlfriend. Regarding Chitose, do you really like her?” Shun says, “I like [her], to the degree that I can go steady with her.” Yuki exclaims in disbelief. He shouts why it is only to that degree and isn’t that too frivolous. Unfazed, Shun says that he doesn’t want to be told that by a guy who already has a girlfriend yet is still fooling around. Yuki couldn’t answer back. Shun continues to say that to be considered as someone ‘whom he can go steady with’ is already a very high assessment for him. Chitose still looks shock. Kanata asks, really. Midoriko asks if it is because until now, he doesn’t have anyone in particular whom he desired to go steady with. Shun asks Saaya that she should approve of it. Saaya looks at him then looks away. She just says if Chitose says okay. She then points at Shun and shouts, “But, Chitose won’t agree to it! To be with a guy like you!” Shun angrily asks what’s with her. Soon, Chitose becomes overwhelmed and pressured by all the reactions of the others. Midoriko is asking if Chitose would want to go steady with Shun. Kanata urges her to since it is a good deal though he doesn’t quite believe that Shun doesn’t have a girlfriend before. Saaya believes that it is better for Chitose to just give up on the idea. Shun is angry at Saaya’s reaction. Yuki is asking Chitose if Shun is okay and if he isn’t, they can just find some other guy. In the end, Chitose shouts for them to stop. She grabs Shun and shouts for Shun to come with her. She pulls him away which somewhat surprises the others. At some school corridor, Chitose exclaims to Shun why he is saying about that in front of everyone. Shun asks what’s bad about it and it isn’t something that can be hidden. Chitose exclaims that it isn’t good at all. Chitose explains to him that Yuki is the one who said about helping her get a boyfriend and that is just because he felt responsible as to why she went to Tokyo. Chitose tells him that the truth is, she didn’t thought of definitely having a boyfriend and it isn’t because she wants a boyfriend that she went to Tokyo. Shun says that he knows for she wants Yuki that is why she came. “But he already has Saaya so you should give up.”

Chitose looks down and says, ya. Shun asks, “But, giving up and not liking him anymore are two different things. You still like Yuki?” Chitose blushes. Shun tells her that if she doesn’t look at other guys then she might not be able to forget about Yuki. “It will be very painful.” Chitose looks down and says that maybe he is right. “But I also don’t think that I can also just force myself to like someone else.” Smiling Shun tells her that she can do it but first, she should find a partner and slowly, the feelings will develop. The more time she spends getting along with that person, the more she’ll be indifferent to Yuki’s existence. Chitose asks if it will really go smoothly like that. Shun says that he couldn’t guarantee it but he thinks that the success rate is high. “So, go steady with me. If you only have a boyfriend, Shun and Saaya can also relax. This way, everything can be perfectly resolved.” Chitose looks at Shun and asks, “Akaishi-kun, why do you want a girlfriend?” This surprises Shun. After a pause, Shun says that perhaps it is because after seeing Yuki [and Saaya], he feels envious. “Always cherishing someone and that person always cherishing me..I also want to establish that kind of relationship with someone.” Chitose thinks if that is so, and that kind of feeling isn’t bad for she can really understand his feelings. Shun then mutters that he should say that it is more of an instinct of his physical desire. Chitose asks what he just said. Shun says that it is nothing. Chitose thinks out loud about her misgivings about how she can actually like him since she cannot visualize it. “The truth is, right now, I totally have no feelings [for you]..” Chitose is puzzled when Shun asks if she wants to try it out. He suddenly hugs her. Chitose shouts for him to let her go since they can be seen from the sport’s field. Still hugging her, Shun says that no one would notice. “How is it? Is your heart beating fast?” Chitose shouts, “Of course! Let me go!” Shun lets her go and says that’s good for he has hope since at least, she is conscious of being with a guy. Flustered Chitose exclaims that isn’t true for anyone’s heart would beat really fast if someone does that kind of thing. Shun says is that so, but it isn’t really bad for he likes the feeling of hugging Chitose because she’s delicate. Chitose looks flustered. Shun asks if she has decided on it. After a pause, Chitose says that she understands what he is saying. “Honestly, whether it is for myself or not to be a burden to Yuki-kun, I should find a boyfriend soon..but whether to choose you as a boyfriend..I’m still undecided, basically I don’t know anything about Akaishi-kun..”

Shun blankly says that she’ll get to know him after they went steady. He tells her that to be confessed by someone whom she doesn’t know well, she only needs to look at the appearance and if her feeling towards that person is okay. From that, she’ll give her reply. He asks, “Isn’t that what people usually does?” Hesitant Chitose says, “Huh? But, your appearance and [my] feeling towards you..I don’t like..it’s a bit scary..” This made Shun angry. Shun says okay, he’ll give her a week’s time wherein she can observe him. He also gives her permission to investigate about him and afterwards, she can properly think about it. “After one week, you are to give me your answer! Okay?!” Aghast Chitose just mutters in agreement. Somewhat irritated Shun then walks back to the room followed by timid Chitose. Back in the club, Midoriko and Kanata exclaim that they are back and what happened. Shun tells them that Chitose will give her answer after a week. Midoriko exclaims her anticipation for it. Yuki and Saaya just look at them. Chitose thinks that a week is too short but then, giving an answer basically doesn’t need such a long time. Scene changes to Yuki’s apartment, Yuki calls out to Saaya to hurry up else they will be late. Saaya is dressing up in the room and says she will be finished soon. Outside his apartment, Saaya tells Yuki to call Chitose so that they can go to school together. Yuki doesn’t want to so that Saaya asks why isn’t it a good idea for the three of them to go to school together. “Don’t you want her to know that I’ve stayed overnight at your place?” Yuki denies that is the reason but still, he doesn’t feel that there is a need to intentionally let Chitose know about it. They were interrupted when Chitose sees the two and calls out Saaya’s name. Saaya greets Chitose a good morning. Chitose greets her back and asks that it’s quite early and did she come to fetch Yuki. Saaya smiles and says no, she come to have fun since Yuka, Yuki’s sister, went on a trip yesterday and isn’t home. Chitose just looks at her then suddenly blushes really red and exclaims, is that so. Saaya happily holds Chitose’s arm and says that they should go to school together. She tells Chitose that it is very convenient to go from there since it is near school. Chitose just says really. While walking, Yuki looks sad while Saaya’s expression seems wide-eyed. Chitose looks at the two and thinks that Saaya stayed overnight at Yuki’s place. She thinks that is natural because they are lovers and there are a lot of occasions when she sees them being intimate with each other. Flustered, Chitose thinks that even if she knows that, but still, for her to see it in front of her, it is quite.. While walking towards school, Shun watches the trio from behind.

Later on, Saaya goes to the clubroom to find only Shun there. Saaya asks if the others haven’t arrived yet and isn’t Chitose in the same class as his. Shun says that she is on [cleaning?] duty. Shun goes back to tinkering/typing on the laptop computer. Saaya looks at him then asks what he is planning regarding Chitose. Shun looks at her. Saaya asks again if he has some sort of plot. Shun denies it. She asks if Shun really wants to go steady with Chitose. Shun says, of course. After a pause, Saaya tells him not to hurt Chitose. Shun laughs it off and asks, “What right do you have to say that? Today, this morning, you three went to school together. Isn’t it too cruel for you to intentionally let Kaneshiro see that you stayed overnight at Yuki’s place?” This surprises Saaya. She looks away and says that it is inevitable. “Although Chitose is very cute, I also like her, but I cannot give Yuki to her.” Shun asks if Saaya is in that much of a danger/crisis since it seems that Yuki is really concerned about Chitose. “It really feels different from the other girls whom he fooled around with.” Saaya admits that is true and Yuki is really attracted to Chitose because basically, Yuki likes that type of girl – sincere like a puppy, frail that one couldn’t just abandon, and wanting to protect and dote on her. “A strong-willed girl like me cannot cure Yuki.” Shun says that it is mutual for isn’t she also not satisfied with Yuki because he is too nice, that she would want him to decrease it a bit. Saaya looks dark but she didn’t refute it. Shun asks why don’t they break up. Saaya says that she already told him before, this is their (two of them) decision. Shun exclaims what is the reason. Saaya says that she couldn’t say it. Shun angrily shouts that it is that again and it really puts him in a bad mood. “No matter what is the reason, for you to keep on forcing yourself to continue this on, it is really just meaningless!” Saaya shouts that it isn’t true and Shun couldn’t understand. “This isn’t about love, but rather, we mutually need [it/each other]! Geez, you shouldn’t meddle, this has nothing to do with you!” That made Shun frown then says that she is right, it has nothing to do with him. He tells her that it is to her advantage if he and Chitose went steady so Saaya shouldn’t be a hindrance and just support him. Saaya says that she understands. Just then, Kanata enters and happily exclaims that he is the third one there. He then notices that there is something with the mood between the two. Saaya turns around and says that she’s going home ahead of them. Kanata shouts to her that they will meet tomorrow at 4 o’clock for the celebration. Shun still looks serious and a bit flustered.

At a karaoke bar, Midoriko says a speech about everyone doing their best during the festival and today, they are going to eat and sing to the max so that they can refill their energy. Everyone, except for Saaya who isn’t there, claps in agreement. Kanata wants to order some food like beef ramen/noodles. Shun comments why it is all ramen in the menu. Midoriko tells Chitose that they go sing together. Midoriko then says that maybe they should wait for Saaya so that they [three of them] can sing together. She asks Yuki on generally around how long until Saaya will arrive. Yuki tells her that she emailed him that she will be there ‘in a moment’. Then, on cue, Saaya arrives. She apologizes for being late. Midoriko says that it is alright and they just started. Kanata asks what Saaya would want to drink. Yuki comments that Saaya looks pale. Saaya says that it is because she doesn’t feel well so she hesitated if she should go or not. This is why she is late. While she is happily saying that this is a rare celebration that is why she force herself to come, she suddenly becomes dizzy and faints then falls on the floor. Yuki goes to her and calls out her name. Saaya just mutters that she is fine and it is no big deal. Yuki quickly carries Saaya and apologizes to the others for he is bringing Saaya to the hospital. Everyone look surprise and worried. Then, Chitose and Shun exclaim that they will be going, too. Kanata tries to say that they will go, too but Shun tells him and Midoriko to wait there and they will just contact them afterwards. The others left the two speechless. Yuki hails down a taxi and tells the driver to go to the national medical university’s hospital. When Chitose arrives, the taxi had already left. Shun asks what happened. Chitose tells him that they rode on a taxi and she seems to have heard that they are going to some national medical university’s hospital. Shun says that they should go check it out.

At the hospital, they find Yuki sitting on one of the bench. They approach him and Shun asks him how Saaya is. Yuki says that she is currently being check up on. Someone asks why he chose that hospital when it is far away. Yuki tells them that the doctor whom Saaya usually consults and checks on her illness is there. This surprises the two. Shun asks what’s wrong with Saaya. Yuki says that right now, Saaya is healthy, should be very healthy but before, Saaya had a grave illness. Then, the doctor comes out. Yuuki inquires about Saaya. The doctor says that Saaya got a cold that made her unwell and added to that, she is a bit anemic. Temporarily, it is better for her to be check up on later by the gynecologist. The doctor tells Yuki to remind Saaya not to be picky about her food for she needs a lot of nutrition. He informs him that Saaya is currently resting and when she feels well, she can go home. Yuki thanks him and apologizes for calling on him suddenly. The doctor just waves goodbye and left. Inside the room, Saaya wakes up to find Yuki sitting near her bed on a chair. Saaya apologizes and says that she is alright now. She happily tells him that before, she felt dizzy when she stands up but she is really surprised that it became really serious like that and it is the first time that has happened. She sits up and calls out Yuki’s name who isn’t answering and he seems to be downcast. Yuki mutters that he thought that she had a relapse. Saaya looks surprised. She says that it is impossible since there is nothing abnormal with her regular check-ups. She then hugs Yuki and apologizes for making him worried. Just then, Chitose, with Shun who is behind her, opens the door and sees the two hugging.

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