June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 53-55]

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And so, Chikai turns around to see who is the other guest whom Hanabi invited. It turns out to be the school’s headmaster/principal who happily greets Hanabi while carrying a bouquet of flowers. While everyone else is exclaiming at how she could invite him, Kareshi says that there is no rule that they couldn’t invite teachers. Chikai isn’t amused at all. He somewhat lowers his head and mutters, “What, it’s just the headmaster. How boring.” The headmaster asks Chikai isn’t he too cruel to say, how boring. Chikai just tells him not to cry [about it]. Hanabi continues to blush while looking at him. She wonders what this euphoric feeling she feels. Atsumi then offers her two plump guests to some curry with rice. They happily praised Atsumi’s curry that its sweetness and the spiciness are balance that it can make one want to have some more. Atsumi gladly offers them more. The two look at Atsumi’s smiling face and it made them blush. While the two are eating gregariously, the other male guests begin to envy them and think that curry seems to be really delicious. It made the other female student-hosts angry. =P A narration says that the era of just hooking a guy with a ‘skillfully done meat-potato stew’ is long gone. Masato tells Kareshi that all of the dishes are delicious. His friend tells Masato that he has hooked up with a good wife. Shinichi tells Mii that her roasted fish cake is really delicious and she is a real master of making exquisite food. The other guest couldn’t even eat it. ^^; Mii says that it’s quite hard [tough to eat]. Meanwhile, Hanabi is currently under attacked by ‘euphoric feelings’ [from thinking that Chikai seems to be jealous a while ago]. Her food consists of chicken drumsticks, soup with a doodle made of cream [Cleo for Chikai and the headmaster’s face for the headmaster] and some other entree which seems to be some hors d'oeuvre/appetizers. Flustered Hanabi happily asks, “How’s the taste! Is it salty? Is it bland? Ah, there is still a lot of soup which I’m keeping warm at that side!” She stops when Chikai looks at her and tells her that she’s too HIGH and she should quiet down a bit and let them eat. Hanabi did quiet down as she thinks, “But! You were the one who made me this happy! --Doesn’t he know? No..even if he knows, it’s the same because he is that kind of person. Because..it will be White Day soon.” She remembers him telling her that there is now a small distance between them.

The smiling headmaster tells Chikai that this is a rare invitation and shouldn’t he act more nicely. To the headmaster’s shock, Chikai tells him that he refuses. The headmaster slams his hand on the table and stands up. He tells Chikai, “A girl took the initiative to invite a guy to this kind of reception so else could it mean that you are sitting here right now..and moreover, Hanabi’s reaction and her feelings towards you is so blatantly obvious!” This made Hanabi embarrassed as she thinks what this ‘uncle/ojisan’ is saying. While calling out to the headmaster, the others are now looking at their direction. The headmaster continues, “If you are already aware of her feelings, then what is the implication that you are sitting here?!” Unfazed, Chikai replies, “To eat.” Hanabi’s reaction seems like ‘I knew it’. The headmaster is exasperated that Chikai is hungry to that degree and even if one must endure hunger in life, one must also continue to strive to keep living on. [Is he talking about dieting? ^^;] Blushing Hanabi just looks at emotionless Chikai as she wonders in her head about the headmaster’s question as to what is the implication that Chikai sitting there. Later on, the reception is finished and the girls are cleaning up. Hanabi and others talk with each other that generally, the reception went smoothly and the guys’ reaction is pretty good. Hanabi then notices that Atsumi isn’t around. At the hallway, Atsumi is talking with her two guests who confessed to her that they have fallen for her. Atsumi is surprised by this. They tell her that her cooking is really delicious and her smiling face is really awesome like Ebisu [according to wiki, a Japanese god of fishermen, good luck, and workingmen, as well as the guardian of the health of small children; not sure if it is a good compliment ^^;]. “We...came to lilili..like Fukuoka-classmate at the same time! Which one do you like?! Please choose one [of us]!” The two then exclaim if she would want to two-time them. This freaks Atsumi out that she shouts, no. “I..already have someone I like!” The two are shock over this unexpected defeat. They exclaim, “..who..who is it?!” Later on, at the back of school, the two guys face Sasa. Sasa asks who they are. The two guys ask if he knows Atsumi. They tell him that her cooking is awesome and her smiling face is like Ebisu. “We ask you!” Pointing towards Sasa, they ask, “What do you think of that girl?!” After a pause, Sasa says, “..Atsumi..she..is a very important person to me.” At the kitchen, Hanabi sees Atsumi looking tense that she asks her what happened. To Hanabi’s surprise, Atsumi tells her that those two guys, Shirotori-kun and Sotome-kun confessed to her.

While walking home at the secret path, Chikai tells Hanabi that he didn’t imagine that it would the headmaster. Hanabi tells him that it is because she is alright if it’s in front of an ojisan. He then asks her why she is alright in front of him. Hanabi blushes as she looks at him. She thinks that he wanted her to say it [= she likes him]. Hanabi says that she isn’t sure and maybe he is actually an ojisan. Chikai hits her on the head. Chikai says that is such a laid-back statement. “Is it alright? Would it all futile on White Day if you are like that?” Hanabi looks at him. Chikai says, “Forget it, for things to reach up to now, even if you’ll have to for wait a few more days, it is also meaningless. I’ll give you my answer.” Hanabi says, ah? Chikai says, “I’ll publicly announcement my answer--” Hanabi is freaking out while telling him to stop but Chikai is already sounding off the drum roll ‘dumdumdumdum..’. Tense Hanabi covers her ears and closes her eyes while waiting for the answer. She thinks what he meant by futile, does it mean that she won’t do. “No, but, because he is Uno Chikai! So, it’s totally possible that he’s deliberately teasing me! If it is really like that, then this is nothing..no..in the end, [it/I] won’t do..ah..wah! stop..no matter which one is the outcome, I’m not prepared yet!” She is surprised when Chikai pulls her to him to kiss her. And, yes, they kissed. Hanabi is blushing and everything then suddenly, she feels ill that she pushes him away. Chikai is visibly displeased when Hanabi covers her mouth and exclaims, “..how..how disgusting..” Hanabi thinks that a ‘kiss’ means ‘yes’. “That Uno Chikai..obviously said yes to me..-but- ” Chikai looks surprised to see her teary-eyed while still holding her lips. Chikai tells her that they should go home. He walks her home. The next day, he fetches her from her house. Chikai turns toward her to talk with her but Hanabi looks cross-eyed, nervous, and disgusted. A note says that Hanabi’s perspective [view] has become fuzzy part 2. Chikai just quietly looks at her that Hanabi quickly looks away and asks what it is. She couldn’t dare to look at him because on his face, there are lips.

Sitting in the classroom, Chikai touches Soutarou’s chin and asks, “Is your kissing skill really excellent?” Soutarou asks why he would ask that all of a sudden. With sparkles behind him, Soutarou asks, “..do you want to try it? Come here..” Chikai then tells him to quit it. At the hallway, Atsumi’s two admirers tell her that they are going to give up. This surprises Atsumi. She exclaims that’s too fast though she doesn’t really care. She is aghast when they told her that after they learned of her feelings, they went to see Sasa and interrogated him. They plan to do things in accordance to Sasa’s answer. Even if it leads to a duel/fight, they won’t hesitate and with that in mind, they called out Sasa and chose to meet behind the school. Atsumi is totally aghast as she exclaims, “Duel?! You guys and Sasa-kun? What are you guys thinking?! Let me say..geez! What are you guys thinking?!” To Atsumi’s shock, they didn’t answer her question. They just tells her that in the end, they are going to give up. “It is something that we couldn’t involve in since Fukuoka-classmate and Sasa-kun’s feelings are mutual.” Atsumi is shocked that she can only mutter, “---ah..?” The two guys, with imaginary wings, cry, “Sniff. Congratulates to you two! We plan to simply do our very best in becoming cupids for the two of you.” At section 1-L, the two girls can only stare out the window over this new development of their love life. Koibana looks pale-shock while Atsumi is also shock as if what the two said hasn’t sunk in yet. Their two friends wonder what happened to those two that makes one unable to talk with them. Hanabi sighs sadly while Atsumi is laughing. Hanabi cries about she started to have that tendency again. Atsumi happily exclaims, “That’s right, surely, it is that! No wonder it’s Sasa-kun!” She waves to the others that she’ll go out for a while. The others are puzzled as Atsumi left. Mii then asks Hanabi what’s starting. Atsumi is running around and finally finds Sasa at the open hallway. She calls out to him and tells him that she heard that Shirotori and Sotome called him out. Atsumi bows and apologizes to him. “And also, thank you! Because of you, it seems that they are going to give up. I should really thank you for answering them well.” She remembers the two guys telling her that Sasa told them that she is an important person to him. She is somewhat embarrassed as she continues to tell Sasa, “..but, also I’m sorry..for making you say such strange things..” She is surprised when Sasa smiles and says, “That isn’t a lie.” Narration: “My wish has finally become a reality.”

At Hanabi’s home, Minato [older sis] exclaims her puzzlement as to why Hanabi is in her house clothes. Lying down in the sofa, irritated Hanabi says that obviously she doesn’t have any plans to go out today. She tells her sister to move because she cannot see the television. Minato exclaims in astonishment that Hanabi had a date on Valentines’ Day but there is no date on White Day so that is really depressing. “Ah, I know! You got dumped?!” Hanabi angrily protests that isn’t so, for she obviously got a ‘yes’. When Minato mentions, ‘yes?’, Hanabi remembers the kiss and cringes in disgust over it. Her sister asks what happened. Hanabi is flustered that she unexpectedly said ‘it’s disgusting’ and surely, Chikai is absolutely unhappy about it. “Surely, he doesn’t want to date with a girl like that. When I obviously felt that my wish has finally come true and I’m very happy but why, right now, I have something which I’m disgusted with Uno Chikai..but Uno Chikai..but Uno Chikai he..” At the doghouse, Nanpa thinks, “—Hanabi..I like to eat anything sweet. If something salty is added, that sweet thing would become even sweeter. That is what obasan is saying lately. It’s very true! It’s really bewildering! Right, Hanabi.” Nanpa then sits up to see Chikai, carrying Cleo, coming to the house. “But, Hanabi..no matter what, saltiness is just to bring about sweetness. So, if there is a lot of it, won’t the taste totally change? If the proportion of saltiness and sweetness isn’t right, then it won’t taste good right? Humans are so troublesome!” Nanpa shows his chew toy to Cleo and says that he is going to let her see it. Cleo assumes that he is giving it to her. Cleo starts barking that she got a gift from Nanpa. Nanpa exclaims that he is just letting her see it. While Chikai is bending down near the dogs, Anzu happily calls out to him. Chikai recognizes her says that it’s Hanabi’s younger sister. This made Anzu blush. Anzu asks him if he would want her to call Hana-ane. [Ugh, sorry if I made a mistake with the suffix. Ane is sis while nii is bro.] He says, ‘ah’ then takes something from his bag. He puts a ribbon on her hair and says, “There’s no need. But..I would want you to help me.”

Anzu goes in the house and starts calling for Hanabi as Hana-ane. Hanabi isn’t too happy that she is calling her ‘Hana’. She asks what it is. Anzu gives her a small gift box. Hanabi goes back to lying down the sofa and asks if it is toffee/caramel candy. She says that it isn’t bad and did Anzu receive that. Anzu exclaims, “No! this is for Hana-ane! It’s from Chikai-niisan!” That made Hanabi’s eyes wide open. She quickly runs to the door but Chikai is gone. Nanpa is barking about his chew toy being stolen. Holding the gift, Hanabi thinks that Chikai only came to give that to her since he didn’t come in to see her. Hanabi sadly comes back to the house. Anzu asks her what she is doing and if it is okay for her not to chase after him. With sparkles in her eyes, Anzu exclaims, “Even if I don’t know what happened, but to sum it up, I firmly believe that Chikai-niisan is my brother-in-law!” This flustered surprised Hanabi. She then notices the ribbon on Anzu’s hair which is the same as the ribbon on her gift. She then exclaims why it is the same ribbon. Chikai is walking with Cleo. Cleo is happy that she got a White Day gift from Nanpa. It is only then that Chikai notices that Cleo is biting something. Cleo ‘asks’ if he noticed it only now. Chikai asks if it Nanpa’s and she probably got it when he isn’t paying attention. Cleo wonders about this and ‘asks’ weren’t he always paying attention to her. Hanabi thinks that they unexpectedly missed seeing each other just like the time when they are total strangers. Hanabi is depressed because White Day is a day wherein everyone can definitely be happy. She tells Nanpa, “Why did he give me a White day box? Ah, this isn’t the time to be naive like this.” She opens the box and it is a box of salt caramel candies. She unwraps one and eats it. Teary-eyed and flustered, Hanabi mutters, “It’s salty-sweet..” Nanpa asks, “Hanabi..is it a bit too salty?”

In Masato’s house, Masato gives Kareshi a small bag of marshmallows. Anyway, Kareshi thanks him. Masato tells her that he would want to give her handmade ones but he isn’t too confident that he can make sweets. He says that sweets are his family’s favorite. Then, it is shown that Masato’s living room is huge [probably the size of Kareshi’s house]. A maid/housekeeper calls to Masato as ‘young master’ and tells him that she has brought some tea. Masato thanks Inoue. While Inoue is serving the tea, Kareshi apologizes for always bothering her. [= being polite] Inoue says that it is no trouble and it’s good that they still have some of that precious red tea which the master had brought back from India. After tea is served, Kareshi tells Masato that his house is totally different from her house. Masato says that she’s right because he doesn’t have any siblings so it is very boring. A bit flustered Kareshi tells her that isn’t what she meant. Masato just looks at her. Crying ala fountain, blushing Shinichi tells Mii to not get angry today, as well as not to strike or hit him. Mii says that since it is White Day, she’ll let him off this time. They are holding hands while walking in the greenhouse-park, where there are exotic plants. It seems that Shinichi got a huge polka-dot stuffed toy in a bag. In the shopping mall, Sasa is walking when his phone rings. He answers it. His caller asks where he is. Soon, Shirotori and Sotome meet with Sasa. They ask him as to what he is doing and is he still shopping. “Today is White Day!” Sasa says that he knows. They exclaim if that is so then is he going to buy a gift for Atsumi. Sasa says he’s shopping. Surprised, they ask him why he is hanging around there for, he should quickly go to Atsumi’s place [to give the gift]. They push Sasa and shout for him to go and he should know Atsumi’s place. “If you like her, it is but natural that you know where she lives! If you don’t have the courage, we will go with you.”

Sasa tells them that there is no need for that. “I’m very happy for your thoughtfulness, but..” Then, someone shouts, “Hey—don't bully Sasa-kun--” Atsumi pushes the two guys away from Sasa. The two tells her that they aren’t bullying him but because it is White Day that they want to be cupids. Flustered Atsumi remembers Sasa telling her that it isn’t a lie and she is embarrassed that she replied that he really empathizes with his friend/s. [= something like don’t want to hurt her feelings so he’s saying that] End flashback. Atsumi tells the two what they are talking about cupids. “You guys have misunderstood. It isn’t like that! Sasa-kun only thinks of me as a friend..” Sasa interrupts by saying, “If you want to ask ‘[if we are] only ordinary friends’, I also feel that it isn’t like that.” Atsumi looks surprised as she looks at serious-looking Sasa. Just then, Sasa looks at the side and sees the Hanabi’s boss, Gen. Holding the candies, Hanabi thinks, “Obviously, [only] ‘like’ won’t do...” Nanpa seems to want some of it but Hanabi exclaims that he can’t. “Other things shouldn’t matter at all. Quickly give me some loving.” She takes her cellphone and writes a message to Chikai. Chikai’s cellphone rings. Chikai is surprised to learn who it is. Ding-dong. Chikai opens the door and it is Yukine who smiles and says, “I’m very sorry for suddenly calling you.” Hanabi sends her message of thanks for the candy Chikai brought.

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