June 13, 2011

Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran [Chapter 6]

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[The Chinese scanlation of this series has never been updated seen then so the summaries are up to this point.]

The door opens and Grandpa sees Ran sitting formally in the room. Grandpa asks why he is so reserved. Ran tells him that he wants Grandpa to bring them back to their original time. Ran says he knows that Grandpa said that it is impossible for him to create that time whirlwind machine. He insists that no matter what, they should go back so that Nobunaga can finish the great task of unifying the country. Grandpa looks tense and troubled. He asks even if what awaits them at the other side is death. Ran looks surprised. Grandpa explains that even if there is a possibility for them to go back, they will be back in that burning place which happened during that time. He says that it isn’t easy to go back into that time and it will be troublesome if they choose some other time to return them because there is a possibility that it will change the reputation of Nobunaga from being the character in that time era which had captivated him [grandpa]. Grandpa says that is why that time is special. Ran asks if they can really only return ‘during that time’ and can they be brought to the time just before the assault happened. Ran blames himself for being the one responsible that kind of betrayal had succeeded. He knew that they lacked guards in that place so he should have thought of a way to handle it and he obviously knew that there is a possibility of that happening. Shaking in frustration, he asks Grandpa to at least return them to the time before the assault happened. Grandpa can only say, “But..I..” Outside the room, serious looking Nobunaga has been eavesdropping on them. Hana narrates that Nobunaga and others are brought to their Tokyo residence. Reading a magazine, Bou complains that there is no one to compete with when Nobunaga is not around. Hana says that it cannot be helped because there is a meeting. Bou still complains that they should have been brought along for it is boring since he cannot go out. A note says that Bou got lost before. Riki just watches tv. A note says that he really likes watching it. When Hana asks where Ran is, Bou says that he is probably at that place. There is a scene of Ran is in Grandpa’s book storage. Hana comments that she usually sees him there. Bou explains that it is his brother’s nature to not allow himself to not know things.

Carrying some books, Ran comes out and asks what they are talking about regarding him. Hana exclaims that there are many books and if he can actually read the current language. Ran tells her that he only chooses the ones that are easy to read but *sighs* the words in some books are really small. Hana sweatdrops and wonders if he is an ‘old man’. Still watching the television that is showing an amusement park, Riki exclaims that he wants to go there. Bou says that it looks luxurious because of all the colors in this present era. Looking at the magazine, Bou comments that even the clothes that are worn have brilliant colors. Hana asks if they would want to try wearing them. Bou asks if they can. She smiles and tells them that they cannot be always be like that [looking old fashioned] and they should also change their hairstyle. Bou asks what she is suggesting. Hana wonders out loud what would look suit them and how about cutting a little bit for more movement then add a bit of hair wax. They were startled when Ran closes his book loudly. Ran tells them that they cannot cut their chonmage for that is the life of a samurai. Hana asks isn’t it the same because after all, it will grow back again. Ran is about to lecture about what Nobunaga always say about the chonmage when Nobunaga/Grandpa exclaims that they are back. Grandpa gives a thumbs up to Nobunaga who had a makeover = new haircut and wearing a casual suit. Hana and the two younger brothers are pleasantly surprise while Ran goes into shock. Grandpa says that they passed by a friend’s house and with ease, they dressed Nobunaga up. While Nobunaga is posing, the two younger brothers say that it suits Nobunaga. Hana agrees that Nobunaga looks handsome in it but what about his chonmage. Sparkling and showing a thumbs up, Nobunaga says, “Do not worry! This is very good and also, it seems that one can wear a wig.” Ran still looks shock. Hana looks at him and thinks that his soul just went to heaven. The two younger brothers exclaim that they want to be like Nobunaga. Hana smiles over this and calls Akitsu to bring some things to her house tomorrow.

The next day, Aunt Nijiko and Akitsu [I cannot tell if this person is a girl or a boy ^^; I’ll just assume that Akitsu is a boy.] arrive and ask where Grandpa is. Hana tells them that he is in an investigative meeting. The two are disappointed because they wanted to see Nobunaga. Ran, together with his brothers, darkly asks what happened to Nobunaga. Nijiko is surprised to see them and asks who they are. She goes around them and says that it is really amazing and cute, like a model.. Hana stops her aunt by saying that they won’t do because they don’t even understand this present world. Hana asks Akitsu about the stuff she asked her to bring. Akitsu shows it to her. While the guys change their clothes [with the help of Akitsu, I think], Hana serves her aunt some tea. Nijiko asks her if she is interested in becoming an actress again. Hana seems hesitant. Nijiko tells her to listen to her [and try it?]. Hana asks if there is no one else. Nijiko says that their family is small and they don’t have any prominent people and they cannot do some kind of work [Ah, cannot do other jobs well?]. She also says that if anyone gets a name/reputation just like Akiko*, it would be great. [*光子; This is guesswork because I can only base on kanji. There are a lot of pronunciations for that kanji and I don’t have raws so that’s the name for now] Hana looks sad for her mother used to be an actress. She says that her mother has passed away 10 years ago. Looking at her watch, Nijiko says that it is time for her to leave. She then bids Hana goodbye and seems to ask her to also help in scouting for new talents. Hana looks worried at her aunt who has become thinner. Then, Akitsu tells Hana that it is really tiring just to make them wear it properly. He asks what else they are going to change. Hana tells him that she wants to bring them to a beauty parlor and probably buy some more clothes to make them look as if they are ‘guys of this era’. She asks Akitsu to accompany her. At Shibuya, they walk in the busy streets. Seeing a lot of people around, Bou asks if there is a ‘memorial service’. Akitsu shouts that this is common. Hana tells him not to keep looking around else he’ll be left behind. Seeing some foreign-looking people, Bou exclaims if they are missionaries. While grabbing Bou’s shirt to lead him away, Akitsu says that those are Japanese people. At the hair salon called Essence, Hana tells the stylists that she’ll leave them in their hands. The hairstylist for Ran is puzzled over the dark aura that he is emitting. Hana quickly tells the stylist that for Ran, just cut it so that it would look neat and keep the hair long so that he can still tie it up.

Then, Hana and Akitsu sit at the waiting area. Akitsu asks out loud why Ran is so rigid. Hana laughs and says that something Ran likes it like the old times or he is just like that. [I don’t get it ^^; since the sentence says that it is alright no matter what original time he returned.] Hana continues to laugh about him being petrified. Akitsu says that he is relieved that Hana is quite lively contrary to what he expected. Hana sadly smiles and says that it is thanks to those guys that she hasn’t been thinking much of Ryou. She thinks that even if she cannot forget it immediately, she hopes that she will do so gradually and she can change back [to what she is before?]. Hana tells him that she is really concerned about her aunt’s business and is everything really bad. Akitsu sighs and says that he cannot say because Nijiko doesn’t tell anything to him who is a part-timer and Nijiko is always like that. I think Ran is looking at them. Akitsu slaps Hana’s back hard and tells her not to worry. Akitsu tells her that they ‘package’ these guys for it has been a long time since they did that. Hana agrees. They then look at the magazines. Then, they go shopping for clothes. Soon, the guys are all dressed up that Hana and Akitsu are pleased about the outcome. After the guys look over how they looked like, Bou thanks Hana and Akitsu. He comments that it is like they used some sort of sorcery. He says something about being worried if he is made to wear that black shiny thing. Akitsu asks what he is talking about. This made Hana smile/laugh. Just then, Aunt Nijiko, together with a photographer, arrives and asks if they would want to get their pictures taken. She adds that they are from a men’s fashion magazine. Hana and Akitsu look at each other. Then, the photographer takes pictures of the guys and Nijiko says that it looks good and they are a natural. [The change scene is a bit abrupt so I wonder if Nijiko didn’t know who they are or she is talking with some other person first then Hana and Akitsu tell her to take the guys’ pictures.] Nijiko then asks the three guys if they are interested in modeling. The three siblings are totally clueless as to what she meant by ‘modelling’. Hana tries to tell her aunt that it isn’t suitable/convenient for them. Akitsu asks do they know what will be really awesome. Hana exclaims that they are going to the amusement park. The younger siblings are happy about that.

At the amusement park, Bou says that he had eagerly awaited this. They then start to stroll around. Hana quickly gets Akitsu who is walking ahead to wait since Bou and Riki went to that other side. They are staring at a souvenir shop. Hana goes to the two and tells them that if they want to buy, they ought to do that later on. Holding a bunny toy, Bou says that it seems that Ran has also bought something for Momo*-denka before. [* That is another invented name. The kanji is ‘百’ and there are many ways of calling that name ^^;] Hana asks who this Momo-denka is. Bou says that she is Ran’s fiancee. Hana and Akitsu go into shock. Hana exclaims that this is the first time she heard of this. Akitsu exclaims that he is just 18 years old. Holding a frog toy, Ran asks why they are so shock since it isn’t strange to get married at that age. She then thinks that he is buying a souvenir yet he obviously said before that [romantic] love isn’t interesting. Bou wants to buy the rabbit for himself. Akitsu tells him that they can do that later on for they should go already. He grabs him and Riki and lead them away. Hana then tell Ran to hurry. She is surprised to see Ran looking serious-sad as he put back the toy frog. Akitsu came back and grabs Ran. He shouts that it is rare for them to have fun so Ran should quit having such a dark face. Soon, the three guys are on a merry-go-round. Hana and Akitsu try to suppress their laughter. Bou keep on exclaiming that it is a horse. Akitsu laughs that a grown up guy is riding that thing. Hana comments that he also used to ride that. Akitsu says that they should have fun to the max and forget all of the unpleasant stuff. They ride a roller coaster, free fall drop ride and spinning ride. Soon, Ran is feeling awful as he sits on a bench. Akitsu shouts that those rides are nothing. Hana remembers that Ran has motion sickness. They left Ran on a table while they buy some food. Hana is a bit worried about Ran since she feels a bit strange about him [regarding his mood] and if the rides are too much for him. Bou and Riki start to order a lot when Akitsu asks them if they brought their money and have they even thought about who will pay for them. Hana tells Akitsu not to worry about that since Grandpa told her that they can buy whatever they want. Akitsu says that Grandpa and Hana are spoiling them. Sitting on the table with the food, the younger brothers are depressed because what Akitsu said is right. Hana tells them to eat first. Bou thinks of something and says how about they do some bodyguard job for them. Akitsu says that at this age, it isn’t needed. While they were eating, a man recognizes Hana and calls out to her. Hana exclaims that it is Saitou-san. Akitsu doesn’t recognize him so Hana explains that he used to be in their company but he has already moved to action [side of showbiz]. He ‘prays’ to her and asks for her help because Mono chu Corps [Think Power Rangers LIVE on stage] lack members because they suddenly got a cold. This surprises Hana and Akitsu. Posing ala some sentai [Power Rangers] action moves, he says that they only need to do that and she should have thought of doing that when she is in the elementary. Crying, he pleads with Hana since the kids are already there. Bou and Riki’s ear enlarged when they heard that there will be a reward for this. Bou, together with Riki, quickly offers to help Hana-denka’s friend. “Please let us resolve your problem!” Hana and Akitsu are shock-aghast. Ran is still sick that he doesn’t know what’s happening. Saitou happily thanks them. Then, Hana is all dressed up [probably as pink ranger]. Hana wonders why she is also part of it. Akitsu laughs his head off. Riki is pouting since he is too small for the part. Onstage, the five rangers which included Hana and Bou are getting ready to attack a villain. On the villain, there is a --? And, I think that’s Ran. =P The children are happily shouting. Hana wonders if things will end peacefully.

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