June 13, 2011

Chitose Etc. [Chapter 13]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on June 8, 2010

Chitose is surprised when Yuki hugged her. Yuki tells her that let him be like that for a little while. Chitose asks him what’s up with him and if he had encountered some unpleasant thing. Yuki says no but he just thought of this because Chitose is so cute. This made Chitose blush. She thinks, “No no! For him to say ‘cute’, it is definitely like saying it to a kid or an animal. Akaishi-kun said it before. I won’t misunderstand it and I won’t let myself be flattered by it.” Chitose is puzzled when he says, “This won’t do.” Chitose seems to misunderstand him that she exclaims that in the end, it still won’t do. “Ah ah, I’m sorry! I’ll quickly leave..” Before she can break away, Yuki hugs her tighter. She is surprised when Yuki says that he doesn’t want her to be touched by Shun. “Do not go steady with him anymore.” A bit flustered, Yuki then lets her go and he apologizes. He says that he is really selfish when he doesn’t even have a right to be jealous. “I’m sorry, please forget about that.” Chitose looks at him then she blushes. Yuki tells her that they should go and prepare to go to school. Just when Yuki is walking away, Chitose shouts that she won’t let Shun touch her. This surprises Yuki and he turns to look at her. Chitose tells him that even if at that time, in the club, she is touched a bit but she already clearly told Shun that she doesn’t want to do that kind of stuff and Shun also agreed so things ought to be alright. Chitose wonders what she is saying [for it’s embarrassing]. Blushing Yuki says, is that so. The two blushes. Yuki then notices that Chitose’s fingers are reddish. He asks where her gloves are. He realizes that she hasn’t been wearing any throughout this time. Chitose says, no because she wanted to feel the snow. Yuki tells her not to do that for they are already red and will quickly be frozen. Yuki takes off his gloves and gives them to Chitose. Chitose tries to protest but Yuki insists that she wear them. She did as told and thinks that they are big. Yuki holds her hand and says that they should go. As they walk back, Chitose is flustered as she wonders if Yuki is jealous and why would he be. She wonders if it is a case of him being nice in all aspects but then, he said that he won’t do that [any romantic stuff that would make her misunderstand] again and they would start all over again as friends. “Why? I don’t understand..”

Tadashi goes into Chitose’s room and asks if she isn’t going to school. It is already past 9am. Sitting on the bed, all dressed up Chitose seems to be in a daze. Tadashi quickly put his hand on her forehead. He exclaims that she is hot and she should be brought quickly to the hospital. At the clubroom, everyone is surprised when Shun tells them that Chitose is absent today because of a cold. He explains that it seems that it is the first time Chitose saw snow so she went out to play but in the end, she had a fever. Midoriko laughs and says that Chitose is so cute but will Chitose be alright to attend the Christmas party that will be held soon. Yuki looks surprised about this news. In Chitose’s room, Chitose is in bed and she had just checked her temperature. It is 37.0C. She is relieved that she doesn’t have a fever anymore. She thinks that Yuki must be shocked to hear about this because in the morning, she is quite energetic and fine. She is a bit grateful for having this fever because she finds it a bit hard to face him. Someone knocks on the door. She calls out, yes. Tadashi opens the door and tells her that Shun has come to visit her so can Shun come in. Chitose is surprised to see him. Inside the room, Shun asks how her cold is. Chitose says that it is a bit better and her fever has gradually gone down so she might be able to go back to school tomorrow. Shun says that’s good to hear. He looks around for a chair or something where he can sit. Chitose apologizes and says that there are none around. Patting near her bed, she tells him to sit there. Shun sits where she told him to. Chitose feels a bit embarrassed because she is in her pajamas, her hair is messy and she probably smells of perspiration. Because he came so suddenly, she wasn’t able to tidy up her room either. Shun tells her that there is an eyelash on her face below her eye. Chitose holds her right cheek to remove it but Shun says, that it is on the other side. He takes the eyelash from her face. Chitose closes her eyes and while blushing, she says, “Ah..” She thinks that his cold fingers feel very comfortable. Shun blushes a bit upon seeing her like that.

Chitose is surprised when Shun leans closer to her. Chitose shouts that he can’t. Shun says that she seduced him just now. Chitose exclaims, what, it isn’t like that. Shun says that it is no big deal and just treat this as his thank you for coming to visit her today. Chitose tells him that she might infect him with her cold. Shun says that it is alright, for if she infected him then, she’ll get better [= belief that she will now have lesser germs]. Shun then kisses her. Chitose feels his hand on her shoulder [that is probably going down to her chest] that she quickly grabs hold his hand. Blushing really red, Chitose tells him that is absolutely not allowed and she’s not wearing any underwear [bra, I assume]. Shun looks at her quietly. Chitose continues to hold him off as she shouts that he obviously ‘promised’ her not to do that and her brother is outside. Flustered Chitose asks him what he is thinking. With a somewhat bored look, Shun says that he’s going home. Chitose is puzzled. Shun tells her that in this kind of situation, he doesn’t have confidence that he won’t attack her. Speechless Chitose sweatdrops. Shun then tells her to take care. He then tells Tadashi that he is leaving. Chitose is still flustered. She sighs. She wonders out loud what’s with Shun and what does he really thought of that agreement. [= not taking it serious as if it is nothing] She thinks that even if she told Yuki that everything is alright but maybe, it isn’t totally alright. She decides to be more attentive [be on her guard]. Since she is feeling a bit feverish again, she decides to sleep again to make it go away. Soon, it is night. Yuki passes by Chitose’s apartment. Chitose wakes up when she heard someone knocking. It is her brother. He asks if she is sleeping and Yuki has come to visit her. This made Chitose sit up in surprise and tells him to wait. She sweatdrops when her brother tells her that Yuki didn’t come in for he just dropped by then left. Tadashi gives Chitose a small bag and tells her that Yuki said that this is something from his house and treat it as a ‘visiting gift’. After her brother left, Chitose looks what’s inside the bag. It is a snow globe with the Eiffel tower inside. There is also a small note inside. The note says, “Just look at this to satisfy your craving. Playing in the snow should also be done moderately.” Chitose blushes and sweatdrops. She looks at the snow globe again and thinks that it is very beautiful. “It reminds me of the time when we went to Tokyo Tower together. Going out that day has been really fun. Does Yuki-kun remember it, too? So, he gave this to me?” She happily looks at the snow globe. Looking thoughtful and somewhat sad, Yuki is standing outside Chitose’s apartment door.

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