June 13, 2011

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapters 12-15]

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Chapter 12: 神の声が呼ぶ谷 (The valley which the voice of God calls) Yona asks Ikusu if he is the shinkan [Shinto priest]. She explains that it is because she heard that her uncle Yuhon has suppressed the shinkan so he should be an older grandpa-type of guy. Ikusu explains that is the former shinkan and he is the successor. Yun thinks that Ikusu is already old = 33 years old. Yona asks if he already knew that she is going there. Ikusu says yes because his job is to convey to everyone what he heard from god since the god taught him everything what’s happening in the world with hopes that everyone would become happy and healthy. Yun asks what kind of job is that when it doesn’t earn him any money. Yun says that he just kneels everyday and for them shinkan to claim to hear god’s voice is really suspicious so no wonder they are driven away from the capital city. Yun then takes off Ikusu’s dirty clothes and tosses a new one to Ikusu. Yona then asks why Ikusu is driven away. Yun looks irritated that he tells Yona that she has always been staying in the capital city yet she didn’t know anything. Yona is speechless because it is true. They were interrupted when Haku starts to groan. Yona goes to him but Yun tells her to move because it seems that Haku has a fever because after all, he is gravely injured. Yun says that because he did a surgery, the fever won’t leave for a while but it seems that tonight is crucial. Yona thinks that she doesn’t want Haku to die. She shouts to Yun to save Haku. Yun tells her that he is doing that and it will be troublesome if he dies. Yun says that he isn’t a doctor and don’t assume that helping them is what he should do. He complains that Yona hasn’t even said a word of thanks. “Have you ever said thank you to this guy? It seems that he risked his life to protect you.” Yona looks stunned. Ikusu comforts Yona as a tear falls down her eye. Ikusu tells her that it will be alright for Haku is not yet greeted by shinigami [death god] so he will stay by her side. Ikusu then tells Yun to say things nicer. Yun says that it is because he hates anything related to the royalty. Ikusu tells him that Yona has her own way of fighting.

Later on, while Yun is grinding some herbs, Yona thanks him for saving them and she hopes that he would tell her about the shinkan. “I do not want to be always being ignorant of things as if living like an idiot.” Yun clarifies to him that he isn’t a shinkan and he is just taking care of that naturally stupid shinkan who doesn’t have any capability of having a livelihood. Yun tells her that when Ikusu is driven away by from the royal city, he is still a young shinkan trainee. At that time, the shrine has been destroyed and some people were captured and punished. Regarding her question about why they were driven away, it is because the shinkan have an absolute authority that cannot be hindered by the king. Yona asks if that means the king is related to it. Yun tells her that is true because the shinkan is an ambassador of god and he is highly esteemed. Shinkan and the country’s sacrifices [to gods and ancestors/religion] and politics are closely interrelated. It is so much related that at times, it causes conflicts to the point of ‘provoking the dieties’ and also recall/impreachment of the country’s shinkan. [Ah, I think the shinkan can get their gods to punish the king if what they want isn’t done and in turn, the king can recall the shinkan.] Doing that kind of thing, the king naturally looks unfavorably of the shinkan. During Iru’s father, Junam’s reign, Kouka’s territory had at that time extended to the borders of another country. That is the rage at that time [to conquer countries]. It is when Yuhon’s contributions to the country have been great. At that time, for Yuhon, the shinkan that can threaten the power of royalties is an eyesore. Yona says then that is why her uncle has driven away the shinkan. She asks Yun is it really hard to live in this barren land. Yun says no, though originally he [Yun] is bothered by that village and here, Ikusu is comparatively more naive [happy go lucky that it doesn’t bother him]. Yun tells her that in the village and everywhere else, there are a lot of poor people. Those who are rich are only a part of the capital city. Since Ikusu is too nice and want to help people yet he couldn’t do anything, Yun cannot just let Ikusu be because Ikusu has suffered a lot. Yona thanks him for telling her and asks him to please tell her more. She then hopes for Haku to quickly wake up.

Later on, Yona suddenly wakes up to find Haku not in his bed. The others are sound asleep. She quickly goes out to the forest and tries to find Haku. She then trips and falls flat on her face. ^^; She imagines wounded Haku before that she starts to cry and shout, “Haku, you big idiot..!” She is surprised to see Haku standing behind her with his halberd. Haku says that is quite unexpected. He smiles and angrily says that for her to sit where no one is around and the first thing out from her mouth is bad words. “Isn’t it already a miracle that we managed to survive but still it is quite good that you are energetic enough [to say bad words]. What is it? Could it be that you had a nightmare?” Flustered Yona wipes her tears and says that she won’t cry because of a nightmare. She asks him where he went. Haku tells her that he just went to get his halberd. She then shouts for him that he should have woke her up. Haku teases her and says, “...is that it, you cannot sleep alone? Do you want me to accompany to sleep~” Yona calls him a blockhead for going somewhere when he is gravely injured. “After being injured from head to food, you still doing things recklessly..I really thought that you had died..! Don’t just leave..without permission! *crying again* Only Haku..you should always be at my side.” Haku looks surprised and mutters that he feels like dying. Yona asks, huh? Somewhat covering his face, Haku comments that seeing her like that makes him want to die again for he wants to see what it’s like for her to cry for him. “I really..want to see.” He holds her face and leans to kiss her. Suddenly, Yona gives him a headbutt. Soon, the two are holding their respective heads in pain. =P Haku tells her that if she doesn’t want to, can she please just avoid it. Yona is confused and says that she thought he wanted to check his temperature [putting forehead together] so she did that. She asks if she is wrong. Haku sweatdrops and tells her that she is right and he feels that because of his fever, his brain had a short circuit. Yona holds his face and puts her forehead on him. She tells him that it seems that his fever had left. Haku looks at her and touches her hair. He apologizes for her hair and says that it is his entire fault. Yona tells him that it is alright and it feels lighter now compared before and also, she originally really hates her red hair. Haku seems to recall Suwon saying that he likes Yona’s red hair. Yona asks him that it doesn’t look that bad. Haku just says that’s true for even if her brain is really terrible, but the hair doesn’t have any fault at all. Yona tells him to be careful else she’ll sew up his mouth. Haku thinks what’s with her casually saying that ‘you should stay by my side’. “When you obviously cannot pull up your long hair anymore yet you still haven’t thrown away that hairpin, right?” That night, Ikusu had a dream.

While eating some fruit, Haku asks if that place is actually the shinkan’s home. Yona says, ya. Taking another fruit from the basket that Yun is carrying on his head while picking up some other fruits, Haku comments that it is such a great coincidence and even if the shinkan is suppose to live in seclusion, he [Haku] always thought that it would be a shrine type of place. Yun shouts at Haku to please stop eating as he pleases. Haku takes another fruit and tells him, “Ah, thanks shinkan-sama for your grace.” Yun shouts that he isn’t the shinkan. Yona wonders where Ikusu went. Yona walks around to find Ikusu near the waterfall. She asks what happened. Ikusu says that he had a dream and it is a dream about her and this world. “Do you want to hear the god’s voice?” Yona tells him that Mundoku told her to see the shinkan to show her the future path that she should go. “This so-called path..is it something that someone can help show it to me? From the start, I cannot do anything and it is okay to just stay clueless about things. But in the end, I was hunted like a criminal and Haku is almost killed. I almost died during that time.” She thinks that her blood is heating up as if it is being boiled. “I also want to depend on my own feet to stand and move forward.” Looking determined, Yona says, “I want to live on. Regardless if it’s mine or Haku’s life, I won’t give it to anyone. Right now, this is my one and only desire, so there is nothing that I can ask about shinkan-sama..” Ikusu says that she is mistaken for ‘wanting to live’ has a different meaning from living a quiet life. “If you want to live on, it can cause the ground of Kouka to shake violently and setting off into the tempest.” This surprises Yona. Just then, Haku and Yun arrive to where she is. Ikusu says, “If you want to live to the fullest, if you want to live in this unavoidable scorching hot scene of carnage, then, I will convey to you the voice of god.”

Chapter 13: 天命 (Destiny) While praying Ikusu says, “Darkness descended to the ground. The dragon’s blood has regenerated. Follow the aged old treaty. The time when the four dragons are gathered, in order to protect king, the sword and the shield have been recovered. The scarlet dragon will finally return to dawn.” He stops then he promptly falls to the ground. He says that conveying god’s voice really uses up one’s energy. Yun pokes him and says that he is such a troublesome old man. Haku darkly says what’s with that dragons and gods. It is really baffling that no matter what Ikusu says, he isn’t going to buy their pots. Yun says that they aren’t selling pots. Yona asks if the scarlet dragon in the prophecy is referring to the legend on how the king appeared. Ikusu asks if she knows about the legend on how the country is made. Yona says yes and it is the story about the scarlet dragon that became a human and descended on earth to govern a country. That is Kouka’s first king, Hiryuu. [The name of their castle/capital] Yona tells them that before, her father will always tell her about it. Ikusu says but that King Hiryuu who turned into a human, in the end, started to fight against humans. Story: Because the people’s hearts begin to have evil thoughts, and started to forget the existence of god, the country started to decline and become weak. Hiryuu is also captured by the people who thirst for power and he is nearly killed at that time. The four dragons descended and called out to Hiryuu. They urged him to return to heaven and destroy those people who forgot to believe and love [gods?]. Hiryuu didn’t listen to them and told them that he is already a human. “Even if I’m hated by humans, and betrayed by humans, I can still love humans.” Because the four dragons love Hiryuu, they do not want to lose him. Hence, in order to protect Hiryuu, the blue, green, yellow and white dragon gave their blood to human warriors and bestowed them strength. One of them possesses the power of the claws that can easily rip everything apart. One of them possesses has given sharp eyes that one can see from a faraway place. One of them possesses a strong body that cannot be injured. One of them possesses legs that can jump high and reach the sky. From then on, they are their ‘doppelganger’ who will offer themselves to Hiryuu and give importance to him. Throughout their lives, they are to protect him, respect and love him, and never betray him. After attaining the dragons’ strength, the warriors lead their tribe to protect King Hiryuu and pacify the civil war. In the end, weary from the campaign [fighting], Hiryuu has fallen into an eternal sleep. So, the mission of the four dragon warriors has also ended. They stayed beside the king’s side and cried for they longed/missed him. They weren’t sure but maybe reason that they are so sad over the lost of an important person is because they have dragon blood in their bodies that is grieving over Hiryuu’s death. Later on, the four dragon warriors realize that their strength exceed what an ordinary person should possess. They left their tribe and who knows where they disappeared to. End story.

Ikusu says the tribes that they left behind progressed on their own and has become the current five tribes. Yona asks what this ‘founding of the country’ story has something to do with her. Ikusu says that if she wants to keep on living on. Yona says that is true. Ikusu tells her that alone, she cannot survive. “If you leave this place, you would be chased and killed. Beside you, you have Haku-sama who is supporting you. But if this keeps up..Haku-sama will die.” This shocks Yona. Serious looking Haku tells him to wait a minute and not say such things so easily [/saying he’ll die]. Haku says that he didn’t hear god’s voice. Yun punches his wound that made Haku lie down on the ground in pain. Haku still darkly says that even if he is threatened, he won’t give any money to it.. Ikusu says that it is because it is like that [Haku injured], which is really not encouraging so Yona should find some other comrades. Yona asks who. Ikusu advises her to find the four dragon warriors. With twinkle in her eyes, Yona asks if those really exists since they are only from the legend. Haku says it is impossible because it is during the legend era. Ikusu says that there are and currently they are somewhere in the country in an absolutely quiet place, inheriting the dragon’s blood. Ikusu tells her that those warriors will agree to assist her. Yona tells him that she doesn’t want Haku to die but will those dragons in the legend agree to help a person like her. Ikusu tells her that she had miraculous survived that night and miraculously escaped from the capital city. Falling down from an overhanging cliff to a seemingly bottomless place is a miracle as if nothing can hinder her. It isn’t just a miracle but it is destiny that had brought her to this place. “I believe that if you find the four dragons in the legend, it isn’t because about your own business [/situation] but rather, it is destiny. But the heavens can only point the path which you will go since how you are going to go about it, depends on your own self. I have said a lot, I’m very tired..” He then lies down on the ground again. Yun comments that god and this old guy said a lot of stuff.

That night, Yona looks up into the sky. Haku calls out to her, ‘Little princess’. Yona suddenly pushes him down and shouts no, you should lie down. Haku tells her that it is alright now and he won’t die. Yona tells him that she will go and find those people who have dragon blood. Haku asks what happens after seeing them. They don’t even know if such people really exist and even if they do, they might not stand on their side. Yona says that they’ll deal with that afterwards and if she doesn’t leave this place, she cannot do anything. “No matter what, I want to move forward, I also want to do my best to become strong. Teach me to use a sword and also a bow, whatever it is. I will do my best to learn. I do not want to die without knowing anything. Furthermore, I do not want to lose you. *looking serious* For this reason, even if it’s god’s strength, I’ll attain it.” Haku looks at her and says, “Didn’t I say that I won’t die.. *smiles* But, since it is Her Highness’s order, then, I’ll bet on that whatever destiny.” Yona smiles and pats his head. She says that lately, Haku is quite obedient. A bit tense, Haku asks her to please not stay too close to him. Clueless Yona asks why. Haku is speechless and aghast. He then says because it is annoying. Yona angrily asks what he just said. While Yona is twisting her knuckles on Haku’s cheek, Ikusu appears and says that it seems that she has decided. Yona says, yes. Ikusu says that he has a favor to ask them. The next day, Yona is dressed up in a dress and asks if it is made by Yun. Yun says that luckily there are a lot of excess cloths but the satin used might be dissatisfying for a princess but it is definitely better than her thoroughly damaged clothes. Yona says that she really likes it and it is an interesting outfit. Yun is amused with her description. Yona then asks him to lend her something that can be used to cut because she wants to fix up her hair. She is holding some huge axes that Yun freaks out. Soon, Yun cuts and fixes her hair. He complains that this is too troublesome that is why he hates princesses. Yona thanks him and says that he can do anything. Yun says that it is a requirement to take care of the shinkan. Since Ikusu is always injured, he learned how to do medical operations. He is also good in cooking and his only fault is that he is a bishounen. Yona says that she didn’t ask that. She comments that he’s very nice and this isn’t just confined to what he just said a while ago but rather, he obviously hates royalty yet he agreed to help her cut her hair.

To Yona’s surprise, Yun tells her that he will be asking for a corresponding payment for all the things he did like medical fee, outfit fee and fixing hair fee. Yona just blurts out to put it in Mundoku’s bill. Yun shouts Mundoku, is that Wind tribe’s hero. Yona asks if Mundoku is a hero. Yun calls her an idiot for not knowing that Mundoku is a really strong general who is at par with Yuhon. Yona asks why he knows everything. Yun says that it cannot be helped for he is a genius especially since he can remember what is written in books just by reading it once. But then, he only read a small section of books and out there in the world, there are a lot of books that he doesn’t know. It seems that he is finished cutting Yona’s hair. Yona tries to say something but Yun tells her that it is okay and it fine if he only collected a few books and generally, it is okay as long as he has this dirty book. He holds out a book to show her. She asks him what it is. Yun says that Ikusu is such an idiot that he said that he found this from a garbage dump when he slipped at some place. Yona agrees that he is surprising stupid. Yun repeats that Ikusu is stupid and just from hearing that, no one would really believe but that guy doesn’t lie and he [Yun] really knows this. Yun then notices that Yona is listening intently to him. He then shouts that in short, if they are going on a trip then they should quickly leave for he doesn’t have time to take care of them. He leaves and Yona smiles. In the house, Yona calls out to Ikusu. Ikusu says that her outfit is really nice and it suits her. He also says that Yun must have made it and that child is really amazing. He then asks what Yun said. Yona says that he is really the same as her father who is unreliable, a cry baby, brains are full of flowers/always happy but a very cute person. While holding a book, Yun sees Yona talking with Ikusu. He stands outside and eavesdrops on them. Yona says, “Even if Yun tends to badmouth but he really likes you. I cannot break apart a family so I won’t bring Yun with us to the journey.” This is Ikusu’s favor that he asked the two before. Yona continues to say that Ikusu wants her to bring Yun along but if Yun doesn’t want to go then she won’t bring him along. Ikusu says that she is right and this should be something he should be telling Yun. Yona calls out Ikusu’s name as Ikusu goes out of the house. Ikusu stops to see Yun standing outside. Yun glares at Ikusu. Ikusu says that it’s a good thing that he is there and just now.. Yun grabs his collar and pins him on the wall. Yun angrily asks what were they talking about a while ago and where does Ikusu want him to go.

Chapter 14: 選んだ扉 (The Door One Chooses) At the waterfalls, Yun is really angry at Ikusu for doing things on his own. Flashback: Yun angrily asked Ikusu if he wants him [Yun] to go with the others. Ikusu told him that he should leave this place and help the princess and the others. Yun angrily shouts why he would do that and quit joking around. Yona has came out and realized that Yun has overheard them. Ikusu told Yun that he shouldn’t be a child who’ll just stay in that place. “Go see the world.” Yun seems touched by what he said but he is infuriated when Ikusu said that it doesn’t matter even if he doesn’t have Yun. End flashback. Ikusu tries to rip the book as he thinks, “That idiot..!” He remembers Ikusu telling him to look and read this medical book. He stops from tearing the book. He can only curse as he remembers Ikusu telling him to go see the world. Flashback: Seven years ago, in the eastern village of the fire tribe, someone shouts for help. There are a lot of poor people around as a boy runs away. Yesterday, he only ate tree roots. There is no need to talk about the crops in the field because even insects cannot find any. Today, Yun stole some food. After stealing, he is almost killed so he must do this properly. He thinks that he should always fighting to win and it doesn’t matter if he killed the other. One day, he hit a man with a rock. The man fell down and he quickly went to the fallen guy to search for money or food. The man, Ikusu, held his hand and apologized to him for he doesn’t have anything. This made Yun screamed out loud. I think he punched or hit Ikusu. Later on, Ikusu woke up and found himself leaning on the wall of an old shack. Yun is holding a sickle at him and told him not to move. He said that everyone in the village is saying that lately, there is an outsider with a golden pearl that is dazzing all over the place. He asked if it is him and quickly bring that golden pearl out. Pause and [I think] Ikusu sniffed. Yun shouted that it is useless to cry. Ikusu apologized. He cried while saying that he already given that golden pearl to some other kid and that is the last one. “But if I’m able to find anything else, I’ll definitely give it to you!” Ikusu then wiped the blood for his head where Yun had hit him. Yun is somewhat surprised and then he blamed Ikusu that it is his entire fault for being stupid because this is a place where someone who doesn’t eat will be eaten instead. Ikusu told him that it is alright, it doesn’t hurt so he doesn’t have to worry. Yun denied that he is worried and that he almost killed him. Ikusu said then, he’ll go on his way. Yun asked if he is listening to what he is saying. Ikusu tried to walk away but he is swaying left and right. Yun called out to him to wait for they haven’t finished talking about the golden pearl. He told Ikusu to say at his house for the day. Ikusu quickly turned around and said that he is really happy because honestly, today, he is supposed to sleep outdoors. He introduced himself as Ikusu.

That night, Yun touched Ikusu’s head and thought that he is hot so he is still alive. He then put some ointment on his head. Ikusu has awakened and noticed what Yun is doing. He smiled. The next day, Yun is really cold and hungry that he thought that he is going to die there. He is surprised when Ikusu hold a sweet potato in front of him. Ikusu told him that he is giving it to him. Yun asked where he got it, did he steal it. Ikusu said that someone gave it to him. Yun happily said that it has been a long time since he ate a sweet potato. He then noticed that Ikusu is barefooted that he asked where his shoes are. Ikusu told him that he exchanged them for a sweet potato. Yun asked why he did that for him and if this is some sort of plot. Ikusu said that it is thanks for the medicine he put on his head. Yun blushed and exclaimed that he is awake. Ikasu said that the medicine is really useful that his heart is really overwhelmed that it feels like his eyes are welling up. Yun asked why he is crying and he is such a strange person. He asked if all outsiders are like that. Ikasu told him that there are many sorts of people from outside although there is no way for him to go to the capital. Yun exclaimed, “Capital?!” Ikasu asked if he wanted to go to the capital. Yun said yes, for he wants to leave this place and go to the capital and all sort of places. “Wait until I grow up, I still want to read a lot of books. Go to a place where I can freely study.” Ikusu commented that he is amazing for he can read books. Yun said of course, though he can only understand simple books but even if there are difficult ones, he will definitely one day.. Ikusu told him that next time, he’ll bring books to him because he goes to all sorts of places. Yun asked what kind of person he is. Ikusu told him that he is a person who prays to god, favored by the voice of god, visit people who are listless and help them to find the courage to live on. Yun doesn’t believe god exists but Ikasu doesn’t seem to be lying. Yun asked where he is going and will it be okay for him to be barefooted like that. Carrying a lot of straw, Ikusu said that it is okay for he will just make some straw sandals which someone taught him how before. Yun exclaimed for Ikusu to teach him, too. After a few hours, Ikusu praised Yun for being able to do straw sandals really well that it is like a ‘product that can be sold’ even if it is Yun’s first time to do so. Yun told Ikusu that the sandals Ikusu made are pathetic so he gave Ikusu the ones he had made. Ikusu asked if he really can have it for they are really well-made sandals. Yun said that as an exchange, he wants Ikusu to teach him some other things. Ikusu bid him goodbye. Yun thought that he wanted to talk to Ikusu again, say a lot of things and ask a lot of things. He obviously doesn’t want Ikusu to leave yet he couldn’t say it. He decided to try to say it, ‘stay here’, the next time Ikusu come back and they meet again. He wondered if Ikusu will find it troublesome but then, it doesn’t matter to him. He hopes for Ikusu to quickly come back and he wondered why he felt lonely as if it isn’t a good thing ever since he met Ikusu when he obviously been always alone.

Yun now earns a living by selling straw sandals. One day, while he is putting away a boxful of sandals, he saw Ikusu all bruised and dirty. He asked what happened that he is covered with injury and is dressed lightly. Ikusu apologizes for coming there after a long time. He had gotten a lot of things that would want to give Yun but it is all stolen by the people who wanted the golden pearl that he doesn’t even have books left. That golden pearl is something he brought out from the capital city before. His master had gotten a few but right now, not a single one is left. He went to a faraway place and wanted to be with people but people only thought of him as a person who brings golden pearls. It seems that he had awaken something bad in their hearts. In the end, he just wanted to see Yun’s face. Ikusu said that he really had fun making straw sandals with him. Ikusu bid him goodbye [probably because he has to be in seclusion for people are after his golden pearls that he no longer have] but Yun hold his robe and shouted that he wanted to go with him. Ikusu told him if he do that, from then on, he can no longer go outside nor go to the capital, also the books.. Yun said that it doesn’t matter whether he couldn’t go to the capital or don’t have the books, for it is okay for him if Ikusu just teach him all he knows. Yun said that that it is dangerous for Ikusu to walk wobbly like that. He hugged Ikusu as he said that he is the only one who could put medicine on him. End flashback. Yun looks at the book that Ikusu has given him. He mutters, “The outside world, huh..” Just then Ikusu is standing behind him. Yun says that even if he said that princess doesn’t know anything about the world but honestly, for him to just rely on knowledge [/books], he cannot really understand the true ‘reality’ so being like that is generally embarrassing. There are some flashbacks of Yun asking Ikusu to tell him of heroes from the past dynasties and of Yun reprimanding Ikusu for being troublesome that he is injured again but he’ll go get some medicine for him. Yun looks up with his eyes closed as if he decided on something. He then says that Ikusu probably doesn’t know but for him, whatever Ikusu says is absolute that when he said it, it is like Ikusu is commanding him to go so, he’ll go. “This is definitely what destiny has bestowed on me. And about you, it seems that even if I’m not around, it doesn’t matter to you.” Ikusu says that spoken language has power that it can become a ‘word spirit’ so for him to say that it doesn’t matter, it might become true and perhaps, it might really be ‘doesn’t matter’ but then, he cannot..no matter what he does..he’ll be very lonely. Yun is surprised to see Ikusu crying. Soon, Yun is also crying. He wipes his own tears and says that Ikusu is so troublesome and it isn’t like they can no longer see each other again for the rest of their lives. Yona peeks out from the tree then smiles upon seeing Yun comforting crying Ikusu.

Chapter 15: ふるえる覚悟 (Shaking Resolution) At the mountain path, Yun, accompanied by Haku who is carrying a huge bag on his shoulder while holding his covered halberd, meets with a man [trader?]. The trader says that it has been a long time and he always longs for the medicine that Yun makes. Yun asks if he has some rice. The trader comments that it is quite rare for him to be with a companion. He asks how that tall guy is. While Yun is trying to think of what to say, Haku says that he is a business partner. Somewhat tilting his hat down, Haku says that they are doing business near the national border/frontier. While walking through the forest, Haku calls out to Yona who is walking ahead. “Little princess, little princess- what are you angry about? Is it because you are put in a bag and I’ve carried you on my shoulder? Or are you angry because I said that inside the bag are clothes and personal items that you were treated roughly? Or perhaps, you are angry that I took advantage of you by teasing [/flirting] while you are pretending to be a bag?” Yona angrily shouts, “All of that! What’s with that attitude of yours!” Whistling Haku just climbs up the tree to escape Yona’s wrath. Yun says that she has to pretend to be a bag of personal belongings so that they can move around freely. He really feels like his heart is going to explode if they were exposed. He then shouts at the two who were ‘playing around’ to listen to him. While the two are listening to him, Yun shouts, "Red haired princess! Wild beast ex-general! And also, genius bishounen! This group is really conspicuous so you guys should be more serious!” Haku corrects him that he is ‘Raiju’ = ‘thunder beast’ not ‘wild beast’. Yun continues to say, “This place is close to the fire tribe and the capital city. If we are discovered then, it’s really troublesome. Understand?” The two say, “Yes--!” Haku then says that regardless if it’s the shinkan or the four dragons, both seem to live in really troublesome places. Flashback: They asked Ikusu if he has any clues as to where these four dragons are located. Ikusu told them that those that have the dragon bloodline are currently scattered all over the place and lived their own respective lives so it is hard to be certain on where that place is. Haku and Yun shouted that it is too troublesome. Ikusu said that according to the legend, there is one person whom he knows to live in a mist and cloud covered mountain. This clan is quite inconspicuous but surely has inherited the bloodline though this clan doesn’t receive outsiders. Ikusu showed them a map and points to some mountains near the capital and near the Kai empire. Ikusu said that it is near the border so it will be dangerous since they will have to move from the fire tribe, cross above the capital city to get to the mountains. End flashback.

Haku grins and says that not only the capital city but they are also very near the Kai empire. Yun happily says that he finally manages to go see the outside world and he is really anticipating this. “~Fantasy village~~ I want to travel around the world and write a journal about it.” Haku says, “Ha? Then, why are your eyes all red.” Yun chases after him and shouts for him not to talk nonsense. His eyes are red from crying as he bid goodbye to Ikusu. Yona puts on her hood and asks if those soldiers would come after them again. Haku tells her not to worry for he’ll think of a way. Yun tells Haku to protect him, too since he is a weakling. Yona tells Haku that she wants to learn swordsmanship. “Haku, didn’t you say that you will teach me? You can teach me while we are on this journey! If someone comes, I want to be able to drive them away..” Haku looks at her and says, “Little princess..can you kill a person?” Yona looks surprised. Haku continues to say, “Even if you say about driving them away, but we cannot give the enemies the opportunities to escape. You have to kill them and make them fall into the ground till they can no longer stand up. Can you do that?” Yona is flustered as she says that at that time, she had a sword yet she totally wasn’t able to make use of it. “Even if I cannot win against them, even if I cannot kill them, I still wish to at least make an opportunity for me and Haku to escape..” Haku thinks for a while then says that maybe it is necessary for her to know some defensive swordsmanship skills. Yona asks if he is willing to teach her. Haku gives her the bow and arrows. He says, “I will fight up front while little princess should just hide and shoot the enemies.” Yona says okay. She insists that he also teach her how to use a sword. Haku tells her that for now, he’ll only teach her how to use the bow. “His Majesty Iru has always forbidden the princess from touching a weapon. Right now, this is pretty much like I’m betraying His Majesty’s command. Why His Majesty hates weapons, please think well about it.” Yona just grips the bow tighter in her hands. While they continue walking on the mountain path, Yun suggests that Yona practice her archery skills while they are on their way. Haku says that that if they aren’t in a journey, he would have make her do target practice 200 times a day. This shocks Yona. Haku tells Yona to start practicing by killing birds or rabbits. Yun approves of this idea for it is two birds in one stone. “This will also resolve the problem of our dinner. So, will you please, Your Highness.” Yona looks at him blankly and says, “Ha?”

After an hour, Yona still fails to hit any bird. Embarrassed, Yona asks Haku what she should do so that she can hit something. Haku says that it is like this. He takes the bow and arrow then hits a bird which promptly falls dead on the ground. Haku tells her to just aim. Yona says that she doesn’t understand. He asks what she doesn’t understand. Yona realizes that a genius cannot understand the feelings of an ordinary person. Yona walks away and says that Haku totally cannot become a ‘master/teacher’. Haku calls for her to wait. He tells her to listen well. It is basically, her strength isn’t enough. He aims the bow together with Yona and tells her to steady the bow while it is being pulled. “Put all of your strength in and then, let your body remember this.” They then shoot down a bird. He tells her that it is said that an expert archer can still shoot his target even if his eyes are closed so what the eyes can see is only a facade. He suggests that for now, she should just learn to how to shoot the arrow straight. Soon, there are more walking and archery practice. It is night and Yun wakes up from a sound. He finds Yona practicing archery on a tree and comments that she is practicing even if it is very late. He seems moved by Yona’s dedication. The next day[?], Yun is cooking some rice in a bamboo. He tells Yona that she starts to have the posture of an archer. Yona is extremely happy about this and asks if he can also do some archery. Yun tells her that he usually use traps to hunt. He says that having half-hearted feelings, it is better not to use weapons. Yona is puzzled. Yun explains to her that is about the problem of killing someone. “Although wanting to protect, but for us people, who have no strength, can we stand in the battlefield with no misgivings about the enemies’ standpoint? We want to survive so we should be relentless at killing someone regardless who it is. Using such despicable methods, ought to be used here. It is a battle of the brains. Looking for a mistake and easily doing clever tricks, that is what that Raiju [only him] is capable of doing.” Yona looks thoughtful about what he said. Later on, she then tries to hunt a young wild boar. She thinks that it is cute but even if it is a human, in the battlefield, she should be able to shoot it. She becomes tense. She thinks that by pulling the bow, it is only a choice of killing or be killed. She shoots but her arrow is slanted that it only grazed the boar which run away. She goes and gets her arrow. She thinks that her father detested it so much. “But, father (king), if I don’t kill, if I don’t kill, right now, I won’t be able to survive.”

Haku stands behind her and says that’s too bad for she wasn’t able to seriously injure it. He says that more than for it being cruel but rather it is more likely because her heart is confused. Haku tells Yun to go ahead. Yun tells them to hurry up because they will quickly be arriving at the area/border. Haku says, okay. Haku tells Yona to show her master [him] how much she had progressed. He tells her to hit the tree first. Yona manages to hit the tree. Haku happily congratulate her that for being amazing and for the time being, she managed to hit it. Yona tells him that she isn’t too happy regarding how he said it. Yona is surprised when Haku tells her to try hitting him. Yona shouts that she cannot do that. Haku tells her that it will be okay since he can avoid it. “Let’s practice hitting a moving object. No..rather, this is practice in hitting a person. I will be moving about so just aim and shoot.” A bit tense, Yona prepares to aim and shouts that she will not be responsible if she hits him. Later on, Yona shouts at Haku to quit running all over the place. Haku tells her that she totally doesn’t have any desire to shoot him. Haku runs off again as Yona misses him. Infuriated, Yona shoots at Haku and Haku easily catches the arrow and breaks it in half. Haku says that she is still far from there because her killer chi [intent to kill] is not enough. A bit tense, Yona exclaims how she could have killer chi. Haku tells her to think of him as a chasing solider. “It’s fine if it is from the fire tribe or soldiers from the capital. Just think of me as someone whom you want to kill.” Yona shouts that she doesn’t think that way regarding those people. Haku looks serious then says, “How about this, just think of shooting me as Suwon.” This stunned Yona that she holds the bow tightly and then shoots at Haku. Haku is surprised as quickly tilts his head. The arrow wounds/grazes his face [causing it to bleed] as the arrow is stuck on the tree. Haku looks somewhat sad as he takes the arrow from the tree. Yona is crying as she says that she really hates that side of Haku. “But..if it is for protecting you, even if I have to sacrifice other people, I’m willing to take up a weapon!” Haku holds her and kisses her head. This surprises Yona. He tells her not to keep on saying about protecting him. She asks why. Looking away, Haku says, “Because it will make me greedy.” Yona is puzzled. He holds her hand and says, “In short, it is my job to protect you. Didn’t I tell you to treat me as a ‘support’ [props]? So you don’t have to worry over a ‘support’.” While still walking, it started to become foggy that Haku says that it is hard to see. Yona asks where Yun went. Haku says that clouds and mist linger around that fantasy village so he thinks that they must be nearby. He wonders where a village like that would be. Yona then shouts for Haku that this is bad. Haku shouts that he cannot see anything and where is she. Yona shouts that she is here and tells him to quickly come for Yun has disappeared. She has seen Yun’s coat and things near the tree.

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