June 13, 2011

Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran [Chapter 5]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 21, 2010

Hana reads about Nobunaga’s background in a history book from his birth in 1543 as the son of Oda Nobuhide, his turbulent younger years, the battle of Okehazama in 1560 to his ‘supposed’ death at Honnō-ji along with his retainers, the Mori brothers. [For details, just read it in wiki or some other resources =P ] She then looks at the living room and asks herself if the guys in history are the same guys as the ones watching television now. She thinks that in an instant, they are becoming familiar with her era. They are watching some classical drama where a guy is confessing/saying sweet nothings to his lover. Bou blushes while seemingly covering his eyes yet still peeking. He exclaims that they should be doing that in some secret area instead of in front of the audience. While Ran is reading a book, Nobunaga asks Hana where one can get those kinds of clothes. Bou and Riki are blushing when the girl on the television says, “Ah..no..you can’t..” but they were disappointed that the show is interrupted by a commercial at the critical moment. Pointing at the ‘train’ in the television, Riki asks if it is a carriage. Grandpa tells him that it is Shinkansen that can go 300 [-320] kilometers per hour which is eight times faster than a horse. A horse, not a thoroughbred can run around 40 km/hr. One can reach Kanto [where Tokyo is] from Kyoto in a quarter and half time [= 3 hours]. They couldn’t believe that it is eight times faster than a horse. Hana’s phone rings and it is from Nijiko, her aunt. She goes out the room to answer it. She tells her aunt that everyone is quite lively because they’ll head back to Tokyo tomorrow. Nobunaga asks Grandpa what made the Shinkansen’s speed that fast. Grandpa says that for him to understand, he’ll have to start from the very beginning. Riki then notices something on the television that he stands in front of it. It is an advertisement of a drama called ‘Shitsuji-sama’s Love [Affair]’ which is showing next week Friday at 9pm and the role of the butler will be played by Osaka.. [Ah, not sure if the actor is from Osaka or the butler is from Osaka ^^;] Nobunaga tells Riki that he can’t see the television. Riki points to the television that shows Ryou in a butler uniform. He says that it is the guy that Hana was waiting for. Bou asks if it is when Hana came back home crying. Riki nods. Grandpa sadly says that guy is a traitor who betrayed Hana and Nijiko. The four guys look really dark and serious about it. Grandpa mutters that it is thanks to whom that he [Ryou] is now in that position. Someone [probably the four guys talking] mutters that it cannot be forgiven even if he begs for it. Just then, Hana goes back in and sees that the television is on some show wherein a girl is running around with her dog. She asks about what they are talking about ‘beg for it’, beg for what. The four guys are just silent.

The next day, they thank the doctor’s wife/innkeeper’s hospitality for taking care of them for such a long time. The others climb in the van. Hana looks back and sees Ran looking dark. Hana asks him what he is doing, just go in the van. Ran asks if he is going inside this strange box again. Hana says that didn’t he already ride on it when they went to the inn and also in going to the temple. Ran darkly says that it is because Nobunaga is in danger at that time. Hana is puzzled as Ran goes in the van. The van leaves and soon, they are at the station. They bid goodbye to the doctor. They especially the younger ones are awed by the magnificent building. They are amazed by the moving stairs [escalator]. Hana grabs Riki to stop him from walking down again. They marvel at the ticket that Hana gives them. She tells them not to lose it. Riki puts the ticket in the machine and it comes out at the other side. With glittering eyes, Riki tries to go back and try it again. Hana stops him again and tells him that he can do it again when they go out. Still looking dark, Ran is just standing behind them. The younger boys happily wait while looking at a bulletin board which shows what time the Shinkansen will arrive. When it arrived, the two younger guys cheer. Grandpa tells them that it will move fast if it didn’t stop. The younger guys are curious at the door within Shinkansen that opened by itself when they go near it. Hana wonders if guys really like transportation vehicles. She then turns around to find that Ran hasn’t gone in yet. She goes down from the train and tells him to quickly go in. Ran darkly asks if it is true that this strange thing runs eight times faster than horses. Hana asks if he is afraid. She assures him that the Shinkansen is among the safest transportation vehicle. She freaks out when Ran bends over as if he is nauseous and his face looks green. Grandpa tells Hana to hurry. Hana tries to tell him about Ran but, the door suddenly closes. So, Hana can only watch as Grandpa and the three other guy, who were watching by the window, leave in the Shinkansen.

While Hana is waiting for Ran outside the men’s toilet, she talks with her Grandpa on the phone who asks if everything is okay. Hana tells him that it seems to be motion sickness [carsick] and Ran couldn’t handle it anymore until they reached the station. She tells him not to be nervous since they already left [/can move around]. They decided to meet each other at the Tokyo station. She looks up to see Ran coming out of the toilet. They sit at the waiting area. Hana gives him some medicine and tells him that he’ll feel a bit better after taking it. Ran drinks it. After a long silence, Hana nervously thinks that the mood is very bad and there are only the two of them there. Hana tries to talk with him by telling him that he should have told them about his motion sickness earlier and isn’t riding a horse for ten minutes more bumpy. Ran didn’t answer. Hana is frustrated because she cannot bear this kind of silence. Then, Ran tells her that if he rides a horse, he is the one who is making it move but the situation is different when riding in a vehicle, which shakes here and there. He also doesn’t feel good with that stairs that moves on its own. Hana nervously thinks that she seems to understand yet not understand. Ran looks at her seriously and asks if she is satisfied about being that noisy when he isn’t feeling well. Hana nervously says, is that so. She apologizes while thinking that Ran is really hard to deal with. While telling Ran that she got in touch with Grandpa and others, Ran suddenly stands up and says that he left Nobunaga for some time already so they should hurry and leave.. He then somewhat leans sideways [= dizzy] that Hana grabs him so that he won’t fall. She tells him that it is much better for him to rest for a while and it will be alright since Bou and Riki are with Nobunaga. Ran is just silent while Hana thinks that Ran has a ‘Nobunaga/His Highness complex’. She tells him that if he recovered a bit, they will quickly catch up with the others. She glances at him and thinks that if it is about Nobunaga, Ran is totally flawless but there are times when he isn’t. Ran looks at her and says that self-satisfied face of hers puts him in a bad mood. This made Hana nervous.

To her surprise, Ran suddenly lies his head down on her lap. She asks him what he is doing. Ran says that he’ll sleep for a while. Blushing and still nervous, she thinks that isn’t what she is asking. Hana couldn’t believe it for this guy had treated her like some liar and seriously suspects/doubts her yet how can he even peacefully sleep on her like that. Hana feels that everyone is looking at her and what she should do in a situation like this. She looks down on sleeping Ran and thinks that his eyelashes are so long and she would want to have a ruler right now. His nose is also very straight which is situated in such a beautiful face. Hana then wrestles with her impulse to want to touch him because he looks like a doll. Just when she is about to touch him, her phone rings and vibrates in her bag. Hana mentally apologizes [for wanting to touch him] while she answers the phone to tell Grandpa that they are resting for a while. When she mentions Nobunaga’s name, Ran immediately opens his eyes. Hana says that he’s awake. She tells Ran who is sitting up that Nobunaga wants to talk with him. Ran looks around for Nobunaga. Hana teaches him how to answer her phone. Ran is surprised to hear Nobunaga’s voice on the phone. Hana tells him to just look surprise there while she goes buy something to drink. While walking, she looks at Ran and wonders if he’ll be alright. Then, she bumps into someone. She quickly apologizes and when she looks up, it turns out to be Ryou. The two call each other’s names. Hana wonders what she should say when there are so many questions that she wanted to ask him. They talk at the same time so Ryou apologizes and let her talk first. Flustered Hana wonders if they will become like this and if it is totally over. She gulps and says that she is really shock about his switching of companies and why he didn’t tell her about it. Ryou apologizes and says that it is something that he doesn’t know whether to tell her or not but that is his problem. “I have decided. I have done what I wanted to do. ..I won’t be coming back.” Flustered Hana thinks that she isn’t needed anymore. While looking away, Ryou tells her that Hana’s aunt’s company is too small and it won’t do if he doesn’t go to a bigger company, else he won’t become very popular. In fact, since he moved to sPro, he has been receiving drama work. Later on, there will be more dramas and also movie job offers. Hana feels like crying as she bends down her head. This made Ryou flustered/sad for her. He reaches out his hand to touch her but someone slaps his hand away. It is Ran who told Ryou, “You don’t have the right to touch Hana.”

Being rebuffed like that, Ryou tries to laugh it off by sarcastically accusing Hana of knowing how to trick people by pretending to be innocent/pure yet so quickly, she already got herself a new guy. Puzzled, Hana asks what he meant by that. Ryou tells her that he just saw them a while ago. They were sticking together like glue like lovers and he’s sleeping on her lap. Ryou accuses her of having a past wherein she is hurt and afraid of guys and he has always been lied and tricked by her. Hana is aghast by this accusation while Ran just sternly looks at Ryou. While Hana is trying to protest that it isn’t true that she is a lying type, Ran pulls her to him and says that she is only being used as a pillow. Hana and Ryou look at Ran and thinks, “Pillow..?” Ran tells Ryou, “I am only helping back because Hana and others had helped us. It is because a heartless guy betrayed [her/them] so it’s very troublesome.” Ryou looks surprised and tense by this. Hana realizes that Ran is talking about what Ryou did to her. Ryou nervously asks if Ran is a newcomer of Amami Company, this haphazard/hasty-confused guy. Ryou looks displeased upon seeing Ran’s hand on Hana. Ran had noticed this that he uses both hands to hold on to Hana’s shoulders. He smiles and says, “Eh..even if it is a woman whom you do not want but you can’t take it when some other guy touches her, right?” Ryou is taken aback by this. While Ran covers Hana’s mouth, he says, “Then, how about I do what you don’t like to do.” Ryou is flustered and speechless by that. Ran continues, “..one must discern between green from red, black from white. In order to fulfill one’s goal of choosing a much better master, one decides to leave one’s origins, is but natural.” Hana senses that Ran is holding her tighter [= not feeling well]. She is surprised when Ran lets her go and turns to hold her again [to lead her away] and says, “But, being ungrateful and without conscience to this extent, there is no other words to describe you except that you are despicable. You don’t even know how to be ashamed of yourself.” Ryou is tense and aghast by that. He couldn’t reply back as he just looks away.

Ran pulls Hana away and says that they are going. Hana looks back and sees that Ryou hasn’t move from where they left him. While Ran is pulling her, Hana tells him to stop and if he is alright or is he still feeling unwell. Since he didn’t reply, Hana assumes that he isn’t well. Ran suddenly stops walking that she hits Ran’s back. It turns out that Ran stopped in front of an escalator. In the end, they just climb the stairs. Hana thanks him for what he did. She asks if he is angry for her sake. She thinks that he talked continuously like that for a ‘nakama’ like her. Ran tells her that it is only because that guy’s attitude cannot be forgiven for just saying whatever he wants to say. “You shouldn’t mind what that guy is saying.” When Hana is beginning to wonder if Ran is not such a bad guy, Ran calls her stupid. He tells her that romantic love is just trouble. “After loving deeply and adoring each other, you’ll simply just quarrel noisily. It’s stupidity to the extreme.” Hana lamely looks at him and says, ah? Ran looks at her and asks, isn’t she the same. “You also should use your brain a little bit more, right?” Hana angrily thinks, “I take back what I’ve said. This guy only has arrogance and even thought of me as a pillow.” With a sparkle in his eye, Ran tells her that what’s really worthwhile and revered in this whole world is loyalty/fealty to one’s lord. Hana is speechless. While they were waiting for the Shinkansen to arrive, Hana asks him that speaking of that, what did Nobunaga told him. Ran tells him that it seems that Nobunaga is trying out the telephone. A scene of Nobunaga says, hello and Grandpa telling him that he is holding it wrong [opposite way].

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