June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapters 33-35 + Side Story]

 Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 18, 2010

Chapter 33: Yukito holds Kotori tight. This surprises her that she looks up to him. They blush. Yukito looks at her kissable lips but he breaks away by pushing her away gently. He apologizes for suddenly pulling her like that and he must have surprised her. He asks if she got burned [by the firecracker]. Kotori says no. Yukito says that it is late so they should go home. Looking somewhat sad, Kotori agrees with him. At work, Yamagami tells Kotori that she looks tired. Surprised, Kotori asks if it is true. Yamagami asks if she didn’t sleep last night and will she be alright working today. He tells her to please not show that kind of face to the customers when she is at the counter. Kotori says yes. He tells her that there are a lot of ingredients that are delivered today so she should help in putting it in the storage. Kotori says yes. She thinks that Yamagami is always reprimanding her and she should do things well. “Since last night, I’ve always been thinking about Yukito..” She remembers him hugging her, then she quickly snaps out of it. She tells herself that she shouldn’t do that because she is currently working and if this continues, she’ll just make Yukito worried. She goes to the back and is shock that there are indeed a lot of ingredients delivered. There are boxes of tomatoes, lettuce, meat, etc. She tries to carry a couple of boxes but it is too heavy for her. To her surprise, Yukito takes the boxes that she is carrying. He tells her that it would be more efficient if he carries the meat which is the heaviest while she just carries the lighter ones. Kotori thanks him as Yukito quietly walks away. Flustered, Kotori thinks that there are times when he is nice and it can feel quite tiring. She wonders if it is just her misunderstanding about the hug yesterday because Yukito already likes someone else.

Later on, Yukito goes to the staff room to find Kotori sound asleep on the sofa. He wonders why she is sleeping and if it is already her break time. He looks at the side blushing and thinks that maybe he should leave. He then glances at sleeping Kotori. His eyes wander on her lips. He goes to her and bends to kiss her but he stops when Keigo enters the room and calls out, hey. Yukito quickly turns around and leaves. Keigo looks at Yukito. Then, Kotori wakes up. While Yukito is working, he wonders what the heck he is doing because ever since the hug yesterday, he became strange. He wanted to touch more of Kotori..really want to touch her. He wonders why he thinks that way. [^^;;] A guy tells Yamagami that they have a delivery order. Yamagami asks if Matsuda has already arrived and it is best to ask someone who is skilled in driving a motorcycle. The guy tells Yamagami that Matsuda is on the night shift and those who have a motorcycle license are all busy. Yamagami then asks Yukito to deliver the food by biking as fast as he could. Keigo then says to let him be the one to deliver because he has a motorcycle license. He tells Yamagami that he has experience since he has done deliveries before and he knows the roads well. So, Yamagami let Keigo do it. Yukito looks flustered. Much later on, Yukito seems to have finished his shift and is on the way home when he meets with Keigo on the hallway. Noticing that Keigo is looking at him that he tells Keigo that he has another job so what is his problem. Keigo says that it is nothing. Yukito says then, he’ll be going. Before Yukito can leave, Keigo asks, “What do you think of Miss Kaji?” Yukito stops and turns around to look at Keigo. He asks, “What I think..what do you mean?” Keigo says that he meant that literally. Yukito says it is nothing because there is nothing between them. Keigo somewhat smiles and asks, “Really, so if I go after Miss Kaji, you’ll have no objections, right?” This surprises Yukito. He looks away and asks why Keigo is asking that and he shouldn’t ask if he [Yukito] has any objections. Keigo says that he is right but Yukito is Kotori’s ex-boyfriend and it seems that he still has some feelings for her so he just wants to verify it. “If we are love rivals, I hate fighting stealthy [behind one’s back].” Keigo smiles and says, “Sorry for calling you. Bye.” Yukito looks flustered and frustrated as he clenches his fist.

At the fireworks display, Keigo happily says that the fireworks is beautiful and the ‘boom’ sounds can be felt to his heart. Haruna tells him that he’s exaggerating. Keigo says that it is because it is his first time to see fireworks so near. Haruna just says, yes, yes, I know. Kotori looks sad and flustered that Keigo also came. She thinks that even if Keigo treats her the same as before, but she really feels nervous that she won’t dare look at him. “And..” Keigo asks, “Yamagami-kun, you also came?” Yamagami asks if he has any objections. Keigo says of course none but rather he just cannot imagine Yamagami connected with matsuri [festival] because it seems like they are still at work and they would feel nervous. Everyone just look tense and seem to agree with Keigo. Yamagami tells him not to mind him and they should just have fun. Keigo says that no, they cannot because he is worried that if he do something, Yamagami will scold him. Yamagami replies then he shouldn’t do something that will make him angry. Keigo says, “See, you are already angry.” Yamagami denies it. Keigo says that he is angry. Yamagami asks why he likes to pick a fight on him. Keigo says that it is because Yamagami is like that so girls are afraid of him. Yamagami exclaims why girls got into the topic. Kotori thinks that Keigo is amazing he dare provoke that Yamagami. Haruna tells them that is enough and they already know that their affection is quite good so they should go already. Both Keigo and Yamagami deny that their affection is good. Kotori starts laughing about this. Keigo blushes and says that he got laughed at. The other guy asks why he is blushing and from what Keigo said, it seems like he likes Kotori. This surprises Kotori. She blushes when Keigo is looking at her. He looks away and says, “...she’s really cute..honestly..” This made Kotori blush even more as she wonders why he is saying it in front of everyone. Keigo says that Kotori is like a pure-innocent girl unlike his sempai, Haruna. Haruna puts him on a neck hold and asks him what he meant by that. While wincing in pain, Keigo says that he meant that literally. One of the guys asks Kotori ask her if Keigo will do for her. Another guy tells the guy not to tease Kotori and apologizes to Kotori that such a question was being asked. Kotori just laughs it off. She thinks that she isn’t used to this kind of mood. She also has some sort of longing. She touches the bracelet that Yukito gave her then looks up the night sky lit by fireworks. “..fireworks, I really want to see it with you..”

Meanwhile, Yukito arrives at work to only learn that he has no work that night because the machine had a problem. Yukito didn’t read his cellphone so he didn’t get that message that he doesn’t need to come to work. The man apologizes for having him go there. Yukito says that it is alright. Seeing the fireworks in the sky, the man mentions about the fireworks display. He tells Yukito to go see it since this is a rare opportunity. Yukito blush a bit. At the fireworks place, there are a lot of people that Kotori has a hard time catching up with the others. She can no longer see Haruna and others and thinks that she will be lost at this rate. To her surprise, Keigo holds her hand and asks her if she is alright. While she is still muttering about her hand, Keigo smiles and pulls her along. She calls for him to wait. Keigo turns around and asks if she wants to drink something or does she want to eat some kakigori [shaved ice flavored with syrup dessert]. “What flavor do you like?” Kotori timidly says strawberry. Keigo says then, strawberry it is. Kotori snaps out of it and calls out to him that isn’t what she wanted to say. Keigo tells her that they are holding hands so that she won’t get lost. “To be honest, what I’m saying is that it’s only because I don’t want to let go..” Kotori is surprised and wonders how she should reply. Keigo then tells her that place [which seems to be an esplanade near the river] has fewer people so they should go and rest there for a while. Later, Keigo gives her kakigori. Kotori thanks him. She wonders what else to say else it will be too quiet. She als thinks that the kakigori looks delicious. She looks at him and asks if he isn’t going to eat, too. Keigo says that he cannot finish a cup. “Kotori, can you give me a part of your share? Just a mouthful.” Kotori blushes and is surprised when Keigo takes a bite from her kakigori. Kotori couldn’t believe what he just did. Keigo happily exclaims that it is so cold yet delicious. Kotori wonders when he stopped calling her ‘Miss Kaji’ and started calling her ‘Kotori’. She becomes confused and thinks that Keigo seems really different from the first time they’ve met. “It seems like he’s really good in dealing with girls. He’s quite different from Yukito. To..towards this type of person..what should I do?” She becomes tense since she hasn’t encountered this kind of situation before.

Yukito arrives at the fireworks display site. He wonders how he is going to find Kotori since there are so many people there. He wonders if Kotori truly wants to see the fireworks with him. Yukito doesn’t want to call her on the phone because Kotori will know that he came specifically for her. He looks somewhat sad then he looks up to see a familiar black haired girl. His eyes widen since it is really Kotori, together with Keigo, passing by. Yukito couldn’t believe it that he would actually see her even if there are so many people there. “Could this be fate?!” He quickly runs after them while squeezing through a lot of people. He calls out to Kotori. Then, Kotori is in front of him. All three looks surprised at each other. When Kotori is about to call Yukito’s name, Keigo holds Kotori’s hand tighter and walks away with her. Looking stunned, Yukito just stands there. “What am I doing..” At home, Masaya enters his room to tell him that dinner is ready. He finds Yukito gloomily lying on bed and hugging his pillow tight. Masaya asks why he is acting difficult that he cannot even get out of bed. “Do you have any objections about the food I made?” Yukito sits up while still pouting. Masaya tells him to quickly go eat. Before Masaya can leave his room, Yukito asks him to lend his motorcycle to him. He tells Masaya to teach him to drive a motorcycle because he wanted to quickly learn and be skilled in driving. Flustered, he thinks, “I don’t want to lose to that guy..” With folded arms, Masaya tells him to talk about that when he gets his driving license. Yukito whines that if he waits until then, it will be too late. Masaya tells him that he cannot do it either. Yukito asks why. Masaya says that he doesn’t want to have a police record. “And, what if you get hurt? If you get hurt then Kotori will cry, right?” Flustered, Yukito asks why he is mentioning about Kotori and why would she cry. Looking a bit amused, Masaya pats Yukito’s head and asks what he is being anxious about. “It seems like you have a lot of reasons why you want to do that [motorcycle] thing, but what is it that you really want? What you really want to do should be the crucial question, right? Shouldn’t you first think what you wanted to do? Love is that kind of thing, basically going along with what one feels so just do things according to your intention in lieu of your current situation.” Yukito looks surprised as Masaya ruffles his hair. A bit irritated, Yukito says that Masaya unexpectedly treats him like a kid. Masaya says that he is a kid. Yukito is flustered and frustrated since it is true. He then looks aghast as to why his brother is ‘superman’ who knows about love.

At work, it is time to go home. A guy bids Kotori goodbye. Kotori’s mind wanders to the thought of Yukito misunderstanding the thing about Keigo. She snaps out of it and asks herself why she is thinking that because Yukito already likes someone else and it doesn’t matter to him whether he misunderstood or not. “But, even if I can say it like that, I cannot help but mind it..” She is surprised when Yukito calls out to her and asks if she is also going home. She says yes. After a pause, Yukito says that they go home together, he’ll bring her home. This surprises Kotori. Then, Keigo says that he’ll also bring her home. “Let me bring you home.” Kotori is surprised blushing over this while the two guys stare at each other. Haha, and that is the purpose of a rival, to get the lead guy to do something. =P The way Yukito is acting at the latter part of this chapter made me wonder if he is like that from the start. Before, he seems cool and everything but then, maybe, he is just pretending to be. In times of trouble and anxiety, that facade probably crumbles and revealed what he truly is ‘a kid’ who is insecure and makes a lot of mistakes. He is still letting his pride get the best of him since he doesn’t want to show Kotori that he still longs for her. He is indeed doing this the other way around because he is focusing too much on having a motorcycle. Masaya does seem like a ‘mom’ of some sort. Good at cooking and apparently, he is good at giving love advice, too. I’m curious about the history of his love life aside from his ego has gotten a beating over a girl’s preference of Yukito over him. Well, Masaya’s advice ought to help him do more initiative and not to be too complacent with thoughts that no one but him would be interested in Kotori. The cast is becoming large. I wonder if the summer work friends will still appear later on after summer. They are quite likeable so I hope they would occasionally. Of course, Keigo is a real threat. He is indeed smooth with girls and isn’t timid at all because he can be brutally frank even with the most intimidating persons like Yamagami. I think the author seems to be saying that yes, it might be fate that keeps on bringing them together but still, one must do something about it rather than just stand there and let some other person take away the person you like right in front of your eyes.

Chapter 34: Yukito tells Keigo that he’ll bring Kotori home because he knows where her house is. Keigo asks what Yukito is saying because if he just asks Kotori himself where she lives then he’ll also know where her house is. The two unrelenting guys glare at each other. Caught in between, Kotori wonders what’s happening..why it turned out that way. Kotori is surprised when the two guys asks Kotori to be the one who’ll decide as to who will bring her home. The two guys stare at Kotori as she stutters what to say. Putting her hand on Kotori’s shoulder, Haruna says that she’ll be the one who’ll bring Kotori home. This surprises the two guys. With a despising look, Haruna says, “Hehe..you guys, really lack any sort of elegance in this kind of competition.” This shocks the two guys speechless. Haruna smiles and tells Kotori that she should get ready and she’ll bring her home. “I have a motorcycle and it’s a brand-new one though still paid by installment basis. Yukito-kun doesn’t have a motorcycle license and Shitara only has a motorcycle license. Yet, would even say ‘I’m bring her home because I know where she lives’ and ‘If I just ask, then I’ll know’, what’s up with those two guys [when they don’t even have a motorcycle].” The two guys still look aghast as the girls walk away. Keigo mutters that it seems like Haruna is showing off. Yukito mutters that she has a motorcycle and it is a brand new one. The two guys look at each other then snub each other as they go their way. At home, Kotori thanks Haruna for bringing her home. Haruna says that it is alright. She tells Kotori that she can just tell her whatever concern she has since it seems that Kotori has some problem. Kotori looks surprised and says that Haruna is really sharp. Haruna advises her not to ‘force herself*/think’ too much. [*something like acting strong] Haruna mutters that she really doesn’t have the right to say that since she has a tendency to hesitate and not act during the crucial moments. Kotori asks if she has a boyfriend. Haruna says that she does have one but then, he is a very arrogant person that she doesn’t know what he is thinking. Haruna tells Kotori not to mind about her but rather, Kotori really shouldn’t ‘force herself’ too much. She then bids Kotori goodbye. She wonders if she is ‘forcing herself’.

[Ah, it turns out that I was right before, that her dog’s name is Ken-ken. It isn’t Keshi-keshi ^^; So, I’ll go back to Ken-ken. Also, from this chapter, it seems to be a real dog.] Ken-ken in human form [Kotori’s imagination] asks if she is ‘forcing herself’. Hugging her pillow, Kotori says that she doesn’t know but if she does, it must be related to Yukito. She is still quite happy if she can talk with Yukito just like the usual times yet when she is away from him, she feels lonely. When he is kind to her, it makes her happy but upon knowing that he likes someone else, that kindness makes her sad. Even if she knows that Yukito is treating her like before, but she tends to entertain some expectation about what Yukito says and does. “So, I don’t know..even if I was the one who decided that we break up, I’m really such a low-life.” She is surprised when Ken-ken offers her a piece of bone. She asks if he is giving it to her. Holding the bone, she says that it is his favorite teething toy. Ken-ken says, “Even if you and Yukito still haven’t realize it but the answer is truly simple, it’s just like that bone..you only have to OO..” Kotori asks what he just said – what those OO is. Ken-ken says that it is two words. [Not sure if it is related but the Chinese word used for ‘bone’ can mean ‘strong character’] Ken-ken touches her face and tells her that it will be okay to have it with her when she is troubled. It doesn’t matter if it is about Yukito or her feelings but rather, she should totally know that her smiling expression is cute and her troubled expression is also not bad. “No matter if you are a low-life, making a lot of mistakes in your choices, I’ll always be by your side--” She blushes when Ken-ken pats her head. While Ken-ken [dog form] puts its paw on Kotori’s head, Kotori mutters his name and says that she’s hopeless. [for imagining all that?]

At school, Kotori thinks that today is the last day of summer’s extra classes and it passed by faster than she imagined so she’ll only meet with Yukito during work. She sighs and wonders what she is thinking. She is surprised when someone touches a cold drink behind her back. She exclaims that is cold and is surprised to see that it is Yukito. He asks her what she is lost in thought and they should quickly go to their class. Kotori just says yes. While Yukito walks ahead of her, Kotori thinks that Yukito is treating her the same as before when she still feels awkward about what happened yesterday. She feels somewhat relieved that he is acting normally but then, it also means that what he said yesterday has no deep meaning to it. She wonders if she is really greedy. Then, she bumps into Yukito’s back. She apologizes for being lost in thought and it is because it is so hot. He shows his apple juice to her and asks Kotori if she wants to drink. He tells her that it is also cold. She takes the drink and thinks that he has already drunk it since there is a straw on the tetra pack. She thinks that because they had gone steady before, it would be strange for her heart to beat fast if she drinks the same beverage but still, she is really nervous. She wonders if it is okay for her to drink. She looks up to Yukito to see him looking at her. She looks at the drink again and thinks that she cannot understand that expression of his as to what he is thinking since there is a bit of expectation from that expression. Yukito blushes a bit and looks surprised when Kotori takes a sip. When Kotori looks up, she is surprised that Yukito is already walking away. Yukito wonders why he is so embarrassed. [I guess he walked away because he doesn’t want to let her see that he’s blushing.] Kotori just looks at the drink.

In the classroom, Kotori is lost in thought as she thinks that nothing that is said by the teacher is entering her head. Yukito, who is sitting behind her, seems to be looking out the window. Later on, Kotori snaps out of her thoughts when Yukito tells her that classes are over and they should go to work. They quietly walk at the hallway. Kotori looks down when Yukito turns around and glances at her. Kotori is surprised when Yukito says that he brought his bicycle today and does she want to ride with him to work. Kotori looks gloomy then declines his offer by saying that she wants to walk to work today. “I’m sorry, thanks..” Yukito looks surprised as Kotori walks past him. At the restaurant’s alley where people throw their garbage, Kotori thinks that she shouldn’t have treated Yukito that way. Because he invited her, she remembered about that motorcycle thing that she couldn’t say ‘yes’. The motorcycle thing is about overhearing Haruna saying that Yukito wants to buy a motorcycle and let the girl he likes ride behind him. She reprimands herself about being depressed and she doesn’t want to keep on thinking about it. She then looks surprised upon the thought that Yamagami will reprimand her again. At the corner, someone is watching her. She tells herself that she should concentrate on work for this year’s summer, she wants to earn money. Then, she feels like someone is watching her. She turns around but no one is there. She wonders if she is mistaken about it and wonders of the possibility that it was Yamagami. Meanwhile, at the locker room, Yukito is heartbroken. While dressing up, he wonders if he is a bit conceited today [assuming she’ll accept his offer] and she actually avoided him. He then overhears a couple of co-workers talking about whether Keigo and Kotori are going steady and that they got separated midway during the fireworks display. They are really curious what happened afterwards so they plan to ask Keigo about it. At the street, Yukito looks depressed. He thinks that he doesn’t have work afterwards so he’ll just go to Abe’s house. He then sees Kotori walking away while reading her cellphone. He just looks at her for a while then walks the opposite way. While walking, Kotori thinks that after work, neither Yukito nor Keigo said something though the reason probably is that their break time isn’t the same. She also thinks that Yukito probably avoided her because of what happened earlier in the day. “It is better this way, being treated normally, without any strange concern [of doing something wrong], without harboring any strange expectation..”

Kotori gets an email from her mom asking her to buy some cabbage at the supermarket on her way home. Kotori gloomily says that she isn’t in the mood for it but it cannot be helped. She thinks that there is a supermarket nearby near the station and maybe she’ll also buy a dog-something [food/toy] for Ken-ken on her way there. Kotori stops then turns around. She feels like someone is watching her. She decides to just walk around and find a shortcut. It seems that she is walking at some elevated railway/subway and no one is around. She stops walking again when she heard someone behind her. She feels as if someone is looking at her from the post. She feels that someone has been looking at her and yet she won’t dare look behind her. She wonders if she is just mistaken. She starts running and thinks that she isn’t mistaken that someone is following her. She runs with all her might as someone wearing sandals and a black shirt is running after her. She quickly hides behind a post and hugs her bag tight. She is really scared that she thought of Yukito. Meanwhile, Yukito is writing a message to Abe asking if he can go to his house because there is something he needs to consult with him. Just when he sends the message, his phone rings. He is surprised to hear Kotori calling his name. She tells him that she is really scared and asks him to save her. Yukito starts to ask what happened and if she is alright. Kotori is surprised that she had unconsciously called him. She apologizes to him and says that it is nothing. Yukito insists that she just said ‘save me’ so how she could be alright. He asks her where she is right now. She tells him that she is near the station at the elevated railway. He asks if it is the station near their workplace. Kotori says yes. He asks if there are any other markers nearby. While Kotori is thinking, she notices someone standing in front of her. Someone in a checkered shirt reaches out to Kotori that she screams. This made Yukito frantically call out her name but he stops when he hears Kotori calling out Keigo’s name. It turns out that the one who found her is Keigo.

As they walk home, Keigo tells Kotori that there doesn’t seem to be any strange person around. He says that he is really startled for he wondered who the one sitting behind that place is and it is a good thing that he is nearby for he usually walks there on his way home. Kotori is just quiet. She is surprised when he asks if she is alright. Kotori manages a smile and says that she is and maybe she is just mistaken about being followed. He notices that she is clenching her fist as she is shaking in fear. He holds her hand and tells her there is no need to force herself. “It is fine now..do you still feel that I’m undependable?” Before Kotori can answer, someone calls out her name. It is Yukito. This made Kotori pull her hand away from Keigo. With a somewhat sad-smile expression, Yukito says that it is very good that she is alright because she mentioned that she is near the elevated railway so he thought that she might pass by there. “It’s really good that you are safe.” This somewhat surprises Kotori. With bowed head, Yukito tells Keigo that he’ll leave Kotori to him then he leaves. At work the next day, a couple other male co-workers are asking Kotori about the thriller she experienced yesterday. Kotori says that is an exaggeration. They say that they heard that she is being followed by a strange guy and it is a crazy society out there so she better be careful. Kotori timidly agrees. One of the workers offers to walk Kotori home starting today because that stalker might still be nearby. Kotori just laughs it off. Yukito overhears everything and just tells the others that he’ll be going to bring something in. Glancing at Yukito’s direction, Kotori looks a bit sad. When Yukito opens the door, he notices someone quickly darting into the corner. He looks at the corner to see a guy quickly walking away into the streets with lots of people. He mutters, “That guy..”.

Chapter 35: Yukito thinks that he has seen that guy before. “Where could it be?” He then remembers. Kotori calls out to him using his surname again and apologizes to him for suddenly calling him yesterday that he specially came to check up on her. She felt that she should properly thank him. Yukito says that it is only because he is quite concerned that he ran to that place [to meet with her] on his own. “And speaking of that, compared to me, Shitara is more..” He stops himself from continuing because he thinks that there is a hint of sarcasm in it. He turns around and takes some of the boxes. He then says that they leave it as is and there’s no need for thanks. Kotori just looks somewhat sad. Yukito thinks that just from thinking of it, he is really frustrated because at that time, he wanted to be the one who’ll get to Kotori first. “I do not want to lose to that Shitara. Darn it. I’m too yielding. Aren’t I the one who is avoiding her? I should be a bit proactive! I should do my best!” While he is cheering himself up, his co-workers think he is some sort of weirdo. He then remembers the stalker and wonders if that guy is the person whom he thinks that person is. “Shouldn’t it better to maintain some distance from Kotori..?” Kotori is serving customers at the counter. She thinks that there must be a show at the theater that is why there are a lot of people and there might be more people tonight but then, this way, it will keep her busy to not keep on thinking about things. Someone orders one small apple juice and one small French fries. Kotori smiles and says yes, welc.. She didn’t finish because the customer is Risa who smiles at her and says that it seems she works there. Kotori looks surprised as to why Risa is here. Risa asks her why she looks so stiff when it has been a long time since they saw each other. Kotori breaks into a smile and happily repeats her orders and asks if it is dine-in. Risa says that it is take-out. While Kotori is preparing her order, Risa comments about Yukito not manning the cashier when she wants to say something to him. Kotori thinks that it seems Risa came to see Yukito. Kotori assumes that Risa knew of that place because Yukito told her about it and that would mean that those two’s relationship is still quite good. Kotori is surprised when Yamagami reminds her to smile. Holding up the package, Kotori tries to smile but it ends up being a creepy smile as she thanks Risa for waiting and it costs 250 yen. Kotori is surprised when Risa comments that her smiling expression is really frightening. Kotori is stunned when Risa says, “It seems that you are still quite lively, how boring. I thought that because of what happened yesterday, you’ll be very afraid. It’s truly regretful~~” Risa smiles at Kotori and walks away. Kotori is shaken by what Risa told her as to what Risa meant by that and how Risa knew about it.

At the alley, Yukito apologizes for calling Keigo out during his break. Keigo says that it is alright. Keigo asks what does he want to talk about and surely it is about Kotori. Yukito says that based on their current situation, they can only talk concerning Kotori. “About that, I’m sorry for suddenly saying this to you but I hope that from today on, you’ll walk her home after work.” Keigo looks surprised. Keigo asks if Yukito is telling him to walk Kotori home though he planned to do that even if Yukito didn’t say so. Yukito says that is true for he thought that if it is Keigo, he’ll definitely do that but he thinks that he should still ask, just in case. Keigo says that he doesn’t understand why Yukito is asking this and does this mean that he doesn’t have any feelings for Kotori. Yukito tells him to treat it as a favor from an ex-boyfriend. “Because I think that if it is Shitara who likes Kotori, then I can feel at ease..” He thinks, “If I’m the one beside her, I cannot protect her.” Yukito looks down and says, “In short, I’m asking this favor.” Later on, Kotori opens the door and looks at the alley. She wonders if it will be the same as yesterday. She wonders what to do if she is still being stalked and it will be troublesome for the other co-workers if she asks them to accompany her. She thinks that if she based it on what Risa said, she was not mistaken about being followed and it seems that it has something to do with Risa. “Matsushima-classmate really hates me, but I and Yukito had obviously broke up..” She wonders if Risa hasn’t heard of it yet but then, if she didn’t, it means that Risa isn’t the girl that Yukito likes. She feels somewhat relieved by that though perhaps for Yukito, it [their relationship] isn’t an important thing for him. Kotori is becoming depressed again when she is startled when Keigo calls out to her and says that it is good that she hasn’t left yet. “Let’s go home together. I’ll bring you home. Let’s go.” Blushing Kotori tells him that it is alright and she can go home on her own. Keigo asks how can she say that it is alright when she was really frightened by what happened yesterday. Kotori looks timid as she blushes. Keigo asks if she is thinking that if he walks her home, it will give him hope. “If it is so, then you shouldn’t mind it because I have been expecting [/hoping] since early on.” Kotori is flustered as she wonders how to reply to a person like Keigo. Keigo blushes and says, “I’m very worried about you. For such an incident to particularly happen to you, won’t you be more at ease if someone is with you?” Kotori pauses and says, “Yes..”

While the two are walking at the streets, Yukito [the stalker =P] looks at the two from the corner. He angrily wonders what’s up with Keigo and if he is always like that in front of girls. He thinks that Keigo is too talkative that he starts to become worried about that side of Keigo and maybe he isn’t the right person to entrust Kotori to. He is surprised when Ryosuke grabs on him from behind and says that it’s long time no see and why Yukito is hiding there for. Yukito lamely says that he has things to do so goodbye. Ryosuke shouts for him not to snub him since it has been a long time since Yukito has seen Ryosuke-sama and could this place be where Yukito is working. Yukito stops walking away when Ryosuke says that he heard that he broke up with Kotori. Ryosuke puts his arm around Yukito and says that they are really comrades since both of them are single again. Yukito angrily asks who his comrade is. Ryosuke complains about how Yukito is acting when it has been a long time since they saw each other. He says that Yukito’s hair is longer now and is he trying to look cool, and isn’t this just a usual exchange of greetings. Yukito says who’ll do that. He then looks at the street and exclaims, idiot. Ryosuke is puzzled. Preparing to run, Yukito scolds Ryosuke for talking endlessly that he has lost the one he’s following. Yukito runs into the streets and looks surprised. Ryosuke comments that Yukito came back when Yukito hides in the corner again. “What are you doing?” Ryosuke looks out and sees Kotori with Keigo. He then looks at Yukito who isn’t saying anything. Smiling, Ryosuke says, “Not bad, already have a new boyfriend.” Yukito replies, “Even if we haven’t seen each other for a long time, you still infuriate me. You haven’t changed a bit.” Ryosuke asks Yukito if it is like that, Yukito has become a stalker. Yukito asks if he is listening to him and that’s enough, why Ryosuke don’t just leave. Yukito sighs and says that he isn’t stalking but rather, he just wants to confirm something. Ryosuke asks what it is. Meanwhile, Kotori is thinking that it is the first time Keigo is walking her home and she doesn’t know what to talk about when they are all alone which is probably because she knows of his intentions. While wondering what she should say, Kotori is surprised when Keigo holds her hand. Keigo says that he thinks that if it is like this, even if there is a weirdo around, he won’t do anything to her. Blushing Kotori tries to tell him to let her go. Keigo says that he doesn’t know what kind of stalker she has but isn’t it better to make him think that she already has a boyfriend. This made Kotori blush even more. Kotori tells him that he is a bit forceful/aggressive. Keigo asks if she hates forceful guys. This surprises Kotori. She says that he is quite cunning to say that since it is difficult to answer. Keigo starts apologizing to her.

Seeing them, Yukito is really gloomy and angry as he mentally asks what’s with that romantic mood and why they suddenly hold hands. “What’s with this kind of situation! Let me say, Shitara, your luck is going to run out soon--” Ryosuke says that Keigo moves fast that it won’t be long before they would do some unrestricted stuff. Ryosuke starts saying ‘ouch’ since gloomy Yukito starts pulling his ear to shut him up. While walking, Kotori wonders if they will hold hands until she arrives home. She looks at Keigo who notices her looking at him. He smiles at her. She just nervously smiles back and thinks that they will indeed hold hands until she arrives home. She thinks that this is really difficult. She notices the arcade nearby. She sees the UFO catcher/claw crane and Chupa Chups machine. Keigo asks her what is in the arcade. Kotori says it is nothing but she only thinks that it seems that place also has an arcade. Kotori is surprised when Keigo asks her why don’t they check it out and go play there. Kotori tells him to wait but Keigo says, “Let’s go on a date.” Kotori is flustered as she remembers the time when Yukito said that it’s very good and they’ll go on a date. Ryosuke says that it seems that they are going into the arcade or rather, Kotori is being forcibly pulled into the arcade. Yukito is shock when Ryosuke suggests that Keigo might be planning to do some lewd stuff there. Yukito says that they are going. Ryosuke asks if he is going, too [with him]. Yukito angrily runs to the arcade and thinks, “Darn that Shitara! Asking him is really a catastrophe, what’s up with you, I only asked you so that I can relax while I investigate that stalker, idiot--!” At the arcade, flustered Yukito asks where they are. Ryosuke asks maybe they went to the toilet. Yukito is about to ask what Ryosuke is saying when he overhears Kotori and Keigo talking = “Am..amazing..” “Ko..kotori, I cannot do it anymore..” “I cannot anymore..” “..forgive me.” While wondering what they are doing, Yukito quickly goes into their direction and shouts, “Shitara!”

To his surprise, the two were actually just playing a video game. Keigo says in disbelief that Kotori is really strong and great [in playing]. “..Why?” Kotori laughs and says that it is because she is very good in games. Keigo comments that it is beyond one’s expectation. Yukito gloomily mutters for them not to startle him. Ryosuke laughs and says that it is really great for this is the first time he saw Yukito looking that worried and speaking of that, this place [arcade] isn’t where one would do that kind of stuff. Yukito angrily says that it is because Ryosuke said that weird stuff earlier. Ryosuke says that from looking at the two, they seem to be really having fun. Yukito looks glum. Ryosuke looks at him then tells Yukito if he wants to play that – matching game [friends or lovers]. Yukito angrily asks why he would do that. Since Yukito is going the other way, Ryosuke asks if he is going home. Yukito says he isn’t but he’ll go over to that side to look around. Meanwhile, Keigo asks Kotori if they can go to the purikura [photo booth] next. Kotori looks surprised. Keigo asks why she is startled. Kotori quickly excuses herself that she has to go to the toilet. In the toilet, while holding her hand, Kotori thinks that Keigo finally let go of her hand when they are in the arcade. She wonders what’s going to happen next because doing the purikura would just make her remember Yukito even more and their times together. She then remembers that machine. She goes to the Chupa Chups machine and takes out a 100 yen coin. “..I obviously know that even if I do this, nothing will change..but deep within my heart, I have thoughts of severing it [relationship] and also thoughts of still expecting [something to happen]...perhaps, I only wanted a sign [/chance].” She holds the coin tight and prays, “If 5 pieces [of lollipop] come out then I won’t let go of Yukito. If not, I’m letting go.” She puts in the coin and presses the button. Meanwhile, Yukito is looking at a UFO catcher. Yukito laments that going to this kind of arcade made him remember his date with Kotori at the arcade before. He looks up and sees a familiar guy. It is the stalker’s back. Yukito perks up and says that he found him. “So it’s that person..the guy who went steady with Matsushima-?!”

Side story: Ken-ken’s afternoon Human form Ken-ken is playing with a lollipop as if it is a cigarette. Ken-ken is bored as he lies on bed. “It’s obvious school break but that girl is either working or taking extra classes everyday... Geez, during this time if she didn’t go out, she would accompany me in playing the whole day..and three more hours, it is already 6 o’clock. [He knows the time based on when he is hungry] She said that she’ll come home early from work today.. *smiles* I’ll go wait for her..” Ken-ken looks at Kotori who came with Masaya. Kotori exclaims if Ken-ken waited for her outside. Ken-ken is quiet. Kotori apologizes to Masaya for bringing her home when he obviously still has cram school. Masaya says that it is alright because after meeting her in the streets, how can he let a girl go home alone at night. “It’s because I like doing this so you shouldn’t mind it too much.” Ken-ken is sniffing then goes into a surprise that he knows this scent. Masaya happily pats Ken-ken’s head and says that he’s really cute. “So it seems that Kotori has a pet dog. We also wanted to have one but we can’t because there is someone who is really afraid of dogs.” Kotori asks if he meant Yukito. While Masaya mentions that Ken-ken is cute, he says that guy [Yukito] is totally not good with dogs. Kotori comments that it is surprising. Ken-ken angrily thinks that on Masaya, it is the same scent that has contaminated Kotori. Ken-ken starts growling at Masaya who wonders why he feels like Ken-ken is emitting ‘want to kill you’ chi/mood. The scene changes to Kotori sadly looking at an unopened Chupa Chups lollipop. Ken-ken thinks that Kotori still won’t throw it away. He approaches Kotori. To Kotori’s surprise, he angrily bites the lollipop and probably tries to pull it away. Kotori shouts for him not to eat it and quickly spit it out. Change scene – Ken-ken looks out the window and thinks that today’s weather is nice. He grumpily thinks, “That guy’s younger brother, Yukito..it seems that he is afraid of dogs..really..afraid..huh..” Ken-ken smiles then starts laughing. Last blurb: It seems that Ken-ken is thinking of some interesting way [to harm/damage Yukito].

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