June 13, 2011

Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran [Chapter 4]

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Ran’s katana is centimeters away from Hana’s face. To their surprise, Bou pulls Hana away while Riki stops his brother. Bou shouts for his brother to stop. The two brothers then push Ran away from Hana while Ran is still shouting for them not to hinder him. “Could it be that you two are siding with her? Making you two lower your guard...is her motive! Because she plans on deceiving us” This angers Hana. To everyone’s surprise, she splashes water [from a bucket used to clean graves] on Ran. She then angrily says, “I’m not deceiving anyone..you don’t know anything yet you’re randomly suspicious of anyone and would even threaten others...you’re really disappointing! It’s best that you get arrested for violating the sword control law!” She then runs off as Bou calls out to her. Ran looks stunned. He turns around when Nobunaga starts laughing out loud that it is the first time he saw someone throwing water on Ran. “Ran, how about it..that girl can confront someone who has a drawn sword, right?” Ran just looks thoughtful and serious. Then, Hana is sitting on a bench in front of a store. She couldn’t believe that she just threw water on someone. She blames it all on Ran for being mean since he would shout about killing then he’ll quickly slash someone. Since ‘deceive’ is mentioned, she wonders if Ryou really did deceive her since she still can’t believe it. She berates herself for thinking about him again. A man then calls out to her and tells her to please not sit down on the bench of his store because it is troublesome. Hana apologizes. The man tells her that bench is only for his customers who bought from his store so if she doesn’t need anything, will she please.. He notices something so Hana looks at the direction where he is looking. They see Ran unsheathing his katana. The two are nervous about it. Ran rushes towards Hana that she freaks out and starts running + screaming, ‘no’. Ran manages to grab her wrist while Hana shouts for him to let go. She thinks that this time around, she will definitely be killed. Ran whispers to her that His Majesty wants him to bring her back because she had helped in untying the unclear situation. Hana angrily shouts at him that whoever brandishes that sword around, anyone would run away. She continues to shout at him that anyone who is carrying such a dangerous sword could be arrested especially since he suddenly rushed towards her as if he’s going to cut someone. The storekeeper is now calling the police about a girl being in danger because a man with a katana is attacking her. Hana nervously tells the man that it isn’t true and it is only a movie props.

Back at the cemetery/temple, Ran tells Nobunaga that he has brought Hana back. Ran is surprised when Nobunaga apologizes to Hana for recklessly pointing his sword at her. “Because he’s my vassal so I’m the one who’s responsible.” Ran looks glum. [Eyes are not shown but his frowning.] Ran notices Riki looking around. Ran asks Hana where Bou is because he went to the Amitabha [Buddhist statue] to look for her. Hana is puzzled and says that she didn’t meet him. Everyone realizes that Bou is lost. After a pause, Ran takes charge by saying that the day is still long so they should quickly find Bou. He suggests that he, Riki and Hana will look for Bou around the area. Since they aren’t familiar with the surroundings that much, they can’t go farther than that. He tells Nobunaga to stay there because he shouldn’t force himself. He then asks Grandpa if he can contact the house if Bou went there. Hana is quite surprised by all this that she mutters that it seems like Ran is a different person. Nobunaga tells her that Ran is normally like that. No matter when, he looks calm without any expression on his face and even if he had a tense face, he can do things skillfully and easily which one would call as ‘capable’. Hana goes into shock because for her, he just seems to be some arrogant guy like some dog that will recklessly bite anyone. Ran tells her not to chit-chat since they are going already. Hana nervously says okay. Smiling, Nobunaga tells Hana to be careful because Ran is a vengeful type of person and he might want to get back at her for splashing water on him. Hana just sweatdrops. Meanwhile, Bou realizes that he is lost so he decides to go back to the temple but unfortunately, he doesn’t remember how to go back. He starts to run around until an old woman calls out to him and asks him to help her carry the groceries. He asks her where the temple is but it seems that she is clueless about it. He asks if she knows someone named ‘Shinoki’..[maybe it’s a typo and it should be Sasaki – doctor’s surname]. The old woman asks about the address and telephone number. Bou didn’t know that the woman comments that youngsters these days don’t remember cellphone numbers nor addresses. After walking her home, Bou looks at the setting sun and wonders where he is. He mutters that if this continues on, what will happen, he’ll be all alone. He slaps his face and decides to continue on walking around but the houses look all the same to him.

Meanwhile, Hana is still looking around for him. Riki meets up with her and he just shakes his head. Hana is surprised to see Ran behind her [didn’t notice his presence] as he asks her if she found Bou. She says no. She becomes nervous when he just looks away. She thinks that he gives her a very calm/cold impression yet why is her heart beating so fast. They all meet up at the temple. Grandpa also learns that Bou didn’t go back to the house. Grandpa also mentions that no one at the temple has seen him either. Nobunaga sighs and says that Bou is a type of person who has a bad sense of direction. Ran notices Hana looking worried. She asks out loud if Bou will be okay since he didn’t bring anything with him, not even money. She hopes that he didn’t get into a traffic accident or went in some strange stores. Hana asks her grandpa about informing the police. Grandpa says that it will be troublesome to involve the police since Bou is from the past and a teenage guy is unexpectedly lost. With arms held up, Hana asks if there is no other way and something about going up the tree to look for a cat. Grandpa tells her to calm down. Hana is saying out loud that if one wants to find someone, they usually use the cellphone’s GPRS and necklace/collar.. The two then had an idea. They look at Hideyoshi who thinks that they want to play. Hana holds on to Hideyoshi’s head and tells him that they only have him to depend on. Grandpa let Hideyoshi smell Bou’s clothes. He starts sniffing around then goes back to Riki because he wants to play. Hana sweatdrops and shouts if Hideyoshi has already forgot what she just said. She is going to reprimand him when Nobunaga calls out to Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi quickly sits up straight in attention. Nobunaga orders out loud, “This is a very urgent matter! Go find Boumaru, the owner of that kimono! Quickly go!” Hideyoshi barks then runs off. Hana and Grandpa are shock. Hana thinks that Hideyoshi wants to be treated like a human than a dog. Nobunaga seems to be quite pleased. Soon, they arrive at a festival. Hana asks if it is a celebration because there are a lot of people. Then they hear someone saying that he didn’t come there to dance but rather, he should go home. It is Bou. They finally find him with some grannies who try to bring him some place. They call out his name so Bou looks at their direction with his eyes wide open. Bou cries as he goes to them while calling out his brothers’ name and Hana.

Later on, Bou apologizes for the trouble. Grandpa says that it’s okay since he’s fine. Crying, Bou says that he really thought that he won’t be able to see them again. Grandpa pets Hideyoshi for a job well done. Hana notices that Ran is patting Bou’s head and says that if their father is healthy/there, he would have hit Bou’s head. Bou just says ya. Hana smiles and is relieved that the brothers are together. Bou shows Ran the box of chocolates he wanted to give Ran. Ran is puzzled what it is. Bou says that even if he is hungry, he didn’t eat it. Walking around, Riki asks Hana about the catching goldfish with paper net booth. Hana tells them about it and decides to demonstrate it to them. Looking serious, she notices that the fishes suddenly go away from her. Hana looks back to see irritated looking Ran. She wonders what’s up with him. Ran asks if she is going to draw a sharp object or just use karate/hands only. [I think he’s referring to what happened before] Hana stands up to him and asks him what he is unsatisfied about. “Do you hate me that much?” Ran is surprised by this. He tells her that hating her never entered his mind. Somewhat smiling, he says that unless she endangers His Majesty, he doesn’t care if she ignores or hates him. Hana nervously wonders that everything Ran is doing is all about/for Nobunaga, His Majesty. She then realizes that all the times he has been shouting and pointing his katana at her is also because of Nobunaga. She thinks that even so, he isn’t apologizing for doing that to her with his sword. She then tells him to stand over that side. Ran is a bit puzzled. Soon, Hana is happily catching some fishes with her net. Riki is glancing at Ran. Then, Ran flicks the water at Hana. Hana can’t believe what he just did. She then notices that her paper net is broken. She shouts to him that he destroyed it. Ran smiles with satisfaction. [Vengeful type indeed =P] Pointing at Ran, Hana starts bickering with him while Bou tries to calm her down. Nobunaga and grandpa are amused by Ran and Hana’s antics. Grandpa comments that Hana hasn’t been that energetic for a long time and he never imagined that will be the result of the experiment. He tells Nobunaga that he’ll go get the car. Hana is going to play again and probably tells Ran not to come near. Ran goes to Nobunaga who tells him that they also should just relax and have fun. Ran says to just let those three enjoy themselves. Nobunaga says yes. Looking out to the city lights, Nobunaga tells Ran that they don’t know about that place and there is a mountain-load of things that they haven’t seen nor heard. “No, we don’t comprehend anything! We need to know a lot more things. [I] only want to check out this world.” Ran just looks thoughtful-serious at Nobunaga. Soon, everyone heads to where grandpa is. Hana shows the goldfishes to Nobunaga. Bou seems to have a stuffed toy cotton candy [thanks SBlossoms] while Riki bought a mask.

In Tokyo, Ryou lies down on the sofa. He says that he’s really tired and what’s with that director. Shibata, his manager, tells him about riding the Shinkansen early in the morning for a three day shooting of ‘Shitsuji-sama’s Love [Affair]’ in Kyoto then he’ll return to Tokyo for a rehearsal. Then, on his break during the shoot, he will have a meeting with a magazine reporter. Shibata tells him that the details are already handled by the company. Putting a throw pillow on his head, Ryou says, yes, yes, competent manager Shibata. Shibata asks if she’s really in Kyoto, not long ago when he came from there. “..in that propaganda activity, Hana came?” Taking off the pillow from his head, sad-looking Ryou says, ya. Poking his cheek, Shibata says, “Still rambling on endlessly.” [Referring to Hana?] Ryou slaps her hand away. He sits up and exclaims that even if that girl came, he just acted like she’s not his partner/girlfriend[?]. “It will also be like that later on. With that, isn’t it enough?” Shibata goes out the door and says, “Ha..quite scary.” Ryou throws the pillow on the closed door. Ryou looks flustered as he thinks of Hana.

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