June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 75-78]

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Kento shouts that there is a sand storm so they should quickly hide behind the camel. Kento quickly grabs Mei and made her sit behind the camel. Since everything is happening in a flash, Mei’s mind is in total chaos. Kento pulls the hood on her head and tells her to close her eyes. Kento hugs her tightly to protect her. Mei blushes a bit. Then, to her surprise, there is a loud sound. Something has hit Kento’s back. Mei worriedly asks Kento what is that sound and did something hit him. Kento just says that he’s alright even if Mei knows he is lying. Kento tells her to calm down since as long as she is safe, it couldn’t be compared to any serious injury. Mei just closes her eyes and hold tightly on Kento. Then, the storm has passed. Kento is breathing hard and he asks Mei if she is alright. Mei tells him not to care about her first but how he is. Kento says he is alright but of course, Mei doesn’t believe him. She calls out to Irufan to help but Irufan is in pain shouts that he can’t move his foot. Kento says that if it hurts that much then it might be a fracture and they would need something to make a splint with it. Mei quickly goes to look for something as she thinks that she’s the only one who’s fine because Kento has protected her. Kento applies first aid on Irufan’s broken leg and bandaged it. Kento is breathing really hard that Mei asks him if he is alright. Kento apologizes that he couldn’t pitch a tent and tells Mei who is carrying a blanket that it will be a great help. Mei puts the luggage beside them. Someone says thank you then to Kento’s surprise, Mei says she is going. Kento asks where she is going. Putting her hood on, Mei smiles and says that she is going to the palace to find Rihito. Irufan calls her stupid and does she think she can do it alone especially since there are two butlers there who want to kill them. Kento says that Irufan is right and it would be better if she heads west to the town instead since it will be lighter with her alone on the camel, she’ll get to town faster.

Mei asks how much faster. Kento says about two days and she can bring the water they have which can supply for two days. He tells her to ask for help from the army. Mei says that means if she didn’t do well, it is possible that she is the only one who’ll be saved. Kento says no for one should say that even at the worst case scenario, at least, she’ll be saved. Mei turns around and says that if she heads to the palace then she’ll arrive there by half a day. Kento protests for her to listen to him because even if she reaches the palace, what if Rihito is no longer there and what if she unexpectedly.. “I..How could I face deceased uncle and aunt..!” [Ah, he means Mei’s parents] Mei turns around and shouts, “But, the only way for everyone to be saved is this..!” Kento looks surprised. Mei exclaims, “I will save everyone, all of us! Shibata-kun, Irufan, Rihito-san and myself. Not one will be left out, I’ll do it and show you all..!” Mei thinks that even if the chances are almost zero but there is still, this only way. Kento just looks surprised by what Mei declared. Irufan starts laughing that Mei is still that arrogant girl who doesn’t fear anything. Irufan tells Mei to bring some water and she can access to some clean water when she arrive at the palace. Holding up a water bag, Mei says that she already has one – for one person. Kento forces himself to stand up and says that if that is how it will be then he’ll also.. To Kento’s surprise, Mei asks him, “..say ‘gambatte’ to me, Shibata-kun.” [Gambatte = like good luck/do your best] Mei waits as Irufan urges Kento to say it. Kento pauses then mutters, “...gambatte..” To Mei’s surprise, Kento smiles and shouts, “Gambatte, Mei...! Quickly bring Rihito back here..!” Mei happily smiles and flashes a v-sign. She thinks, “..Perhaps this might be the last time we’ll see each other, so...I’ll leave him with my best smiling face.” Mei rides on the camel and tells it to gambatte. “Wait for me, you two...Wait for me..Rihito-san..”

In a somewhat make-shift tent using the blanket, Kento continues to breath hard as he lies to his side. Irufan asks if he is alright. Kento just replies, “..Ah.” Irufan tells him to wait for Mei to return since if he already breathed his last, he won’t know what Mei would say [when they meet again]. “If you don’t want that to happen..you better not die!” Kento starts giggling. Irufan angrily shouts what’s so funny when he is already saving face by telling that to Kento. Kento asks, “Don’t you find it delightful? If Mei is alright, then we will also be saved. If Mei dies, so will we. This is called the fate of dying at the same time..” He thinks that among lovers, it isn’t dubious like that. [Not to sure about that, maybe he meant lovers won’t think of that] Irufan sweatdrops and asks if Mei is like that before. Kento repeats his question then says she is like that. “..No, before somewhat more..” He thinks that during the middle of that desperate duel- There is a scene of Mei happily saying, “Let’s win this, then later on, save Rihito-san!” Kento sadly says, “..in the end..it’s still Rihito. That guy..is always buried deep in Mei’s heart, that is her existence’s driving force..” Kento thinks, “It’s not me--” Irufan says, “..Really? From my point of view..” Kento asks what it is. Irufan still doesn’t want to lose to Kento so he decided not to tell Kento about his observation. Kento then asks if he heard something. Irufan is puzzled and says that he didn’t. Suddenly, the blanket is pulled over by Rihito who glares at Kento and asks them where Mei is. Kento nervously points towards the palace and says that she went to find him at the palace. To Irufan’s shock, Rihito punctures their water bag. Irufan shouts what he is doing to their precious water. Rihito shows him a bottle of water and says that he has prepared a thoroughly ice cold water for him. Irufan reaches out for it but Rihito pours it in the sand. Irufan shouts what he is thinking of. Riding on his black horse, Rihito shouts that he won’t allow them to drink first ahead of Mei. The two guys are speechless. Kento starts laughing again. Angry Irufan asks what’s so funny. Kento tells him to look at the display. Irfuan gloomily says that there is still 44 minutes [before the dead line] and darn it, what’s with them butlers. Kento winks at him and happily says, “It’s truly regrettable, your highness.” Kento/Irufan narrates, “You’re great, Mei..you’ve won this duel.”

In the desert, Mei has fallen off the camel. She is breathing hard and her body won’t move anymore. She tries to tell herself to stand up because.. She looks at Rihito’s S pin and tells herself that she wants to see him. “I want to see you, Rihito-san..” The camel perks up and Mei looks up to see something approaching her. Upon seeing that it is Rihito, Mei gathers her strength up to go to him but she falls down again. This time, Rihito catches her and tells her to persevere. Mei is a bit teary-eyed that Rihito is safe. Mei seems to lose her strength so Rihito apologizes for his rudeness. He drinks from the bottle and takes this chance to kiss her..er, I mean, give her water via mouth-to-mouth. =P “Again again, again and again, again and again, Rihito-san relieved my parched mouth..” Then, Rihito fires a flare gun up the sky. Everyone sees it. Daimon exclaims that it is Rihito’s signal so they should head there to rescue them. Izumi and Claris give each other a ‘hi-five’. At the desert, leaning on the luggage of supplies, Irufan says that Rihito has already found her. Kento just says, ya. Irufan tells Kento that honestly, he thought that he’ll die with Kento like that, there. “I totally didn’t believe that girl..Mei..and then..she’s really something, that girl..” Kento stands up that Irufan shouts if he’s listening to him. Kento says yes, he’s listening. Kento smiles as he covers half of his face in relief and thinks, “We can still meet..I can still see you once again..” Outside the royal hospital, a doctor[?] calls out to Rihito that they have contacted each other earlier. He reprimands Rihito that his body is already like that, yet he still went outside. The doctor doesn’t know what Rihito is thinking. He shouts for Rihito to quickly get inside for his treatment. Rihito says that before him, they should treat Mei first. Mei tells him that she is alright now so he can already rest. Rihito tries to protest but Mei says, “And..” To Rihito’s surprise, Mei smiles and says, “I should wait for Shibata-kun to come back. I want to tell him, ‘See, I did it!’.” Mei notices something then looks out the desert. The doctor already tells Rihito to go inside. Rihito looks somewhat sad as he glances at Mei who is waiting for Kento.

At the royal palace, Mei and others confront Salamu who happily exclaims that it’s great that Mei and Irufan are alright. He mentions that it seems that only those two butlers are gravely injured so everything is pretty much okay. This angers Mei that she shouts in protest but Irufan who is in a wheelchair asks if Salamu is saying that as a huge price has already been paid from his side. [Somewhat like payback for what the Shibata brothers did before.] Salamu exclaims if it is alright if he doesn’t go and rest. Irufan laughs and says that if he dies, then the throne will be given to Salamu but regrettably he’s still alive. Salamu denies it and says that the one who plotted it is Kalafu. Irufan says that Kalafu might be the one who started it but who is the one implementing it behind the scenes. Salamu exclaims that he doesn’t know anything. Irufan laughs and says that only for Salamu, he won’t make things difficult for him. Salamu’s relief is short-lived when Irufan exclaims, “As the crown prince, I order that all of my brothers be executed!” Salamu and Mei are shock by this. Irufan’s two butlers are thrown in front of him. Irufan says that he’ll start with them. “I originally wanted to chop off your hands and feet then toss you off in the burning hot desert..Rejoice, I’ve decided to finish you off with my own hands! Bastards, who betrayed their master, die..!” Irufan takes out his gun and points it at his butlers but Mei shouts for him to stop. She goes in front of the butlers. Irufan shouts for Mei to move aside but Mei doesn’t want to. Irufan tells her that there is a limit to being a ‘good guy’ for those two wanted to kill them before. Irufan is surprised when Mei glares at him and takes a deep breath. He sweatdrops and become puzzled when Mei exhales slowly. She asks, “..and then?” Irufan is stunned-silly. He angrily exclaims what she meant by that. Mei asks weren’t they rescued. Irufan angrily asks, “Ha?!” Mei smiles and says, “It’s thanks to them that I came to like Irufan.” Irufan blushes and asks her to please repeat that. Mei says, “I have liked Irufan ♡” Claris nervously points at Mei and looks at Izumi who tells her that she thinks it just means, ‘as a friend’. Daimon and Aoyama look aghast and dark as they mutter that it is a brilliant idea that the Shibata brothers stayed at the hospital else they would have killed Irufan. Irufan tries to hug Mei as he shouts for her to become his number 1 crown princess. Mei escapes and says that this and that are two different things. Mei angrily exclaims that she won the duel and thinking about it, it is all because he kidnapped her. Mei and Irufan are surprised when Salamu exclaims about the fact that Irufan kidnapped Mei and that it is an unpardonable ‘crime’. Salamu shouts for the troops to arrest Irufan since someone who committed such a crime cannot become king. He also shouts for them to take Irufan out the palace for a trial. Mei tries to stop them and tells them to calm down.

The king, together with Rika, comes out and shouts for them to quit creating such a ruckus. They all stop in reverence to the king. Mei asks Izumi why Rika is beside the king. Izumi just tells her that there were some reasons to it. Salamu tries to tell his father about Irufan but his father tells him that he has already heard about it. His father asks Rika for her opinion. Mei sweatdrops and wonders, why he is asking Rika. Irufan and Mei become nervous because of the awful first meeting they had when Irufan was so arrogant with Rika. Mei is puzzled when Rika just says, “..I, do not want a commoner, who couldn’t become future king, as my husband.” The king says that there are other princes. Rika says that an old geezer [older than her] absolutely won’t do. So, to everyone’s shock, the king tells everyone that since that is darling Rika’s wish then Irufan will still be the crown prince. Mei thanks Rika but Rika just says she is just returning the favor she owes Mei. Mei asks if the ‘husband’ she mentioned refers to Irufan. Rika says that she should know already that her hand in marriage will be given to someone from that country. Mei tries to protest but Irufan says that Rika saved him so he will thank her.. Rika glances at him and says that it is nothing. “I’ve only said the truth. What I meant is-- if you are not the ‘crown prince’ then what else, is your value? Fufu..it’s also not bad for my future husband to owe me a favor, let’s go, Aoyama.” Irufan is speechless. Aoyama thinks about Rika’s choice of husband is someone who would-be king but he snaps out of it when Rika calls out to him again. They left as Mei looks worried for Rika. At the palace’s party, Izumi asks Claris if she has seen Mei. Claris says that she hasn’t. At the garden, Mei is walking alone when Irufan who is in a gazebo, calls out to her. Sitting with Mei, Irufan says that it is tiring to go to a banquet after surviving a life-threatening incident. Mei agrees with him. He asks her why she was looking for him and she obviously wanted to say something to him. Mei exclaims for him to please let Rika go for the one Rika really likes is Aoyama and it is just a political marriage arranged by her parents else she won’t be marrying Irufan. “Isn’t it the same for you, Irufan, since you don’t really love Rika? Then I beg of you to please cancel this marriage..!” Irufan says that it is impossible especially since his father is already bewitched by Rika. Irufan explains that this isn’t something that can be done just because he said so because it involves the affairs of both of their countries. Rika is a child whom no one should know about so perhaps, in order to cover all traces of her existence, she was brought up in some ordinary place. “..But due to her stunning beauty, she is being used, used by adults. In order to ensure the supply of oil, she is send to our country to become a bride.” Mei exclaims why it has to be like that. “The king and my grandfather are acquaintances, right? Then..” Mei is surprised when Irufan tells her that old people will die one day. “Perhaps, you still don’t understand. Everyday being served by people, there is an obligation that one must shoulder for living such a life of extravagance and luxury.” Teary-eyed, Mei says that she doesn’t understand that. “I totally don’t understand...that kind of thing! But, if I stand at Rika’s place..and to be informed that I must leave Rihito-san then..” Irufan looks somewhat surprised then asks, “It’s ‘Kento’, right?” Mei looks at him in surprise and asks, “..why..?” This also surprises Irufan who tells her as the wind blows, “Eh? But..the person you really like should be Kento, right--?” Mei looks stunned.

At a huge building, the girls want to go shopping but they weren’t allowed because it seems to be a place only for royalty. Claris exclaims that she is a princess but the manager doesn’t believe her because she is wearing casual clothes. Rika arrives with Aoyama who is carrying a lot of boxes that Rika bought from shopping. She asks the manager if they can go in. She flashes her ring with a figure of the king. Upon seeing it, the manager exclaims is the rare ring which shows that Rika is a VIP. The manager and staff bow to her and let them in. Everyone seem to be shopping for souvenirs since Izumi wants to buy a dress which suits Fujiko, Daimon wants to buy a dress for Miruku and Claris is buying stuff for her parents. Claris tells Mei to choose something but Mei doesn’t seem to be listening. Claris and Ryan are puzzled. Izumi has realized something that she tells Mei that it will be visiting hours at the hospital soon. Daimon offered to drive her there. Mei thanks them. She side-glances at Rika and asks her to buy her a camel t-shirt. Rika angrily shouts for her to buy it herself. Driving her to the hospital, Daimon tells Mei that the brothers are alright since their physique is quite good that the doctors are surprised for it seems that they only attained light injuries. Mei just says, yes. It turns out that Mei is really bothered by what Irufan told her that she really likes Kento. “..what the heck he is saying..that is absolutely impossible..” At the hospital, Mei is carrying flowers and looks at the two patient sign in front of the doors – Shibata Rihito and Shibata Kento. She looks at Kento’s sign then enters Rihito’s room. Mei asks him if he is alright. Rihito apologizes for looking like that but Mei tells him that it is alright. Rihito tries to protest but Mei insists that it is alright since he is a patient. Finally, Rihito stops protesting. Mei happily thinks that it is the first time she saw him in pajamas. While Mei is arranging the flowers on the vase, Rihito says that he heard that everyone went shopping. Mei says that they did but since she already bought what she wanted so she came to visit. Mei thinks that because she wants to see him and after seeing him, verify her true feelings. She opens her sheep-designed bag and gives Rihito his S-pin. Rihito asks why she has it. Mei says that it is Kento who found it. Rihito looks at the pin and somewhat sadly mutters that it might as well be simply lost. Mei asks, “what..” Rihito dismisses it as a joke and thanks her because she saved him the trouble from going through a lot of procedures to replace it. Mei tells him that if he wants to thank someone, it has to be to Kento since he was really worried about Rihito before. Mei’s smile freezes when Rihito says, but, Kento as a butler is a failure because in that situation, Kento should just make all of them three to wait to be rescued or make Mei go to the west to get help from the town. “Yet, even if Kento knew how dangerous it is, he still let Mei go to the palace.” Mei tells him that Kento did suggest those things. Rihito then asks, “So why?” Mei is flustered that she shouts while crying in a funny way, “You’ve unexpectedly asking ‘Why’? Do you really want to know? But of course, it’s because I really, really like Rihito-san, so I’m very, very worried about Rihito-san! You don’t even know this fact. As a butler, you’re more of a failure..I should say..as a man, you are a failure!”

Rihito looks at her in surprise as Mei is breathing hard for saying all that without breathing. Mei is then teary-eyed and flustered. When Rihito giggles, Mei in a dark mood asks if he is laughing at her. Rihito says that he isn’t but rather, he is laughing at himself for such a thing to happen after he got his pin back. Rihito is surprise when Mei asks if it is okay to disregard it..disregard it, at least, while he is in the hospital and just forget about work. Rihito asks her if it is alright if he forgets about it. Before Mei could answer, Rihito puts the pin on the table and asks her to sit beside him on the bed. He says that since he is injured, he couldn’t easily move so would she please take the initiative to come over. [That’s obvious a lie, after all, this is the injured guy who just rode a horse throughout the desert to find her =P ] Mei wonders if Rihito thought that she doesn’t know the meaning of that. At Kento’s room, he just wakes up and freaks out that it is already dusk. He falls back to bed and says that he still wants to go to sleep. He closes his eyes and remembers the time when Mei called out to him to ask if he is alright. Flashback: Kento just told her that he unexpectedly can still see her hard-to-look-at face and they really have gone through a lot. After looking surprised, Mei smiled and said, yeah! End flashback. Kento hugged his pillow and asks forgiveness from God that he lied again for she’s not one bit hard-to-look-at but rather, she’s quite cute. He looks flustered as he thinks that he has heard from that stupid prince that Mei has some things that she can’t talk about like her sadness and her pain even if he couldn’t totally understand them but he wanted to stay by her side as much as he could, no matter what and totally accept.. Kento suddenly stands up and wonders if Mei came to visit. He goes to the toilet to fix his hair with some water. He wonders of the possibility that she already came but he dismisses it because if she did, he definitely would have noticed it. He wishes for Mei to quickly come. Well, Mei is currently being hugged by Rihito. She’s thinking, “Do I really..is Kento the person I really like? I don’t want to know, I don’t want to hear about it--”

Mei thinks about Rihito’s warmth, heartbeat, breath, and penetrating that thin cloth [pajamas], she felt Rihito’s everything. It’s the first time she knows about this during the four years he is beside her. She remembers the time, not long when Kento left.. Flashback: Mei complained about not being able to take it anymore because she is already at her limit as her studies become more and more difficult. Rihito told her that the question is somewhat the same as before so she should just need to find the root problem. Mei isn’t convinced as she complained what’s the use of that difficult kind of math in her life. Rihito smiled and told her that the goal isn’t getting the answer but rather, what’s more important is the method she used to go about it. He also told her that she can get into any university in this whole world if she passed the curriculum of St. Lucia Academy. She asked if that is true. Rihito said it is. But, it isn’t enough for her as she complained that she still doesn’t understand the problem. Rihito told her that there are a lot of things she has to learn in order to get into a good school so that she would become more like a wealthy young lady. Mei asked, “..And then? What happens afterwards..? If..I’m still at Shikoku, and be an ordinary student like everyone..haha, I’m just talking casually..if it is like that, then, essentially, there is no need for a butler.” Mei is surprised to see Rihito’s stunned [lonely and perplexed] expression. From then on, Mei has decided never to say the words ‘if’ again. Regarding Rihito’s expectation of a world’s no. 1 ojou-sama, even if she doesn’t know that it really implies and even if she doesn’t have any confidence that she will be that person but while attaining that objective, she can stay beside Rihito and it will be okay as long as Rihito won’t show that kind of expression again. “So at that time..I honestly do not want to give..the precious water to that man..” It was very hot then and she thought that if this keeps up, they might really die. “Why..why did I do that for a man whom I’ve never met before..why..if I’m a true ojousama, will I do that? At that time, even if I didn’t give that man the water, even if I abandon Rihito-san, Shibata-kun and others and just head west to the town, definitely, no one will begrudge me about it and they might even tell me, ‘It isn’t easy at all and you really did your best.’ But, in that instant, [she ‘sees’ Rihito] I..I won’t become Rihito’s ojousama again..[she ‘sees’ Rihito taking the hand of someone else]”

She snaps out of it when Rihito calls out to her. Rihito says that it seems that she is shivering a bit. Holding on to him, Mei tells him that it is nothing. Rihito tells her to maintain that position for a while since he has something to tell her and it is about when he was trapped inside the palace rubble to the point of thinking that he might die. Mei says that she has heard about it and thanks to Tami’s animal-like instincts, they have found him. Rihito says that is right and while being trapped there, he has realized something. When Mei asks what it is, he hugs her tighter and says that he won’t endure anymore. “In the future, no matter what kind of man will become Miss Mei’s fiance, or what kind of man Miss Mei would like in the future..[I think Mei just thought of Kento]..I will not let go of Miss Mei.” This made Mei blush and thinks/says, ‘..yes..’ To her surprise, Rihito suddenly pulls her off him. He tells her that they will return to their country tomorrow so starting tomorrow, they will return back to their position/status so today, they should rest well and Mei should go back to the palace. Mei wonders if there will be no kiss. Rihito smiles and tells her that about the thing she likes, he would like to hold/do that until the end. Mei goes out of the room then blushes really red. She thinks that it is as if Rihito said something lewd. She blushes and feels really happy as she recalls Rihito saying that he won’t let her go. She then glances at Kento’s name tag. She flips the tag upside down then runs off. Rihito is busy blushing in bed as he thinks that Mei is really cute and this is the only thing he can think of right now. The next day, Kento angrily shouts at Mei as to why she didn’t visit him when he was always waiting [so eagerly] for her. Mei just says, what of it, after all, he’s already discharged. Kento shouts that isn’t the question but rather, isn’t it an ojousama’s duty to visit her injured butler. Mei stutters that that she has some other reasons. Kento asks her what kind of reason. Kento is puzzled when Mei blushes and mutters, “Th..that..” while looking at Rihito who seems to be looking away, too. While those two are arguing, Rika asks where Izumi is. Daimon tells her that Izumi got a call from Miruku just now. Inside a room, Izumi talks with Miruku via video-phone on her laptop and asks her what happened that is so urgent when they are getting ready to leave and they will be at the academy at around half a day. Looking away, Miruku sweatdrops and says, “The..the truth is..that, Izumi..” Then, crying-blushing red Kiba goes on screen and shouts, “I’m very sorry, Miss Izumi.” Izumi just speechlessly smiles as she has a very bad premonition about this. Still crying, Kiba says, “Please..please save us..we have been captured..” The scene is Miruku and Kiba are tied up and surrounded by fully armed men in black with helmets. Izumi sweatdrops and says, “..what?” Meanwhile, those three - Kento is still asking Mei what is the reason why she didn’t visit him. Mei is still avoiding the question by telling him why he kept on asking about it. And, Rihito just quietly stands by.

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