June 13, 2011

Chitose Etc. [Chapters 2 - 6]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 9, 2010

Chitose wonders if Kou has forgotten about her already and who could that girl beside him be. The black haired girl says that she seems to be a freshman. She asks Chitose what her class section is. Before Chitose can answer, her black-haired seatmate arrives and tells them that she is in section 2, the same as his. “She is a transfer student from Okinawa.” Pointing at Chitose, Kou exclaims, “Sunbath* girl!” [*or sun-scorched] Chitose is stunned-puzzled. Then a couple of people come in and say that they never saw Chitose before, so could it be that she wants to join the club. Chitose tries to explain that she isn’t. The black-haired guy tells them that Chitose is a new transfer student and she said that she knows Kou. Kou says that he remembered when he was going on a walk with Shun [black haired guy] in Okinawa, he met Chitose who accompanied him to see a lot of nice places. The black haired girl asks Kou what he meant by sunbath girl. Kou tells her that the sun in Okinawa is so intense and Chitose really hates becoming dark so she gave him a very deep impression. Kou asks Chitose her name and it is such a coincidence that she transferred to his school. “Speaking of that, how did you know I was here? Ah, did I tell you before about my school?” Chitose starts crying and asks, “Friend? Is it only as a friend? Then, why did you do that thing? You’re too cruel! That was obviously my first!” The others become dark as they call out to Kou who protests that he didn’t do anything. He then says that he’ll try to remember about it carefully [if he actually did]. Chitose exclaims what he meant by that. Kou apologizes to her while the others tell her to calm down. Later on, everyone introduces themselves to Chitose who is sitting down. Black haired classmate is Akashi Shun. Black haired girl with Kou earlier is Aihara Seirin*. [*It’s ‘sei’ as in ‘clear’ and ‘rin’ as in ‘design’ but there are other pronunciations for the characters so I’m not sure if it’s right.] The two newcomers are Fujika Midoriko [female] and Shisei Sota [male]. Chitose also introduces herself. Sota recaps that Kou and Shun went to Okinawa then Shun met with Chitose. They had fun and while the sun is setting, Kou kissed her. Chitose nods her head. Sota asks if because of that she became in love and want to/thought that they like each other. Chitose blushes but becomes gloomy when the others pity her for being naive. Kou admits that he kissed her and says that it is just because while the sun is setting, he thought that Chitose is really cute that he couldn’t stop himself from doing that. He tells them that there is no deep meaning to that. “An adventure during a trip or perhaps it is just a so-called ‘fling*’?” [* exact meaning favorable opportunity for an encounter with a beautiful woman] Shun says that means he’s playing around/firting. Kou protests while Chitose is aghast.

Midoriko asks Chitose if they manage to get in touch after that. Chitose says that they were supposed to meet the next day but she wasn’t able to go. Kou says that they were late by 15 minutes so he and Shun thought that she already left. He assumed that she doesn’t want to wait that long in the sun and after all, they were the ones who were late. Flashback : Shun had asked why they decided to meet in that place. Kou told him that he can’t think of any other place but it can’t be helped [that they are late], they should go. End flashback. Kou says that it’s a good thing that they didn’t wait. Chitose gloomily thinks that since Kou accompanied someone else, the second meeting isn’t a date and he doesn’t care about waiting a bit [for her]. Seirin asks why Chitose wasn’t able to come. Chitose says it is because she got H1N1. Kou exclaims that he got it after returning from Okinawa and it seems he got infected by Chitose. Shun shouts that he also got infected so the source is her. Chitose apologizes. Kou apologizes to Chitose for the misunderstanding. Pointing to Seirin, he tells her that he already has a girlfriend. Seirin smiles and says that is right. Pointing at Kou, she says that he is hers. “Sorry.” Chitose asks her if she isn’t angry that her boyfriend is goofing around. “Don’t you mind it?” Seirin says that Kou is very popular and she thinks that it’s okay for him to have female friends as long as it isn’t excessive. Chitose comments about the kiss but for Seirin, a kiss is no big deal for it is also done in other countries. Chitose protests that they are in Japan and Okinawa is obviously still in Japan. While Chitose is telling Seirin how important it is, to everyone’s shock, Seirin kisses Chitose. Seirin then tells her, “See, it is no big deal, right?” Chitose is totally shock and stutters what Seirin is doing. Sota says that is right, it is just the touching of lips. Then, he kisses Chitose. Chitose is now shaking from shock. Midoriko says that isn’t fair and she wants to do it, too so she also kisses Chitose. Shun comments that unexpectedly, Midoriko’s kiss is the most passionate of them all. Chitose leans on the table as she thought what’s wrong with these people and she’s really confused. Kou tells the others that their joke has gone too far. He touches her shoulder and asks if Chitose is alright. Chitose slaps his hand away. Teary-eyed and flustered, she tells him not to touch her. She tells them that she thought that he was the one destined for her so she lied to her parents and gathered her courage to go there. “Idiot! Stupid! Jerk!” She slams the door open and runs off. They were puzzled about her outburst. Seirin tells them that this isn’t a coincidence for that girl chased after Kou to their school. Sota is amazed over what she did. Midoriko reprimands Shun for calling Chitose stupid. Kou is sad-surprised about this.

At home, Chitose is sulking. She tells her brother that Tokyo is really such a scary place. Her brother tells her that is not so and ‘that’ has nothing to do with Tokyo. He happily says that those guys seem interesting and she should have fun with them later on. “Perhaps they might be good research material [for his books].” Chitose shouts that she doesn’t want to be involved with those people. Chitose is surprised when her brother says that regarding Kou, it is pretty much what he predicted, that Kou is that kind of guy. Chitose exclaims why he didn’t tell her. His brother says that it is interesting and he also wants her to be in Tokyo. Chitose says that maybe she should go back to Okinawa. Her brother asks what she is talking about now and he won’t help her go back. He tells her to go ahead if she can do it alone – transfer school and explain things to their parents. Then, he says that she shouldn’t be too dejected because there are a lot of fun places and things in Tokyo. She’ll definitely have a very happy high school life there and she’ll also definitely have a very nice encounter/meeting with someone. “Even if it’s quite regrettable about what happened with Kou-kun, this is a very good opportunity for you to enter a new world. Just totally forget about him and just enjoy your new life.” Chitose just says, okay. In bed, Chitose reprimands herself for being stupid that she one-sidedly got excited and even thought that it is fate. She thinks that his girlfriend, Seirin is really beautiful though she’s a bit weird. She cries and calls Kou a liar for saying that he likes sun-tanned skin because it looks healthier since obviously, his girlfriend is really white. The next day, Chitose prepares some food on the table and writes a note to her brother that she’s going to school and tells him to eat the food she made and left on the table. She closes the door and wonders what she’ll make for dinner. She decides to just drop by the supermarket on her way home. She suddenly remembers the fan with the word ‘ma’ on it in front of the club room. She wonders what kind of club it is but she quickly dismisses the thought for it doesn’t have anything to do with her anymore. On her way out of the apartment, she is shock to meet Kou who is also going out. She exclaims, why. He tells her that he lives there. He asks her which room she lives. She says 201. He says that he lives in 203. Chitose sweatdrops and says that his brother said that a beautiful lady lives in 203. Kou says that is his older sister and he would want Chitose to tell her brother ‘thanks’ on behalf of his sister. Kou then apologizes to her that it is because of him that she left Okinawa. He felt somewhat responsible for it so he decided to help her in having a happy school life and also find her a great boyfriend. Chitose is shock by the excess consideration. Kou smiles and says that it is such a coincidence that they live in the same place so later on, ‘I’m under your care’. Chitose wonders if this is some sort of punishment from God.

Soon, they are walking together to school. Chitose wonders why things ended up that way. Kou asks her if she came together with her brother to Tokyo. Chitose says no, because her brother came to Tokyo earlier but in order to accommodate her, he moved to live with her there. Kou says that it’s the same with him. His hometown is in some remote place in Kamakura city at Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo side. Because Haisawa High is pretty far from home, he lives with his sister in Tokyo. Sometime in April, they moved to that apartment. She asks him why he wants to study in that school when it is far away from his hometown. Kou says that it is because that is where Seirin studies. Chitose exclaims, that means that they know each other even before high school. Kou tells her that they know each other since grade 5. Chitose exclaims that it’s such a long time. She asks how and where did they met. Kou just smiles and tells her that it is a secret. She then asks when they started going steady. To her surprise, he says, since grade 5. He tells her that during junior high, they study in different schools but they decided to go to the same high school. She asks if his parents do not object to him leaving their hometown. He tells her that their parents already knows about him going steady with Seirin so they allowed it though his mother is a bit worried. Chitose says, ‘is that so’. She remembers something then angrily shouts at Kou that he already has a long history with his girlfriend so how come he is still hitting on other girls. Kou tells her that it is because his relationship with Seirin is already very solid and they have a mutual understanding that occasionally, they can play around so Seirin can also play around with other guys. Chitose is totally shock by this as she exclaims that she doesn’t understand them. Kou apologizes again to Chitose because when he usually plays around with the girls in their school, they already know about his relationship with Seirin. That is why there has been no problem before. He wasn’t careful when he met Chitose during the trip. With hands together, Kou exclaims, “I’ve really reflected on this. I’ll definitely not commit the same mistake twice, so please forgive me! Can be start anew as friends?” Chitose blushes upon seeing his pleading look that she says, okay. Kou is totally happy about this. At school, Chitose dreamily thinks that Kou has already met his destined person since he started going out with Seirin since fifth grade. Shun then tells her to write her name on a form. She did so then she becomes surprised when Shun says that it’s decided. She stands up and exclaims what that is about. Shun tells her that it is an application form. He explains that Shun have already said that he feels responsible for Chitose so he’ll help Chitose in having a happy school life. They also decided to help her in blending in. Since they already know the whole situation, they decided to keep her company so they are letting her in their club. Chitose is stunned as she remembers those people who’ve kissed her. She grabs Shun’s shirt and tells him that she doesn’t want to and she doesn’t even know what kind of club it is. Shun tells her that it is a ‘festival club’. He informs her that it deals with designing and implementing important events within the school. They are currently preparing for the school festival.

In simple words, they are the ‘school’s members who implement festival/occasions’ because that school doesn’t have a student council so they are the ones who are responsible for those kind of activities. Chitose asks what those important events are. Shun says there are a lot like Christmas party, dances, Valentines’ Day, etc. Chitose perks up. Shun asks if she finds it interesting. Chitose says yes. To her surprise, Shun says that it is decided. Walking away, he tells her that he’ll give the form to the adviser and she can just go to the clubroom after school. While somewhat trying to stop him, Chitose becomes tense because she let her guard down. She wonders if she can get along with those weird people. Later on, she went to the clubroom where everyone welcomes her. Midoriko goes to her and holds her hands. Midoriko tells her that they lack personnel because the third year students have already left their club. “Let’s get along with each other, Chitose ♡” Seirin gives her some paperwork regarding the summary of the things that their group needs. Chitose thinks that it really seems like a club now and everyone is busy with work. Midoriko tells Chitose that she heard she is living in the same apartment as Kou and that’s good because it is near school. Chitose says yes. Sota asks her if her brother is a college student. Chitose says no, he’s a novelist. When asked what kind of novels he writes, Chitose tells them he’s a fiction/fantasy writer with the pen name of Mijin Yui. Chitose is surprised when everyone exclaims in surprise. Midoriko tells Chitose that she is a great fan and the ‘level eleven’ series is really great. She screams in delight that she never thought that her brother is Yui-sensei. Kou tells Chitose that Midoriko told them that the novel is really good so everyone in the club has already read it. Midoriko then apologizes to Chitose about her brother because she shared the book to the others instead of everyone buying a copy for themselves. Chitose sweatdrops and says that it is okay. Soon, they are all talking about her brother’s novel that it’s good and when will the next volume come out. Kou then asks Chitose to lend her phone to him. Kou records everyone’s email addresses on her phone. Seirin tells her that it’s okay for her to call or email them and if she has any problem, just consult them. Chitose blushes and thanks them. Walking with Kou, Chitose says that her first impression of them is that they are strange people but everyone is so friendly that she will definitely like this club. Kou is happy to hear that. Chitose tells him that she has to buy some ingredients for her brother’s dinner before going home. Kou tells her that there is a supermarket not far from there. He offers to accompany her.

In the supermarket, Kou asks her what she wants to buy. Chitose says that she needs bitter melon and.. Kou sweatdrops when Chitose is shock that there is no bitter melon in that place. Kou says that usually, there are but for today, there are none. Chitose cannot believe that there is a day when one can’t buy bitter melon. She then says, forget it, she’ll just get some shipped by her parents from Okinawa since her brother says that the bitter melon there and Okinawa don’t taste the same. Since Kou didn’t know about it, Chitose exclaims that in Okinawa, they use seagrass as fertilizer for the bitter melon in order to keep the mineral rich. Since it is nutritious, it makes the taste/texture also good. Kou says that’s really nice and Okinawa’s bitter melons ought to be delicious. Chitose is then surprised by the number of beer brands when she only saw Orion beer in her place. She continues to exclaim in surprised about the brands of bread she never seen before, the names of the fishes aren’t the same as in Okinawa, and there are no meat onigiri/rice ball in Tokyo. Kou just observes her as she goes back and forth, being surprised at everything. After shopping, the two are walking home. Chitose says that even if it’s still the same Japan, there is a huge difference. She happily says, “It’s like I went overseas.” To her surprise, Kou bursts out in laughter. He says, “Overseas- You are really interesting, Chitose.” Chitose blushes and looks away. While having dinner with Chitose, Yui says that those kids aren’t bad, that matsuri club, and the members are also his readers. He feels good about that. He asks her if it is okay that Kou is living in the same building as they are. Chitose says that it is because they are now friends. She blushes and thinks that upon seeing that bright smiling face of his, she has somewhat released her tension. Yui confirms to Chitose that the beautiful lady in 203 should be Kou’s sister and she is currently in third year high in a certain college so she is his [i]kouhai[/i]. He happily says that since Chitose and Kou have already met, he can now get close to Kou’s sister. Chitose cannot believe her brother for immediately thinking of that. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything to happen and he shouldn’t do any hasty moves. Yui says it is okay, he knows. Chitose doesn’t quite believe him because she thinks he’ll still do something even if she asks him not to. She asks him if he has a radish grater because she can’t find it. Yui says that he doesn’t have one because he didn’t buy one and that thing isn’t sold in Tokyo. Chitose then thinks of a way to get one. The scene changes to the club. Seirin tells Kou that they don’t have much time. Kou then apologizes to everyone that he and Seirin are going to leave early. Sota asks if they are going on a date. Kou says no but they have something to do. Seirin apologizes and the two leave as everyone says goodbye.

Chitose watches them from the window and thinks that they are really a good match. Shun glances at her then goes to her. To Chitose’s surprise, Shun tells Chitose that even if she waits, it’s useless because those two would absolutely not break up. Chitose exclaims what he is talking about..she already knows that. Shun just says, is that so, then that’s good. A bit irritated, Chitose thinks that even if Shun didn’t say it, she already knows and what’s up with this guy, she really can’t like him. Then, Kou and Seirin are in front of a grave. Kou says, “It has been a long time, Misaki.” Seirin says, “Yes, about 5 years already...” The two hold their hands and look at the grave wherein the surname is Natsume. In Chitose’s house, their parents had shipped bitter melons, canned meat [Spam], grater and some cookies [chinsukoi ? traditional sweet often sold as a souvenir on Okinawa, Japan. It is a small biscuit made of mostly lard and flour, with a mild and sweet flavor.] from grandma. Chitose happily says that grandma made the cookies especially for them. She becomes gloomy and apologizes to grandma who hopes to see Chitose on the television soon. Remembering that Kou would want to taste bitter melon from Okinawa, Chitose decides to share some with him. She goes to his house but the one who answered is Kou’s sister who had heard all about Chitose from Kou. She introduces herself as Yuka. Kou comes out to ask what’s up. Chitose tells them that they got some bitter melon from home. Kou thanks her. Yuka says that she really likes bitter melon but she doesn’t know how to cook them and if they will turn out delicious. Kou tells her to search the internet on how to cook them. Chitose is surprised when her brother appeared beside her and suggests to the others about eating in their house. Kou happily greets Yui as Yui exchange greetings with him. Someone wants to decline but Yui tells them that they must accept this invitation. Chitose thinks that her brother just wants to get close to Yuka. During dinner, the Furuya siblings compliments Chitose’s cooking. Yui offers Yuka some beer which she accepts. Yui asks if she likes to drink wine. She says pretty much. Chitose is surprised when Yui suggests that they drink together next time since he knows of a restaurant which has very good red wine. With a smiling face, Yuka declines by thanking him for his invitation but she will be scolded by her boyfriend if she accepts, so sorry. After a pause, Yui just says, is that so. Chitose is making a face =P Yuka asks Chitose if she has already gotten used to living in Tokyo and what places she had already gone to. Chitose says that she hasn’t gone anywhere but school. Kou remembers promising to tour Chitose if she goes to Tokyo. Yui tells Kou that he’ll leave it up to him because he had a deadline coming so he can’t accompany Chitose. Kou says that it is alright, he’ll go with Chitose on Saturday. Chitose protests that it isn’t okay, in consideration of Seirin. Kou says that it is alright, he’ll just ask permission first from Seirin. They then talk about Yui’s novel if the deadline is for ‘level eleven’ but Yui says it is a different one. Chitose is still a bit flustered and uneasy about it.

After eating and ‘see you tomorrow’, the Furuya walks back home. Yuka says that Chitose is very cute and very innocent, thankfully, unlike her brother. Kou just laughs. Yuka says that it is Masaki’s death anniversary and did Kou visit the grave. Kou says he did, with Seirin. Yuka asks if things are still going smoothly between him and Seirin. Kou says of course and why did she ask. Yuka says it is nothing and she’s just casually asking. She then looks somewhat serious at Kou. Next day at school, Chitose shares some of the cookies that grandma made to everyone in her club. Everyone says it is delicious. Kou then asks Seirin if he can accompany Chitose around Tokyo on Saturday. Seirin says it is okay. Chitose wonders if it is really okay. They begin to talk about the places where they would go like Shibuya, Roppongi, hills or midtown. Kou asks Chitose where she wants to go. Chitose tells them that there is actually just one place where she really wants to go since before and that is Tokyo Tower. Everyone is surprised. Everyone starts say that they went there before either with a family member or school trip and there is really nothing much there. Chitose perks up and says that when people say Tokyo, they would think of Tokyo Tower. Kou says then, they will go to Tokyo Tower. Chitose says okay. Kou asks if there is any other place she wants to go. Thinking that it will be impolite/embarrassing if she says other places, Chitose tells them that just Tokyo Tower is fine. Midoriko says that inside Tokyo Tower, there is also an aquarium and a wax museum. Seirin is looking at some books on the shelf. Shun approaches her and whispers if it’s really okay. Seirin looks somewhat surprised then says that it has nothing to do with Shun and he shouldn’t mind other people’s business. Shun just looks at her. On Saturday, Yui bids the two to be careful as Chitose and Kou go out together. Kou says that it is great that today is a really nice and bright day. Chitose agrees with him. Kou tells her that her coat is really cute. Slightly blushing, Chitose thanks him. Chitose then reprimands herself not to get ahead of herself since this isn’t a date – he’s just accompanying her to Tokyo Tower. This isn’t like ‘flirting with other girls’. He is being friendly with her as a friend and a neighbor. Chitose thinks that even if she is thinking like that, it still took her time to choose her outfit and she chose it because it is cute. She is happy that her coat is being praised.

At the subway station, Chitose is totally shock because there are so many people there. It seems that the trains are late so the passengers have accumulated. Kou says that it seems there is an accident that is why things are a bit chaotic. Noticing that Chitose has turned into stone, he quickly asks if she is alright. Chitose says yes and it is because she just unconsciously froze up because there are a lot of people. Kou remembers that there are no subways in Okinawa. It is mostly just buses and some bicycles/motorcycles. Kou asks if this is her first time in a subway. Chitose nods. She asks if it is always crowded like that. Kou tells her that it isn’t always like that because there are times when it is empty. He tells her that it is a common scene in Tokyo and she’ll get used to it. Chitose is a bit apprehensive about getting used to this kind of scene. Kou tells her that they should now go in the subway but Chitose protests that it is already full. Kou says that they can still squeeze inside just step inside and go in. Chitose doesn’t want to squeeze into others [and cause trouble to others] but Kou tells her that everyone does it. Holding her, they go in. Kou smiles and says that they are in. Chitose blushes and says, yeah. She thinks that he’s too close. Then, a fat business man rushes in between them. Kou gets pushed out and the door closes. With a shock-aghast look, Chitose slams the door and shouts his name as the train speeds away. Kou looks a bit stunned then starts laughing. He thinks that he shouldn’t laugh at someone but Chitose’s expression is so funny. Soon, Kou finds gloomy-looking Chitose. Kou sweatdrops and asks if it is really painful to be in a crowded train. Chitose says yes and her mind went blank when Kou was left behind. Kou says that they still meet each other again. Chitose tells him that he can say that but she was totally blank after going off that crowded train, and after a group of trains passed by [before Kou found her]. Kou tells her to forget it and cheer up because they are already at Tokyo Tower. Chitose perks up upon seeing Tokyo Tower.

In Tokyo Tower, Chitose comments that they are up so high. Kou then shows her an ‘explanation apparatus’ [ah, monitor that states facts, etc about the place] which shows the buildings that can be seen from that place even if it’s night. At the souvenir shop, Chitose exclaims how cute the honey container is because it is shaped like the tower. Kou tells her that even the mineral water bottle is shaped like the tower. Elsewhere, Chitose sees a ‘look down’ sign and asks Kou about it. She looks in the glass window on the floor and gets scared because she can see below. Kou says that he heard that they are 145 meters from the ground. She is shock when Kou walks on it and tells her that there is nothing to be afraid of. He tells her to try it but she doesn’t want to. He tells her that it won’t break but Chitose still doesn’t want to. He says it is fun but she says it is scary. At the toilet, Kou muses that upon looking at it in detail, even the things in the toilet are shaped like the tower. He thinks that Tokyo Tower can be very fun. He is surprised to see Chitose standing beside the glass window and trying to step on it but retreats. When she is about to try again, a child falls down in front of her. The child looks down through the window and Chitose sweatdrops. Kou giggles at the scene. Chitose sees him and happily goes to him while calling his name. Kou looks somewhat surprised [looks like captivated by her smile ^^;]. She tells him that she still couldn’t step on the glass window yet that child just now.. Kou just looks at her. Back at their apartment, Chitose thanks Kou and she really had fun. Chitose gives him a tower-shaped honey as thanks. Kou thanks her and tells her that if there are any other places she would want to go, she can just ask the other members of the club though for Shun, it might just be troublesome. Chitose says that he is right and she also doesn’t want to trouble Kou even if it is okay with Seirin. Kou says yes and he apologizes that they went alone. Chitose says that it is no problem and ‘see you on Monday’. Kou just watches Chitose goes into her house. Someone [not sure if Kou/Chitose] narrates, “There won’t be a next time when we’ll go out together alone, because it will be troublesome if I come to like you--”

It has been a month since Chitose came to Tokyo. She gradually got used to her new life. She also gets along with her classmates. She is writing while chatting with a couple of girls. When Shun is about to erase the blackboard, Chitose shouts that she isn’t finished copying. Shun continues to erase it and just tells her that she’s too slow, she should just copy from others. One of the girls lends Chitose her notes to copy. They say that she joined the matsuri club and that is nice since she is with Shun. Chitose is surprised and asks if Shun is also popular. They tell her that Shun is handsome, tall and looks mature. Chitose looks at Shun who is clapping his hands to remove the chalk dust. She thinks that Shun does give her a bit of that feeling - what her classmates said. Chitose says that people don’t like the way Shun talks [in a rude way] and if compared to Kou.. Her classmate says that if compared that way, of course, Kou is much better though he gives one an ‘unattainable/unapproachable’ feeling because he is too popular and there is also about Seirin. Chitose comments that he is really famous. They tell her that it is because he’s handsome..more handsome compared to actors in the acting division. That is why they are puzzled why Kou just joined an ordinary club and they heard that the manager of the acting division is following Kou around [to recruit him?]. Walking at the hallway, Chitose thinks that Kou is actually really popular and usually, she just sees him surrounded by girls at the hallway. “Ah, there he goes again.” Kou is talking with some girls who kept on putting their hands on him. Chitose sweatdrops and thinks that there is a bit of ‘haughty/look down on contempt’. [I think she’s referring to what her classmates said that he seems unapproachable.] She walks away and wonders why he isn’t with Seirin. Is it because they aren’t in the same class but then, which section is Seirin in. Chitose arrives home and looks for her brother since he didn’t answer when she says that she’s home. She wonders if he has gone out. She looks at the breakfast she prepared but it isn’t been eaten. She wonders what happened when someone approaches her. She screams out loud to see her brother looking all tired and exhausted. Yui greets her home. Chitose exclaims what happened to him. Yui says that it is because of work.

He tells her to prepare some food for him which he can eat with one hand while writing with the other hand. He also wants some coffee. If she is done, bring the food to his room since he might have to shut himself in the room for a few more days. Chitose just tells her brother to do his best. Chitose didn’t know about this side of her brother and it seems he is like that during some time. She eats dinner alone and thinks that it is a bit lonely so she hopes her brother finishes his work soon. Later on, she decides to watch television for two hours but before that she records ‘America talk’ so that she can watch it with her brother later on. She lowers the volume. While watching television, she thinks that one of those girls look familiar. To her shock, it is Seirin. At school, Seirin confirms to Chitose that she is friend A of the master’s daughter in the drama. Chitose exclaims that she is a part of the acting division. Seirin says it is true but she doesn’t have much filming work. Sota tells Chitose that the company’s president is the friend of Seirin’s mother. It seems that Seirin isn’t really enthusiastic [about acting] even if it was a favor for her to get in the company. Seirin says that it is troublesome to be always rejected by entrance exams. Flashing a v-sign, Seirin says that she’s lucky that she manages to get a few jobs that she manages to pass through the acting test and got in Haisawa High. Sota exclaims so, that is her goal. Seirin says that it is because she doesn’t want to study to pass the exam. Seirin confesses that even if she looks really intelligent but in reality, her brain is stupid. Sota laughs. Chitose remembers Kou telling her that he wants to go in that school because of Seirin. Chitose thinks that Seirin fits in the acting division because she is pretty but Chitose finds it a bit of a waste since Seirin isn’t that enthusiastic about it. [Basically, I think that Seirin isn’t interested in acting but needs to get into a high school without studying so she became an actress with the help of her mother’s friend to get in that school that has an ‘acting test’. It seems that actor/actresses study in that school.] Seirin then says that they should leave to go the group’s meeting where the others have already gone to.

At a classroom, a girl with glasses is talking to the students while Seirin and Sota are standing nearby. Chitose and the two other guys are standing behind the classroom. The glasses girl tells everyone that there are still 10 days before the school’s festival and today is just for confirmation. First, the different groups’ representative will take turns in consulting them and after verification, how much time is allocated [for the program, I assume]. Just like as it is usually done before, the guests are limited to the people whom the students know and it is very important to verify this because they do not want people to come just to see the students from the acting division. They will prepare the activities this week until 9 o’clock. While glasses girl is still talking, Chitose asks Kou who is that glasses girl presiding over the meeting. Kou tells her that is how Midoriko dresses up as the club’s head. Chitose is shock as she whispers that she doesn’t look like the same person. Kou tells her that Midoriko just let her hair down and wore glasses. Chitose comments about the fact that Midoriko is actually the club’s head. Chitose is shock again when he tells her that Midoriko is the only second year among them. Shun comments that Chitose is really slow-witted because she only realized it now. Chitose is a bit gloomy being called slow-witted and actually, it is only now she knew about the stuff regarding Seirin. She thinks that it seems that she can’t get in Tokyo’s ‘flow of things’. Shun asks if she is feeling down. Chitose thinks, “..Ah, forget it..there’s always a way ♫” Looking at smiling Chitose, the two guys think that she recovered quite fast. Soon, Midoriko says that it’s finally finish. It has been a long time since she started a meeting so she is a bit nervous. She removes her glasses and Chitose thinks that she’s back to ordinary Midoriko. Chitose calls out to them and asks if beside from planning and implementing, will the matsuri club participate in the school festival..like a booth. She wasn’t able to finish what she is saying since everyone is looking surprised at her. Someone says that they haven’t thought of that. If it’s a booth, then they still have some time to do that. As long as it isn’t too special, they ought to have some leisure time on the day itself. Chitose suggests that they sell chinsukoi/cookies since it can be made ahead of time. It is easy to make yet they are very delicious even if her cookies couldn’t be compared to her grandma’s. Kou says that is a nice idea. Sota wants to do it, too. Someone says that they couldn’t make the posters for advertisement in time. Someone suggests that they just use simple methods in informing people. Another one says that they can’t use the cooking room because a lot of people are already using it. Chitose says that they can make them in her house’s kitchen and it is near school. Kou offers that they can also use his house, too. Soon, there is no more problems and they decide to make a booth for the school festival.

While everyone is preparing their booths, Midoriko comments that smiling Chitose looks really excited. Chitose says that she likes this kind of mood for Okinawan kids really like these kinds of activities. She then notices Seirin and Shun standing silently and somewhat apart from each other in their booth. Midoriko calls out that they have already bought the stuff needed. Chitose tells Seirin that there is still stuff they needed that isn’t available in the stores nearby. She apologizes that she won’t dare ride on a subway. Seirin offers to be the one to buy them. Noticing that Shun and Midoriko are talking together, Chitose tells Seirin that it seems she and Shun don’t talk to each other even if Kou and Shun are in really good terms. Seirin says that she’s not an expert in dealing with Shun who’s acting cool/cruel from day to night. Such a guy irritates her. Seirin tells her not to talk about Shun, and how about Chitose drops the –classmate prefix and just call her by her name. Chitose tries it out. Seirin laughs and says that’s right. Midoriko also tells Chitose to call her by her name only. Someone asks where Kou is. Someone replies that he isn’t there and perhaps he is in the clubroom. Holding a paper, Sota calls out for them to check the rough draft of their flyer. Seirin asks him if he has seen Kou. Pointing at a direction, Sota tells Seirin that Kou is there, caught by Saijou Machi. At the side, Machi is holding Kou’s hand. Chitose exclaims that she knows that girl from a television commercial. Seirin says that is second year Machi from acting division, already famous even before she becomes a well-known actress in Haisawa High. Chitose notices the dark mood when Seirin says that girl always like to ‘trap’ Kou lately and it is time to finish this, once and for all. Kou tells Machi that she already has a boyfriend from the acting division. Machi says not anymore because they broke up and [a relationship with] an actor won’t work. Their companies are rivals and it’s troublesome for her when gossip magazines kept on watching them. Holding on to Kou’s arm, Machi says, “But, it’s alright if it’s an ordinary person, so let’s go steady, okay?” Kou says he can’t because he already has a girlfriend and she should already know that. Machi says that it will be okay if they break up and what’s good about that not famous girl [Seirin]. Kou looks surprised by that remark. With one hand on her waist, Seirin shouts, “Kou! Come here! Leave that girl! Later on, do not talk with that girl in such a cheerful manner!”

To Machi’s shock, Kou timidly says, okay. Kou waves goodbye and apologizes to Machi that it is the princess’ orders which should absolutely be obeyed. Machi tries to protest but Kou tells her that what Seirin just said is his answer to her. Machi is aghast. Seirin tells Kou that she’s going to buy some stuff and will he accompany her. Kou says okay. Seirin tells the others that they are going. The others excluding Shun nervously say okay and be careful on their way. After they left, Chitose leaves out a sigh and says that she thought that it is really doesn’t matter to Seirin about Kou’s flirting with girls. Sota says that maybe it depends on who [he is flirting with] though compared to how one appropriately act in such a situation, Seirin is already very lenient. Midoriko nervously says that it seems that Seirin shows her fangs to any girl who seriously wants to take Kou from her. Sota nervously says that is right and Seirin can be quite scary. Chitose thinks, so that is how it is. Before she thought that since Seirin approves Kou’s ‘flirting’, so she begins to doubt if Seirin doesn’t really like Kou but it’s definitely because she can effortless control the situation if it is becoming excessive. Blushing a bit, Chitose says, “[Seirin] truly really likes Kou-kun..” She is surprised when Shun answers, “Perhaps.” then walks away. Chitose is puzzled by that comment. Soon, school festival day has arrived. On the school festival day, Chitose and Seirin are selling their cookies. The sales have been good that they will soon be sold out. Chitose is really happy about it because everyone did their best and their efforts aren’t wasted. Seirin laughs and says that Midoriko had the most fun because she was able to see Yui. There is a scene of Yui squealing in delight that Yui looks as handsome as in the picture and sparkling Yui saying, not really. Chitose says that he looks awful a few days ago and with him like that, he shouldn’t show himself to fans. It’s a good thing that he finishes the manuscript before meeting them. Chitose mentions that there are a lot of people who dressed up strangely. Seirin says that it is because a lot of people did cosplay cafe. There are some who dress up as a maid, a gothic girl, a delinquent, or as exclusive school girls and even as mascots. Midoriko and Sota arrive to change their shift. Chitose comments that Midoriko’s outfit is cute and if she is a forest girl. Midoriko says that she likes wearing loli outfits. Chitose says that it suits her. Chitose says that Sota looks cute, too. Sota says that they have a Halloween cafe. Seirin says that the acting division’s section didn’t participate so it’s boring. She asks Chitose about her class. Chitose takes out a pair of glasses and wears them. She says theirs is eyeglasses cafe – just wear glasses and that’s it. Sota says that they went there and Shun is very popular that there are a lot of people who went just to see a glimpse of him. Chitose lamely says, really, that is nice. Seirin says that she’ll go see Kou. Chitose says, see you later. Chitose wonders where she’ll go. She still has one more hour to go before her shift in class. Sota comments that their cookies sell out fast and maybe they should get more from their clubroom. Chitose offers to get them. Sota thanks her. Midoriko asks if it is okay since they might be heavy. Chitose says that it is okay. They tell her to walk behind the building [back court] since it is a shortcut. Chitose says okay, she’ll go that way.

While walking at the back of the building, she notices a couple of students from a different school climbing down from the wall. She wonders what they are doing. She remembers Midoriko telling the others before that there are outsiders who would want to go in just to see the students from acting division. One of the guys says that he bought a new camera with 7x optical zoom and 12 megapixels. The two stop walking when Chitose calls out to them and asks if they are outsiders and it is not permitted by the school for them to go in. One of the guys exclaims that they aren’t because they know someone from inside. They make up an excuse that a female cousin is a student there and they forgot to bring their entrance tickets. Chitose says if that is the case, then just verify it with the cousin so please go to the reception desk. The two guys look at each other. The two bow down and apologizes. They say that they are Machi’s super fans and they want to see her in that school, no matter what. They don’t go near her nor talk with her for they just want to take some pictures. “Please, let us go!” They look at Chitose with a pleading look. Chitose thinks that they seem to be sincere guys, these fans of Machi and even if they are a bit pitiful.. Chitose apologizes and tells them that they have school rules and she thinks that if they take pictures, Machi will also be troubled. She is surprised when the two guys start to look menacing as they tell her to stop kidding. They have already lowered their voice to ask/beg her and she should just say ‘really’ then leave. They want to teach her a lesson and throw her aside. Chitose becomes tense as she realizes that she is in danger. At the booth, Midoriko still feels uneasy about Chitose going alone so Sota decides to go and help her but someone arrives and offers to go instead. Back to Chitose, the two guys are coming near her as Chitose backs away. She then exclaims in Osaka-ben/dialect for them not to touch her. This surprises the two guys that they ask what she just said. Quick-thinking Chitose notices that they are afraid of Osaka-ben so she starts shouting stuff using that dialect. She shouts, “Go away! Quickly go away from me! Idiots! If you don’t, I’ll chop you up into mincemeat! I..” Suddenly, someone goes in front of her. It is Kou dressed up as a samurai complete with a katana. He shouts for the trespassers to leave immediately. The two guys ask what’s up with that and the sword is definitely just a toy. Kou says that even if it can’t slice a person in half, it can still be very painful. “So which one of you wants to be first--” The two guys have already run away. Kou calls the teacher on his cellphone about a couple of students wearing grey uniform who have trespassed and they are headed towards the sports ground so catch them there. After Kou hanged up the phone, Chitose thanks him and asks what kind of cafe his class is doing. Kou says samurai. Chitose laughs and says that there are really different kinds of cafe. Kou scolds her that this isn’t the time to laugh. He reprimands her that what she did isn’t right for how can she handle such a situation alone. She should use her cellphone to call for help or inform the teacher. It’s good that those two guys are just fans but if they are paparazzi, they can be scarier. “Next time, be more careful! It’s really dangerous--” He stops when he noticed Chitose shaking in fear. She apologizes to him. Kou apologizes to her for shouting at her. To her surprise, slightly blushing Kou says, “but, I’m just really worried about you..” She blushes and thinks that he is so kind that she cannot even sincerely look at him. She apologizes again and says that she’ll be careful [next time].

Chitose says that she should go for she has to get the cookies. Kou tells her that he came to help her. Chitose asks about Seirin who went to find him. Kou says that he didn’t see her and they probably missed each other. Kou then asks her what she just said in Osaka-ben - that last sentence. Chitose happily tells him that it basically means ‘chop you into pieces’. To her surprise, Kou starts laughing out loud. Kou says that she can actually say such a scary sentence while smiling. Chitose says that it is because he asked her. Kou asks if she always use that sentence. Chitose says no and she only did now because it is a matter of life and death. As they walk away, Seirin is watching them from behind. Later on, Midoriko goes into club head mode again and says that it is time to preside over the koyasai [an event held on the night after the last day of some festival (school festival). It often includes bonfire & dancing]. Sota ask where Seirin and Kou are because the koyasai is starting. Midoriko says that it seems that they went to the clubroom. Chitose says that she’ll go and call them. At the clubroom, Seirin is kissing Kou. Kou asks her what the matter is. Seirin says that she wants to do it [sex]. Kou is puzzled that he asks, what? Seirin says that she wants to do it right now and she cannot endure it anymore. Kou asks what she is saying when it is going to be koyasai soon. Seirin says that it doesn’t matter and just leave it all to the others. This made Kou shout Seirin’s name which startles her. He asks her what happened for she is acting a bit strange. “What are you uneasy about?” Seirin didn’t reply. Kou hugs her and touches her face. He assures her that it is alright, he won’t go anywhere and he absolutely won’t leave her. “I will be with Seirin forever, you also think that way, right?” Calmed down a bit, Seirin says yes. They were surprised when the door suddenly opens. Chitose is surprised to see them. Flustered, she looks down and apologizes because she thought that there is no one there since the lights are closed. “And, the koyasai is going to start soon. I was asked to call you guys. Then, I’m going ahead.” Seirin looks at Kou who is looking at the door after Chitose left. Running at the hallway, Chitose meets up with Shun. Chitose tells Shun not to go to the clubroom. Shun asks why, he had left something there. Chitose insists that he shouldn’t go and just go there later on. Shun asks if Kou and Seirin are in there. Chitose just nods. She walks by him and tells him that they should go ahead because the koyasai will start soon. Shun calls out to her. She turns around as Shun says, “you..go steady with me.” [It’s a sentence ^^;] Chitose looks at him in surprise and thinks, “What?”

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