June 14, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapters 23-24]

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In the bedroom, Geda approaches the girls on the bed. He laughs and says that when he heard that there are traveling performers, he had wondered what kind of people they are but he never imagined that it would be beautiful dancing girls. While hiding Emilia behind her to protect her, Nakaba stares at Geda and wonders what she is going to do because if they resist, they won’t be able to get the identification certificate. Nakaba is aghast when Geda touches her face and says that her strong eyes are quite nice. He also comments Emilia who looks womanly at her young age is nice, too. Blushing with lust, Geda happily tells them to come and make him happy. Emilia calls out to Nakaba who thinks that she really doesn’t like Geda. Then, Nakaba spots a wine glass and bottle on the table. Nakaba quickly gets out of the bed that surprises-puzzle Geda and Emilia. Nakaba giggles and tells Geda not to be in a so much hurry for the night is just starting. Taking the bottle of wine [and pours it in a glass], Nakaba tells him that they should drink a bit first. Holding a wine glass to Geda, Nakaba seductively tells him that this will put them more in the mood and doesn’t he want to have a drink. Meanwhile, the guys are searching in every room and still couldn’t find where Nakaba and others are. Caesar curses when they got the wrong room again. He worriedly says that while they are looking, Nakaba and others might..already be.. He stops what he is saying when they open a door to find Nakaba holding a rolled piece of paper, together with Emilia who is looking at Geda. Geda is drunk asleep on the chair with bottles of wine on the table. Belanus asks if Emilia is okay. Emilia happily goes to her brother and greets him. She happily says that Nakaba made that guy drunk and also.. Holding the paper to Belanus, Nakaba says that it is the identification certificate. After handing it to Belanus, Nakaba says that the writing might be a bit hard to read since Geda wrote it while he is drunk but then, there is a seal so there won’t be any problem. Nakaba stretches and says that she’s tried. She calls out to Emilia that they should quickly go change their clothes. The guys can only look at the girls speechlessly as they go to their room. =P Soon, the next day, Belanus says that their carriages are already prepared. He reminds them that as they head to Senan, their goal is to stay to any town that is near the border and from there, they will wait for news regarding Belquat. Soon, the party depart for Senan.

Inside the carriage, Nakaba looks out the window and says that they are now in Senan. “Just by crossing this bridge, it will be another country already... even if they are so near, they mutually hate each other.” Caesar asks her if she’s reminiscing. “After all.. it’s the enemy country.” Nakaba looks at him then sadly smiles. She tells him that because she is red-haired, she is the Royal Family’s shame so basically, she wasn’t allowed to go outside. “I know of the world only through that very small window [in my room] and books. But, there is a huge difference from the things I’ve read and the things that I’ve actually seen with my eyes.. So, everything that I see now, seems new to me.” She is surprised when Caesar hugs her. He tells her that he told her before, he will make her see all sorts of things. “Make you.. see all sorts of scenery that you want to see.. right now.. even if we are currently running away..” Nakaba looks sad. She pulls away from him and looks at him to say, “Caesar, I’m sorry.” Caesar asks why she is apologizing. Nakaba apologizes for getting him caught up with this incident. “Right now, Prince Cain is no more. You should be the rightful heir to the throne of Belquat.. but currently, you are hunted like a criminal.. It is all because I’ve asked you to save the Ajin-s...” Caesar didn’t let her finish as he kisses her. He touches her lips and tells her not to say such things again else, he’ll make her close [/block] her lips. Nabaka blushes and says that he already did it. Caesar confides to her that he always felt very empty yet he doesn’t know why he is empty. “Being born into the Royal Clan, it is natural that I live in the Royal palace. But, right now, I know why I felt empty.. I cannot bear to see that we are using power and authority to suppress the Ajin-s who are more powerful than me. One only has to sit cross-legged on that throne, which is given to a so-called prince. *looks at Nakaba* Generally, I.. want to truly feel.. *chenching fist* that feeling of using one’s own hands to protect a certain person, and give that person happiness.” Nakaba looks at him in surprise. Caesar smiles at her. Nakaba says, “Ya.. Caesar.” She then leans closer to him to sleep. Caesar looks at her and thinks that it will be too late if he would just wait to inherit the position as Belquat’s king. “While waiting, it might perhaps give Nakaba even numerous pain [/heartache]. I’ve already come to realize, that if father would want to use the Retina [/ore] sword to expand his rule, then before that happens.. I’ll seize the throne--!”
Soon, the two are sleeping. Belanus is calling the two of them. He ends up shouting that they’ve arrived which startles the two into waking up. As Loki helps Nakaba down, Caesar complains that Belanus is too noisy and he shouldn’t wake them up so loudly. Belanus says that he had already called them a lot of times but they won’t wake up. Nakaba looks around and asks where they are. Belanus says that it is the town of Kalika [<- invented name] which is a bit away from the border, situated at the foot of a mountain. He had already made arrangements with the place where they will stay so they should hurry and go there. Caesar looks around and says that it isn’t that different from Belquat since he thought that Senan is an impoverished country. Someone explains to him that Kalika is prosperous because of the mining industry and it seems that jewelry stores are also flourishing in that place. Nakaba notices that Loki is looking thoughtful. Loki says that there is a scent but, he brushes it aside as nothing. He smiles and tells her that in order not to attract attention, they [/she] should not go outdoors as much as possible. Someone says that they should go in. At the hotel, Belanus holds a list and says that regarding the hotel assignments... Caesar looks dark for he thinks that it will definitely be like before. To his pleasant surprise, he will be in one room with Nakaba = married group. The other room is for the guys’ group and Emilia + Lito who don’t belong to either group will be in the ‘others’ group. Caesar happily pats Belanus’ shoulder and says that he did great. Belanus just smiles and says that he’s honored. Caesar happily ushers Nakaba to their room and says that they are going to rest early. In the room, Nakaba says that they already slept for a long time in the carriage that she doesn’t feel sleepy at all. She then notices a chess board on top of a drawer. She takes it to Caesar who is sitting on the bed. Nakaba asks if he wants to play. Caesar suddenly pulls her down on the bed. Just as Nakaba is asking him as to what he is doing, she notices that Caesar is already on top of her. He asks her if she has forgotten, they are already a married couple. “Since we are a married couple, there are many other things that we can do..” They were interrupted by a scream. To Caesar’s dismay, Nakaba quickly goes to the window to see what it is about. While the two look out the window and Caesar complaining what the problem is this time around, they see a man holding a stick and a cat female Ajin is on the ground. The man scolds the cat Ajin for being useless since she bought the wrong thing again. The cat Ajin apologizes to him. While some people are starting to look over the commotion, the man angrily says that she is obviously an Ajin yet she is totally useless. As he starts to beat the cat Ajin with a stick, the man says that he hired her with good intentions but she only brought him trouble. The onlookers say that it is Alford [<-invented name] again, he is too cruel, but then, it cannot be helped. The people would just either look or go on their way. Nakaba mutters that is too cruel. She heads out the door but to her surprise, Caesar opens the window and jumps down. Then, some people look at Caesar who had just landed on the ground. Caesar complains that geez, everywhere this is happening. Caesar tells Alford to stop it. Alford asks what his problem for this woman is his slave so he can do whatever he wants.
Caesar holds the man’s hand with the stick and tells him, “Do whatever you want? Stop joking around! Ajin can also feel pain. *Nakaba is rushing to irritated Caesar* And, she is a woman.” Alford laughs and exclaims, “Woman?! An Ajin can be called a woman? Then, she ought to be called a mother!” Caesar calls him a nasty person. Alford resists. After dropping the stick, Alford frees himself from Caesar’s grip. Before Caesar can react, Alford has turned around to give the cat Ajin a slap. Nakaba throws herself between Alford and the cat Ajin so she is the one who got hit. Caesar looks surprised and his expression darkens upon seeing that. Holding her bruised face, Nakaba says that it hurts. While the cat Ajin tries to say something to Nakaba, Alford complains that there is another one [meddling]. He orders Nakaba to leave. Nakaba coldly stares at him and says he’s despicable. Alford is taken aback by that. Nakaba helps the cat Ajin up then shouts at Alford that an Ajin isn’t someone’s belonging. “They can feel pain, be sad, grieve.. they belong to themselves!” The onlookers hear this. They start shouting at Alford that is right and Alford is too cruel. Nakaba and others are surprised when the people start telling Alford that he shouldn’t have hit the Ajin that way and she’s too pitiful. Alford just tells the cat Ajin to buy the correct item this time around. The cat Ajin timidly says yes. Alford quickly retreated into his house. They didn’t notice that someone else is watching them from a carriage. Loki quickly rushes to Nakaba. Touching her bruised face, Loki tells her that she is too reckless. “Doing something that will attact attention is quite dangerous and this is a menacing town..” They were interrupted when Caesar says, ‘hey’ then asks Nakaba if she is alright. Caesar wants to go and teach that guy a lesson but Loki tells him no, and that Caesar is also too reckless. While Loki urges them to quickly return to the hotel, the people notices that a carriage has stopped by. They mutter, “Isn’t that..” Nakaba is startled when someone says, “Because there is some ruckus, I came to check what it is, but I never thought that I’ll be seeing you here.” Nakaba thinks, “No way.. This voice.. Could it be..” An attendant opens the carriage door. A long black haired guy goes down. While his two attendants stand behind him, the guy says, “Deviant of the Royal Clan, Red Haired princess, Nakaba. And I wondered who it is. *holding his hair* Where is that ugly braid of yours? *Nakaba looks at the guy* Could it be that it was such an eyesore in Belquat that you were forced to cut it? The shame of the Senan’s Royal Family. And that eyesore Ajin is still at your side just like before.” Caesar angrily shouts, “Hey, what kind of thing are you, [<- insult? Because it’s ‘thing’] I will not allow you to simply humiliate my wife..” The guy looks puzzled as he says, “Wife..?” Looking somewhat uneasy, Nakaba says, “Ceasar, this person is.. is Senan’s king and current Senan’s Crown Princess’ grandson. Prince Adele [<- invented name], Senan’s heir to the throne.”
While Caesar is somewhat surprised to know who Adele is, Nakaba adds that even if the current king is the grandfather [mother’s side], but Adele is the heir. Adele says that this guy is.. Adele says that a while ago he [Caesar] said that Nakaba is his wife so that means, he is Belquat’s second prince. “Hahaha.. marrying that really different [/lowly] princess, such a pitiful prince!” Nakaba is surprised by that comment. Caesar angrily shouts, “What did you say, you jerk..” Adele’s attendants start to laugh over this. Nakaba starts to look sad but she is surprised when Adele asks why they are in Senan. Nakaba struggles to think of a reason for they cannot say that they killed the First Prince and are currently running away. Loki goes in front and says that they are going to the Senan’s royal capital. He explains that Nakaba and others are currently on a honeymoon [newly married] trip and since they are nearby, they’ve decided to pay a visit to the enemy country. To the couple’s surprise, Loki says that Caesar also said that he wanted to see the Senan’s royal capital. Adele happily laughs and exclaims is that so. “The Belquat prince wants to see the royal capital of Senan, right? So this is like, the red haired princess who was married off, is now going to visit her home country. Very interesting! Then, we welcome you! My inspection of this town has also just ended and I’m going back to the capital. Then, let me, as the First Prince, go with you..” Back at the hotel, Loki tells the other what had transpired so they are now going to the capital of Senan. Caesar exclaims what Loki is planning. Belanus comments that this could be a good plan for if they hide in Senan’s palace, Belquat will not easily make a move and perhaps, it is very safe.” Sad-looking Nakaba asks Loki if they are going to the royal capital. While Loki seems to look sad and cannot answer her, Nakaba is surprised when Caesar asks her if it is okay for she ought not to have pleasant memories of the royal capital. Nakaba quickly perks up and says that she is okay. She says that it is also a good thing for Lito since if they go there, he’ll be able to see his mother. Lito looks surprised over this. Nakaba pats his head and says that it has been a long time so Lina will definitely be happy. Nakaba thinks that she also wants to see Lina for the only other person who is nice to her in Senan is Lito’s mother. Lito sadly smiles and says, ya. Nakaba says that they will go, to Senan’s royal capital.
Soon, they arrive at the castle. A couple of soldiers welcome Prince Adele who just says, ya, ya. While Caesar muses that this is Senan’s palace, the soldiers start gossiping if that is the red haired princess, the one who was married off to Belquat. They wonder if the one beside her is Belquat’s prince but then why is the princess’ hair become short. Nakaba calls out to Caesar. She tries to tell Caesar something. Puzzled Ceasar looks at her. When Nakaba is about to say it, Adele tells her to stop dilly-dallying and not to [make them] lose face publicly so she should immediately go in. Nakaba looks sad then just says yes. Adele glances at her for a while. Inside the castle, Adele tells them that he’ll go report to the king first so they should wait at the visiting room for a while. Nakaba says okay. Pointing to some place, Nakaba tells them that the visiting room is that place. Nakaba looks sad as she thinks that she never thought that she’ll be back to this royal palace. Then, Loki calls out to Nakaba and says that it is this other way. Caesar laughs and asks if Nakaba isn’t familiar with her own house. Caesar is surprised to see Nakaba looking flustered. After a pause, Loki looks sideways and tells Ceasar that he is jumping into conclusion. Ceasar asks ha, what he meant by that. Flustered Nakaba just quickly walks towards the place where Loki pointed to. At the throne room, the king says that he never thought that he’ll be able to see her again. Nakaba lamely says, “..Yes, Your Majesty.” The king asks if he is Caesar. Caesar just greets him and says that this is the first time they met. The king says that he heard that they are on their honeymoon and apparently, the two of them are getting along with each other so that’s really good. He tells them that he’ll order some people to send their dinner in their rooms and tonight, they should rest well. Outside the throne room, Nakaba calls out to Adele and asks what kind of room is arranged for them. To her surprise, Adele starts laughing and asks, what if they receive them in ‘that room’. He proudly looks away and says, “Hmph! I’m just joking, for how can we let Belquat’s prince go to such a place. *turns to Nakaba* We’ll properly prepare a room for you guys..” He stops talking when he sees Nakaba looking at the side, looking sad. Adele suddenly grabs Nakaba’s hair and shouts, “You [wretched] girl! When do you start having that kind of expression!? *Nakaba looks surprised at him* Before, you won’t have any reaction whatever I’ve said to you! You won’t get hurt, you won’t get angry.. as if you are a doll. *Flashback: Adele would go to Nakaba’s room and tell her that her room’s filthy yet Nakaba would just sit there and not react to what he said.* Why is it that right now..” Caesar pulls Nakaba to him by holding her head and waist towards him. He tells Adele, “Right now.. she is my wife, so please do not touch her as you pleases, Senan prince.” Caesar angrily looks at Adele who looks a bit flustered. Adele turns around and says that whether it is now or it is before, she really puts him in a bad mood. “In this aspect, nothing has changed at all.” As Adele leaves, Caesar mutters what’s up with that guy. Nakaba felt Caesar’s hands on her head and waist. She pulls away and sadly apologizes to him. She lamely tells him that they should go to their room to rest. Caesar is a bit puzzled by her reaction but he just says, ya.
In their room, everyone has gathered. Sitting on the chair with Nakaba, Caesar asks what they are going to do next. Belanus says that they did tell those people that they are currently on a honeymoon trip and they basically only came to visit as a courtesy. “It would be better if we keep the thing about the Retina sword a secret. Even if this is a kind of a threat to Senan and perhaps we can get them to collaborate with us. But, considering how they are treating Princess Nakaba, compared to collaborating with us, they will use Prince Caesar as a shield and push Belquat into a bigger crisis.” Caesar calls Belanus’s attention. Belanus apologizes to Nakaba for what he just said. Lito tells Nakaba that he’ll go and see her mother to tell her of the news that Nakaba has returned. Nakaba smiles and says okay. Emilia and others say that they will be heading to their rooms to rest, too. They bid the others goodnight. Soon, only the couple and Loki are left. Ceasar and Loki look at each other. =P Caesar stands up and scratches his head. He thinks that Loki should have left with the others for he is a hindrance. He heads to the window and says that he didn’t expect to suddenly go in Senan’s royal palace. From the window, he sees a lone tower which is connect with a bridge to the main palace. To Nakaba’s surprise, Caesar asks what that tower-like building, which is detached from the main palace, is. Loki tells him that Nakaba lived there during the fourteen years of her life. Her room is built in there. “During those 14 years, you can count on your fingers the times when she can get out from that tower.. *Nakaba looks sad-flustered* She can walk around the palace only a few times. So, it is impossible for her to remember the palace’s layout. ..Hence, I’ve told you, that you were jumping into conclusion [then].” Nakaba suddenly stands up and calls out to Loki to stop talking, and not to say anymore. She quickly runs out of the room as Caesar calls out to her. While running, Nakaba thinks, “I know.. I also have already told it to Caesar that I’m the Royal clan’s shame, and I lived a pretty much imprisoned life.” She passes by a couple of men who tell each other that it is the red haired princess and it seems that it is true that she has returned. “She really likes to drive people crazy [or torment people], I heard that the Belquat prince is also with..” Nakaba angrily turns to them and shouts for them to shut up.
As the two men walk away, Nakaba is startled to see that Caesar is standing right behind those men. He is surprised by her outburst. She starts to cry and thinks that it is so humiliating. Caesar is about to call out to her when Nakaba turns around and starts running away again. “Too humiliating, too humiliating, too humiliating. I haven’t thought that I will go back [/visit] the royal capital with him. I didn’t hope that after arriving, everyone will become happy again nor did I hope to be treated as a princess. Because, I’m red-haired. Being estranged from everyone, with no footing at all within the royal capital, even if I have something, it is only that small narrow room. Even if it is like that, if I came here alone, I’ll also won’t feel anything, but..” Caesar manages to catch up to her and holds her hand. Nakaba turns around to look at him. She suddenly put her arms up to cover her face. She keeps on apologizing to Caesar.
“Sorry. I’m sorry, Caesar. Because of me, you’re looked down by others.” Caesar shouts that he doesn’t think that way. Nakaba thinks, “I know, but..” Nakaba bends down to the floor and says, “..in.. In front of the person I like, to be looked down this way.. How humiliating, how shameful. I.. I do not know, how come I am this afraid.. *crying while hugging herself* Please.. please do not hate me..” Caesar is about to hold her but he ends up sitting by her side. He tells her, “How is that possible.. [for me] to hate [you]..!” Later on, in their bedroom, Caesar pats sleeping Nakaba’s head as he watches over her. Lito comes in and tells him that the king is calling for him. Lito timidly says the king wants to talk with him. Caesar looks thoughtful. He then says that since he is called, he has to go. Lito just quietly looks on as Caesar goes out of the room. In the throne room, Caesar asks the king what the matter is. The king apologizes for disturbing him when he’s supposed to be resting. “There are some things that I would want to ask you.. Prince, did you know?” Caesar is puzzled that he asks what he is referring to. The king says, “The enemy of that child’s mother.. The one who killed Nakaba’s mother is your father, the king of Belquat.” Caesar looks surprise by this. Back in the bedroom, Nakaba wakes up and sees Lito by her bed. She rubs her eyes and asks where Caesar is and did Lito go to see Lina. She is puzzled when Lito goes near to her. He then exclaims, “..Nakaba.. Nakaba, save him.. Prince Caesar is going to be killed!” At the throne room, the king stands up and walks towards Caesar. “Nakaba’s mother.. is also my daughter.. *anguish* Belquat’s king started the war, [by] suddenly launching an attack on a remote village at the border, what could be the reason for this! *remorse* Stasha.. even if she is a bit foolish.. but she is a very cute child.. *serious and gesturing to Caesar* Isn’t it also interesting if [I/we] cut your head off and deliver it to Belquat.” Caesar looks shock and tense.
Scans by 粉儿兔 for baidu.

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