June 14, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 16]

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At the harem in Hakuyou country, Yuulin asks Reishou if he is really sure about not going when it isn’t easy for others to make him go on a ‘forced vacation’. Yuulin narrates that every year, during winter, the king of Hakuyou would leave the capital in order to take a break from work and it seem that this is a usual habit but.. Reishou continues to read a scroll and just casually tells her that every year, everyone is fussing about it and because it is quite troublesome, he constantly just disregards it. Yuulin is dismayed over his reaction as she thinks that it seems that the current king isn’t interested in it. Yuulin starts telling him about the bright and beautiful mountain scenery where there are fresh fruits and vegetables which are cooked in various ways. What’s really important is that there is this onsen/hot spring which can remove the tiredness of one’s body and heart so Reishou should go there at least once and he’ll definitely be fond of that place. While rolling back the scroll, Reishou nervously smiles and asks her where she heard that from. Flustered Yuulin says that she heard it from some officials at the government building. While his smile freezes, Reishou wonders when that happened. He turns away and says that if the Wolf King is away on a trip, those guys will also be easy-going [with their work] and in the end, it is only a waste of time. Also, he fundamentally isn’t the type who likes onsen. Yuulin goes into a shock over this that she continues to tell Reishou that it seems that in that onsen, there is hot water flowing through from day to night and it is reported that any stiffness and shoulder pain can be cured because of it’s healing properties so isn’t it a beneficial and amazing. Reishou is speechless then, he asks if Yuulin wants to go to the onsen. Yuulin tells him that if it isn’t because of her work, she won’t have a chance in her whole life to go there. Reishou looks surprised and he finally agrees to go there this time. Yuulin is really happy that she was able to convince him to go. Reishou looks thoughtful over this. While walking at the hallway, Yuulin thinks that she has forced her willfulness on Reishou but actually, this is for his own good since this is the ‘[make him] relax and be idle [at the] onsen’ fight. She remembers someone saying that at first, Reishou would think it is troublesome but he will extremely enjoy it later on, and it is also necessary for His Majesty to take time off from government affairs. Yuulin thinks that lately, Reishou had a lot of work after her home visit. “-and isn’t this limited to the winter season only?! If he doesn’t go now, when will he go!” Meanwhile, Reishou thinks that there’s no helping it but he has to go there but then, whose idea is this.
And so, they went for a trip to the royal family’s imperial villa [/vacation palace]. The caretaker happily welcomes the royal couple and says that it is the first time that Reishou went there and they had always been eagerly anticipating this day. He tells them that they have already prepared the banquet in the center palace. Reishou tells him to let Yuulin rest for a while, after that long journey on the horse-driven carriage. The caretaker says that it will be as his ordered. Yuulin looks around and thinks that there are a lot of people there compared to what she expected. Sitting at the living room, Yuulin comments that the palace looks gorgeous. Reishou tells her that it is because this place has a different kind of management so the mood is also different. Jun says that the people going in this palace and the harem aren’t the same so there are also a lot of opportunities wherein Reishou’s secret might be exposed so they have to be more vigilant than they normally are. He also tells them that they should do their best since this might be an opportunity to show the masses/people of a good impression of the ‘Wolf King married couple’. Yuulin goes ‘eh’ that Jun asks her why she is ‘eh-ing’ when this is work for a temporary bride. Even if the marriage proposals had stopped lately but then, they should guard against the unexpected. Yuulin thinks that if it is like that then, there’s no way for them to go ‘relaxing’. At the dining hall, while some maidens are bringing out food, Reishou asks Yuulin, who is sitting beside him, if she doesn’t want to eat anymore. Looking ill, Yuulin says that she is so full to the limit already. Yuulin couldn’t believe it because she thought that a so-called ‘vacation’ would be ‘few people around so that one can rest’ but instead, there are more people entertaining and waiting on them. Reishou smiles at her. His expression seems to tell her, “See, isn’t it better if we didn’t come?” Yuulin is speechless that she can only curse that it turned out this way but then, there is still that onsen so maybe that.. While Yuulin is drinking some tea, Reishou notices something that quickly hiding behind the curtains. Later on, while taking a dip in a bath, Yuulin is fired up that there is still that onsen which is the main event of this fight. The waiting lady tells her that in that imperial villa, there are 16 baths of various sizes and purpose. This bath is specially used by the Princess. She also tells Yuulin that the past Princesses are fond of this place since it is beneficial for their beauty, cures wounds and there are many other health benefits. Yuulin is really pleased to hear this for it will be good for Reishou. She is surprised when the waiting lady tells her that it is time for her to get up. Yuulin thinks that is too quick. The two waiting ladies help her dress up. While being dressed up, Yuulin wonders what happens next since this is quite different from what is normally done. The waiting lady gestures for Yuulin to follow them. Yuulin curiously asks where they are going. The lady smiles and tells her that she is going to His Majesty’s side, to the bath where the king uses so that they can take their time together and enjoy the onsen.
Yuulin’s expression freezes as she thinks, ‘together’ and ‘take our time’!!? While the waiting lady is explaining that ever since before, the king will always take a bath with the Princess in various baths within the imperial villa, and this is a necessity while she is.., Yuulin starts to freak out then falls on the floor over the need to take a bath with Reishou. The waiting lady worriedly asks her what the matter is. Yuulin apologizes and says that it is her chronic ailment that is acting up. The ladies became uneasy and ask what they should do. Crying and freaking out Yuulin shouts for them to call Jun. Yuulin thinks that she didn’t thought of things this far. In some other room, Reishou looks surprised when angry Jun shouts as to what he is planning and it is impossible for him [Jun] to allow such a thing. Still holding the paper he’s reading, Reishou just looks surprised. Yuulin angrily shouts that is right and Reishou is really cruel and disappointing. She accuses him of harboring some hatred towards her to that extent just because he doesn’t want to go there. Jun angrily shouts if it is Reishou’s idea of having fun is taking a bath with this girl. Reishou tells them to calm down for he doesn’t understand what they are talking about. Jun asks Reishou if he ordered the waiting ladies about taking a bath together with Yuulin. Reishou flatly tells him no, he didn’t nor did they come to verify to him about it. Jun angrily says that is really reckless of them to do this without Reishou’s orders and he cannot forgive this oversight on one’s job so he’ll question those maids. Reishou looks at somewhat surprised Yuulin. He takes his coat and puts it on Yuulin. He smiles and tells her that she will be cold again and if she is, she should go in the onsen again. She asks him if she already took a dip in the onsen. Reishou says that he hasn’t for he is checking over some documents from the imperial palace and tomorrow, there will be some reports that will be sent to him. In the bath again, Yuulin gloomily thinks that Reishou is still working even if they went there, so no wonder he isn’t that interested in the onsen trip. “I have..failed... when it isn’t easy to bring him here.. and he isn’t even interested in this.. ‘only you.. can do..’ And, I thought that this is a very good plan.” Afterwards, a maid gives Yuulin a drink and tells her that it is something usually drunk after taking a bath. Yuulin thanks her. She didn’t notice the shadow figure hiding behind the wall. Yuulin thinks that if the other party isn’t happy about it then it has no meaning [to do this].
Soon, Yuulin is brought to the bedroom where she can rest. Yuulin praises the room as to be really nice but she stops when she sees Reishou inside the room, looking glumly at her. Yuulin is aghast for they got into a situation wherein they have to share the same bedroom and one bed. Yuulin is getting dizzy as to what else she can say about this. Usually, their fake married life is about Reishou visiting her in her room where they will chat or play some board game [where Reishou wins] and then, Reishou will bid her goodbye and he heads to his own room. That’s the end of ‘married couple time’ so this kind of incident has never occurred before. Seeing that Yuulin is troubled, Reishou goes to her and holds her hand. In wolf mode, he tells the waiting ladies that there is no need to worry about them there. He orders them not go near this room and warned them that they better not violate his order. The scared waiting ladies quickly take their leave. After they left, Reishou let surprised Yuulin’s hand go. He apologizes to her and tells her that it seems that the people in the imperial villa have a tendency to do things on their own that they prepared one bedroom for them. There is a picture of chibi Jun angrily shouting what’s wrong with this imperial villa. Reishou tells Yuulin that today, he’ll just sleep on the sofa. Reishou is surprised-puzzled when he notices that Yuulin is crying. Yuulin suddenly shouts how could things turn out this way. She tells him to go sleep on the bed since it will be too cruel if he didn’t get to relax on his vacation. Reishou tries to tell her that it is alright but flustered Yuulin keeps on crying and muttering that this is a ‘fight’. Suddenly, Yuulin tells him that she is feeling really dizzy. Reishou looks at her and asks if she drank something before going there. Staring at him, Yuulin says that she drank some sweet juice drink. Reishou mutters that it is wine and no matter where, [he is] doing some rash things at will. Yuulin just looks at her in puzzlement. Soon, Reishou is carrying Yuulin who is frantically shouting what he is doing when she can walk on her own. Reishou just says, yes, yes, I’m sorry. Reishou puts her on the bed and tells her to lie down. While trying to sit up, Yuulin tells him that this bed is his and she is going to sleep on the sofa. Holding her head down to stop her from leaving the bed, Reishou tells her that it is alright, they’ll change places later on. Yuulin somehow agrees on this and fell asleep.
Then, Reishou says out loud as to who is making the maids there do all of these things regarding the bath, bed and the wine. Reishou goes to a huge vase and says that ‘he’ is also the one who told Yuulin about the good food, fresh air and onsen. Reishou puts his hand in the vase and takes out Gen before throwing him on the floor. Gen shouts at him for treating an old man like that. Reishou angrily asks why he, who suppose to be supervising the palace’s harem doing there. Gen tells him that the king’s family life is also his responsibility and the imperial villa is within his scope of duties. Gen happily says that he only wanted the two of them to enjoy their vacation trip though he is pleasantly surprised while preparing the onsen. Reishou tells him not to do unnecessary things. Reishou asks him if this is also the reason for luring Yuulin to the onsen. Gen says that it is because if he mentions it to Reishou, it won’t move Reishou [to go] so he just used some officers to tell Yuulin about it. Flashback: Then, after that, Yuulin went to consult Gen if the onsen is really good for the body especially since Reishou has been working hard lately. Gen told her that even if Reishou will be suspicious about the onsen and will think that it is troublesome, but if Yuulin says that she wants to go then, there is a possibility that Reishou will also go. “I only said [to Yuulin] that ‘it is something that only you can do’.” End flashback. Gen laughs and says that Yuulin is quite dedicated and enthusiastic about it that this time around, it seems like she is a real Princess. His joy is cut short when Reishou seriously tells him that even if he secretly advanced this plot, he [Reishou] doesn’t plan on fulfilling his wish. Reishou tells him to head back to the palace. Gen looks sad that he bows and says as you ordered. Then, he quickly jumps towards the window and tells Reishou that this doesn’t mean that he’s going to give up. Before leaving out the window, Gen shouts at Reishou to continue and enjoy his vacation. Reishou sighs and returns to the bed where Yuulin is sleeping soundly. Reishou sighs and says that it isn’t easy for Yuulin to say anything willful. Siting down and touching her hair, he continues to say that she fundamentally hasn’t thought of wanting to go there. “If she herself doesn’t willfully wanted it, then, it has no meaning..” And so, the Princess continues to lose the fight. When Yuulin wakes up, she sees an unfamiliar view. There is a dense fog out the window. She had a headache and she feels dizzy. “Why is His Majesty beside me-?” Reishou turns out to be sleeping beside her. Yuulin cannot think straight as to why this happened but it seems that she shouldn’t have gone to this onsen. She wonders if she sleeps again, would she wake up and find herself back in the palace. =P
Scans by 狼陛下汉化組.

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