June 14, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 82]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 21, 2011

At the zoo, after she leaves Kyouta in the wheelchair at the side, Tsubaki starts going back and forth, squealing over the cute animals . Kyouta tells her that if they stop in every place for her to look at the animals, when are they going to reach their destination. Tsubaki looks embarrassed. She starts pushing him again and apologizes. Then, her eyes sparkle. To Kyouta’s shock, Tsubaki zooms him away while shouting, “There’s a lion there!” =P Then, Tsubaki is looking at the lion that is pretending to be dead/sleeping from a window. Tsubaki urges Kyouta to come and look for there is space there. Kyouta says that he cannot see it [because the window is high above the wheelchair]. Tsubaki says is that so. To his surprise, Tsubaki puts his arm around her and helps him stand up to see it. Kyouta protest and tells her to let go because she cannot support him. Tsubaki insists that she can. While she is telling him to look at the lion, she is surprise that it has already left. She loses her balance that soon, she is kneeling while trying to keep Kyouta standing up. While she is helping to support him in standing up, a couple of young boys tease them for not being ashamed in doing lovey-dovey in public. Flustered Tsubaki tries to tell them that she is helping Kyouta stand and not doing some lovey-dovey. To her surprise, Kyouta tells the boys that they are right. Hugging Tsubaki, Kyouta asks them if they are jealous. One of the boys asks if they kiss. Kyouta tells them that they always kiss and would they want to see it. While Tsubaki is looking flustered and Kyouta is leaning close to her, one of the boys asks why they kiss. Kyouta smiles at them and says, “Because.. because I like her!” This surprises Tsubaki that it made her blush. After recovering a bit, she puts him back on the wheelchair and exclaims that they should continue [to walk]. As she pushes Kyouta on his wheelchair, flustered Tsubaki thinks that they obviously mutually love each other and yet, this is the last day for them to be together.
Flashback: “We’ll separate [/cool off] for a while, right?” The patients are looking at the two Tsubaki-s as they hugged each other, on the seat of the hallway. Tsubaki told Kyouta that by herself, she will calm down and properly think of her future path, which she would want to go. She smiled at him and said that she will become like him, and she’ll quickly find her own goal. Kyouta smiled back and told her that he will do his best to get well soon. Then, Tsubaki timidly asked him if before they separate, can he be with her, even if it is just for one day only. She told him that it seemed like the last words of the deceased.. Blushing a bit, Kyouta told her that it isn’t since he also thought of the same thing, too. Tsubaki looked surprised by this. Kyouta said that he would want to go out with her a bit but since he is on a wheelchair, he felt that he’ll just be a burden to her. Tsubaki exclaimed that he isn’t and they should go. She asked him where he would like to go, is it some place like a planetarium. Kyouta told her that they go to a place where Tsubaki would like to go..some place like a zoo. Tsubaki perked up and happily asked if they can. Kyouta smiled and said that since that is decided, he also has a request and in the end, she should grant it for him. End flashback. Back at the zoo, Tsubaki is in total shock that the polar bear exhibit is under renovation so it is temporarily closed. Tsubaki shouts in disbelief when she really wanted to see the polar bears. Kyouta cannot suppress his laughter as he mutters that she is really..cannot catch up [/late] for ten-thousand years. While Tsubaki is gloomy over this, Kyouta tells her to forget about it because even if they cannot see the polar bears there, he heard that there are polar bears in the Hokkaido zoo wherein they can look at them at a close distance. “If we have an opportunity, let’s go there together!” Tsubaki looks at him in surprise and asks, “Go.. there.. together?” Kyouta seriously looks at her and says, “Of course!” Tsubaki looks flustered then she smiles. “If there is an opportunity.. definitely! Then, it’s settled!” Soon, Tsubaki helps Kyouta eat. Then, he refuses to take her scarf. And, they look at giraffes and monkeys as Tsubaki hugs him.
Then, they stare at the exit sign of the zoo. Tsubaki asks what to do. She then asks him if he wants to go for another around. As some music is playing [to probably remind the people that the zoo is closing soon], Kyouta tells her that isn’t the park going to close soon. To his surprise, Tsubaki immediately goes for a 180 degree turn of the wheelchair =P and tells him that it is alright, they will quickly be out [after a round]. It seems that Kyouta pulls the brakes and tells Tsubaki that they are going out and it has gotten cold. Flustered Tsubaki just says ya. He somewhat smiles at her and tells her that next, she is going to actualize his wish. “Have you prepared it?” Tsubaki says of course. Kyouta pulls her to him and seductively says that he still cannot let her go [just yet]. Tsubaki blushes and says yes. At the hospital, Tsubaki prepares to cut Kyouta’s hair. She touches his hair and says that it is quite dry. She is puzzled when Kyouta starts laughing as he says that she always say that when she holds[/move] his hair. Tsubaki asks if it is so. Kyouta tells her that from the first time they met, at that time, it is quite humiliating that he thought she is really irritating. “Who would have thought that you will become such a special existence [to me].” While Tsubaki is blushing over this, Kyouta tells her that he also gets to save money from having his haircut. Tsubaki imagines Kyouta telling her that since she does haircuts, she’ll be responsible for him afterwards. She is surprised when Kyouta says, “But.. from today on, I won’t be troubling you.” Tsubaki asks if is that so, if it’s just haircuts, it ought to be alright to continue it afterwards. Kyouta glances at her that she looks flustered. She then tells him to treat it as if she didn’t say anything. While cutting his hair, she thinks that for a bit, she would have wanted for them to maintain their relationship but then, it won’t do if she isn’t that determined [about the separation].
Soon, Tsubaki finishes the haircut. She asks Kyouta if it is okay for her to cut it that short. Kyouta tells him that this isn’t the time to care about his hair. He smiles at her and tells her that with a haircut like this, it is possible that it won’t be long when he would need her help, to repair it. Tsubaki looks flustered. She starts cleaning up and tells him that during the time they are separated, she won’t be calling him nor sends him text messages. “And of course, I also won’t be coming to see you. So, Tsubaki-kun.. *stands up and holding the bracelet to him* I’m giving this.. back to you.” Kyouta looks surprised. Tsubaki thinks that it is given to her by Kyouta, a remembrance of him. “On this really important time for you, I cannot stay by your side.. I cannot continue to have this thing. Since [I’ve] said that we are not to keep in touch, but, if during this period of time, you have.. some other person else you like.. when that time comes.. tell me about it.. *nervous smile and shaking* That way, I can.. thoroughly give you up, Tsubaki-kun.. (Even if at most, I do not want that kind of relationship, but I ought to have that kind of awareness!)” Tsubaki is surprised when Kyouta tells her that she is quite heartless. “Forget it, it’s the same with you. If you have someone you like, you should inform me.” Tsubaki goes, “Huh? I won’t..” Kyouta then grabs her hand and exclaims, “When that time comes, I will thoroughly, *pulls Tsubaki to him* thoroughly break you two apart! *he looks at flustered Tsubaki while holding her hand tight* I won’t heartlessly let go. Stop joking around. During this time, do not throw it away, okay? I want you to remember me every time you look at it. Just wait! For sure, you’ll quickly return to my side!” Teary-eyed Tsubaki hugs him and says, “Ah.. yes.. definitely wait for me!!” Kyouta kisses her cheek then they kiss each other. Then, the two fall down the bed and soon, it is already 8:03 pm. The nurse comes in to tell Tsubaki that visiting time is over. She blushes upon seeing them and tells them that she knows that they love each other but they should respect the hospital rules. After she left, the two are still locked in a kiss before breaking it off. Tsubaki says that her mouth/lips felt quite hot. Kyouta says that his, too. While Kyouta hold her head to him, Tsubaki says, “But, until the end ..I’m very happy.” Kyouta says, “Me, too.” Tsubaki says, “I.. love.. you..” Kyouta says, “..I know.” Then, they happily smile as a tear falls from Tsubaki’s eyes. “Goodbye.”
Scans by 17kkmh.com/新漫漢化組制作.