June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 77]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 22, 2010

At a bookstore, Tsubaki is reading through a magazine when Kyouta suddenly covers her eyes and hugs her. He asks what she is reading. While Kyouta is patting her head, Tsubaki asks if he already bought a new cellphone. Kyouta says ya and shows it to Tsubaki. Tsubaki looks at her cellphone and his new one. She asks if it is the same model. Kyouta says no, for that model has already phased out so he only bought a similar one but with a newer style. Blushing a bit, Kyouta says that no matter what, he definitely wants his cellphone to be like hers. Tsubaki blushes over this. Kyouta notices the magazine she is reading is a National Universities Guidebook. He tells her that she chose another hard to read book. Tsubaki exclaims that she is always bothered about not knowing what she is going to do in the future so she thinks that she is very petty/shallow who isn’t a match for him. With a dreamy look, blushing Tsubaki says “This cannot go on.. Even if I always haven’t decided on it.. I should try to find it.” Kyouta smiles at her. Tsubaki happily tells him that their high school can recommend its students into a lot of nice universities. Kyouta sweatdrops and mutters that she still uses that recommendation as a pre-requisite [in entering a school]. Tsubaki asks what. Kyouta tells her that it is nothing and he originally thought that she would become some hairstylist-type of person since she gave him a haircut and she looks really happy while helping others in fixing their hair. “So, seeing you quite persistent on some famous universities, I always felt that it is odd.” Tsubaki tells him that it isn’t that she hasn’t thought about becoming a hairstylist but if she mentions it to her mother, her mother would definitely cry and oppose it. She smiles and says, “And, right now, I’m already felt very satisfied that I can fix my and my sister’s hair.” After a pause, Kyouta says, is that so. Pointing at the magazine, Kyouta says that there is a public lecture in the school that she mentioned so would she go and listen to it. Tsubaki exclaims in surprise over it since she didn’t notice it. It will be on next week’s Saturday so she should go check it out. Kyouta looks closely and says that it will start at 10am. “I’ll also go with you.” Tsubaki asks didn’t he have work on Saturday. Kyouta tells her that it is okay, he can just go when it is almost night time. Tsubaki tries to tell him that it is okay, it isn’t important and there’s no need for him to accompany her. Tsubaki blushes when Kyouta insists that it is important and he would want to be with her. Then, Kyouta becomes embarrassed over saying that.

At the cram school, Tsubaki is tense for it is finally the day when she would have class with Nako. She wonders how to face her since Nako is now her love rival. She is startled when Nako shouts her name. Braces for what Nako is going to say, Tsubaki greets her a good evening. Nako shouts what’s up with Kyouta. Tsubaki innocently asks what it is. Flustered Nako shouts that ever since that day, when Kyouta chased after Tsubaki and abandoned her brother’s research lecture, until now, she couldn’t contact Kyouta. Tsubaki realizes that even if she gave Kyouta Nako’s contact information, he didn’t contact Nako. Tsubaki tries to tell her the reason when Nako shouts, “That day was his good chance to be introduced to Professor Kaminaga!” Tsubaki is stunned. Tsubaki mutters if that Kaminaga is the one whom Kyouta idolizes. Tsubaki couldn’t believe that it was an important appointment yet Kyouta didn’t tell her about it. Tsubaki realizes that he couldn’t tell her for that day, she was really worried about his and Nako’s relationship and Kyouta is considering her [Tsubaki’s] feelings. Nako laments that she really doesn’t understand what Kyouta is thinking. Tsubaki exclaims that it isn’t so. “I’m sorry! It is my fault..!” Nako looks surprised. While the teacher is lecturing, Nako, who is sitting beside Tsubaki, says so..Kyouta also changed his phone number and email address. Nako tells Tsubaki that she feels that it isn’t Tsubaki’s fault. Tsubaki is surprised by this. Nako says that if Tsubaki is to blame, then she [Nako] cannot escape responsibility either for she said that thing ‘Tsubaki doesn’t want me to see Kyouta’. “But, this feeling of entanglement and not going to the research are two different things. If he cannot go, then he should at least contact me. I couldn’t contact his phone. Everyone at research and Professor Kaminaga were disappointed... If things progressed smoothly, then, like me, it wouldn’t have been hard to get a recommendation from Professor Kaminaga..” Tsubaki couldn’t believe all this. She starts to wonder what Kyouta has been feeling when he said that he will be with her all day that day. She is startled when her phone starts to ring. While thinking that she forgot to turn it off, she frantically tries to read it. It is a message from Kyouta telling her that they are going to meet in front of that university at 9:30 and she isn’t to leave until he gets there. Tsubaki looks flustered as if she is about to cry. “I originally thought that it will be okay if I only just wish him luck [gambatte] afterwards.. I originally thought that if I only determined my goal afterwards, I can face Tsubaki-kun with my head held high. But I unexpectedly..destroyed a good opportunity for Tsubaki-kun [‘s dream] to expand..” Tsubaki looks depressed as she limply holds her phone down.

On Saturday, Kyouta is hurriedly running at the streets. He looks at his phone and it is already 9:54. He curses that he won’t make it in time. He calls Tsubaki on the phone. Tsubaki answers it. Kyouta apologizes for the train was late and he thinks that he won’t make it in time for the public lecture. “So, can you go ahead to the classroom? I’m still at the pedestrian bridge..” [Kyouta thinks that it will take a long time to go to the bridge that] he decides to goes over the road fence to cross the street. While crossing the street and talking on the cellphone, Kyouta calls out hello and Tsubaki’s name since she isn’t answering. “What? Are you angry? This is something that I cannot do anything about.. The train didn’t come..” Crying while standing at the gate, Tsubaki says, “..Tsubaki-kun, it..it is still better for me to leave you..” Kyouta looks surprised as he hears some inaudible sound before the phone is hanged up. Crying Tsubaki then runs off. Kyouta has totally forgotten that he is in the middle of a busy street. He looks puzzled at his cellphone. It is too late when he notices that a car is driving in front of him. Black page. Tsubaki writes him an email, “Thank you for wanting to accompany me today but I won’t be going anymore, I’m sorry! I’m going home first.” She sends the message. Still crying, Tsubaki’s hands are shaking while holding the cellphone. She thinks that she doesn’t know how to face Kyouta. As she passes by, she didn’t notice the ruckus at the other street where there are a lot of people looking over an accident. The car seems to try to swerve away but the people are pointing at someone/thing at the side of the car. At the side of the sidewalk is a slightly damaged cellphone. It is ringing because it has a new message from Tsubaki.

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