June 14, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 78]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 24, 2011

Cover page: “With the princess being imprisoned, the prince has not arrived yet?” Ritsuki has already taken off Towako’s bow tie and has started to unbutton her blouse. Towako mentally thinks, “No..don’t-- Save me, save me—Don’t..! Don’t touch me. I do not want to be touched by some other person, other than Yuuga--..” Ritsuki sees Towako looking away while crying. It seems to startle Ritsuki that he quickly exclaims why she is crying. To Towako’s surprise, Ritsuki has put her blouse back on her. He pulls her by the collar and kisses her again. Afterwards, Ritsuki pushes Towako away. Ritsuki looks flustered before leaving the living room. He leaves Towako on the sofa. Towako pulls her legs towards herself and starts crying again. She then keeps on apologizing to Yuuga. Behind the door, Ritsuki looks flustered and irritated. He curses and heads to his room. Lying on his bed, Ritsuki wonders what’s up with him. “Didn’t I want to see that hopeless expression of hers? ..why, did I felt such a blow [/setback upon seeing it]..” On the phone, Kyousuke tells Yuuga that he doesn’t know Ritsuki’s whereabouts. Kyousuke tells Yuuga that Ritsuki is very cautious so at this time, he won’t tell anyone where he is. Yuuga exclaims that he is lying for they are collaborators. Kyousuke asks him if it is okay for Yuuga to be at ease because Ritsuki won’t just kidnap Gokurakuin Towako and just let things be. Yuuga asks him what he meant by that. Kyousuke says, “Ritsuki’s target is you, Takatou Yuuga. Ritsuki is currently threatening you for his own amusement. This is reaping what you sow, because you’ve provoked him. Because, we originally planned cleverly destroy the Gokurakuin family’s estate then take it for ourselves. But, right now, it isn’t too late, if you only just divorce [Towako] and apologize to him..”

This angers Yuuga that he shouts, “What nonsense are you talking about! Sooner or later, one day, I’m going to get back at you guys!” Kyousuke hangs up the phone and mutters that it’s Yuuga’s deathbed [/final] struggle. Looking at Mioko who has just entered the room, Kyousuke says, “Doing that is fundamentally meaningless, right?” Mioko just looks at him with blank/lifeless eyes. Kyousuke adds, “For him to do that, he is just going to sink deeper into trouble... *calling someone* Hello, yes, sorry to trouble you.” Still with blank eyes, Mioko continues to look at Kyousuke. Meanwhile, Yuuga curses as he remembers Kyousuke telling him that Ritsuki’s target is him. Flustered and frustrated, Yuuga mutters what kind of joke is this. Yuuga continues to randomly run around the place until soon, it is night. While breathing hard, Yuuga finds himself at the place where they were attacked this morning. Yuuga remembers Towako being kidnapped. He shouts, “Hey! The guys this morning, are you here!? Bring me to where Nigami is!” Everything is quiet. Yuuga thinks that they should be here. “Since I’m their target, then Nigami’s underlings should definitely be spying on me. They should be hiding around here because they ought to anticipate that I will go back here to look for clues on Towako.” Somewhat flustered, Yuuga asks, “Are you guys here? If I’m your target, then come and get me! I’m the one who provoked Nigami into anger, right!? I will let you guys capture me, so.. *clenches fist* let Towako go [and return her]..” Then, there is some movement behind the bushes. Surprised Yuuga turns around to see a shadow figure behind him.

Back at the apartment, Towako suddenly looks surprised. She realizes that she had fallen asleep. She looks out the window and notices that it is already night. She wonders what time it is and where Nigami Ritsuki is. Towako notices that her ropes had loosened up and like this, she can escape. She remembers Ritsuki’s threat about something happening to her family but then if she stays there as a hostage.. Towako walks around and notices an open door. She wonders if she can get out of the place through that room. She peeks in to see sleeping Ritsuki, tossing and turning on his bed. Seeing Ritsuki breathing hard and perspiring, Towako thinks that it seems Ritsuki isn’t feeling well and could it be that he has a fever. Towako wonders if it is because he has been wearing thin clothes that he caught a cold. “Ah.. wait a minute, this is what he deserves! Right now, this is a good opportunity to run away and escape--..” Ritsuki coughs. Towako looks tense then she knits her eyebrows. She tells herself not to be kind [/soft-hearted] for Ritsuku who obviously did a lot of cruel things. Towako overhears Ritsuki calling out in his sleep, “Is anyone there..” Towako thinks that he must be dreaming about the time when he is all alone and there is no one [/no name] whom he can call on to. Towako looks flustered and sorry for Ritsuki. She nervously thinks, “If..I only take care of him for a while, it’s okay, right? If something happens to him later on, I will feel uneasy.. After taking care of him, it’s also not too late for me to once again go and run away! Yup. I’ll only take care of him in a little while! *pulling up the blanket on sleeping Ritsuki* Furthermore, I should look for a cellphone!” At the Yachiougi mansion, Kyousuke is sleeping beside Mioko who is wide-awake. She turns to look at Kyousuke then stands up from her futon. With blank eyes and tears forming in her eyes, she puts her hands around sleeping Kyousuke’s neck.

Scans by 17kkmh.com