June 14, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 31]

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Cover page: “Tormented by the sins of the thorny heart that, I cannot even save someone. Could it be that I cannot even do a single thing..? I can only protect you and it doesn’t matter even if I bleed...” Punishment 31: Point of No Return. While injured Kaede is on the floor, Mutsuki tells Anis that he will have her. While Yokuto is giggling and muttering, ‘Rose..oh reiner Widerspruch’, Anis shouts for Mutsuki to quit joking around. She[?] remembers the Grey Rose saying that in order to destroy the devil’s seal, they need the ‘Rose Princess’. As Kaede struggles to stand up, he overhears Anis shouting, “You’ve even suddenly kissed me, what are you thinking..” She is surprised when Mutsuki’s string intertwines her and he pulls her to him. While holding on to Anis, Mutsuki says, “Listen to me..! I want you. (Even if I had fallen from grace, it doesn’t matter. Please, love me. Only me.)” Kaede has finally stands up and shouts for the Black Rose not to do anything to Anis. As Anis shouts for Kaede, Mutsuki is quite displeased that Kaede can still stand. Mutsuki ties Anis to an electric post and tells her to just wait there and see who is the most suitable for her. While she can only watch on helplessly as her two knights fight, Anis shouts what Mutsuki is doing when everyone are comrades so how can they fight. Mutsuki shouts back that the game of being comrades is already over. While he shouts for Mutsuki to snap out of it, Kaede notices that Mutsuki is too fast and unexpectedly, he has that kind of strength. When he tries to hit Mutsuki with his katana, Kaede is surprised to find that Mutsuki is suddenly behind him. Mutsuki ties him up and says, “What you’ve said, I’ll keep it intact and return it to you. As a knight, you cannot even do a First Awakening, (We, four Rose Knights, have become comrades because of the ‘Rose Contract’-- but,) Even if you are a human, you would even [dare] fight against a Dark Stalker, don’t be too arrogant.. (one day, we’ll become love rivals and waiting [for that] is hell--)” With his strings, Mutsuki throws Kaede down on the floor. Mutsuki looks at Kaede and says, “—die.” This surprises Anis that she struggles to free herself and is wounded by the strings but somehow she manages to loosen herself. Anis shouts that she already said for him to stop. Mutsuki is surprised to see Anis quickly taking her cards from her skirt’s pocket and kisses the two cards. “Stop those two, Tenjoh-sempai.. Seiran..!! (I summon Blue Rose and White Rose.)” Seiran asks if Anis is alright. Tenjoh says that right now.. Mutsuki mutters Tenjoh’s name ^^; then tells his brother that they withdraw for now. Yokuto agrees with his idea. Happily clinging on to Mutsuki’s arm, Yokuto tells him that he’ll bring Mutsuki to see that installed device [/system]. Tenjoh looks at smug Mutsuki and mutters his name ^^;; before Mutsuki disappears with Yokuto.
While he is bandaging Anis’ wounded arms, Seiran asks glum Anis in disbelief if Mutsuki did this. Seiran mentions that he was a bit bothered when the four of them were summoned before, since only the black rose petals aren’t floating around. So, from the start, Mutsuki is already wearing that ‘collar’ so the contract’s effect has been blocked. There is a scene of Itsushi wondering out loud that only four knights can have a contract with Anis. They realize that this is the reason why the Orange Rose was able to make a temporary contract with Anis. While healing Kaede, Tenjoh asks if Mutsuki betrayed them. Anis worriedly looks at sad-looking Tenjoh and wonders if he is also rattled by what happened. Kaede suddenly screams that it hurts when Tenjoh did something to him. Anis dismisses that thought and thinks that Tenjoh is still super S like before, when healing someone. Anis is quite tense when Tenjoh says that if Kaede’s injuries were to be hit a few more centimeters, it would have damaged and render useless his internal organs. “Since it is this way, Mutsuki apparently really want to kill Kaede. ..even if it is like this, you also still have not awakened, right..” Anis asks if Kaede is alright. Kaede asks her how he can be alright. “What’s that about you being ‘kissed’..” This surprises Anis that she blushes. Blushing Seiran breaks his test tube and exclaims, “what is that about?!” Both Seiran and Tenjoh exclaim, “‘Kiss’!?” Afterwards, displease Tenjoh says that is really bad and in the end, being a traitor only leads to a dead end. Seiran says that’s too much and he would want to leave [/beat up] Mutsuki until he’s half-dead. Clenching his fist, Kaede says that next time they meet, he absolutely will not spare him. Flustered Anis is shock by their reactions that she shouts for them to be serious. The three guys look at her and simultaneously exclaim, “I am serious!!” Anis thinks that this is bad and these guys are all idiots. Sparkling Tenjoh is about to say that Anis’ virgin kiss is suddenly-- Anis immediately punches him away and tells him to shut up. On the floor, Tenjoh holds his bruise face and says that he hit her when his own parents have not hit him..amazing. Just when Anis tries to explain, Ninufa appears behind her and says that if it is about a kiss, he also had been kissed. He explains that when he fell down from the sky, he hit Anis then accidentally kissed her on the lips. Blushing, Ninufa says, “That is also Ninufa’s first..” The other guys cannot react over this. Blushing Anis tells Ninufa not to blush. After a while, Anis holds Ninufa and says, “Okay, then it has been decided that is my first kiss, which I had given to this round black thing-- okay?” The three guys are surprise as Anis’ anger surges up. Looking at the guys, Anis tells them, “Further more, Mutsuki will also take responsibility [for this].” Flustered Seiran asks, what responsibility, is it..? Anis darkly clenches her fist and says that she is going to give him a punch with all her might in it. Seiran seems satisfied with that. Anis says, “Aside from that, I’m going to take him back. (Suddenly betraying us, I cannot forgive that--!) Because Black Rose is my Knight! (Don’t belittle me, a Dominion!)” The other guys just look at her.
Ninufa reminds Anis that they don’t have much time left. Already walking, Anis says that she knows. She reminds herself that Yakoh’s life is already at its limit. They have to stop Ella, have to think of a way to deal with Grey Rose and Mutsuki, and it is also necessary to go to that building where her father is. Ninufa then holds out some Arcana cards on his mouth and tells Anis that Itsushi told him to give those to her. Ninufa tells her that Idel gave those cards to Itsushi before he left, saying that he doesn’t need them. “It would be better for Anis to hold on to those [cards].” Remembering Idel, Anis tells Seiran to take Ninufa and go check on Idel since she is worried about him. While Ninufa is helping sew Kaede’s ruined clothes, Seiran says okay but is it okay for Anis to have only two Knights. Anis assures him that two Knights are enough. She thinks that those Arcana cards also have Idel’s heart and thoughts in it. “Let’s move ahead.” As they approach the huge blood sphere, someone asks if the sphere is growing bigger. Someone says that true though it could also because they are getting nearer to it but then, it is such a huge ‘mark’ [to show where the enemy is located]. Anis asks if Mutsuki is also beneath that thing. Tenjoh says, maybe. Anis asks if he is angry. After a pause, Tenjoh says that even if Mutsuki is one of the Rose Knights but an abnormality [/deviant] is an abnormality, he would only.. go and return to where his comrades are. [<- I think he feels that they cannot just let Mutsuki come and join them again, just like that, after what he did. Sorry, I’m not that sure.] Anis realizes that Tenjoh isn’t the usual Tenjoh. Anis is surprised when Kaede tells Anis that he cannot forgive that guy, cannot forgive the Black Rose. Flustered Anis shouts that this isn’t the time for the Rose Knights to be divided and fight among themselves, and she isn’t joking around on this. Kaede tells her that the one who divided them is that guy. “What’s up that this kind of thing to suddenly happen.. then kissing whatever with a Rose Knight--” Thinking that Kaede won’t calm down, flustered Anis shouts for him to shut up. They were surprised when someone says, “I heard that.. hihihi.. hello, Anis and Rose Knights.”
They look up to see Ella, together with Shiden, sitting on one of the blood spheres. “What does it feel like that your kiss has been stolen?” Anis angrily shouts for her to shut up. She orders her knights to stop that Fake Dominion. Tenjoh tells Kaede that Anis’ blood has not yet recovered so he will put a defense there and Kaede can go attack. Taking out his katana, Kaede shouts for Tenjoh not to order him around. Ella calls out to Shiden and gives her scythe to him. She tells him that this is his ‘weapon’. Shiden asks, “Can I?” Ella looks at him and says, “Of course.. you can. (After all, the game is going to end.)” While Kaede and Shiden are fighting, Ella says, “Red Rose’s pained expression is amazing, at least.. let ‘me’ personally pluck your red petals.” [<- using her own weapon] While fighting, Kaede is getting frustrated that he curses that his katana feels heavy and his body is moving slowly. “Is it because the opponent is ‘Ella’? [whom he sees as Mikage.] No, those wounds that should have been healed have started to ache again.” Kaede remembers Mutsuki telling him that the game of ‘being comrades’ is over and he shouldn’t be too arrogant. Shiden asks Kaede if he is only up to that level [of fighting]. Kaede shouts for him to shut up. Kaede starts to think that comrades and bonds are tantamount to weakness. Within the defense barrier, Anis comments that Kaede is acting strange. Tenjoh tells her that Kaede’s emotions are making his head spin that he’s losing his self. As Kaede continues to fight, he thinks that if he is weak, everything will be taken away. Anis shouts to Kaede that he is too reckless. Tenjoh tells her that Kaede can’t hear her and even if it looks that Kaede can fend of the other’s offensive attacks but that kind of fighting can cost him his life. This surprises Anis that she shouts out to Kaede again. While Ella watches in amusement, Kaede thinks that he couldn’t attack. “Depending on this kind of power, I couldn’t even touch a strand of hair of the enemy. Depending on this power, I couldn’t protect the girl I like..” Kaede is about to attack when he is surprised that Shiden is already above him and says, “Fade away..” Anis is frustrated that she mutters, “Stupid Kaede.” To Tenjoh’s surpise, Anis breaks away from his barrier and calls out to Kaede. She pulls his collar and they are about to kiss. Blurb: “Anis towards Kaede who lost his cool..”
Scans by AMH字幕組.

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