June 13, 2011

Real Kiss ~Lovers in Festival~ [One-shot Chapter]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 10, 2010

[This is a crossover of the author’s short series Real Kiss and Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimata. Haruna, the female lead of Real Kiss is the female sempai at the fast food chain.]

“I’m really frustrated but I like him.” Haruna looks at Mitsuki, her boyfriend while the class president is talking about doing a cosplay for their cultural festival. At the hallway, Haruna’s friends are talking about being interested in the guys’ cosplay and what Mitsuki would wear. They were surprise when Haruna starts laughing gloomily and mutters that she eagerly anticipates it since she wants to see that arrogant guy being ordered around as a waiter. To her shock, her friend reminds her that she won’t be able to participate in their activities at the cafe because she is an executive council member [somewhat like an overseer, I think] during the cultural festival. Her friends think that something happened between Haruna and Mitsuki that is why Haruna is acting strange like that. It turns out that two days ago, they almost had H/sex = before they can totally remove their clothes, Haruna exclaimed to stop [since she couldn’t take the lewdness and the embarrassment]. She sits on the bench and wonders when she became ‘pure’ and there is no progress with her relationship with Mitsuki. Flustered Haruna says out loud about Mitsuki always making her blush/embarrassed because he cannot stop releasing his pheromones. Haruna blushes when Mitsuki blows in her ear and bites her ear. He asks if she meant ‘that’ – making her embarrassed. Haruna reprimands him for doing that in public. To her shock and embarrassment, Mitsuki says that she obviously doesn’t hate it. He asks if she is not going to work today, they can eat together. Haruna is irritated that Mitsuki is right that she didn’t hate it and so what if she liked it. Mitsuki stutters that she’ll think about it. She notices that he is looking at her lips. Mitsuki says that her lip gloss’s color is different today. Haruna blushes and says that he is right and asks him to guess what flavor it is. Mitsuki kisses her – French kiss, I assume and says that it is melon. Haruna says he is right. Mitsuki asks didn’t she hate doing this in public. Haruna shouts for him to shut up. It turns out that lately, Haruna has been wearing different lip gloss so that he’ll kiss her since she couldn’t take the initiative to tell him to kiss her. Mitsuki mutters that she’s not truthful. She didn’t hear it so when she asked what he said, Mitsuki just says that they should go. She asks where. She blushes really red and goes into shock when he says, to the motel. He then smiles and says that he is just kidding.

At work, Haruna is furious over how he has been teasing her ever since that aborted H. She is even more infuriated because even if she is angry at Mitsuki, she still likes him. She ends up venting her frustration on Keigo. Haruna thinks that she is really frustrated because it seems like she is the only one who really likes Mitsuki. Haruna goes to consult her sempai, Masaya about the aborted H. Masaya tells her that her boyfriend is acting like before because he is worried about her. Haruna insists that he isn’t that kind of person and since his expression is too normal, that is why she is asking for his help. Masaya tells her that such an incident is pretty awkward for a guy and it can make a guy depressed if the sex didn’t go smoothly. Haruna asks if he had a history of that happening. Masaya firmly denies it but Haruna doesn’t seem to believe him. =P Masaya says that it has been a long time since they saw each other that he wondered what she is going to talk about, but it turns out that this kind of thing is bothering Haruna. Haruna says that she is a pure/innocent girl. To Haruna’s irritation, Masaya laughs at her. Haruna tells him that it is because she likes the guy that is why this is troubling her and it only happens to her when she is in front of her boyfriend. Masaya apologizes and says that it is because he’s very happy talking with her that it is like talking with guys. Haruna darkly says that so, it is true that she gives that kind of impression and she isn’t charming that she cannot excite the other party’s appetite. It is the same with kissing, it usually ends at the crucial point. Haruna thinks that Mitsuki isn’t angry about it and his expression seems like it doesn’t matter to him if they don’t have H. He likes to tease her and it must be fun for him to see her expression when he teases her. She couldn’t comprehend what he is thinking. She wants to know what he is thinking and what does he really feel about her. Haruna complains out loud about what if her ex-boyfriend is as handsome as Masaya and if Mitsuki sees them together, what would Mitsuki’s reaction be. Masaya laughs and says that he’ll [Mitsuki] sense danger because he [Masaya] is really handsome. Haruna sweatedrops and thinks that she is envious of Masaya who is very self-confident and optimistic. Haruna suddenly realizes something about making Mitsuki sense danger that she shouts, “Sempai!” Masaya tells her that he won’t do it for free. Haruna says that she hasn’t said anything yet. Masaya says that he can guess what it is. Haruna exclaims for him to please help her. Masaya asks how she is going to repay him. Haruna says that he’ll introduce some cute girls from her school to him. Masaya says that he doesn’t need girls. Haruna gloomily asks what Masaya wants. Masaya asks, “Weren’t you working part-time together with Yukito?” He looks at her and mentally asks, “You know what I mean, right?” Haruna darkly thinks, ah, could it be..that is.. She tells him, “I..I’ll help you put your younger brother into an awkward situation..(I’m sorry, Yukito..)” Masaya smiles and says that she answered correctly. After they bid goodbye, Haruna walks away while wondering why Masaya acts childish when he obviously is fond of his younger brother. She didn’t notice Mitsuki has seen her.

On the cultural festival day, everyone is busy and some girls look at the cafe schedule. Haruna wanted to dress up as a maid, too but she is an executive committee member [so they might be giving her something else to wear when she’s free]. She glances at Mitsuki and wonder if he will be jealous. Masaya will be coming in the afternoon. She started feeling nervous and denies that she is feeling guilty about all of this. Her friends started to talk about who they invited for the cultural festival. A friend asks if Haruna invited her ex-boyfriend. Haruna says no, but the one before that. Her friend asks if it is alright and won’t it be awkward. Haruna says no because they are now ordinary friends. She exclaims how handsome that guy is and she becomes embarrassed when her friends wanted to see a picture. Haruna is deliberately creating noise that so that Mitsuki would overhear them. She freezes when Mitsuki turns around and approaches her. She exclaims what’s with him when he corners her on the wall. Haruna nervously asks that shouldn’t he be changing his clothes since it will start soon. Mitsuki asks her what she is thinking and does she have some kind of plan. Haruna is shock that she is discovered yet she denies it. He just smiles and says, forget it. He leans to her and bites her ear then leaves. Haruna blushes and nervously wonders if he is angry and if her ‘ex-boyfriend plot’ has been exposed. She refuses to believe it. Outside, a guy informs Haruna and Keigo, who turns out to be her kouhai about their breaks from 14-16 o’clock as committee members and what kind of activities there are per floor. Haruna is relieved that she is doing this because she cannot face Mitsuki right now. While walking together, Keigo asks what her class is doing. She says a cosplay cafe. Keigo says that means Mitsuki will also cosplay and he is quite popular with the girls. Haruna says that Mitsuki is cold-hearted so they won’t like him. Keigo says that he doesn’t think so. He then asks if she invited Yukito and Kotori. Haruna says that she did. Keigo asks her to please take a lot of picture of Kotori using her cellphone for him. Haruna asks why and he should just ask Kotori about it. Keigo says that he can’t because Yukito is also there. Haruna tells him that if he takes a lot of awkward [looking frustrated/depressed] pictures of Yukito then, they can exchange. While Keigo wonders what kind of pictures those are, Haruna gets an email from her friend about Mitsuki’s cosplay from butler to samurai. Haruna wonders why it is mostly sexy [from half face to chest] pictures. There is also a picture of Mitsuki changing clothes. It made Haruna really curious as to what the cafe is all about but she still has work to do. Meanwhile at the cafe, Mitsuki thanks Haruna’s friend for taking the pictures he asked her and sent them to Haruna.

Haruna arrives early to check out the cafe. Haruna peeks in to see Mitsuki acting as a Shinsengumi who threatens the couple of female customers if they cannot decide what to order then he’ll decide for them. The female customers agree to his proposition. Haruna looks shocked over this [how he can act mean yet the girls are happy?]. Her classmate says that Haruna hasn’t eaten lunch yet so she can order what she wants. Looking at the menu, Haruna says that she wants takoyaki. Her friend apologizes that it is sold out so she has to come back for it later on. Mitsuki overhears this. They were interrupted when they hear some girls screaming because Masaya has arrived. After looking over at Mitsuki who’s back is turned away, Haruna calls out to ‘sempai’..ah no..‘Masaya’.. Masaya says that it is quite lively there. He gives her some food because she said that she is in the committee and she probably hasn’t eaten yet. Haruna happily thanks him. While he unwrapping the hotdog bun, Masaya says that he’s going to feed her. Haruna asks, “Here?” Masaya reminds her of the need to do this in front of her boyfriend to make him think that she is getting along with her ex-boyfriend. Haruna says that he is right. While Masaya shoves the hotdog in her mouth, he says that he is specially doing this for her dirty trick so she should just happily eat it. Having a hard time eating it, Haruna thinks why she is always surrounded by S[adist] guys. [Lol] Just then, Yukito, Kotori and Keigo arrive. Yukito is surprised to see his brother there. The feeding stops midway. Haruna has totally forgotten that she invited Yukito and others. Kotori is really interested in the cosplay cafe that Haruna’s class is doing. [Kotori loves cosplay] Haruna is shock when her friends call out to her and ask her to introduce them to her ex-boyfriend. Yukito goes into shock of disbelief about the impossibility of his brother dating Haruna before. Keigo says that Haruna’s ex-boyfriend is Kazuki so this is very strange. Haruna holds the two guys’ shoulder and says, “How about coming to play with onee-san?” As she takes the two away, Kotori just stands there. Mitsuki comes out to look at them then looks at Kotori who is blushing at him.

After bringing them to some secluded place, the two guys complain why she brought them there. Haruna darkly tells them to shut up and they shouldn’t be too talkative in front of Mitsuki. “If he learns that Kaji-sempai isn’t my ex-boyfriend, you two ought to know what will happen afterwards..right?” Yukito and Keigo freaks out in fright. As Haruna walks away, the two guys are still shaking. They are holding some food which I think is a bribe for them to shut up. Keigo mutters that Haruna is really scary and could it be that she threatened Mitsuki to go steady with her. Yukito mutters his wonder as to what’s up with Haruna and her brother. They were surprised when it seems that Mitsuki has overheard them as he says that it seems very interesting. Haruna goes back to class. To her surprise, she is given a fake wig topknot/ chonmage as her costume. She was given some lame alibi that it is the last one props and it can help the atmosphere rather than as something to be laughed at. Haruna puts it on and wonders if this is some sort of punishment. Keigo gives her a thumbs-up and says that she really looks manly and cool, totally incomparable to other people. Haruna tells him to try looking at her eyes while saying that and if this is revenge for what happened earlier. With his back towards her, Keigo says that this is just a teeny-tiny rebellion. He starts running away while shouting that he doesn’t want to be killed by a Shinsengumi. Haruna is puzzled. Yukito goes to Kotori and apologizes for leaving her. Yukito finds Kotori enchanted by Mitsuki as vice-captain of Shinsengumi [as Hijitaka? Fitting for Mitsuki’s personality]. Yukito ends up covering her eyes and tells her not to look at Mitsuki anymore since he is a monster who enchants pure girls. Haruna’s friend calls out to her and tells her that there is trouble for Mitsuki went to confront Masaya. She urges Haruna to quickly go look at that empty room and it seems that the mood is really nerve-wracking. To her friends’ puzzlement, Haruna looks utterly happy because she wanted Mitsuki to be jealous. Happily skipping to the room, she mentally thinks of telling them not to fight because of her. She slams open the door and shouts, “The two of you stop!” Her eyes widen upon seeing Mitsuki ‘attacking’ [forcing himself on] Masaya who is holding on the curtains. The two guys look at him. Haruna wonders what’s with this scene. Friends and others peek in as they wonder what happened. They all freak out as they thought, “Ex..ex-boyfriend..he isn’t Haruna’s ex-boyfriend, rather he is Mitsuki’s ex-boyfriend?! Is it like that..is it that kind of relationship? No way?!” Haruna falls on her knees and bows down as the wig falls on the floor.

Later on, in a classroom, Haruna looks down to the bonfire outside. She thinks that Mitsuki didn’t deny it nor look at her eyes. She wonders if this is the reason why it didn’t matter to him about the aborted H and treated it as if nothing happened. Is that the reason why he would only tease her? She sadly thinks that Mitsuki actually likes guys. She couldn’t stand herself because even if she can accept the truth, she kept thinking of all sorts of things. She mutters out loud that Mitsuki definitely just pretend to go steady with her in order to cover up the truth. She is surprised when Mitsuki hugs her from behind and asks her what she is talking about. He asks her what she is trying to ‘feel out/probe’. “Are you probing what I’m thinking?” Haruna confesses that she wants to know if he truly likes her because after the failed H, he acted as if nothing happened and based on his actions, it seems that he had easily given up. The more she doesn’t know what Mitsuki is thinking, the more she becomes uneasy. Haruna exclaims that it doesn’t matter anymore, because now, she knows all about it. “It’s not important anymore. It’s alright. I will support you, support you and that guy.” Mitsuki starts laughing out loud. Haruna is totally shock that he can actually laugh like that. She is puzzled when Mitsuki says that she was fooled. He asks her if he is the type of guy who would like another guy. Haruna exclaims if he tricked her. Mitsuki asks if that sempai of hers can become a traitor if he is given a better condition. [Let me guess, to captivate Kotori and make Yukito flustered =P] A chibi Masaya says, of course. She asks why but he kisses her and says of course, it is because she is ‘probing’ him. He says that at that time [during almost H], she is nervous and afraid. “In such a situation even if we continue it, do you think that I will feel happy [about it]?” Haruna blushes and hugs him. She says that she really doesn’t understand him. She realizes that he values her feelings. He tells her that if she doesn’t understand then he has a simple way of making it easier for her to understand. He then goes for her neck then they start kissing. Then, he whispers to her, “That’s right..you still haven’t eaten lunch, right? How about eating this?” He shows her the plastic bag he is carrying. Haruna is still aroused that she asks, wh.what? What he brought is takoyaki. She asks how he knew. He takes one and tries to feed it to her. Haruna is having a hard time again since he is making her swallow it [ball] whole. ^^; She is surprised when he kisses her again. She blushes a bit when he sticks his tongue out and says that it tastes like takoyaki. Narration: “In the end, it is still like this. I’m very frustrated, but, I like him.” Last scene: Keigo and Yukito are darkly muttering about the danger of leaving Kotori behind alone with Mitsuki while Kotori is still mesmerized by Mitsuki.

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