June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 50-52]

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Flashback: Hanabi told Chikai that she likes him. Chikai pulled her head to him to hug her and smiled. “Like this will do, stupid Hanakou.” End flashback. Narration: “The meaning of that sentence he said, could it also mean that..I can say that I like him. But that hug..hug..” While blushing really red and shaking, she tells Nanpa, “Does it also mean..” Nanpa is surprised when Hanabi falls on the ground. She is thinking, “The sakura [cherry blossoms] are blooming?!! (and it’s unexpectedly early) Because! Because! Because! If he doesn’t like me then he won’t hug me, right?!” Chikai looks down on her and asks if she wants to be ‘reheated’ [go back to sleep in a warm bed] but then, she’s quite wild to go to sleep there on the ground. Hanabi stands up and starts patting her clothes to remove the dirt. Hanabi exclaims that it isn’t so. “I’m not waiting for you! Because you said you’ll come.” She thinks that if she thought about it carefully, it could only mean that there is love since he is fetching her again. While Chikai is patting Nanpa, he tells her that he wishes her injury will heal up soon so that he can freely spend his mornings again and he still have to carry her bag. Hanabi thinks, “Is it really just that, sakura..?” At school, Hanabi wonders if it is just her imagination that the sakura are blooming. She asks herself if she is becoming conceited or is it that she just doesn’t understand Chikai.

While Hanabi is guessing which is which, Kareshi calls out to her to thank her about yesterday. She informs Hanabi that she and Masato had made up. Kareshi apologizes for venting her anger on Hanabi before that she said such awful things to Hanabi. Hanabi shakes her head. Kareshi continues to say that perhaps it is a bit like she is shifting the blame and it is because of liking someone, that she has become a hopeless fool. Hanabi agrees with her for liking someone does make one into a hopeless fool. Somewhat blushing, Kareshi tells her but still, there is a good side to it. This made Hanabi somewhat blush in agreement. Hanabi thinks that if one goes through some problems that can also turn out well. Then, it also makes her realize that she should cherish her own feelings. “No matter what, Uno Chikai is in my heart.” Then, during the third year farewell party/program, Chikai and others are doing oendan [Japanese cheerleading squad] while Hanabi and others are watching. Hanabi is looking at him intently. Chikai has noticed her among the audience. To her surprise and the other girls’ glee, Chikai winks at her direction. Someone then shouts Hanabi’s name [so I think she fainted or something]. On the way home, she asks about that wink but Chikai says that he didn’t do it for her, in particular. She asks, really. Chikai replies, who knows. Another day on the way home, Chikai asks if she has any food. Hanabi says that there is no cooking class that day. Chikai says how useless which made Hanabi angry and then, she is surprised because he seems to mean that there should be cooking class everyday = useless if not everyday. Then, another day on the way home, they share an umbrella together and walk silently. Throughout the walks, Hanabi thinks, “Ah, Uno Chikai? Do you have me in your heart? Or, still not? Which is it? Will it end like this?”

Another walk on the way home and the trees are barren. Hanabi thinks, “Hey, sakura! This isn’t good...just like this, the situation isn’t making any progress. The deadline on White Day is getting nearer and nearer.” She remembers Chikai telling her that if something won’t bloom within a month then it won’t bloom until the end. “If one cannot do it within a month, then one cannot do it till forever. It is the lack of determination.” While she’s still thinking, Chikai asks, “Do you want to go to my house today?” After a pause, what he said sinks in that Hanabi falls on the bushes and exclaims, “What? Huh?” Chikai keeps on walking. And so, Hanabi goes, ‘Huh huh huh?!” until the next scene, they are in Chikai’s room. Chikai is sitting on the bed. Hanabi is sitting on the floor. Cleo is showing something to Nanpa. Still blushing, Hanabi apologizes for bringing her dog along. Chikai just says that he was the one who told her to bring Nanpa. Hanabi mutters he’s right. While the dogs are busy socializing, Hanabi looks around Chikai’s room. She thinks that it is her first time in a guy’s room. “My first time in Uno Chikai’s room.” She exclaims to Chikai that there is no weird smell. Chikai angrily asks, ah? Hanabi tells him that she had an impression that guy’s room has a weird smell. Chikai tells her not to generalize for there are some girls’ rooms that have a weird smell. Hanabi exclaims that is true. Hanabi is a bit dizzy from nervousness and anticipation. Chikai stands up and asks, “Do you want to play?” He sets up his Wii and asks if she wants to play a game. Hanabi says, sure. They played a boxing game and Chikai wins. Lying on the floor, Hanabi mutters it is because her left hand still hurts. She sees the high score and it is mostly guys – Chikai’s friends.

Chikai asks if she wants to play again. Hanabi asks, “..what should I do?” Chikai tells her to do whatever she wants to do. [ ( ) are thoughts which are superimposed on what she’s saying] Sitting, Hanabi says, “Like this..you called me to go to your house, it has made me anxious [with anticipation]. But, do you have that kind of idea, [too]? (It’s a lack of determination.) Are the things I do not enough? (We are boy-girlfriend yet it’s ‘temporary’.) What should I do? (Trying to make your heart beat for me.) ‘What should I do..so that your heart would go doki-doki for me? (For you to have an idea of ‘kissing’ me.) What should I do..to make you want to kiss me?” Chikai says, “You really..don’t know anything.” Hanabi is surprised when Chikai leans near her as if to kiss her and says, “It’s like this.” The dogs look at them but with inches away from her lips, Chikai smiles and says, “Just kidding--” Hanabi thinks that it is like as if time has stopped for a moment there. Turning away, Chikai says that he doesn’t do that casually and they should continue playing. Nanpa is puzzled as to what happened that Cleo informs him that it is like this. She kisses his cheek. Nanpa doesn’t care about that as he takes a ball and says that they should just play. Chikai turns to her and asks if she is angry. Hanabi has turned into goo as she tells him to wait for she is totally shock. Hanabi is blushing really red – not knowing what to do while Chikai just looks at her. Nanpa barks and is sitting at a space between the wall[?] and Chikai’s bed. Hanabi asks if the ball has gone there. Hanabi reaches for it then she sees something sparkling. She picks it up then looks surprised. When Chikai asks what it is, she quickly holds it tight on her hand and hides it. This made Chikai even more dark-angry as he asks what it is. Hanabi says that it is nothing. Chikai grabs her hand and tries to pry it open while shouting for her to show him. Hanabi shouts that it is nothing. Chikai shouts that if it is nothing then there’s nothing for him to see [so open up, your hand]. Chikai finally manages to open her hand and it turns out to be Yukine’s missing earring.

Hanabi wonders what she should say now. She doesn’t want things to be ruined by stuff regarding Yukine yet she cannot be dishonest about her feelings. Chikai asks her to look at him. Chikai is surprised when Hanabi looks up with a smile. Then, somewhat dumfound when she looks as if she is on the verge of crying-tense-gloomy. She goes back to smiling then gloomy. Finally, Hanabi looks away and says that such a simple thing can actually make her feel awkward. She is surprised when Chikai takes the earring and throws it out the balcony. He says that today, it’s really lost, that’s too bad but at least, the direction is right. He looks at her and smiles. “It’s now a little bit of distance from me.” Blushing, Hanabi asks, from whom. Chikai says from himself. At home, Hanabi tells Nanpa that he and Cleo seem to be getting along with each other but Nanpa just asks what she meant. She remembers the almost kiss and Chikai throwing away of the earring. She blushes and becomes teary-eyed. She holds Nanpa’s paw and plays with him as she thinks that her distance from Chikai is now 5 centimeters. Elsewhere, Atsumi weighs herself on the scale and it’s 64.7 kg. Walking together to school, Hanabi happily exclaims that her hand is now fully recovered. She is glad that it is healed before the ‘reception’. Chikai asks about it but Hanabi just giggles and says he still didn’t know. Chikai says that she’s disgusting. Hanabi blushes and asks as to who is walking with this disgusting person. Hanabi thinks that he still walks her to school even if she can already carry her own bag. To her shock, he tells her that he don’t do it anymore. Hanabi nervously says that she is just casually saying it so how could he even take it seriously. Chikai asks if it is a sorry. He holds out his hand ‘give me your hand’ [= dog order] and Hanabi did as told. Chikai somewhat laughs while Hanabi is teary-eyed [for being so obedient] and blushing about it.

Outside the school gates, Atsumi calls out to Sasa. Sasa greets her a good morning. As they walk to the school, Sasa hears a very loud stomach growling sound. Atsumi is nervous-aghast. Sasa laughs and says that she is hungry. Then, Atsumi faints and falls over Sasa. Hanabi hears a commotion and sees unconscious Atsumi. Hanabi goes to her and tries to wake her up. Chikai shouts for someone to call the teacher from the clinic. Someone shouts he’ll go. Hanabi asks what happened for Atsumi looks really pale. Sasa exclaims that what is most important right now is turning her over. It seems that Atsumi is too heavy for Sasa to turn her over. Hanabi notices that Asumi is awake. She is really embarrassed when people are talking about how heavy Atsumi is that Sasa couldn’t turn her over. Someone whispers that they shouldn’t say that but just quickly help Sasa. Hanabi exclaims that she will but to Hanabi’s surprise, Chikai says that he’ll help. Everyone just watches as Chikai helps. They turn her over. [I don’t get it why they seem to look surprise – she’s too heavy that a lot of effort has to be used or she is awake that she somewhat helped them turn her over] Anyway, Chikai just says that they should carry her first. Hanabi says okay. Then, someone shouts that the teacher has arrived. At the clinic, Hanabi reprimands Atsumi for being reckless since she hasn’t been eating for a number of days. Hanabi exclaims that she is really shocked her upon seeing her collapse on the street. Hanabi put her lunch food on Atsumi’s bed and tells her to remember to eat. She’ll just think of a way regarding her own lunch. Atsumi apologizes and thanks her. The teacher tells Atsumi to rest for a while and the others to return to class. The others blush a bit when Sasa says that he’ll stay there for a while to accompany Atsumi. While walking to class, Chikai says that Hanabi’s overly happy expression is disgusting. Hanabi says, “because..because..♥♥♥” Chikai asks Hanabi if Atsumi likes Sasa. Hanabi exclaims in surprise about this as to how he knew. Chikai didn’t reply as he thinks that of course, he’ll know. Chikai sighs and comments how things could be so complicated. Hanabi says that if it can be simple, of course, that is much better. “And definitely, a lot of people wished that it could be simple..but a lot of things aren’t that simple.” She thinks, “But, it’s because it’s not simple that one would want to strive harder.” To her shock, Chikai calls her disgusting again.

In the clinic, Atsumi tells Sasa that it seems that she overdid it in doing it that odd way. She laughs it off that she even got ridiculed that it seems her hard work is meaningless. She is surprised when Sasa tells her that they aren’t laughing at Atsumi but rather at him for he is really useless that he cannot even move a girl. He smiles and says that he should strive harder. Atsumi is touched by what he said. She blushes and exclaims that she’ll also strive to do her best. At home, Atsumi drools over the delicious food on the table. Atsumi exclaims to her mother as to what is the meaning of this for it is all meat. “How many times do I have to say that I’m on a diet.” Her mother says that it is because Atsumi hasn’t been eating lately so that is to fill up the nutrition that she is lacking. Atsumi protests that it is because she has too much of that is why she is going reduce her weight. Fired up, Atsumi declares that she is once again going for the goal of becoming a girl who is suitable for Sasa. She also exclaims that even if she has always been doing her best but right now, she totally doesn’t have the right to stand by his side. She cries as she remembers Sasa smiling and telling her that he’ll strive harder. Atsumi comments that it seems that just not eating is a bit too drastic so she should use other methods to reduce. Her mother exclaims that she doesn’t know anything because guys think that girls who eat a lot are cute. “Right, papa.” Her father gives a thumbs-up + ♥. Atsumi exclaims that is because her father likes fat [he’s type are fat girls]. Atsumi’s mother is shock while her father still holds up a thumbs-up + ♥♥. At school, the teacher tells the L-section about how the ‘reception’ is going to be done. Each student can invite 2 male guests then they will cook something for their guests. The girls are excited as they talk whom to invite – they know one guy but who’ll be the other guy, etc. Kareshi gives two simple invitation cards to Masato and tells him that it is up to him as to which friend he’ll invite for the other guest. As for Mii, she just gives Shinichi two scraps of paper – torn from a notebook, as his invitation. She tells him to just give to any guy he pleases.

On their walk home, Hanabi gives her doggie* designed invitation to Chikai. [*Pics of Nanpa and Cleo] She tells him that is the ‘reception’ that she has been talking about. “Please come!” Looking at the invitation, Chikai says that it seems that other guys are invited and she will be inviting two guests. Hanabi is surprised when Chikai asks what she is going to do and she didn’t tell him that there will be another guy. Hanabi just blushes and looks at him. Somewhere else at school, Sasa declines the invitation of some girls. When asked if he is already invited, he just says, ‘..ya..it seems.’ At the corner of the corridor, he sees Atsumi. He is about to call her but he stops when he sees her holding some invitations. On the day of the ‘reception’, the classroom is half-filled by the guys who are victorious since they are invited [since there are more guys than girls in the school] and some infatuated girls. Masato thanks Kareshi for the invitation and he brought along his friend. Shinichi is all dressed up and brought along an ugly guy – so that he’ll be ‘safe = no competition. Everyone is surprised that Atsumi had invited two fat guys for they expected her to invite Sasa. Then, Hanabi smiles and thanks Chikai for coming. Chikai just tells her to quickly give him food to eat. Hanabi is speechless as Chikai is looking behind. Some people are talking about Chikai being invited by Hanabi. Still looking at the people, Chikai asks who the other guy whom Hanabi invited is. Hanabi just tells him that guy will be coming soon. Chikai asks again, “Who is it?” While blushing, Hanabi becomes tense and wonders, “..eh? Eh eh? Eh eh eh?? Could it be that reaction is..he is really bothered [/curious] as to who is the other guy I invited?!” Then, the other guest arrives and says, “Sorry for the wait, Hanabi.” The last sentence is, “Then, who could be the other person whom Hanabi invited to the ‘reception’..” Then, there is a short side story about puppy Nanpa always waiting as to who will be his family in the pet store and finally, Hanabi and her family chose him.

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