June 13, 2011

Penguin Revolution [Chapter 30]

Originally posted on July 3, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Everyone is surprised as Youko walk down the stairs and the president tells everyone that Youko will be acting together with the two boys. Youko sits in front as Ryou kept on staring at her. Ayaori whispers to Ryou that they are still working so he should look calm down and smile facing the others. Ryou manages to force himself to smile. Yukari is relieved as Ryou looks quite stunned a while ago but now, he is smiling and she is happy that Ryou’s mother is fine now. The president says that it has been seven years since Youko acted and now she would like to act again, together with these two boys. Youko apologizes for making others worry but now she is okay, that she is able to be there right now. And the play they are going to do was the one she made before, Dream Ladder.

The next day, the three goes sight seeing around the place. They are then in some garden. Ayaori is poking a cactus while both Ryou and Yukari are hyped up as the wind is nice. Yukari smiles at Ryou and says, it is good that Youko is okay. Ryou blushes and smiles as he says, yes, she has woke up and seems to be healthy. Yukari says that they would be able to be together and Ryou says they will be, for when Youko is about to leave, during the press conference, Youko turns around and smiles at him. Ryou says that is enough for him. Youko happily smiles for him. From behind, Ayaori just looks at them and then he leaves. Yukari turns around and asks where is Ayaori. While walking, there is a series of flashbacks shown. When he is young, he peeks in the door to see Ryou reading a book to sleeping Youko and Ryou starts to cry. This surprises Ayaori that he sits outside. His stomach is rumbling when Ryou comes out asking if he is hungry. Ryou took his hand as they went home. Ryou prepares some instant noodles and tells Ayaori to keep this a secret for they will be scolded if they ate before meals. Ayaori nodded. Ayaori eats the noodles and Ryou asks if it is good. Ayaori nodded. Ryou is happy as Ayaori just looks at him.

Another flashback, Ayaori asks the president if joining Peacock will make his acting ability better. The president says yes, but not only in that way, he will train him, and Ayaori will keep on practicing, so that everyone will turn around and look at him to see how bright of a actor he is and that will be a way, for that person’s consciousness to wake up. Ayaori blushes as he remembers Ryou crying in front of sleeping Youko. Then, a flashback of Ayaori seeing Yukari embracing Ryou at the park the other night. Ayaori is surprised as his younger self says he can’t, even if he wants to. Ayaori says, he knows. Another scene of Yukari and Ryou welcoming him and gives him some onigiri [rice balls] Ayaori eats it and says, it is delicious. Someone calls him and Ayaori wakes up as he is sleeping on a bench. It is Yukari. Yukari is breathing hard [from looking for him] as she says great, you are here, I thought you were lost, I’m very worried. Yukari holds out his hand to him and says that they should go. Ayaori blushes and takes Yukari’s hand. While pulling him away, Shouji [the one who played Satake in the movie, I’m a bit confused, before his name is Moto ^^; Maybe it isn’t the same person but it looks like him] says he is there with orders from the president. He is surprised to see Yukari in girl outfit as Yukari says it is just a ‘cosplay’. Shouji gives Yukari a small piece of paper, telling her that the president asks her to go to that place. After she left, Shouji asks Ayaori if Yukari is really a boy. Ayaori says ‘he’ is. Shouji asks if he has seen ‘him’ change clothes. Ayaori nods. Shouji then says, that they should find Ryou. Ayaori is already blushing as Shouji walks ahead.

At a hotel room, the president welcomes Yukari inside. Youko welcomes Yukari as Yukari drools over her brilliance. Youko asks to be alone with Yukari. The president pats Yukari’s head and says he is leaving it to her. The president leaves as Yukari thought that he seems not his usual calm self. Youko holds Yukari hands and says, she has heard that she was the one taking care of Ryou, thank you. Yukari blushes and exclaims it is nothing, she is tasked to do it. While drinking tea, Yukari says she has heard of Youko’s comatose situation, so is her body okay. Youko says yes, the feeling for now is okay. Yukari thought, now? Youko says that the doctor said that her waking up situation now is strange, but doesn’t she feel that it seems she can’t keep on sleeping when she saw the acting of the two boys. Yukari remembers Ryou mentioning that it seems that Youko ‘wakes up’ from the brilliance of another’s acting. Yukari asks so Youko haven’t really become conscious and she is now awake only because of the two boy’s movie. Youko says that is right, does she know it, the power of bewitchment that keeps on awake. Youko remembers when she first saw Youko, when she is still a child. Yukari thought she knows of it, seeing those wings, the brilliance that it can surprise people, and she feels that Ryou and Ayaori will also have this at the stage drama. Youko smiles with her wings spread out for Yukari to see and says that is why she can’t wait to act in this stage drama.

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