June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 145]

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Fuuko is stunned with what Ichi said, ‘From now on, it is only you. Forever.’ as it repeats in her head. Fuuko protests about forever, who knows about that..afterwards. Ichi interrupts and says, I know. After a pause as Fuuko is a bit shock, realizing that Ichi is serious. Ichi then firmly shouts, I know. Fuuko is a bit tense. I want to tell him, ‘sorry.. I’m currently a bit confused..’ How can I say it, I haven’t said it clearly with Ichi. With full determination, Fuuko is about to say, ‘I..’ Ichi quickly turns around and starts walking, saying, convenient store, convenient store, I’m already hungry. Fuuko thought, wait, listen to me. Without looking back at Fuuko, Ichi tells her not to say it, whatever it is she is going to say, he can pretty much guess what it is. Ichi turns around and says, afterwards, who knows what will happen. Fuuko is a bit angry as Ichi just said what she said earlier. She shouts, what does he mean, you cunning. Ichi starts to walk again saying, changing the subject, has she decided on the other things. Fuuko shouts, hey. Ichi says today’s job is that he will talk to the restaurant about the party, what are the events, do you want a dance? Fuuko shouts, when did she say she want that but then, if you want me to dance, I will dance. Ichi asks, you can dance?

Fuuko returns home. What happen afterwards, I don’t know. Ichi is very popular that even Kagechika has fallen for him. Ichi will forever love me, this thing I can’t even quite imagine what it is like. Such a handsome guy, what does he like about me. Fuuko looks at the mirror and notices herself blushing. Fuuko goes in a shock. [It says ‘change the habit’ and I don’t quite get what it means – maybe to stop looking like that]. Fuuko looks at the mirror and curses herself. Fuuko is interrupted by her crying sister. She tells her sister to knock first before entering. Misora tells her that it has been decided that she will have three serializations as the outcome [of the other manga] has been pretty good. Fuuko is happy for her sister and starts to congratulate her. Then, Misora says, so, I will be depending on you for the money/fund, little sis. Fuuko froze and angrily shouts at her sister, really, so this is what this is about. What happens afterwards, I don’t know. I know. More or less, is my feelings. A scene of Daiya, smiling.

In class, Fuuko shows them a board with the name of Daiya in the middle with his section below, and the words, sayonara/goodbye above. The girls says it is an autograph. Fuuko tells them to write their greetings and name but be careful not to let Daiya know about it so they can do it when Daiya goes to the office/not around. Mako says that it really feels as if Daiya is going. Fuuko says that is true. Mako asks if that will be okay, that Fuuko is in charge of this, won’t it be too painful for her. Fuuko smiles and says that the one who is in most pain is Daiya, he is really different from others but me, I’m only different to one person. Yes, even if it is one person, feeling lonely, how many will it be. [I think basically, Fuuko wonders if she is the one leaving, how many will be lonely about it. In contrast, many will be missing Daiya] Just then, another student calls out to Mako saying that someone is looking for her. It is a boy standing outside the classroom. Fuuko is pleasantly surprised. Outside the balcony, Fuuko is thrilled that there is a confession already, so. Mako says she already agreed/answered. Fuuko is shocked and tries to protest that she doesn’t know that guy yet. Mako says if she doesn’t try going out, she won’t know. Fuuko is a bit surprised. Mako apologizes and says that she is contradicting herself, to know or not to know, maybe she will like him for that guy isn’t too bad and he seems to be her type. Fuuko sweatdrops [as it seems Mako does like the guy]. Afterwards, ‘intuition’, ‘premonition’ even if it feels really vague, but we, can only depend on this. They look down and smiles when sees Chiso meeting with her boyfriend. Even if it is childish, makes one very uneasy, one can only depend on one’s self-confidence.

At her house, Fuuko opens the door to find Daiya who invites her to go upstairs. Fuuko is then greeted by Daiya and Ichi’s grandparents plus Koto. Fuuko greets them back, so you have returned, it has been a long time. Fuuko greets Koto and says that she has grown a bit taller. Koto asks, really, so why isn’t she moving and kneeling [to match her height]. Fuuko then notices some boxes, rope and tape behind Koto. Grandma says they are moving. Fuuko smiles and says she will help. While packing, Fuuko accidentally breaks a cd case when she bends down on the floor. Ichi gets angry and slaps her head as Fuuko apologizes. Daiya then slaps Ichi hard at the back that Ichi falls down. Smiling, Daiya says that he hit her hard. Ichi shouts isn’t he the same. Ichi then pushes Daiya into his room to pack up his things. Daiya is saying something about Grandpa being engrossed in putting up pictures. Grandpa shouts that it is a different thing. [I don’t get that. ^^;] After they went into the room, Grandma apologizes to Fuuko that things turned out that way for they are really in good terms with each other. Fuuko says that it is okay [something like no need to be sorry] Grandma sadly looks at Fuuko and asks, is it okay if you don’t stop him [from going]? Fuuko looks freezes. Grandma pauses then apologizes, what was she saying when it isn’t her position to say such things. Fuuko is about to say, about that..

Koto interrupts and says if there is anything she can help, don’t hesitate to ask. Fuuko smiles and says that Koto has really grown up. Koto says that she also likes someone. Fuuko is surprised and asks, isn’t it Ichi anymore. Koto opens her bag as she says he is a child prince, he is in the same class as her, wait a minute, she is going to show them his picture. Grandma and Fuuko look stunned as they look at the picture. Koto tells them that he is the same as her brother. Ichi is standing near her, asks, which one? It is some nerdy looking kid – large face, small eyebrows with toupee-looking hair, waving in the picture. Ichi angrily asks where is it the same [with him and that kid]. Koto and Ichi angrily has a word fight as Daiya, Fuuko and Grandma laughs and it seems Grandpa is aghast over Koto’s choice. And after the ‘uneasiness’ has gone, what remains is self-confidence. In her room, Fuuko holds a pen and says, so I’m the last one who is going to write. She is looking at the autograph board as everyone else has put their greetings – encircling Daiya’s name. She looks at what the others say – If you meet a nice girl, introduce me, Take care, Going to China, I won’t forget you, I will be lonely, I’m happy to have met Daiya, etc. Daiya’s friends, Daiya’s noodles [Okay, it really says, noodles or rather cellophane/mung bean noodles so I don’t know if it is a typo or it has some secret meaning in Chinese ^^;] Fuuko blushes a bit. Now, the me who had loved Daiya. Fuuko starts to write and she looks a bit flustered/about to cry. Just then, someone calls out to her saying it is time to eat. Fuuko shouts she is coming. She goes out of her room. What she wrote: Thank you - Fuuko Kanayama.

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