June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 146]

Originally posted on July 12, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

It turned out the ‘thanks’ that Fuuko wrote on the autograph board is actually ‘like’. The first character can be thanks or like in Japanese but Fuuko eventually wrote it as thanks. She changed it so that Daiya won’t notice her feelings but, saying ‘thanks’ is also true to her feelings. Students are paying to Fuuko for their share for the farewell gift. Fuuko thought that everything is going smoothly. Much to Ichi’s dismay, the other students also wanted to come with them while they shop for Daiya’s gift. Someone then calls out that Daiya is coming. They quickly act as if they are doing nothing. Daiya is puzzled as to what’s up. While smiling as if talking to someone, Fuuko thought that Daiya will go soon and won’t be here anymore. Daiya also puts on a smile. Ichi is watching the two.

While walking around, Fuuko points out that they buy an electronic dictionary. Ichi says it is way over budget. Fuuko insists that it is the thought that counts like do your best there, we are here supporting you – this kind of thought. Ichi looks at her and says, if that is how it is, how about something more useful. Fuuko is about to protest when their other classmates are amused at a dictionary saying, ‘Ni hao’ [How are you in Chinese] Then, it says ‘Wo Ai Ni’. They wonder what it means. Ichi tells them it means I love you. The girls blushed over it and pesters Ichi to say it again. While walking home, Fuuko suggests to the others how about having an auction of Daiya’s things. Everyone thinks it is a marvelous idea. Ichi asks how does she plan to get Daiya’s stuff. Fuuko winks at Ichi and says Ichi can do it. Ichi angrily says it is too troublesome. Fuuko shouts that he is part of the executive committee. She asks him to just get three things of Daiya’s stuff that isn’t too noticeable. Ichi still complains it is too troublesome. Still walking, Ichi notices Iori pregnant, walking with her boyfriend/husband at the other side of the street. Iori is smiling. Fuuko smiles and asks Ichi if he wants pizza, pizza, I have said it. Fuuko is puzzled why Ichi is smiling at her. Ichi walks past her and says, it is you. Confused, Fuuko shouts what does he meant by that.

Time, days gradually passes by, gradually passes by. Scene of school life – tennis practice, in the classroom, seeing a girl trying to confess to Daiya. ‘Goodbye’ is now in sight. At school, it is dismissal time and Akiou spots Isocchi waiting for him. Isocchi says that he has something to tell her. Akiou tries to walk away saying while she doesn’t. Isocchi calls out her name and grabs her hand. This surprises Akiou. Isocchi repeats Akiou’s name as Isocchi is pulling Akiou. Akiou is in tears [of joy?]. Elsewhere, Daiya is shouting at Ichi as to where are they going. Ichi tells him not to ask and just follow. Daiya shouts that he will be staying there for only a few more days so why does he have to be alone with Ichi. Ichi turns around and asks, so with whom does he want to be alone with. Daiya didn’t answer. Ichi turns around again and says he also doesn’t want to be alone with him so let’s go. Daiya gets angry and shouts, you, hey. Ichi asks does he know what that person’s feelings were while planning this thing. Daiya looks surprised.

At the restaurant, the students are wondering what’s Daiya reaction will be. The owner comments that it is fun to have many youngsters there but at the same time it is a bit sad [since Daiya is leaving]. Then, they hear someone come in. Daiya is surprised to see everyone there, smiling at him. There is a huge poster saying, Farewell Daiya. Daiya asks what is this about. They say that the guest of honor has arrive. They lead him to his seat. A girl says Daiya looks surprised. Another girl congratulates the executive committee for a job well done. Daiya turns around and sees that they are Fuuko and Ichi. Fuuko smiles and flashes a V-sign. Daiya remembers what Ichi said earlier. Daiya thanks Fuuko. Fuuko smiles as she blushes. It is only when one is parting, that the word ‘thank you’ is such a lonely word.

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