June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapters 130-131]

Originally posted on October 30, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko went down from the ferris wheel as Kagechika was surprised to see her crying. She was about to ask about it but Fuuko just bowed her head and left. Kagechika was then going to shout at Ichi but Ichi quickly shouted it isn’t him [who made her cry]. Kagechika asked worriedly that Fuuko cried that hard. Ichi looks at Fuuko walking away then bends down as he say that they [he and Kagechika] has no luck/not meant for each other. Kagechika was puzzled as Ichi says that it is really vexing for she [Fuuko] didn’t do anything so why is she the one who is hurt. Meanwhile, Fuuko is walking home in a daze..if only it is a dream..if it is a dream...then I’m having a nightmare. Then, a boy bumped on her shoulder, she lashes out at him saying it hurt as the boy quickly apologizes. Holding her shoulder, she says it hurts and this is the only feeling she has now. At home, her sister was going to ask if she is still awake only to find Fuuko just sitting on her bed in a daze. Fuuko asked what is it without even moving as her sister quickly says that it is nothing. Her sister wonders what is wrong though she seems to be texting/calling someone. Fuuko thought she doesn’t want to do anything. Her mother calls her out to eat but Fuuko says that she doesn’t want to. Her mother was going to insist but when Fuuko seemed to be in a foul mood, her mother didn’t insist anymore as Fuuko thought that she doesn’t want to eat. She then imagines Daiya hugging her for becoming so thin. Suddenly, her stomach went growling outloud. Fuuko felt a bit embarrassed as she thought she is hungry. She heard some sounds on her ceiling as she puts her hands on her ears and thought that without Daiya, it really hurts. I’m going to go by spring all alone.

In school, everyone was greeting each other. Fuuko was then met by Mako [friend with light color hair]. Fuuko was surprised to see her new haircut as Mako told her so that she can find a boyfriend by second year. They then went to the school bulletin to see if which classroom they would be in. Mako exclaims that they are classmates. Fuuko was thrilled that she looked up and saw it was true but her happiness turned into horror when she realized that Ichi and Daiya are also her classmates in 2-B. Mako was really happy for Fuuko that Daiya is finally her classmate but she was puzzled when Fuuko looked depressed. As they went to the classroom, Mako was informed about the break up as she also wonders why breaking up when one loves another. Fuuko tells her that it was all because of her that Daiya hates himself and that fact hurts. Fuuko thought that she has not yet recovered from the break up and that she just has to muster all her strength to come to the classroom.

Upon entering the classroom, Daiya was chatting with a student by the door. They saw each other but then Daiya quickly turned away and continue chatting with the student. Fuuko seemed disappointed then she saw Ichi looking at her, sitting on a desk. Fuuko quickly walks and sat beside him. Ichi greeted her and calls her strange. She quickly says that it isn’t strange [sitting beside him?] and it seemed that Daiya is looking at them. Then, the teacher came in as Fuuko thought that it hurts when they don’t see each other but in a situation like this, it hurts more to see that Daiya’s feeling for her has all but disappeared. After the teacher left, Fuuko quickly grabbed Mako and ran away as far as she can from the two cousins. Mako asks her what is the matter as Fuuko says that she wants to change sections. Then someone is asking if anyone has free time, they need one more of a group date. Fuuko then shouted that she wanted to go and is it possible for two people. Both Ichi and Daiya are surprised. Fuuko insisted that she is free so the girl asks if she can call for another guy to join the group date. Mako says that what she did was really surprising for Daiya is still there in class. Fuuko says that even so, she wanted to go..she thought that this could help her forget Daiya. Mako was about to dissuade her when all of a sudden, someone grabbed her arm.

To Fuuko’s disappointment, it turned out to be Ichi for she wanted Daiya to be the one to stop her. Daiya is just looking at her. Fuuko quickly pull back her arm and says that it is none of his business. The girl then asked if everything is alright. Fuuko says that it is and they would go as she told Mako to get her bag. Someone called her by surname..not quite sure if it is Ichi but I’m guessing it is him. Ichi is behind her while Daiya is in front looking at her. Her inner self screams for him not to look at her as she quickly grabbed her bag and took off. Mako shouted for her to wait as Ichi told her to take care of Fuuko. Mako was surprised by his request. Fuuko thought why those the two cousins are looking/giving off uneasy feelings, she didn’t do anything, she is just going on a group date. Fuuko introduces herself as Kameyama as everyone laughs for she is the first girl to introduce herself with only her surname. One boy then calls her Fuu-chan as she thought that it has been a long time she has heard someone call her by that name. The boy then started to hold on her shoulder which made Fuuko uncomfortable. Finally, Fuuko snapped as she slapped away the boy’s hand on her shoulder when the boy kept on calling her Fuu-chan. She shouted that the only person who could call her that is her boyfriend. She then quickly left. [The BW scan uploader locked page 20 and since I don’t have sharing points, I don’t have it. ] Whatever happened there, Fuuko’s mood was a uplifted for the next page shows that she is looking at a girl having her haircut. Mako must have shown her of other things to do since Fuuko says that so there is such a world and that it seemed that it has already been a year since she is ‘into’ love.

Edit: I found the missing two pages. Fuuko ran off as Mako caught up with her. The two girls were out of breath as Fuuko thought that she is really stupid for doing that when she haven’t forgotten about Daiya yet. I think Mako was also telling her that going on a group date, she must put her heart into it. Fuuko told her to go back since she is looking for a boyfriend and yet she is holding Mako’s sleeve. Mako sighs and told Fuuko to apologize on the next day about running away. Then, she noticed that Fuuko was intently looking at a hairdresser fixing up a child’s hair. Fuuko was surprised and asked what it is. Mako laughs and told her that it is a hairdresser specializing on kids since kids these days like to beautify themselves. Fuuko then thought I didn’t know that there is such a world like this for I have just been focusing on love matters.

At school, Fuuko apologizes to the girl who organized the group date for her outburst. The girl said that she was angry at first but it became happiness since with two girls left, they all had fun and became ease with each other [it became a success] so she doesn’t have to worry about what happened. Ichi then came and said that it seems that she has apologized. Fuuko says that it is because of being incompatible in the group date. Ichi calls her stupid for she should have known already that thing [group date] would be too difficult for her but then, Ichi changed that to it would be interesting though. Fuuko then thought, ah Ichi is still here. To her surprise, Daiya calls her [Fuu-chan] and says that he just wanted to talk for a bit with her. He then asked if she is alright yesterday. Fuuko thought that if Daiya is here, she would be then be ‘excessive in love’ [I think she meant that she has been too focused on love and wanted to change that.] Fuuko, with her head down, says that she is alright, don’t worry. Fuuko then looks up and shouted, don’t look down on me, if I were the one acted first/went to that person first, things wouldn’t have been come into nothing. Her outburst surprised the two boys as Fuuko ran away. Fuuko thought, that isn’t right, it is because she was always in love that she has became satisfied with it. Compared to last year’s spring, I think that my fake strength has become a bit stonger. As she runs off, Daiya looks serious while Ichi was laughing as he says, wow.

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