June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 132]

Originally posted on November 9, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko has decided to change her what she does the next day after leaving the two guys. She went to Akiou’s place. Akiou was surprised over Fuuko’s decision to become a hairdresser. [This is from the last chapter seeing a hairdresser for kids, she wanted to be one, too. I have edited that entry as I found the missing pages.] Fuuko, with a notebook, told Akiou that since she is already in third year, she might know what are the things she should learn for it. Akiou said that she know of a friend of is a hair dresser. Akiou then mentions that schools that her friend has studied in that it made Fuuko a bit depressed for it is all studying. Fuuko nervously asked that one should study hard in high school. Akiou told her of course if she wanted to go to a college and does she think a college would accept her if she is stupid. Fuuko then shouted that starting tomorrow, she will start studying hard. Fuuko then asked about Akiou as to what she plan to study and what school. Akiou looked a bit sad that Fuuko noticed something is wrong when she didn’t answer. Akiou then coolly told her that she has no plans to tell her about it.

Akiou then asked when did Fuuko started thinking about this [being a hairdresser] and is she serious about it. Fuuko then confessed that she and Daiya have broken up. This surprised Akiou who asked when did it happen. Fuuko said that it was during spring break. Akiou asked why she is saying this so late already and what is the reason for the break up. Fuuko was going to say the reason when she was suddenly on the verge of tears. She shouted oh no then started reciting the multiplication table of four. It is to calm her down and she was wrong on 4x3 or is that a typo. ^^; Akiou then asked if she is serious on studying. Fuuko kept on reciting as Akiou looked a bit sad and said don’t...feel so miserable/sorrowful. Fuuko pauses then starts reciting multiplication table of seven but then, wrong again. ^^; Then a narration, don’t smile at me, don’t cry at me, don’t come to me.

At school in their classroom, some gossipy girls asked Daiya if it is true that he broke up with Fuuko because of they heard what happened in the group date. Just then, Fuuko was approaching the classroom wonders about the commotion in her class. As she arrived on the door, she heard Daiya confess that they did broke up. Everyone was surprised as Fuuko realized that it is about them. Daiya then noticed her as Fuuko cheerful greets them good morning. Gossipy girl then tries to ask why as her friend tried to stop her from being nosy. Daiya is looking at Fuuko as she went to her seat. Daiya then announced that the reason about the break up, only the two of them would understand/know. Fuuko then thought that if Daiya is saying it like that to everyone then everything is already in the past. Ichi was listening outside the classroom.

During class, Fuuko’s eraser fell down. As she tried to get it, she lost her balance and made the eraser go near Daiya’s table. Fuuko shouted that she will get it by herself. She is worrying that if Daiya got it for her, they might hold/touch hands. Daiya did pick it up by then hold it for her so that he would just drop the eraser on her hand and not touch each other. Fuuko then realized everything is indeed in the past as Ichi was looking at them. Later that night, Akiou and Isocchi shared a kiss at a park bench. Akiou then asked what if they won’t be like that anymore – be together, what will happen. Isocchi was surprised and was on the verge of tears if she was implying that they break up. Akiou then gets embarrassed as she said, really, why are you crying. She then embrassed him tight.

Another narration on, now that I’m alone, I..I will..Fuuko then told her sister about her plans to become a hairdresser. Her sister exclaimed in surprise as Fuuko told her to keep it low since she haven’t told their parents yet. Her sister told her not to worry for their parents won’t object. Fuuko said that she should then start building her foundation/background on hairstyling. Above their house, the cousins are talking. Ichi is standing near Daiya’s room door as Daiya is sitting on the bed. Ichi asked is that the reason for their break up – he will gradually hate himself. Daiya replied so what if it was. Ichi asked if himself [Daiya] is the most important. Daiya says that Fuuko is the most important so he doesn’t want her to be with a person like him. Ichi was silent then sarcastically say, how nice of you which irked Daiya. Ichi then said that he can’t apologize and he won’t apologize. This surprised Daiya. Ichi continues, if the reason is me, I would have apologized, for your convenience, but I will not make any changes/not change. [I don’t quite understand it ^^; ] Ichi then told Daiya that he likes Fuuko. Ichi asked what about him, will he forget. Daiya with a serious face asked back, would he be able to forget. Continuation of the narration..I will make the ‘past’ into what I can call the ‘past’s past. Fuuko is happily looking at magazines. [I’m assuming about hairstyling]. Then, the next day, Fuuko has this ‘eh?’ expression as she says, how can this be. There is a narration at the side: I will change myself – not let myself if controlled by love. Then, scenes of Ichi saying I like her and Daiya asking if he can forget. [If you are confused about that last part, I’m also confused as I wonder if there is a continuation to this or this is really the last page.]

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