June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 129]

Originally posted on October 26, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

[I found a chapter 128 summary [Chinese] but it seems to be incomplete – must be a teaser. ^^; The one who uploads in BW had a problem something about the magazine being with her parents or got confiscated so she skipped chapter 128. I will do a proper chapter 128 when I see/find the scans. ^_^ ]

From chapter 128, the foursome met. Kagechika suggest that they eat together but Fuuko protests. Daiya says that it is okay. So, everyone is eating together at this restaurant and are very uneasy with each other. Fuuko doesn’t understand why Kagechika is with Ichi and why are they all eating together. The two girls then try to make some casual chatter to relax the atmosphere until Ichi asked Daiya, “Why are you two acting strange? [Daiya and Fuuko] It was as if their hands are being pulled [I think he means force to hold hands]...What’s with you? Are you with a girl you don’t like?” That made Daiya perk up. Fuuko sensing that things aren’t going to be good as Kagechika quickly brought up saying that she was the one who asked Ichi out. Ichi then says that he came to disturb/interrupt. After saying that, Daiya grabbed a glass of water and threw it on Ichi as he shouted, you have no right! [no business]. He quickly took Fuuko’s hand and left the restaurant.

Chapter 29 started with Fuuko and Daiya inside a ferry wheel’s carriage/gondola. Daiya is looking outside as if he is having a hard time to say something while Fuuko was puzzled why Daiya told her not to cry. Then, she realized what it is and she thought that she will really cry. Daiya then says that if she cries, he won’t be able to say it. Fuuko looking down then says, then, I should cry. Daiya calls her name as Fuuko, on the verge of tears, she shouted that she doesn’t want to hear it as she puts her hands on her ears. She was thinking that today is a date so it should be a happy day. She shouts that the way Daiya is now and the tone of his voice, she would be utterly stupid not to know that what he is going to say to her is something she won’t be happy about. Daiya then hugs her as he kept apologizing to her as he says that he sould wait for her but he is too impatient and too arrogant/proud so now, he is going to leave her free/single/alone again. Fuuko is already crying as Daiya says that he knows Fuuko tried very hard but he also felt that they had become closer than before. Fuuko tries to say so you..but then, Daiya continues that he really loves her..but..it would only increase his self-hatred. Daiya then drew apart as Fuuko remembers Daiya saying that being with her, he came to hate himself. Fuuko cries as she asks isn’t there anything that she can do. Fuuko kept on weeping as Daiya holds her face and gave her a farewell kiss. Fuuko thought...such a painful kiss.

Kagechika is looking where Daiya and Fuuko were as Ichi is also walking around. Kagechika then emotes about being in an amusement park with a guy for the first time as Ichi says he isn’t interested about it. Kagechika then looks a bit sad and wonders where would they be – a place where they could talk for a long time. As she looked up at the ferris wheel, she quickly pushes Ichi’s face saying that he shouldn’t look. Ichi asked what is it but then, he saw Daiya kissing Fuuko but then, he noticed that Fuuko is sobbing. Ichi quickly ran to the ferris wheel.

Daiya then stood up and says that it would be a lie and he would be pretending if he says that Ichi isn’t the reason as he thought that Fuuko isn’t the reason why they broke up. Daiya then asks is it disappointing? Just then, a worker says thanks for riding, be careful in stepping down. Daiya then left as the worker is puzzled with Fuuko is still inside. She tries to ask what’s up when Ichi went inside the gondola. The worker tries to stop him but Ichi shouted that he will pay after he gets off. The worker was smitten ^^; as Kagechika tries to call him back but can’t get in because of the line. Ichi breathing hard [since he ran all the way there] then sits beside Fuuko as he asked what happened. Fuuko quickly goes to the other bench so Ichi followed her but Fuuko went back to the original bench. It irritated Ichi as he was about to shout at her being stupid when Fuuko shouts that he said, wanted to be single/alone again. Ichi was surprised as Fuuko kept on crying. Ichi sat at the other side, looking defeated/stunned. [Guess he didn’t expect Daiya to do that.]

Somewhere, Daiya is walking alone when some girls tried to flirt with him but Daiya turned them down saying that if only he can fall in love with ordinary girls with them, things would have been better. The girl then blushed and asked what he means as Daiya walks away. At the ferris wheel gondola, Fuuko is crying her heart out as Ichi kept silent looking out. Fuuko thought that a farewell kiss makes it painful to breathe. The heart charm in the bracelet is lost...I’m hugging really tight... like a child crying aloud...with no shame, my heart yearns for Daiya who is no longer here/in sight.

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