June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapters 126-127]

Originally posted on August 31, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

In chapter 126, Fuuko prepares for the date by going to the bookstore to look at date magazines as to what places and things to do as she schedule for their date. The clerks are already noticed that she has been spending a lot of time, looking at the magazines. At work, Daiya’s boss is asking if he is going out on a date with his girlfriend and where would they go. Daiya told him that she would let her decide. Then the boss mentioned about ‘waiting’ and he remembered waiting for his wife for 40 minutes when they were dating. Then, he asked Daiya what was his limit. Daiya didn’t answer. On the way home, Fuuko is reading the magazine while walking and bumped into Kagechika. Then she noticed the magazine and observes Fuuko’s outfit to copy. She asked about the magazine and Fuuko told her that she is going on a date. Kagechika turned out to be going to Ichi’s house to return an eraser. So, she went with Fuuko to their house as Kagechika says that she is trying hard and Fuuko muses that Kagechika must have like really like Ichi and if they would become a couple, things would be a lot easier then, she told herself not to think that way. Meanwhile, Ichi doesn’t look happy seeing Kagechika who suddenly blurted out, asking him on a date.

On the day of the date, Fuuko nervously greets Daiya who is still snubbing her a bit and walked on ahead. Fuuko looks at her hand as she seems to want to hold hands with him but then, she follows Daiya. Fuuko then brought him to a Korean barbecue restaurant – ah, where you cook the beef on your table. She thought that since they are young, they should eat meat and that place is suppose to be romantic as she notices that there are a lot of couples there. Fuuko then told Daiya to let her decide everything that they will do. Daiya smiles and said yes. Fuuko then goes off to get some salad? and offered to get Daiya’s, too. When she return, she is carrying mountainful bowl of food as Daiya sweatdrops for it was a bit too many. Meanwhile, Ichi is asking Kagechika if ‘that person’ is really here. Kagechika then says that she saw Fuuko holding magazines on that place. Ichi then told her that there are many people there so how could they even find them. Kagechika then says that she believes in fate/coincidence for if it haven’t for it, they wouldn’t be there. After lunch, Fuuko exclaims that she is full as Daiya says that he is also full. She thought to herself that Daiya finally talks for throughout lunch, she is the only one talking and that he haven’t even hold her hands. Fuuko then becomes determined and she made the move by holding Daiya’s hand. It surprised Daiya. Fuuko then says that they go to another place as she thought that the date has just started and she wanted to end it with both of them smiling. As they walk near a corner, Ichi and Kagechika are also going to their direction.

In chapter 127, Fuuko exclaims in surprise as she looks at a bag and Kagechika also exclaims that they haven’t eaten yet so they should go eat lunch in a place she knows. As they walk away, Ichi and Daiya had already seen each other but they pretend they didn’t know/see each other. Fuuko was talking to Daiya about the bag when she noticed that it was a different person. She was embarrassed as Daiya was looking around near the window. She then taps Daiya telling him not to go someplace for she had mistaken someone else for him. Daiya apologized. Then, Fuuko thought that it was she who went away and then she hold Daiya’s hand again as she told him it is alright and they should go already. This surprised Daiya. While walking, Fuuko thought that if she let go of his hand, it would seem they would separate already. Then, they went to a movie theater. Fuuko was happy that there is still time before the showing as she pointed out to Daiya the movie they are going to watch and it is something that Daiya will like. Daiya then said that she is quite incredible to plan out all these things even the schedule of the movie. Fuuko blushes as she said it was nothing though she thought that she did researched everything. She then said that she just wants to do her best to do all that she has planned. Fuuko thought that she wanted Daiya to notice what she is doing.

As they go up the escalator, she told Daiya that the theater there is nice and when she turned around, she was surprised that she is at the same height as Daiya. Daiya is standing a step lower in the escalator. Fuuko blushes as Daiya stares at her that she immediately turned around and kept on saying a bit about the movie they are going to watch. She glances at him and thought that only she can fix things and she is doing this so that she won’t regret it later on. As she turned around, Daiya seems to be blushing a bit. As they go up, Ichi and Kagechika is going down. The two then saw a couple being lovey-dovey [massaging shoulder] that Kagechika asks if he wanted to. Ichi stopped her, ah, hit her [the scans are pretty small] as Kagechika is estatic while Ichi is looking a bit sad. In the theater, Fuuko was surprised that there are many couples [girls leaning on the guy’s shoulder] watching this movie. So, Fuuko quickly imitates by putting her head on Daiya’s shoulder but then, Daiya was drinking so Daiya got slashed by the drink. Daiya looks at her and noticed that she is blushing. Daiya then hit his head on Fuuko, too, telling her that she surprised him. And they watched the movie with that couple pose [leaning on guy’s shoulder].

After the movie ended, Fuuko says that it is a good movie as she holds her neck for it was stiff from leaning. She then calls out to Daiya and holds out her hand. Daiya then also reached out his hand to her until he holds her hand. Then, to ruin the mood, Kagechika exclaims and says finally, then, changed it to what a coincidence. Fuuko thought, why now!! As Ichi noticed that they are holding hands, Fuuko blushing and I can’t quite describe Daiya’s expression.

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