June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapters 122-125]

Originally posted on August 1, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

So, in chapter 122, we are in the scene when Fuuko held Daiya’s hand to stop him from punching Ichi. Fuuko was thinking that she doesn’t want this hand to hurt people but it seems that Daiya misunderstood her as he told her that it is okay and asks her to leave. Fuuko was surprised as she wanted to explain but Daiya just insisted that he won’t hit Ichi anymore. Fuuko doesn’t argue anymore and decided to leave as she was told. When the door closed, Daiya hit the sliding door near Ichi’s face [it slid out of the frame and there was a hole], saying that he made Fuuko cry. He left Ichi still sitting there. At her room, kneeling near her bed, Fuuko felt her heart is uneasy and wonders to whom Daiya is directing his anger. Getting stressed out, she called out to her mom if dinner is ready.

At Akiou’s house, her mother called her down for dinner and were asking about her plans for college but Akiou isn’t that worried about it and will think about it when she is in third year. The next day, Fuuko waits for Daiya to come down so that they can go to school together. Daiya is unresponsive so Fuuko tries to make things normal by saying that she isn’t that bothered anymore about the incident. Daiya turned around and looked at her that stunned Fuuko then he told her that he has work later on. Fuuko nervously laughs saying that if that is so, then she will not wait for him after school. At school, a woman teacher? is asking about Akiou getting into some school and saying that since Akiou is intelligent, it would be no hassle at all. After school, Fuuko’s friends decided to shop and when Fuuko passed by Ichi at the hallway, she acted as if she didn’t know him. While shopping, Fuuko saw a glimpse of Daiya. She left her friends and rushed to him. She grabbed him, saying why? Her heart is getting more unease but she is afraid as she laughs and asked if his work if finish. Daiya then told her that there was no work at all in the first place. Fuuko was stunned for she heard what she doesn’t want to hear as Daiya said that at this time, being with Fuuko, makes him hate himself. Fuuko looks flustered and the last scene was Akiou and Isocchi going out though Akiou seems distracted.

In chapter 123, Fuuko was so stunned that someone bumped into Fuuko, calling her stupid for staring in the middle of the street. Daiya then glares at the guy who quickly left, afraid. Daiya then looks at Fuuko but quickly left when Komori [black haired friend] calls out to her. Then, Komori and Oobayashi [light haired friend] asked if it isn’t Daiya and wasn’t he suppose to be at work. Fuuko lied for him as she said that he was suppose to be but he didn’t for he is going to see his friend. Fuuko is about to cry as she asks why does Daiya have to lie about work. At school, Ichi isn’t paying attention in the school council meeting. After the meeting, Kagechika asks him what happened and if he was dumped. Ichi said something about it is okay if it was, for that person was also. Kagechika said that if she imitates ‘that person. Ichi interrupts saying that her hairstyle isn’t the same as that person. Kagechika answers that it was because Ichi won’t tell her what Fuuko’s hairstyle the other day.

That night, Fuuko is waiting for Daiya to come back as she wonders what Daiya meant about not wanting to be with her for it makes him hate himself. She was actually scared if the ‘himself’ was actually her. She heard someone on the stair and cried out to Daiya but it turned out to be someone else. Then, looking at her bracelet, she realized that the heart dangle was missing. She then asked her sister about it but her sister doesn’t seen it. Fuuko started getting worried for the heart dangle symbolizes Daiya’s heart. She then heads out looking for it for she didn’t notice when it was lost. She found something shiny but it turned out to be 500 yen coin. Fuuko is already in tears when Daiya came asking her what is she doing. Fuuko couldn’t say that she lost the heart in the bracelet so she said that it was nothing. Daiya then told her that it is already late so she better go back home. Fuuko then asked him why he is angry. Daiya turns back and told her that it was because she protected that guy [Ichi]. Fuuko tries to explain but Daiya shouted what she wanted him to do for wasn’t the one who went to him was Fuuko. Then, Daiya said that it made him distrust Fuuko. Daiya left as Fuuko told herself to quickly find the heart charm for she doesn’t want to lose it – Daiya’s heart symbol but then, she is already crying.

The next day at school, in chapter 124, Fuuko is still distracted at as her friends call her during PE and she hit her face on the branches. Fuuko thought that she couldn’t sleep that night and kept on re-tracing her steps that day as she try to find the silver heart. She waited for Daiya for school but it seems that he already left. Fuuko then told them about the heart is missing though she haven’t told Daiya about it. Fuuko is getting depressed for she still couldn’t find it. Oobayashi tries to cheer her up by putting a replacement but Fuuko thought that money can’t replace it and on the verge of tears, told them that she will continue on searching for it. Then, she screams to hurry on. During school lunch, I think, Fuuko went to Daiya’s classroom and called him. At the balcony, Daiya apologized saying that he left earlier for he had something to do. Fuuko laughs saying that she already left anyway and asked if he went to ask for her. Daiya deadpan told her that he didn’t. Fuuko thought to herself that she doesn’t want them to break up and told Daiya, is that so, then tries to smile, asking about later on, going home together but Daiya interrupts her saying that as of now, I’m sorry, but I ...said already. Fuuko flustered but still painfully smiling thought that they must be in ‘cool off’ period then replies that she understand. Daiya seemed surprised and looks at her saying don’t smile. Daiya then left. Fuuko was still thinking if it is really ‘cool off’ and might end up with break up, she tries to smile but tears are already falling and she is smiling to stop crying.

As she return to her classroom, Ichi noticed her as her face is red and eyes wet with tears. She quickly try to escape but Ichi managed to catch up to her. Fuuko shouted for him to leave her alone, she is okay then, she quickly left as Ichi was surprised by her reaction. Fuuko was thinking that there are still many things that she can still do. School has ended and I think it is already school break as the teacher said that it was good that Fuuko passed for he was worried about her. So, it seems that Fuuko will be on second year like the others. Fuuko thought that a lot of things had happened when she was in first year as she happily laughs with her friends. At another place in school, Isocchi is glomping Daiya as he asked if he wants to go karaoke to celebrate. Daiya said that it can’t be for he can’t sing. Isocchi is happily thinking about singing for a long time as he happily thinks about being with Akiou then he noticed that Daiya wasn’t listening. Then, while going out, Fuuko saw Daiya. Fuuko timidly smiles and walks away with her friends but Daiya was surprised by it and ran towards her to grab her hand. Fuuko was surprised and turned around to see him. Fuuko’s friends and Isocchi decided to leave them alone. Fuuko nervously laughs and told him long time no see. Fuuko was surprised to see Daiya looking a bit sad when Fuuko was grabbed by the other hand by Ichi. Daiya pulls back saying what the heck was he thinking but Ichi doesn’t pay attention as he kept on walking forward and pulling Fuuko. Fuuko screams that it is painful that Daiya quickly let go. Fuuko was surprised and with tears, Ichi drags her away. I’m guessing that a part is because Daiya let go.

In chapter 125, Fuuko thought, no..I don’t want, why would you [Daiya] leave me. Then, walking, Kagechika saw Ichi and was about to call him when she noticed that he was pulling Fuuko behind him. Kagechika screams anyway from shock but quickly hides but the scream made Ichi let go of Fuuko. Fuuko then angrily told him that didn’t she told him not to mind her for this is her and Daiya’s problem and so, since it is their problem, he shouldn’t mind them. Fuuko, in tears, left. Ichi felt a bit sad about it as Kagechika saw all of it. She tried to ask what it was about as Ichi smiles that it is those two people’s problem then told her that M-style looks so ‘tight’ as she freaks out if he was referring to her. I think he is saying about her hairstyle.

The graduation ceremonies has started as Ichi announces some things and hope everyone enjoy the spring break. Later on, Fuuko thought that saying that thing to Ichi was too much and that she just vent her anger on him and that things got messy because of Ichi. Everyone then celebrates at a karaoke bar and had a toast with everyone. Komori then told Fuuko that on second year, they ought to go home together. Fuuko was happy and in tears as the three of them thought of something to sing together. Fuuko thought that having friends is pretty good. Later on, Fuuko noticed that Ichi sat beside her. He was saying something but she couldn’t hear from the music so he leans to her to tell her. Then, as Daiya passes by Fuuko’s class karaoke room, some girls got Daiya and brought him in. Everyone then said that they ought to have a duet with the two of them. Fuuko hesitates for they haven’t made up yet but the others were already pushing her to the microphone where Daiya was.

Fuuko was extremely nervous as she wonders if Daiya would sing with her and if things would be alright then thought that she can’t sing and was about to say that when all of a sudden, the music stops. Everyone was surprised and looks back to see Ichi with the remote who apologized, saying that he pressed the wrong button. Ichi has done it because he realized that Fuuko is getting nervous. Fuuko then remembered what Ichi whispered to her about even if she told him not to mind, that cannot be. Daiya quickly uses this interruption as an excuse to escape as he said that he is going to the comfort room but Fuuko quickly gave chase, as Ichi looks on. Outside, Fuuko calls out to Daiya, thinking that even if this is just the two of them’s problem, her strength is still not enough to handle it. She asked Daiya to date with her during spring break. Daiya was surprised then casually said, okay. Fuuko then cried in happiness? as she thought that she just have to work harder so that she won’t lose Daiya as she did the heart charm. Daiya seemed to blush a bit.

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