June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 121]

Originally posted on June 21, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

As Ichi leans to kiss Fuuko, Fuuko quickly turns her face to the side and used her hand to shield her lips. It made Ichi pause. I guess he just realized what he was doing and somewhat surprised by Fuuko’s reaction. Ichi then hugged her saying that he won’t give up. Ichi then left Fuuko, shivering and fell on her knees as she called Daiya’s name. Later on, Fuuko asked Daiya’s friend where he was then remembered that Daiya would be working on his part time job. Fuuko felt unease as she thought that she wanted Daiya to hug her to make the pain go away.

Meanwhile, Kagechika [hyper sempai – the surname is just a guess from her kanji with the help of Asher] asked Ichi what was Fuuko’s hair like for that day. She is currenly copying Fuuko’s hairstyle from the colored pic of this chapter. =P Ichi claimed that he doesn’t know as Kagechika insist that he tell her for she didn’t have time to check on Fuuko earlier and when she did, Fuuko has already left school. She asked him what would her hairstyle be the next day. Ichi then bluntly told her afro. Kagechika freaks out and asked him if she really did it, he would be responsible and if that is really a good thing to say. I don’t quite get what Ichi said next, I’m guessing that she is a bit insecure that Kagechika countered if he was thinking she was stupid. She then asked him again if he really didn’t notice Fuuko’s hair. Ichi then told her so what if he knows, would she just copy Fuuko to become Fuuko [he is calling Fuuko – ‘that person’] Ichi told her that it is useless for it won’t make him ‘see’ her. Kagechika was shocked then grabbed Ichi and kissed him on the lips. Hehehe, a dose of your own medicine. It freaked Ichi and asked her what the heck was she doing. Fuuko said that even if Ichi doesn’t see her, she thinks that, he is being blunt because he just wants to say things that he want himself to hear. Does that make sense? I’m guessing that Ichi was saying things honestly/bluntly in order to convince himself about things though he doesn’t necessarily feel that way. Anyway, the remark made Ichi surprised.

At the gas station, Daiya was happy to see Fuuko and asked what’s up. Fuuko doesn’t look to happy and asked if it is about her friends. Fuuko shook her head. Daiya then asked if she has failed grades and that she would be a ‘kouhai’ – lower classmen as Fuuko shouted that isn’t something she want him to tease her about. Then, Daiya finally figured it out as Fuuko still sad and can’t talk about it. Daiya, with Fuuko trying to ask him to wait and calm down a bit, rushes back to the house. Daiya shouted that he can’t be calm and told Fuuko just look at herself at the mirror for Fuuko is already near tears. He shouted where Ichi was and Ichi came out of the room. He asked Ichi what he did to Fuuko. Ichi bluntly said ‘kiss’ [Daiya and Fuuko’s faces looked really shocked] and then..though Ichi wasn’t able to continue as Daiya punched Ichi in his rage. Fuuko crying holds Daiya’s hand to stop Daiya and Daiya looked surprised about it.

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