June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 147]

Originally posted on July 13, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Everyone is holding a glass of drink. Fuuko says, And, today, Mr. Sun is also... Daiya thought, Mr. Sun. Ichi interrupts and says a toast for Daiya’s future. Fuuko is surprised. Everyone then shouts cheers. The others are lining up in front of the owner, waiting for their food to be served. The owner is still cooking. Ichi asks Fuuko what does she plan to say about Mr. Sun is also. Fuuko looks a bit embarrassed and says it is, ‘Mr. Sun is also shining brightly on us, so let us toast for a dazzling tomorrow, cheers’. Daiya laughs at it and says it is quite good, really Fuu-chan’s style. Fuuko blushes and smiles. She asks Daiya, really? This smiling face, calling me ‘Fuu-chan’ also this warmness, it used to be a treasure within my grasp. Ichi says, let me say, you fools, won’t it be pitiful if it won’t be understood, that is why I said it clearly, basically what you want to say is, Today is a good day, isn’t it. Fuuko then says, that’s right, that is it, I forgot. Daiya kept on laughing. Embarrassed, Fuuko tells Daiya not to laugh too loud. Now, it has become a treasure hidden in my heart.

Some girls called out to Daiya. Three girls are in cosplay wearing – nurse, catgirl and military/uniform. Daiya is star struck as he kept on staring at them. The girls say that this is a ‘super special service’. Fuuko is freaking out as she thought don’t wear those clothes and go near Daiya, even B section are here. The girls asks Daiya if they knew who they are. Daiya started reciting who’s who in what outfit. To Fuuko’s surprise, a girl [catgirl] says that Daiya said that among many of them, there is only one. The other two girls lament about this and asks Daiya if this is true. Fuuko leaves the room and goes inside the kitchen. She starts pulling up her shirt and make her skirt shorter. Ichi hits her on the head and asks, stupid, what kind of service are you planning to do. Fuuko shouts, but..but..I also..I also don’t know..I feel that I should do my best. Ichi says you are really stupid. Fuuko shouts quit saying stupid, stupid. She stops when she sees Ichi looking serious. Ichi shouts, you are wrong about your way of ‘doing your best’, why don’t you wake up, saying these words, don’t make me say it. Ichi quickly leaves. Fuuko thinks about what he just said and wonders what that is about.

Ichi then holds out a bag and says it is now for auction to start and the proceeds will go to buying another farewell gift for Daiya. Daiya perks up and thought, gift. The others whisper that it is what was thought about the other day. To Daiya’s surprise, Ichi pulls out his [Daiya] shirt. Daiya shouts hey that’s mine. The others laugh. Ichi says starting bid is 10 yen. Daiya shouts that it is too cheap. A guy says that it seems to be still wearable, he will bid 30 yen. Military girl shouts one thousand yen. Catgirl shouts, wait, two thousand yen. Fuuko and others look stunned. Nurse girl shouts five thousand yen. Fuuko hits the cup with the tin spatula [that the auction end]. Ichi says the winning bid is five thousand yen. Daiya is bewildered for it actually just cost 289 yen. The nurse girl is clasping her hands and cries as she won the bid. Fuuko thought that ‘Daiya’s fans’ seems to have relaxed already and they are already graduating. The girls are taking turns in touching Daiya’s t-shirt. Fuuko thought it seems as if ‘the girls who like Daiya’ has accepted this fact [that he is leaving]. Ichi then pulls out a knitted cap as the next bidding item. Fuuko realizes that it is the one she gave Daiya. Flustered, Fuuko shouts that it cannot be bid out. Ichi asks why, is it because it is really filthy. Fuuko protests that it isn’t because it is dirty, but it still can’t be bid out. Daiya takes the cap from Ichi and says that’s enough, this is my important thing. Ichi just looks at him. Daiya says it is true. The others wonder what it is about. Ichi says so next will be..Daiya’s PE uniform. The three fangirls shout 30,000 yen.

Then, more people came in who used to be Daiya’s former classmates. Chiso is even there, greeting Fuuko. They gave Daiya a bouquet. Soon, everyone is enjoying themselves. Chiso and Mako with their respective boyfriends. Daiya’s fangirls having fun. Daiya smiling. At the back of the crowd, Fuuko looks sad. Elsewhere, in a room, Isocchi shouts to Akiou that they should get married. Akiou is shock. Isocchi says that after Akiou graduates, they will get married so for now, she should be his girlfriend. Akiou laughs that he is like a kid. Isocchi gets embarrassed by it. Isocchi says even if he is childish, even if he becomes a grandpa, he still loves Akiou grandma. Akiou asks, grandma, me? Isocchi says yes. Akiou says, me, too, I have prepared my heart, grandpa. The two then kiss each other. Back at the party, they bring out the autograph board and a gift. They give it to Daiya. Standing beside Fuuko, Ichi says everyone wrote in it. Everyone waits as Daiya reads. Slight blushing, Daiya says, I love everyone, thanks. Everyone starts to look sad and teary-eyed. The guys approach him saying stupid Daiya, do your best in China. The others approach him saying they don’t want him to leave. It has been fun being with him. From behind the crowd, Fuuko is crying.

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