June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 142]

Originally posted on April 19, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

In Chinatown, [I researched a bit, they seem to be in Yokohama’s Chinatown since the welcome gate tower is the same as in the manga; fyi, it is the largest Chinatown in Japan] Fuuko happily shouted that it is really interesting, the smell of food is nice as there are some people selling steamed meat buns, and lots of pandas, it is really a fun place. Fuuko then gloomily thought that there is also an element that makes me really uneasy as the arrow points to Ichi. Ichi and Daiya are looking around as Fuuko is walking ahead. At a store, Ichi says to Fuuko, why, you are asking why [I’m tagging along with this group], it is to disturb you guys. Fuuko looks shock and is about to shout, what. Ichi looking at something says that he is joking, someone has asked a favor of him so they trade places. Ichi sticks out his tongue at her saying even so, he is very lucky. Fuuko is a bit angry and is about to shout at him when Ichi says while looking away from her that in any case, he still has time so he won’t disturb them. Fuuko looks surprised and thought, Ichi, those words, is it the truth, as if I can’t trust you. Fuuko then hears some laughter saying it is cute. A girl calls out to Fuuko and she sees Daiya wearing a panda hat while showing her a v-sign. Fuuko laughs and approaches him saying to give it to her, it looks warm. Daiya removes it from his head while saying that it can be used on winter. A guy laughs if he really would wear it in winter. Daiya smiles and puts the hat on Fuuko’s head as he laughs while Fuuko blushes, looking at him. Fuuko smiles and says it is warm. Daiya...that’s good, is it because they will separate soon? Fuuko then looks at Ichi who is somewhere else at the store. She remembers him saying that he won’t disturb them. Fuuko looks away again. Thanks. I’m sorry but Daiya still occupies my heart.

Smiling, Daiya asks where should they go next. Looking at a book, a girl says, it is Kanteibyo [Kuan Ti Miao Temple - One of the heroes in the romance of "The Three Kingdoms", 'Kanwu', is enshrined as the god of business in this magnificent richly colored temple, info from the net =P] it is like a shrine. Mako tells Fuuko that the streets are colorful as Fuuko agrees. She looks at the street signs – red, yellow, gold, all in kanji/Chinese characters. While walking with the others, Fuuko smiles and thought, is this the same feeling of the place where Daiya is going? They then arrived at Kanteibyo. One of them says that it is a god which can help improve the business. Another asks what to pray for. While walking up the stairs, Fuuko smiling asks the two boys if they would pray for Shinpo Kabushiki Kaisha [a type of business corporation defined under Japanese law. Many Japanese companies translate the phrase "kabushiki kaisha" as "Co., Ltd." while others use the more Americanized translations Corporation or Incorporated. – info from wiki]. Ichi says he is praying for something else. He then promptly leaves them as Fuuko is surprised and wonders if Ichi has thought of it thoroughly. [I don’t quite get that either Ichi is planning to do something else or Fuuko doesn’t need to say that ^^;] Daiya then asks if she has anything to pray for. A bit surprised, Fuuko smiles and tells him that there are lots. That’s right, I want to pray for Shinpo Kabushiki Kaisha’s expansion/growth.

They are then praying at the shrine. I want to think that Daiya going to China is the right thing. I pray that when Daiya isn’t here... I won’t...feel any regrets. They then happily eat steamed meat buns. Fuuko then happily says that they should take a picture. They are now at a bay walk overlooking the sea/river. Fuuko says it is for remembrance. Mako offers to take the picture so Fuuko gives Mako her camera. Mako then whispers to Fuuko, you are really something. Fuuko then looks flustered as she thinks, Mako, really, saying that to me, I would cry. Fuuko is on the verge of tears just as Mako tells them that she is going to take the picture. All of a sudden, Ichi passes by them and covers the two’s faces. Fuuko is shock and angry as she shouted Ah. You said you won’t disturb us!! Doing this make me really doubt you. Ichi just says he didn’t notice them there. Fuuko shouts that he deliberately did it. Daiya is sweatdropping. While Fuuko is arguing and Daiya is trying to pacify Fuuko, Mako takes this chance to take their picture together.

That night, while most of the students are sleeping. Fuuko wakes up thinking that she can’t sleep. She goes out of her room to get a drink from a vending machine. She thought that she is really tired and yet her feelings haven’t calm down yet. Daiya then calls out to her, saying that he is also thirsty because it is hot. Just then a teacher is making rounds, checking over the students. This surprises Daiya that he quickly grabs Fuuko and tells her to follow him. They found themselves at the emergency exit where there is a staircase. The two freak out as they are outside. Fuuko asks why do they have to run away. Daiya says that it is already lights out so they shouldn’t even go out of their rooms. Fuuko tries to open the door and somewhat panics and says that it won’t open. Daiya is looking away, calls out to Fuuko. Fuuko thought, Daiya isn’t even listening to her. Daiya then points out that it is Tokyo Tower. Fuuko also looks and says that it is, so small and cute. Daiya smiles and says he would want to use it as a keychain. Fuuko smiles and says that will be nice. Daiya agrees.

Fuuko then says that she really had fun today, Chinese streets are really different. I think it is Daiya who said that ate a lot of delicious food. Daiya is surprised when Fuuko says, she thinks that the city that Daiya will go will also be like this. Daiya then looks at Fuuko who is still looking at Tokyo tower. Daiya says it isn’t, it is a different place for the factory is located at a rural place. Just then, the lights of Tokyo tower closed off. They look in surprise that it disappeared. It is going to be over/finished. It will quickly be over. Daiya then holds Fuuko’s hand as they still stand at that ‘balcony’. Then we should say goodbye. Fuuko is in tears. Daiya then says, Fuu-chan, can I hug you? Fuuko looks in surprise at Daiya as Daiya looks serious.

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