June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 139]

Originally posted on February 23, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko is playing jump rope with the kids as the rope hits Fuuko’s hair. A kid says that her hair is ruined. Fuuko says it is okay for she can fix it and it is a small cocoon [the closest to the literal translation of butterfly vegetable ^^;] The kids says that’s right as they looked at her hair. Fuuko tells them that later on, she will become a hairstylist. The kids asked what is a hairstylist as she wonders if there will be someone beside her by then. Fuuko thought that it is a lonely feeling if even with all her effort, she can’t be a hairstylist. Fuuko then steps on the rope as the kids laughs saying Fuuko made a mistake/got caught again. She wonders if this dream can come true for she is a bit scared of the future.

In China, riding on a taxi, Ichi and Daiya look around as Ichi comments that the place is really different from Japan. Daiya says really, for he is getting confused at all the kanji [Chinese characters] Ichi sighs then asked the driver in Chinese how long will they arrive at their destination as he points to a book. The driver says around 30 minutes. Daiya is surprised and praises Ichi that he is good. Ichi says that just letting him see the characters [kanji], he [driver] will understand but the accent of how it is pronounced is a bit different. Daiya asks what did the driver say. Ichi says that it is around 30 minutes for he has more or less remembered how it should be pronounced. Daiya is amazed with Ichi. The driver then looks back asking them if they are Japanese. Daiya smiles and says thank you [Xie Xie], thank you in Chinese. He explains that having uncle/mister [driver] be troubled with them/difficult to converse with them because they can’t much Chinese, thank you. The driver is stunned and then started laughing out loud. Ichi then asks why is Daiya thanking the driver. Daiya is surprised for wasn’t ‘thank you’ [Xie Xie] in Chinese means ‘sorry’. Ichi then sweats a bit as he is stunned by Daiya’s words. Ichi tells him to learn his Chinese so that it won’t appear that coming from Japan is an idiot. Daiya tries to explains that in kanji, sorry has the word ‘thanks’ in it. The Japanese word is Xie + some Jap word.

At the lounge, Daiya’s mother looked at her watch and says that they will be there soon and as soon as they find a room for them, they will go to the factory. Note says that their parents live in the guest house. Their fathers are already eagerly waiting for them since they haven’t seen each other for such a long time. Ichi’s mother laughs and says that her family kept on asking for Koto and says that the decision will be made there soon. Daiya’s mother says that Ichi is intelligent that he can do anything they ask him to but Daiya even if he isn’t that bright, he is good with dealing with people and interacting with them that it won’t be a problem. Ichi’s mother smiles and says that it is because her father is a extravagant businessman. Daiya’s mother sighs and says really, they are really like kids as if those two old men were born at the same time. A picture of father-side grandpa saying, it isn’t a girl. Mother-side grandpa saying doesn’t look alike. [I don’t get the joke ^^;] I think the note below says that Osaka people usually live near their stores. She then says that the only thing that is left is for the kids to decide. Still in the taxi, Daiya sees a girl with the same hair as Fuuko. He looks at her as they passes by as the two boys seems to be thinking of something that they are not talking.

While shopping, Fuuko’s friends Mako and Chiso shows Fuuko a make-up bag which are similar and suggests that they buy it as each of them has one. Fuuko comments that she is really happy for it has been a long time since the three of them share a common thing. It does look that Fuuko is faking her smile. As Fuuko says they look so similar, the two friends looked at her and calls her. They says that it is strange, they feel strange/Fuuko is acting strange as they ask her to tell them if something has happened. Fuuko then just smiles and apologizes as she promises to tell them when it is all over. Fuuko thought that she is scared but there is no escaping it..’the future’..would someday change into ‘today’. That night, Fuuko is helping her sister, Misora with her manga. Misora wonders out loud as to who will be going and it will be a bit lonely [if one leaves] Fuuko tells her to concentrate on work. She ignores Fuuko and says that it is quite painful for there is a chance of either one [leaving]. Fuuko is a bit angry and doesn’t want to help her sister anymore. Misora then says that if it is her [her mangaka self], it would turn out like this.

Manga-version: Both boys say that they both decide to go to China. Fuuko is shock, how could that be. In the classroom, her friends tell her that this isn’t the time to study in class, they are both leaving that day, she clearly likes them both as Fuuko is teary eyes. She then runs and thought that she haven’t said anything yet. At the airport, she shouts at the boys, wait, I love both of you. The two boys then goes to her saying that they won’t leave anymore, the three of them will be together forever and ever and ever..The end. Fuuko angrily says, rejected. Misora is shocked. Fuuko says that is very disappointing/poor, Fuuko very disappointing, you better research better. Misora freaks out saying that she hates hearing those words then she decides to retreat saying that she is going to wash her face. Fuuko continues with the work, saying sure. Outside, Fuuko’s mother asks Misora who is Fuuko doing. Misora says that Fuuko is still too sensitive about it, pretty much forcing herself to keep on going/doing normal things.

One morning, Fuuko woke up early to wash up and gargle out loud surprising Misora. Fuuko thought that this is the way when the boys will return back. Fuuko asks if she is going to cut some screentones/something on the manga. Fuuko does it noisy that Misora tells Fuuko about it. Fuuko apologizes as Misora just sighs and says it is time to eat some snack. Then, she hears footsteps outside so she hurries outside and finds the boys just going upstairs. Fuuko greets them welcome back. Fuuko blushed/embarrassed as she asks them how is China, did you eat many ‘food’ [can’t find what kind of food it is] and did you see a panda. Fuuko then thought that these aren’t the questions she wanted to ask as the boys just looks at her. They went downstairs and faces her. Fuuko worriedly asks if they have decided. The two boys say it is already decided and the one who is going is ---

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