June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 138]

Originally posted on February 22, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

As everyone is still busy cleaning, Daiya throw away the garbage he is holding as he still looks as if he is daydreaming/not himself. At the canal, Ichi calls out to Daiya to help him carry up the garbage he has collected. As Daiya holds the basket, he then drops a part of it on Ichi. Ichi is angry and is about to shout back at Daiya but he stopped when he saw Daiya’s blank stare. Daiya apologizes as Ichi let the matter slide and proceeds to pick up what has fallen down. The children then asks where did Fuuko go as she went back to them. She apologizes and says that she went to the comfort room. A woman then asks why is her eyes reddish. Fuuko fakes a smile as she says that it is because something went into her eyes. She thought that if she doesn’t smile, tears will come out. The two women then started gossiping about seeing her with either Daiya and Ichi then asks which one does she prefer. Fuuko didn’t answer as the two women still talked on which of the two is better as one likes Daiya while the other is Ichi. Then, Fuuko is again about to cry as she says, I’m..Daiya...She thought, “Do not go” even if she said these three words, will it change anything. How is she going to say it in the first place.

Isocchi is in Akiou’s room as he happily smells Akiou’s scent, while sitting down on a table, waiting for Akiou. He is about to touch Akiou’s bed when he is surprised as Akiou calls out from downstairs to ask if two cubes of sugar is okay. Isocchi says it is as he bumps his on the table. Isocchi is really embarrassed saying about his hand but he is a guy. Then, he notices some paper insert in the book. He looks at it and reads out ‘future occupation’. Akiou came in with a two cups of tea on a tray, saying the tea is ready. Isocchi then asks Akiou if she is going to a distant place as Akiou looks flustered. Outside, at night, Fuuko and Ichi are talking. Ichi asks Fuuko if she wants him to be the one to leave. Fuuko tries to leave saying that if that is what they are going to talk about, she is leaving. Ichi shouts for her to listen and that he wants to be with her. Fuuko shouts that it is none of her business, telling her these things. Ichi then asks her what does she want him to do. Fuuko asks will I decide. Ichi calls her stupid for the future can’t be decided by a girl. Fuuko gets angry and shouts so don’t ask me. Ichi shouts, say it. Fuuko is shocked. Ichi then calms down and says it isn’t like a girl can dictate one’s future but now, whatever she says is important to them. Fuuko says, this is..then she reacts with tears, shouting that this is very serious, she is just an ordinary girl, she cannot be held responsible for what happened. Ichi thought really, you don’t have to react that way. Flustered, Fuuko says if it isn’t Daiya, Ichi will definitely go..she still won’t be happy for if her friend is faraway, she won’t be happy. Ichi looks surprised as Fuuko runs away, thinking, ‘do not go’ I can’t say it.

While taking a bath, Fuuko says that she cannot be held responsible as she imagines Ichi’s younger sister, Koto and grandparents have to live a hard/poor life because of her decision. Koto is telling her grandma to share with grandpa the little food they have for she isn’t hungry. Grandma is worried about grandpa who can’t go to the hospital for the other family is now running away. Koto then rants that it is all that girl’s fault [Fuuko] for saying those things to them [boys] that the company is now bankrupt. Grandma then cries informs Koto that their food will only last till next month. Koto is shock asking if that is true. End imagination. Fuuko cries and says it is really serious [the decision] that she cannot say anything about it, do anything about it but just watch what will happen until the time to go has arrive. The two boys then prepares to leave to China as their summer vacation as they got their passport and ticket ready. Downstairs, they looked at Fuuko’s house door and left. Fuuko remembers Ichi saying about going there first to check it out then decide who is going. The airplane left as Fuuko is playing with the kids, looking up the sky, thinking that when those two comes back, then the future is known.

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