June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 135]

Originally posted on December 14, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

At school, the freshmen girls are raving about Ichi and Daiya especially since they don’t seem to have girlfriends as they gather up for an announcement at the gym. Fuuko and Mako obviously heard it all. Mako asks Fuuko about it as she says that it isn’t her business. Mako says that she is a liar for Fuuko is clearly eavesdropping over what they are saying. She then remembers telling the girls that Daiya doesn’t have a girlfriend at tennis practice and to her surprise, Daiya is looking at her so he could have heard it. While standing during the announcements, Fuuko thinks that it is okay, if Daiya has a new girlfriend, she can then forget him. After the announcement, they were walking out when they saw Daiya talking with two third year girl students [those flirty ones that Daiya used to go out with]. Daiya looks at her as the girls also look at her and says, oh it is the ex-girlfriend. They then asks Daiya that it has been a long time so why don’t they go out for they don’t have boyfriends..how about karaoke. Fuuko, with Mako, then walks by as she wonders what Daiya is going to answer. Daiya tells the girls that he will go with them. Fuuko then scolds herself for thinking that he won’t. Ichi sees her.

At the stairs, Mako asks if it is okay not to interfere for Daiya will really go out with those girls. Fuuko says that it is okay then she shouts, yes, it is better if he goes. Just then, Ichi grabs her hand and tells Mako that he is going to borrow Fuuko. This surprises Fuuko. At the roof, Fuuko shouts what is that about. Ichi asks, huh what...doing that strange thing. Fuuko gets embarrassed and says that she is going to leave. Ichi then stops her and tells her, don’t escape. As she tries to get away, Ichi holds her hand as Fuuko denies that she is escaping. Then, Fuuko sees Ichi looking at her as she then realizes that she is indeed trying to escape. The next page is a bit confusing as Ichi is saying something about many mountains and can he start. Someone shouting, eh, that thing..Daiya, too. His girl, no matter how to let know about love..Then, there is a scene of Kagechika thinking of which college Ichi will go. Back to Ichi and Fuuko, Ichi then says, I..because of you..Suddenly, Fuuko bites Ichi’s hand and quickly escapes.

While running, Fuuko thinks that even if Ichi says that, she can’t answer him. Then, Fuuko passes by some girls. They were talking about her going with a different guy when she just breaks off with Daiya, how thick faced she is, shouldn’t she just pick only one. Fuuko then thinks, pick one which one, Daiya or Ichi. Fuuko then looks angrily at the girls, as she thinks, so what. She shouts at them, why are the choices only two. She quickly runs away, leaving the girls puzzled. Fuuko thinks that she still has a different path that she can go. At some restaurant, Akiou is looking at a paper regarding college choices as she wonders if going to an ordinary college will be okay. Just then, Isocchi came with their food. Akiou quickly hides the paper.

At the apartment, the cousins’ mothers have came. Daiya’s mother says that it fits though guys don’t like it. [I don’t get it ^^;] The boys were speechless. Daiya then asks if she missed her cute son so she came. Daiya’s mother says yes and she asks how are things with Fuuko. Daiya nervously laughs and says that it has been a mess. Ichi doesn’t have much expression. This answer surprises both the mothers. Daiya’s mother sits down and asks Daiya, for how long. Daiya answers only recently but there are many freshmen lately so it won’t be long when he will find one [new gf]. Daiya’s mother says, that’s enough, like this is fine. She then says, Daiya and Ichi, can’t have girlfriends anymore. That quickly removed Daiya’s fake smile/laugh as he and Ichi looked surprise. At the kids beauty parlor, Fuuko makes a scene as she enters, apologizing [for interrupting]. The receptionist asks if she has an appointment and this parlor is for kids. Fuuko shouts that she knows. She then introduces herself and says that she likes kids and wants to be a hair stylist, would they listen to what she will say. Fuuko then thinks that she has chosen a path, for there are many paths. Then, a scene of Daiya and Ichi and another scene of Akiou looking a bit worried as Isocchi is laughing.

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