June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 134]

Originally posted on December 13, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Still at that waiting shed, Fuuko is still wondering why is Daiya being nice to her. She then says, I’m not your girlfriend and Daiya isn’t my boyfriend. Daiya then gets the towel on her head and turns it over so that the other cooler side is put on her head. Daiya says that even so, she being most important haven’t changed. Daiya blushes a bit and looks away as Fuuko was surprised to hear that and is in tears. The teacher and Ichi has arrived. Ichi has seen them and quickly told the teacher that he will go on ahead. As the teacher asks how is Fuuko, Fuuko sits up to see Ichi quickly leaving the scene. Daiya has also seen Ichi, leaving. Fuuko wonders if Ichi saw the pillow lap. She thought that thinking that she has a dream, she thought that heart matters can be overcome but dream is a dream and love is love.

Everyone has started to eat lunch as Daiya went to Ichi to tell him that Fuuko went home. Daiya asks if he had seen it. Ichi says that he did. Ichi looks as if it wasn’t a big deal as Daiya is irritated. A narration: how can you make something hot into cold. At home, Fuuko’s sister tells her to rest a bit before eating. Fuuko thanks her for fetching and driving her home. Fuuko then goes to bed. She thinks that everyone must be eating lunch by then. It would be okay if Daiya thought her mom’s food is good. Even if her brain doesn’t want to think of Daiya, but her heart still thinks of him. Later on, the two boys goes to her house to return the lunch boxes and thank Fuuko’s mother. Fuuko’s mother says that it is nothing. When, Daiya asks how is Fuuko, Fuuko’s mother quickly grabs Daiya to see Fuuko as she says that it seems that Fuuko is tired so she is still sleeping. Poor Ichi is left alone by the door as he wonders if that means he should go on ahead, then he left.

Daiya enters Fuuko’s room to find her still sleeping as Fuuko’s mother tells him to take his time. He looks at her and then bends down to her as he holds her hair. He lets her hair down and starts to touch Fuuko’s lips. Daiya was surprised when Fuuko suddenly turns to the side. Fuuko then opens her eyes to see the door slightly open. She thinks that it was her sister and she close her eyes, thinking she can’t even have dreams [while sleeping] to forget about Daiya. Daiya is then shown walking away. Later on, Fuuko’s mother was surprised that Fuuko just woke up and nothing happened. Fuuko asks what does she mean. Fuuko’s mother says it was nothing. Fuuko asks again what is it. Fuuko then whines to someone, Mako I think, that she has to eat alone for lunch since she overslept.

At school, some girls called out to Ichi. A girl urges the other to asks it already. Then, the girl stammers as she asks if Ichi has a girlfriend. On cue, Kagechika comes out from the room. [It has been a long time since I saw her but I don’t recall her hair being that long that it actually looks nice on her though it still seems to be Fuuko influenced hairstyle] Kagechika exclaims in hyperactive mode, freshmen, are you trying to confess your feelings to him, well don’t bother because he has a girl he can’t forget. Kagechika then cries as she says that girl isn’t her. The two girls were speechless and decides to leave as Kagechika shouts for them to put the pure feelings in their heart and live for a new life. Kagechika then freaks out as she quickly apologizes to Ichi for she says something that he didn’t ask her to. Kagechika wonders if Ichi doesn’t care for Ichi is by the window, reading something. Ichi looks at her and thanks her. Kagechika starts to cry and that she is touched by his words as Ichi angrily says hey, hey I just thank you.

Narration: If only I can forget. Fuuko is then playing tennis. Fuuko says that she did good at that serve. Akiou says that she has indeed improved then in a whisper, finally. Fuuko didn’t like that last comment but then, she smiles. Akiou then asks if she is alright. Fuuko says that she just got exhausted going up the mountain and she is now better after sleeping. Fuuko is even posing that she is strong. Akiou says that she is not asking about her body. Just then, someone called Akiou to help them in practice. Fuuko then looks at Daiya, playing and says,..I’m alright..I think like this..would be faster. [Not avoiding Daiya] She then gets flustered as she thought, she must forget but. Akiou looks at her worriedly. Just then some girls are screaming. They then apologize for disturbing as everyone is looking at them. Akiou says that they are freshmen who are watching Daiya play and it is the same as last year. Fuuko smiles and says that is because Daiya is good that he has gotten many points but she thinks that this is making forgetting a lot harder. A couple of girls then looks at Fuuko, saying that she seems to be okay [to ask Fuuko something] as Fuuko notices them. The girls then apologizes for interrupting but they want to ask something. Fuuko goes to them. To Fuuko’s surprise, they asks her if Daiya has a girlfriend. Fuuko tried her best to smile and says that he doesn’t. Fuuko thinks that even here, there is a way for her to forget him. Daiya then is looking at her.

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