June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 133]

Originally posted on November 14, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko is asking her teacher [guy with large white hair] if perseverance/work hard would not be enough to get her to specialized college as her ‘eh’ face from last chapter. Her teacher said if she work super hard on it then, it might not be a dream. Fuuko has hope until her teacher said that working hard to study. Fuuko was a bit disappointed but the teacher said that becoming a hairdstylist suits Fuuko for her hairstyle is really nice so if she still wants to go to college specializing on hairstyling, he would even write a recommendation for her. Fuuko was happy to hear. It turned out that Ichi overhead everything and asked if she plans to become a hairstylist. He then teased her about her hairstyle last summer. [She cut her bangs too short]. Fuuko freaks out and asked up to when will he remember that. Ichi then looks at her and says, I will remember forever. Fuuko blushed a bit and then thought, I will be affected [by his words]. She then shouted that from now on, she will work hard to be ‘herself’ so that she can become someone who can walk upright/be confident of herself. Ichi was surprised and asked, is that something she should announce. Fuuko embarrassed then quickly left saying that she doesn’t have the strength now to think of other things/him. As she enters the room, Daiya was sitting near the door. She was surprised as he looked at him that she quickly left. Ichi outside then says to Daiya, but...then, a narration, I will not get tired.

Fuuko then fixed a new hairstyle for herself as that day is field trip day and they are going mountain hiking. She looks at the mirror and thought that she looked good. Then, when she looked at the bento/lunch boxes that her mom made, there were three. Her mom said that since she made them [cousins] their lunch last field trip, she will continue it for she want to show ‘aunt’ love to the two boys. Fuuko then remembers that she forgot to tell her mother that they broke up and it doesn’t seem good to bring it out so early in the morning. She tries to tell her mom to be the one who bring it up but just then, someone called on the phone and her mom was chatting. Fuuko thought that it might take long so she has no choice. When Daiya opened the door, he found the bag of two lunch boxes. He saw a note saying, this is from my mom – Fuuko. While climbing up the mountain with the others, Fuuko thought that she has a long way to go since she still can’t quite look at Daiya in the face. While climbing up, Fuuko somewhat cheered up and started to sing when to her shock, someone was suppressing a laugh. She looked back to see it was Ichi and Daiya is behind him. Fuuko then quickly tries to escape by running ahead as Mako tried to tell her to slow down and wait for her. The two boys then just looked at the fleeing Fuuko.

Then, Fuuko suddenly felt nauseaous and dizzy that Mako reprimanded her for running. They saw a small shed and Mako told Fuuko that she should rest a bit. The other students passes by and asked what’s up. Fuuko said that she is okay but then, really she isn’t. Mako told her that it was because she escaped. Fuuko bends down her head on the bench and said that she is right. Then, the two cousins came by. Ichi asked if she is giving up as Fuuko insists that she is just resting. Ichi then says, she sure is taking her time when all of a sudden, Daiya [note, he is topless since it is hot] rushes to Fuuko’s side. He was about to touch her head when Fuuko tries to stop him so Daiya used his forehead to feel for Fuuko’s head. Ichi and Mako was speechless. To Ichi’s surprise, Daiya orders him to go get the teacher but then, he obeys. Daiya then removes his knapsack as he tells Fuuko that he would use a wet towel to cool her down. He left as Fuuko was thinking, deceitful, deceitful. [Okay, that is the literal translation for I can’t think of a proper one. ^^; I think she meant that he was being kind when they broke up and when she decided to be on her own.]

Daiya then runs about and finds a stream to wet the towel. He came back as Fuuko saw him. Mako takes the cue to leave saying that she will also go find the teacher, leaving Fuuko in tears, asking her not to leave her. Daiya then sits down and says, ‘pillow’/lap pillow. Fuuko blushed/redden from the fever as she kept on asking herself, why. Well, she did use Daiya’s lap as a pillow.